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Did the Crown of England Kill these Men?

Special Contribution
By Jeremiah Jourdain
Apr. 14, 2012

Johnny Bingo Dawson(L), Ricky Lavallee(C) and William Combes

Johnny Bingo Dawson, led occupation of Anglican churches, Died from police beating, December 6, 2009. Ricky Lavallee, witness to Bingo’s beating, Died suddenly from undisclosed cause, January 3, 2012. William Combes, witness to abduction of children by Elizabeth Windsor aka “queen of England”, Killed in Vancouver General Hospital, February 26, 2011.

All of these men were outspoken native activists and supporters of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. They all helped lead the occupation of Anglican and Catholic churches in Vancouver, and spoke out publicly of the complicity of the Crown of England with the genocide of Indian residential school children.

These men were murdered. Don’t let their deaths be in vain.

1. Boycott the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada for their crimes against humanity.
2. Support the banning of these churches from Squamish nation territory, and all other indigenous lands.
3. Help us Occupy these churches and abolish the authority of the “crown” over Canada.
4. Bring Elizabeth Windsor and Pope Joseph Ratzinger to trial.
5. Join our movement.

We are The ITCCS and The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (Vancouver branch) In Memory of all the victims of Christian Canada, and the 50,000 Missing Children

Occupy the Vatican: A New Focus and some Tactical Advice concerning our Upcoming Actions

Special Report
By Kevin Annett
March 26, 2012

Knights of Columbus

Dear friends and supporters,

Groups in twenty cities across the world are launching protests, occupations and public defrockings of known child-raping priests at Catholic churches, beginning this Palm Sunday and Easter, on April 1 and 8.

These protests have until now been very effective in gathering public and media support, and exposing crimes by the churches.

On Palm Sunday, 2007, for instance, our Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) network in Vancouver and Toronto occupied Catholic churches during their services, alongside survivors of the murderous Indian residential schools; and after considerable media coverage of the FRD actions, barely a month later, the Canadian government was forced to address in Parliament the matter of the dead residential school children for the first time.

Thus, our occupation actions in churches achieved more in one day in exposing the Canadian genocide than had been won in the previous five or more years.

With all of the international exposure since 2007 of church-sponsored crimes against humanity, including the personal complicity of the pope in concealing child rape and trafficking, the potential impact of these direct occupations of criminal churches is infinitely greater, especially now that we have linked hands with the Global occupy movement and Occupy the Vatican.

We therefore urge you all to be as audacious and public as possible in the actions you mount during April and beyond, as we unite around the call to disestablish and reclaim the space of churches engaged in crimes against humanity and children.

But remember always that our aim is to reach the hearts and the minds of church goers and congregations, and separate them from the hierarchy of the church corporations that have committed these crimes in their name and with their support and money.

In this regard, the work of a new network of serving clergy within Protestant and Catholic churches, known as Not in Our Name, is very encouraging, for it represents a movement within official Christianity to repudiate the child raping, genocidal legacy of Christendom. Their statement is reproduced at, and we urge you to circulate it to church goers as part of your actions on April 1 and 8.

Further in this vein, we’ve found that psychologically, church goers tend to close ranks against a perceived external threat like angry protestors, and can’t hear what they have to say.

Conversely, when we individually infiltrate church services and speak to congregants one on one, we outflank this aversion and make headway with the church goers. Using such methods last November, our Occupy the Vatican group in Vancouver actually caused some of the burly “Knights of Columbus” who were barring us access to the main Catholic cathedral to begin weeping as they were told of the missing and murdered children in Catholic schools.

In addition, infiltration methods into church services downplay and negate our small numbers and play up our real strength, which is our compassionate, moral high ground of our message. When we have fifty or a hundred people, then we can stage overt and visible actions; but short of that, if you are but a handful next Sunday, each of you can be a formidable army just by sharing the truth we hold with Christians who are ignorant of the murderous nature and history of their own church.

For this reason, we urge you this Sunday, and the next, to enter your targeted church individually, or in pairs, and disseminate information to people, try to make a statement during the “announcements” section of the service, or even try unfurling a banner or sign respectfully and peacefully during the service. There is no need for a mandatory protest outside if there are only a few of you, since your impact will be much greater inside the building rather than on the sidewalk.

Finally, and of direct relevance to this new focus and tactic, is the fact that we have been issued a legal Right of Entry into publicly-funded buildings like the taxpayer-supported Catholic and Protestant churches in your city. This legal right has been explicitly authorized in writing by various indigenous tribal chiefs, such as siem Kiapilano in Vancouver and some of the Mohawk elders, but more generally, it is a common law right that all of us enjoy based on something called a Necessity Defense under that law.

That is, citizens have the right to enter any place and arrest those suspect if they believe a crime is being committed and the police and courts refuse to intervene.

Since cops and governments everywhere are colluding openly in protecting the churches and their crimes against the innocent, our Right of Entry is thus required and guaranteed. And if the police or private security thugs try to evict or stop you from entering the church buildings, charge them publicly, on film, with aiding and abetting known child raping-and-killing organizations. Rarely do churches want that kind of bad publicity.

In other words, it isn't you who is trespassing or disrupting a religious service: on the contrary, you are engaged in a moral and community-protection action that must not be interfered with.

It’s vital that there are at least three or four of you working together on any such direct entry strategy; that someone not openly identified with your group videos the event or U tube posting afterwards; and that you try to directly reach the people in the pews.

We are enclosing a leaflet (attached and below) for distribution in the churches on April 1 and 8.

Please send us reports and post the filmed proof of your action on You tube or by emailing it to us for our re-posting. Further updates are pending.

May all strength and resolve be with you all, as you remember why we act: for the dead children, and for those who will suffer tomorrow if we don’t act today to end the power of criminal church corporations.

To all of you across Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, Italy, Latin America and Australia: audacity and courage!

Kevin Annett - Eagle Strong Voice ITCCS

Not In Our Name: A Declaration of Concerned Protestant and Catholic Clergy and Laity, with a Ten Point Program to Bring the Church to Justice and Protect the Innocent

Special Contribution
By Jeremiah Jourdain
Mar. 20, 2012

Amazonian child

We are a group of clergy and former clergy of both Protestant and Catholic faiths who are united in our fundamental rejection of the genocidal legacy of Christendom, which is an empire of conquest and violence arising from the fusion of church and state under the later Roman emperors.

Christendom operates today through wealthy, state-protected church organizations which are legal corporations answerable neither to God nor to their own congregations of believers.

Christendom is a heresy and a denial of the supremacy of Christ and his sacrifice. For we owe our allegiance to God, not to church bodies deriving their power and legitimacy from state and temporal powers, and worldly wealth.

As Christ is manifest in every man and woman, since the kingdom of heaven is within us, and his kingdom is not of this world, then any church claiming to represent him is fraudulently denying Christ as Lord, and the ultimate sanctity of the human person.

We are compelled to make this declaration now because of the reign of lies and violence that predominates in the church, and of the history of brutality, genocide and destruction enacted over millennia by both Catholic and Protestant churches on non-Christians and the innocent.

This slaughter began over fifteen centuries ago, at the beginning of Christendom, and continues today.

The killing of millions of women and dissident Christians under Inquisitions, the Crusading ethic of Indulgence – which promised spiritual cleansing to anyone who killed Jews, Muslims and other “enemies of the faith” – and the eventual genocide of untold millions of indigenous nations around the world: all of this arose from the Church’s belief that it has the power to kill and conquer in the name of the non-violent Jesus.

The Vatican is responsible for the greatest slaughter of humanity in history because of two papal bulls (Romanus Pontifex, 1455, and Inter Catera, 1493) - proclaimed and still operative under so-called Canon Law – that sanctioned and encouraged the destruction and enslavement of all non-Christian peoples: the majority of humanity. The wealth of the Vatican today rests upon the stolen and unreturned lands of many of those nations.

Is it surprising, then, that for just as long, the Church has sanctioned the torture, abuse and even murder of innocent children in its orphanages, sweatshops, and “residential schools” around the world? Are we surprised that such a violent organization places its own material survival ahead of justice for the innocents it has wronged? Or, that under the canon law known as Crimen Solicitationas, every priest is expected to hide the evidence of the rape of children and allow this abomination to go unpunished, or face expulsion from the church?

We are aware that Protestant churches as well are guilty of these crimes, and regularly shelter rapists and other criminals in their ranks. The example may be set by Rome, but it is actively copied by others.

These facts are irrefutable, and yet Christians continue to give their attendance, money and allegiance to the church corporations with such blood on their hands and lies on their lips.

All of these crimes against God and humanity have been done in our name. We have, by commission and omission, given our support to the anti-Christ in our midst and allowed ourselves to be used to commit the worst of all sins: violence against the sacred holy spirit of God and the innocent.

For this reason, and to cleanse ourselves of this enormous apostasy and wrong, we are issuing the following Ten Point Program. We believe that these measures are required for the church to be brought under public control so that it no longer operates as a secret, criminal body preying on the innocent.

1. The Church must issue full reparations to all of its victims according to their wishes and needs. The Church must pay for all of the costs incurred by their damage to these victims, including all medical, counseling and retraining costs, and all loss of income caused by their disability or grief and suffering.

2. The Church must return all land and property taken from its victims, and restore and return all of the wealth generated by their exploitation of their victims to them, including the wealth gained through forced, unpaid or low paid labor.

3. The Church must surrender for a proper burial, unconditionally and at its own expense, the remains of all those who died in their institutions or under their care.

4. The Church must surrender to secular authorities without conditions all the evidence, and all the perpetrators and their accessories, connected to such deaths and to any other crimes against children and others under church care. The Church must participate unconditionally in any legal or human rights inquiries into their crimes and freely disclose their records to such investigations.

5. Those responsible for crimes against children and others in church facilities, including the Pope, must be arrested and tried in civil or international courts of law, and cannot be shielded from prosecution by any form of immunity or by so-called “canon law”.

6. All clergy and church employees must be licensed and monitored as public servants, and be legally compelled to swear a public, binding oath to protect the rights and sanctity of children, and disclose any harm done to them, if need be against the orders of the Church itself.

7. All tax exemptions, immunities, legal safeguards and special privileges enjoyed by the Church must be abolished.

8. Diplomatic recognition of the Vatican and its status as a so-called “state” must be annulled.

9. All special concordats and financial agreements with the Vatican must be annulled, and all public funds and taxes given to the Vatican must be returned to their respective governments.

10. The wealth and property of all church bodies larger than a single congregation must be nationalized and placed under public ownership, so that the Church may function as a servant of the community.

We, the founding clergy of the Protestant and Roman Catholic faiths united in our group Not in Our Name, do solemnly pledge ourselves to this program and allegiance, and call upon all Christians and clergy to do the same.

Henceforth, and until this Program is enacted and the Church is disestablished as a corporate, self-governing, criminal body, we will conduct ourselves and our pastoral duties separate from and in opposition to corporate Christendom and its existing churches.

Duly signed and ratified this Tenth Day of March, 2012

(Names to follow)

Please share this with clergy and laity and sign it. You can reach us at .

“A New Reformation” to stop the Vatican’s War of Terror on the Innocent will Commence during “Holy Week”, Sunday, April 1:

Special Contribution
By Jeremiah Jourdain
Mar. 11, 2012

Occupy the Vatican - Vancouver confronts the catholic church, Reformation Sunday, October 2011

Rome: Survivors of church terror and their allies are taking direct action against the world’s oldest and most ruthless criminal, starting Palm Sunday, April 1.

Occupy the Vatican and survivor’s groups in eight countries will launch church occupations, teach-ins, protests, and even “public defrockings” that day that will include the issuing of a New Reformation Charter, containing a ten point program to abolish the power of the Vatican as a criminal body.

The April 1 campaign will include actions by a new group within the churches called Not in Our Name, comprising Catholic and Protestant clergy who support the legal disestablishment of criminal church corporations like the Vatican and the Church of England, and a return to an egalitarian, congregational system of Christianity devoid of the genocidal legacy of Christendom.

Joining this Occupy movement will be traditional indigenous elders in Canada from the Mohawk, Squamish and Ojibway nations who survived Catholic and Protestant “Indian residential schools”, and who will be issuing new banishment orders to evict these churches from their lands.

In Ireland, plans are afoot to conduct “public defrockings” of known child raping priests who the authorities refuse to prosecute.

“We won’t let these bastards pose as men of God anymore, or practice in our communities. We’ll toss them out of the churches on their ass” described Colm O’Brien of Wexford, a member of Occupy the Vatican Ireland.

In Rome, Occupy supporters plan to create a human “exorcism” chain around the Vatican on Easter Sunday, April 8, to “expel the spirit of lies and violence” from the church.

Besides these direct actions, Occupy the Vatican is working with members and officials of the European Parliament and other nations to repeal the so-called “financial concordats” between the Vatican and governments, and to bring the operations of the Vatican Bank under public control and scrutiny.

“The important thing is to take action to dismantle the church from the ground up, and place it under public control. That’s the only way future generations of our children will be safe from a church that’s a law unto itself and feeds and profits off the suffering of the innocent” declared Caoimhin Ui Niall of Occupy the Vatican.

“Let everyone do something on April 1 and April 8 to end the reign of terror of this false church.”

For more information, including events in your area and copies of The New Reformation Charter and the Statement of Not in Our Name, contact Caoimhin Ui Niall at

Another independent search for native children's remains begins in Ontario, Canada

Special Contribution
By Jeremiah Jourdain
- and more revelations and attempted sabotage at the Mohawk Indian residential school inquiry

February 29, 2012 - ITCCS Brussels

A second aboriginal nation in Canada has begun searching on their own for the bodies of their relatives who never returned from the local state and church-run Indian residential school.

Elders of a Cree Nation in Canada have commenced surveys and a test excavation at a suspected mass grave near a former Indian residential school in northern Ontario, it was announced yesterday in a statement sent to The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).

The statement is signed by ten elders and members of a tribe of the Cree Nation, who have requested that their names and the identity of the former school in question be withheld until their excavation results can be analyzed.

The statement reads in part,"We have started to look for the little ones who never came back from the local residential school. After the police refuse to investigate. We want to know what happened to them and give them an honoring ceremony. We want to have what we discover sent to the courts outside Canada with the help of ITCCS so Canada and the (omitted) Church can be brought to trial for the ginocide (sic) of our people."

One of the presiding Cree elders contacted Kevin Annett shortly after the commencement of the Mohawk residential school dig in Brantford, Ontario last October was announced on You Tube. The elder asked that Kevin and the ITCCS assist his people in their own independent inquiry into the death and disappearance of Cree children.

Meanwhile, in Brantford, some of the artifacts unearthed last November on the grounds of the former Church of England school have been positively identified by former inmates there as being small wooden and ivory buttons that were part of the school uniform worn by girls during the early 1950's.

These buttons were found near to bits of old shoes and considerable pieces of burned charcoal in subsoil fifty yards from the residential school.

These buttons were also found in association with a number of bones which have been analyzed by four separate archaeologists. Since there is no consensus among these four specialists whether the bones are definitely human or animal, the ITCCS has advised the authorizing Mohawk elders not to make any further public announcements about these bones until more evidence and physical remains at the site can be properly excavated and identified by experts.

The authorizing Mohawk elders have previously informed all concerned not to comment on these bones until definitive results are confirmed.

This security is required, as well, by recent efforts by government-funded natives and their associates to sabotage and undermine the independent Mohawk inquiry, including through attempts to spread rumors and create divisions among the nine original elders who authorized Kevin Annett and the ITCCS to work on their territory.

More updates will be issued soon by the Mohawk elders themselves.

The ITCCS is encouraged by the fact that a second undertaking has been launched by native people themselves to search for the evidence of genocide and murder at the state and church-run "Indian residential schools" in Canada. We can only hope the example of the Mohawk and the Cree nations will continue to spread, in the face of a concerted whitewash of this genocide by Canada's church and state-funded official "truth and reconciliation commission".

Issued 29 February, 2012 Brussels, Belgium ITCCS Communique No. 12

Perspective of ethnics national from Burma, international communities and Norwegian society on political climate in Burma

By Jonathan Kristiansand
Staff Writer
Mar. 1, 2012

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store

The Burma has been moving forward in terms of democratization and international relationships within few months which are totally surprised to many observers. Unexpected moved followed by releasing lot of prominent political prisoners, allowing Aung San Suu Kyi to contest by-election to be held in April, start doing cease-fire talks with ethnics arms groups, and so on.

As a result of various steps which the military backed civilian government is gaining enormous credits from various institutions and international political players. The West has soften tone on the new government, partially relaxing restriction on visa bans and considering to end sanction toward Burma, which is mainly imposed by EU and some of Western governments.

Anyhow, the western leaders are welcoming the moved done by the Burma’s military backed civilian rule government by sending their top leaders into Burma, including U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, British foreign secretary William Hague, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr støre and EU (European Union) foreign ministers etc.,.

International community’s perspective on Burma:

UN special rapporteur Toma`s Ojea Quintana said, “This is an important and necessary development to advance national reconciliation and deepen Myanmar’s transition to democracy by releasing of many prisoners of conscience, individuals who have been imprisoned for exercising their fundamental human rights or whose fair trial or due process rights have been denied”.

UN Secretary-general Bank Ki Moon calls on the government “to develop a comprehensive plan to officially engage ethnic minority groups in an inclusive dialogue to resolve long-standing grievances and deep-rooted concerns. All parties to this dialogue must ensure that investigations and accountability for past gross and systematic human rights violations are on the agenda.”

From the international communities, the reward are quite admirable for the Burmese government provided by EU, such as to assist Myanmar in advancing reforms by promoting economic development through increases in assistance to reduce poverty and build capacity, and through strengthened sectoral dialogue with the government. EU also invited progressive engagement by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to support Myanmar in developing its strategy and the EU stood ready to back the peace processes with the ethnic groups.

Washington promised to relax sanction issue if the reforms in Burma develop enough up to certain level. While Britain raise hopes that democracy and freedom are within reach, but the measures taken so far are insufficient. Britain and other nations instituted political and economic sanctions against Burma (Myanmar) because of repression by the previous military regime, and the pressures should not yet be lifted while political prisoners are being held.

Even UN secretary-general deliver a statement, state that “He welcomes these efforts and encourages all concerned to build on recent progress and to work, through an all-inclusive dialogue, for an end to hostilities throughout the country, national reconciliation, stability and development for all the people of Myanmar”.

Norway – Burma (Myanmar) relationship

Norway and Burma are far apart in terms of distance, geography and culture, but many Burmese people feel that there is a special connection between the two countries. Especially when Aung San Suu Kyi received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, Burma’s beleaguered democrats celebrated it as a moral victory over the regime’s refusal to recognize the landslide victory won by her National League for Democracy in the 1990 general election.

Since the 1990s, Norway has established itself as a firm friend of the oppressed people of Burma and has given generously to the cause of Burmese democracy and human rights. For example, the Norwegian government provided support to establish the Oslo-based Democratic Voice of Burma in 1992, and has continued to support civil society groups in exile and inside Burma since that time.

Every person who has taken a leadership role in the struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma—including Suu Kyi, ethnic leaders and prominent human rights activists—is aware of the helping hand Oslo has provided, both in terms of resources and foreign policy direction among the international community. They are also aware, however, that Norway’s policy with respect to Burma has shifted over the last couple of years and has become somewhat murky as a result. In January 2009, Norway’s minister of international development, Erik Solheim, visited Burma and afterward called for a review of Norway’s Burma policy with more emphasis given to economic engagement and less to isolation.

“Experience has shown that democratic development is closely linked to the emergence of a middle class. It is the middle class that has the resources to become politically engaged in promoting freedom of expression and other social progress, not the poor, whose hands are full trying to keep their children from going hungry. If a country is isolated from the rest of the world, no middle class will emerge, and achieving democratic development will be far more difficult,” he said.

Just recently, Norway’s deputy foreign minister, Barth Eide, visited Burma and also delivered remarks that drew critical attention. He told the Financial Times that he “almost left the country thinking they’re moving a little too fast.” The Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Støre, paid a two-day official visit to Myanmar on the 25th and 26th of January. In the capital Nay Pyi Taw, the minister had discussions with President Thein Sein, Vice Chairman Shwe Mann, Energy Minister Than Htay, Railways Minister Aung Min and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Maung Min.

The Norwegian Government has decided that it will no longer urge Norwegian companies to refrain from trade and investment in Myanmar after new government has shown some reform to international communities. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said, “Many political prisoners have been released on January 13, 2012 and important steps have been taken towards reconciliation and democracy. The change in Norwegian policy is a signal to the Government of Myanmar that reform pays”.

According to Støre’s defense on Norway stands, “The country needs trade and investment in order to create jobs, promote development and reduce poverty. Better standards of living will also help to propel further democratisation. Norway will therefore no longer urge Norwegians not to trade with or invest in Myanmar”. While we understand the points that both Norwegian diplomats were trying to make, they have to understand that the degree of tone-deafness their remarks demonstrated regarding the plight of the Burmese people left some wondering whether Norway had conveniently forgotten the oppressive and manipulative history of the men still in charge of Burma, and whether the Scandinavian nation was now pursuing interests that did not necessarily coincide with those of the general Burmese population.

This is exactly the result that the military regime dreams of when they court international diplomats with their divide and conquer strategy.

What are the viewpoints of Ethnics Group in Current Political Process in Burma? Most ethnics groups from Burma are viewing that there is none any proper agreement has been done until now by the successive military government nor the current military backed civilian-rule government.

The fact is that past ceasefire talks between successive military regimes and ethnic nationalities have failed because the regime has not been willing to address the underlying political problem in the country and the lack of equality of ethnic nationalities in our federal union.

This problem dates back to our struggle for independence from Britain, after which the federal union of Burma was created through negotiated agreements that included the principle of equality for all ethnic nationalities.

Despite this principle being enshrined in the 1947 Panglong Agreement, successive regimes have been subordinating the non-Burman nationalities, seizing natural resources in the lands of ethnics, and suppressing languages, literatures and cultures by various means. It is because of these injustices that national unity of Burma is in ruins.

Without addressing the issue of equality, ceasefire talks will not lead to the lasting peace that the people of our country desire. Equality and respect must be the foundations for a genuine federal union. After the formation of the new government in March, rather than initiating discussions to resolve these problems politically, we have seen the government army has instead renewed armed conflict in Kachin State.

Currently the Burmese government is holding negotiation talks with ethnic nationality groups, however with a pre-condition that negotiations must be conducted bilaterally with each individual organization.

Not only is this a very slow way to proceed toward establishing ceasefires, but it is also an effort to break the unity of the ethnic minority groups. By keeping ethnic organizations separate, the regime can continue its policy of divide and rule, using pressure and military might to dominate us.

Negotiating with ethnic nationalities one-on-one has only led to piecemeal agreements in the past. Such fragile agreements cannot lead to a lasting nationwide ceasefire that will allow for all our people to live in peace. In his recent interview with Xinhua in response to the question of why Burmese troops had not heeded the president’s instructions, Minister Aung Thaung said, “There might be sporadic skirmishes in remote areas because troops there might not have received the instruction due to the lack of a proper telecommunications system.”

This is not reasonable when one considers seriously and carefully why regional commanders of government units—who are accustomed to taking direct orders every day from their army command—fail to obey an order coming from the president who was himself a general.

Aung Thaung went on to say that it would take up to three years to reach peace agreements with all the ethnic armed groups.

If the government really wants peace for the country, the government must declare a nationwide ceasefire, solve the root cause of the six decade-long conflicts, and begin to reconstruct the country with multi-ethnics’ rights. Government cannot just have regional officers or businessman to be handling the peace process because such actions will not solve the current crisis in the long term. The root causes of the problem will remain. The ceasefire agreements are supposed to be made by the central government, without it there is no guarantee of their effectiveness.

A slogan of the government during the current peace process is “cooperation for development.” This reminds us of the ethnic groups who turned their arms in for peace in the early 1990s. What have they and the government done to solve ethnic issues? The groups were told to take their demands to the National Convention and were made to attend the convention. However, no ethnic issues were discussed at the convention.

Before Thein Sein assumed power, the military regime that ruled Burma said that if anyone wanted to negotiate political issues, they should talk to the new government. Well, Thein Sein is now in power and leading a new government. Where is the process of political negotiation? As soon as he took power, Thein Sein started bombing the Kachin and the Shan, on the other hands offering ceasefire deals with other ethnics just to be dividing the solidarity spirit of ethnics groups. Even KNU declared that there were not just a negotiation process without having any agreement nor signed, the government proclaimed to international communities that they have reach agreement with ethnics group. To be proved truly:

a.) The government must be genuinely willing to address the demands of Burma’s ethnic minorities and recognize their rights, and immediately issue national wide ceasefire to start peace negotiation in collective manner. b.) The government must release all political prisoners whoever are still remains in prisons and to be fair for every ethnics group, c.) The government must reconsider and rewrite the constitution before any election to be take place. Without doing so there is no guarantee for peace in Burma.


In this respect, what seems to be happening is that many of the stakeholders and observers trying to speculate about the motivations behind, and impact of, the Burmese government’s recent steps towards reform are falling into two camps: the “rose-colored glasses” camp and the “glass is half-empty” camp. What is desperately needed, however, is for everyone to take a sober and objective look at what has actually been achieved, in a concrete and irreversible sense, and what remains to be accomplished. For example, it does not do the Burmese opposition any good to dismiss out of hand the improvements that have taken place in Burma, and it does not help the optimists in the international community to prematurely reward the Burmese leaders for actions that are preliminary and possibly ephemeral.

The reality is that engagement has been recently effective to a certain extent, but has been effectively manipulated by the Burmese leaders in the past to prolong and extend their grip on power.

And while in the long run sanctions are clearly not in the best interests of the Burmese people, the new government leaders’ desperate attempts to get them lifted (now that many businesses have been privatized into the hands of their cronies), as well as to avoid a UN Commission of Inquiry into crimes against humanity in Burma, shows that these tools have played a part in motivating the generals and ex-generals to change.

The Burmese opposition must acknowledge that reform will not occur overnight and welcome each step towards a more democratic and humane government. But at the same time, the international community must demand more concrete and meaningful changes before lifting its pressure on the Burmese government.

Thus far the government has made the easy, mostly risk-free and reversible choices that were in its own best interests. When it begins to make the more difficult choices that demonstrate a realization that Burma belongs to its people, and not to a handful of self-appointed men in power, then it will be time to say that meaningful reform is underway and reward the new Burmese government for its achievements.


"The Minstrel Boy"

By Kevin Annett
Feb. 20, 2012

Kevin and our people in Dublin, fighting for the lost children April, 2010

A minstrel boy to the war is gone, in the ranks of death you will find him. His father's sword he has girded on, and his wild heart slung behind him.

Land of song, said the warrior bard, Though all the world betrays thee; One sword at least thy rights shall guard, One faithful heart shall praise thee.

The minstrel fell, but the foe man's chain could not bring his proud soul under. The harp he loved ne'er spoke again, for he tore its chords asunder.

And said, No chains shall sully thee, Thou soul of love and bravery: Thy songs were made for the pure and free, They shall never sound in slavery.

Land of song, said the warrior bard Though all the world betrays thee; One sword at least thy rights shall guard, One faithful heart shall praise thee.


Stop the War of Terror against Children! A Call to Humanity

Special Report
By Jeremiah Jourdain
Jan. 30, 2012

Protest the Pope March

On Easter Sunday, April 8, Help us End the Power of the Church to rape, torture and traffic our Children, and evade Justice

And Jesus said, “Whoever would harm one of these innocents, it would be better if a millstone was tied around his neck and he was thrown into the sea.”

For centuries, the Vatican has violated the innocent around the world and never been held accountable for its crimes.

This religious “wolf in sheep’s clothing” has raped and murdered untold millions of children, exploited their labor, protected those responsible, and continues to profit off a global network in baby trafficking and pedophilia.

The Church holds itself above the law and claims that Pope Benedict himself cannot be tried for his crime of obstructing justice, and concealing and aiding child rapists.

This year, many people around the world are uniting to put an end to this global reign of terror by the Vatican.

During the week leading up to Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012, groups of survivors of church terror in more than a dozen countries will be holding protests and press conferences, staging occupations of church properties, banishing criminal clergy from their communities, and launching an international, grassroots political movement to bring the church and its clergy under public control so that justice can finally be won.

Aided by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (, this coalition of survivors and their allies have chosen Easter Sunday, April 8, to converge on the Vatican and on their local Catholic churches to not simply demand that the church and the pope face sanctions and criminal prosecution for their crimes against children, but to bring about that justice through direct, ongoing action.

Our ultimate goal is to bring charges against the Vatican at the International Criminal Court, and to bring about legislative and political changes that will bring the church and its wealth under democratic and public control.

This is a call to all humanitarians, to all people of good will within the Church, and to all those who have suffered at the hands of the Church, to take courage and join our campaign.

Help us fight for the children who have died, those who still suffer, and who will be tomorrow’s victims, by standing together at 12 noon, local time, on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012, outside and inside your local Catholic church, around this Program:

Full Reparations for all survivors of Church torture – The Church must pay for all of the damages done to their victims, including their medical and counseling bills, and must return all of the wealth generated by their slave labor and commercial exploitation of children, including from baby and child trafficking.

Full Disclosure of the Crimes – The Church must surrender for prosecution all of their clergy, employees and officials who have harmed children or aided or protected the perpetrators, as well as all of the evidence of their crimes, without conditions.

Repatriation – The Church must surrender for a proper burial, at its own expense, the remains of all those who died in their institutions or under their care.

Criminal Prosecution – All those in the Church, including the Pope, who have harmed or harm children, or aided and abetted their harm, must be arrested and tried in secular courts of law, and cannot be shielded from prosecution by any form of immunity.

Prevention – All clergy and church officials must be licensed as public servants, and their actions monitored and controlled by the community. Clergy must make a public pledge to swear to protect children in their parish and disclose harm done to them, regardless of papal laws or decrees. All legal tax exemptions and other benefits of the Church shall be abolished, and the diplomatic status of the Vatican annulled. The property and wealth of the Church shall be nationalized if it persists in its role as a clear and present public enemy and a danger to children.


Why I'm Planning to Sack Rome this Year: A Fond Look Ahead at 2012, and a Call to Arms

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
Dec. 28, 2011

Rome city

You can’t say it’s not in our heritage. It’s frankly a fine European tradition, to lay waste to putrefying symbols of corruption, like that archaic, truthless “papal dome” that’s built on the very ground where centuries of innocents were hacked apart, chewed up and slaughtered for the entertainment of Emperors and their slobbering mobs.

Alaric sacked the place. So did the Celts, and the Vandals, and the Germans, and good old Garibaldi. Like my favorite pagan, that chubby Viking Hagar the Horrible, commented in his cartoonish “Hagar’s Guide to the Ten Most Sackable Cities of Europe”, Rome is the Five Star Capital of Pillage spots in the world.

Besides, we’ve got so many more and better reasons to trash the place than the Goths did – and just so we’re clear, people, I’m talking the Vatican, not all of the city of Rome, which is actually a very cool place.

We’d do so not for loot, although taking Jesus at his word, for once, and tossing all that money in the Vatican Bank to the world’s starving masses, would be more than gratifying, and extremely heretical to boot. In truth, we’d plunder the Unholy See because it needs plundering. Ten million and more raped and slaughtered children can’t be wrong.

But before I get too self-righteous on you, let me clarify that there’s nothing in life worth doing if you don’t have a ball doing it. And believe me, this would be more than fun.

I realized that the first time we ever invaded a roman catholic church during a mass, and, unfortunately, remained pretty respectable and composed about it.

There’s nothing about gang raped and murdered children that requires civility, after all, especially in the very place that sanctioned it and protects the bastards who still do it.

But even then, as we quietly held aloft our banner calling for the residential school kids to have a proper burial, and the priests scowled at me with hatred and muttered threats, and the parishioners all gazed at us invaders in confusion, and some with admiration: even then, I knew that we had the bastards by their cajones – and better still, we were all enjoying the whole experience better than a prolonged endorphin rush.

Somebody once called any genuine revolution “a festival of the oppressed”. The poor sods on the bottom finally get to turn the tables, and they rejoice. That’s precisely what happened to us that day, as we poured out of the cathedral and laughed at the lumbering, fat cops who arrived too late to arrest any of us, and we cheered and hugged each other so happily: we were festive, for we had won something that nobody could have ever given us, save ourselves. We were free.

Hell, I thought at the time. Fifty of us did this. We set the whole bloody church on its head. The catholic hierarchy freaked right out. The residential school “apology” shot desperately out of Ottawa barely a month later. So If the few of us caused that kind of reaction, imagine what five hundred equally determined and festive “victims” could do in Rome, in the very heart of the Beast.


I have been doing so, all during the placid days of Christmas as the phony church spews its phony message to its sheeple. I’ve been imagining the absolute frigging fun it will be when we rock the Vatican off its tottering and miserable foundations this year.

This year? I hear you comment. Like, you’re really going to do it, Kev?

Damn tooting. And I think Easter, April 8, 2012, would be just the day to launch our attack on Vatican City.

But let’s start with the basics. The whole sick bunch of red hatted, cross-bearing freaks are so nervous and divided these days that they’re already half defeated. They’re inviting an assault. A faction in the curia even wants Rat Boy to resign immediately. And the pope is so afraid of protests that he got the Italian Parliament and its political parties – who are all compliantly on the Vatican payroll, from “left wing ” to “right wing” – to pass a law banning any sloganeering or protest signs within two kilometers of St. Peter’s square.

That's panic speaking.

And consider the target. Joe “the Rat” Ratzinger is one of history’s most unpopular pontiffs, which is saying a lot, when you consider the kind of cesspool candidates he’s competing with. Even his fellow German clerics wouldn’t shake his hand when the old Nazi went to speak in Berlin recently. I guess all those letters he signed ordering catholic child rape to be concealed from every police force in the world is too much for even papal officials to stomach.

I just hope the old fucker doesn’t die before we can get to him.

I was telling Carol tonight that I’d prefer she enter the Vatican under the cover of darkness, by stealth, like a ninja – hell, she lived in Japan for six years – and use her recently acquired tai chi sword training skills to take out the portly Swiss Guards one by one. And then, she'd take off Joe the Rat’s head with one deft stroke.

Imagine the sight: a masked woman warrior standing atop the pope’s balcony that morning as the first rays of dawn illuminate the Vatican, holding high the severed and slime-oozing head of Pope Benedict to a cheering world.

Imagine. I’d call that a good start. And I know Carol will have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

For those of you who haven’t run away by now, listen up: if the thought of a pope losing his head horrifies you, I’d simply ask you where you placed the same moral outrage when children were being killed by his church and priests with far more brutality than a single slice of a blade?

Children are being trafficked and raped through the catholic church networks as you read this, people. And being an accessory to this kind of mass murder, both past and present, is as simple a thing as looking the other way.

The time for doing so is over.

Ah, but those political correctness experts among you will point out that the evil isn’t just one man, but a whole mindset. An entire institution. Very true. But all things are embodied in a symbol. And when you strike down that symbol, the rest of the system tends to shatter.

You all saw the closing scene in V for Vendetta, didn’t you?

Besides, it’s what any army invading Rome does: it kills Caesar. We are talking a final thrust at the nerve centre of global child trafficking and spiritual corruption, people, not staging some pointless, dilettantish protest that changes nothing.

But let me reassure you “non-violent” types that the term is a misnomer, since even the most fervent non-violent peace lover in history – Jesus Christ – employed violence against people and institutions when he had to, if you believe the Bible.

What caused his arrest and execution, after all, was that he staged a violent insurrection against the seat of Imperial power, and churchly authority, in Jerusalem: the Temple. And to trash the place and its corruption, Jesus and his army took on the entire Sanhedrin guard and the six thousand veteran soldiers of the Tenth Roman Legion, who were stationed nearby.

Like Gandhi, Christ showed by his actions that (to quote the Mahatma), “There is only one sin more evil than violence, and that is cowardice in the face of oppression”.

It seems only fitting, then, that the army we are gathering is targeting the false church that has pillaged and killed more thoroughly than any power in history – and all in Jesus’ name. We are cleansing this lie and its filth from the world, just like Jesus tried to do. And we are doing so not just in Rome, but at every cathedral and church office in the world, which we intend to occupy and reclaim.

We are gathering such an army of Occupation as I speak. And once we take over the property and the wealth of the genocidal churches, we intend to distribute them, as divinely ordered, to the poor of the earth, and the victims of the Vatican.

It never takes many of us to win a war of righteousness, any more than it took more than 300 Spartans to stop a Persian empire, or the handful of warriors God told Gideon to assemble against a Philistine army a hundred times their number. For the spiritual legions of the fallen victims of Roman Christendom are massive, and they are already assembled behind us and ahead of us. They are the banner that is rallying us.

This point struck home to me the first time I confronted the pope on October 11, 2009, and conducted our first exorcism outside the Vatican, in memory of the children murdered by that church. The next morning, a tornado struck central Rome, the first one in a half century. The next week, the first news hit the world press of the pope’s personal complicity in child trafficking.

This, my friends, is called fun. It is our ultimate joy to see the wicked scurry for cover, and to have a hand in their public evisceration. The meaning of life lies in such exaltation, and don’t let anybody tell you different – especially if he’s a church goer.

So I hope you will join me and my lovely Carol and her ninja buddies when we assault the crumbling fortress called roman catholicism next April, and beyond. After all, why would you pass up the chance to see a catholic cardinal publicly shit himself in fear? Or hear the happy cry of all those children, redeemed by the collapse of what killed them?

As Attila the Hun once said, “Let us be the change we wish to see in the world.” Wasn’t that Attila?


Italian hunger strikers demand that European Union cancel state privileges of the Vatican

Special Report
By Jeremiah Jourdain
Nov. 7, 2011

Vaticano Zanardi

SAVONA, ITALY – ( – Clergy abuse victims Francesco Zanardi and Alberto Sala have declared a hunger strike against abuse by pedophile priests after an unsuccessful 500 km pilgrimages to Rome, where the Vatican denied a meeting with them to discuss proper guidelines for addressing pedophilia.

As the Vatican continues to be uninterested in addressing this global issue, the victims are now turning their attention to the European Union and have declared a hunger strike, requesting a meeting with the EU President Jose Barroso and demanding that the Vatican's rights as a sovereign nation be revoked forever.

Below is the petition of Francesco Zanardi and Alberto Sala for the Unlimited Hunger Strike that begun on October 31, 2011.

** These victims encourage people worldwide to sign the online petition to revoke the privileges of the Vatican as a EU sovereign state **

If you stand against clergy abuse and support this cause, you can take part in signing this petition that will be presented to the European Union.

You can submit it online by accessing:

You can also find out more info, by visiting:


The petitions are being made available in 7 languages so that anyone around the world can take part.


Alberto Sala
Associazione Piccolo Alan Onlus
Francesco Zanardi
Cel. 3927030000

Axel Cooley
Tel. (305) 433-6966

Sonia Fox
contactanos@protegeatushijos. org

Priscila Rezende


How the Mighty are Falling: More Good News - Ireland Ends its Embassy to the Vatican

Special Report
By Caoimhin Ui Niall
Nov. 4, 2011

Caoimhin with survivors of catholic church terror outside the Dail, Dublin, 2010

I’m proud of being Irish today – and happy for survivors of church terror everywhere. Capping a courageous stand against a long history of criminal subterfuge and obstruction of justice by Rome, the Irish government announced this morning that it will close its diplomatic residence to the Vatican “due to financial reasons”.

I love the smart ass Gaelic irony.

These are indeed Biblical times, for the mighty are toppling wherever you look.

Just this past week, Canada’s infamous Royal Canadian Mounted Police admitted in an “official” report that they were indeed complicit in imprisoning aboriginal children in the Christian internment camps inaccurately dubbed “Indian residential schools”. And for the first time ever, federal “Aboriginal Affairs” minister John Duncan used the word “genocide” in relation to the camps, in a self-defensive holocaust-denying claim that, even with 50,000 dead children, the whole thing was merely “an education policy gone wrong”.

When the criminals who run the world start having to justify themselves and lie publicly, and begin falling out among themselves, you know the party is over.

The Irish government, of course, has its own brogans mired in complicity in the murderous horror inflicted against children in Catholic orphanages and sweatshops, and it suits its purpose to point fingers at Rome these days. But that’s merely the dying gasp of the guy who held the coat of the serial killer for many years.

So what now? Rather than sheathing our sword and sitting back to applaud as child rapists and killers scramble for cover, I suggest this is the time to press the blade home. It is time to disestablish the power of criminal religious bodies, starting with the Vatican.

Why should Dublin stop now? We’ve never been a people prone to half measures. So today, I urge Taoiseach Enda Kenny to introduce legislation in the next session of the Dail requiring that all Catholic clergy in Ireland be licensed as public servants, accountable to the people and not to a foreign state. Such a bill would also cancel the charitable tax exempt status of the church, which owes untold billions in unpaid taxes to the people. And it would seize the assets and lands of the Catholic church and doll out its ill-gained wealth to the people it was sweated out of and who faced clerical rape and torture at such a tender age.

Hell, the French nationalized all Catholic church property back in 1792, during their revolution. It’s not such a radical thing to say that religion has to serve the community, and therefore its wealth must as well. Why not tax one of the richest corporations in the world?

Whatever you think of the global Occupy movement - and I love it – it has in its cross hairs the financial mandarins of the world, including the shadowy thing called the Vatican Bank, whose assets are in the trillions of dollars thanks to secret “financial concordats” with over a hundred governments that siphon off our taxes to Rome. (Note to Enda Kenny: Cancel the bloody thing, boyo!) Occupy the Vatican is a growing network that aims to seize that wealth and bring down the corporation that runs the church, and I’m part of the effort that will converge on Rome next Easter, April 8, to do precisely that.

I like to call it the Final Sacking of Rome.

This is no idle boast, considering that over two thirds of the people of our world are behind the Occupy movement, and are demanding that the super rich be brought down for good. All we need to do is to flex our collective muscles slightly and the elites will topple, as they are already starting to do.

As much as I love them, the young men and women of the Occupy phenomena are a disparate gas cloud that needs to be wielded into a hammer. Instead of sitting nebulously outside banks and workplaces, they must move inside, and join up with the masses of working stiffs who really have their hands on the levers of power.

Imagine if all the legal secretaries and bank clerks in every city joined the Occupation, along with the bus drivers, electricians, cops and every trade unionist in sight? And what about the guards at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York? Do you think they like having their pension funds and taxes siphoned off to child rapists and money speculators in Rome?

Blessedly, the people of Oakland, California started doing what I'm suggesting today, perhaps not coincidentally. A general strike broke out and the Occupy Oakland folks took over the massive dockyards for awhile.

The revolution is starting, people.

The last time I did a symbolic exorcism outside the Vatican, I spoke to some of the Swiss Guards who officially protect the Pope. They don’t make a lot of money, and one of them wondered aloud to me why nobody had unionized them yet.

When the time comes, guess who’s going to come over to our side – provided we are bold enough and don’t halt?

Napolean once observed that “In war, morale is to the material as three over one”. And in the global combat that is now deciding the fate of our planet, and our species, it is we, the 99%, who have the upper hand on every front – but especially concerning morale. We have the ethical high ground these days, and we need to keep it, but only if we don’t waver from aiming at the heart of the Beast.

That heart has always been in Rome, and in the financial and political tentacles of the Vatican that reach into governments, major banks and corporations around the world. And that is why the decision of the Irish government today is having a political impact akin to the crashing of the extinction-causing meteor into our planet 65 million years ago.

All the dinosaurs died after that cataclysm, and a good thing too, because it made room for us actual warm-blooded folks.

We’ve kept our humanity, after all the grief; and now we are, indeed, inheriting the earth.

Rise like Lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number; Shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you: You are many; they are few. Percy Shelley, 1815


Public Banishment Order against Genocidal Churches Posted around the World: Follow Up Evictions and Occupations Being Planned

Special Report
By Jeremiah Jourdain
Sep. 25, 2011

Rev. Kevin Annett

An Exclusive Report from ITCCS International, Brussels... At protests over the past week in Canada, the USA, Ireland and England, a Public Banishment Order against the church corporations responsible for crimes against humanity was delivered to more than thirty church cathedrals belonging to the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada.

At several locations in Canada, including on a remote Indian reservation in Saskatchewan, ITCCS members occupied churches during regular services and demanded that the clergy depart.

In Ennis and Dublin, Ireland, ITCCS members Gerry O'Donovan, John Deegan and others announced the Proclamation and posted it on church doors in the face of police harassment, threats of arrest, and physical attacks from church officials.

see: ITCCS Banishment Order posted and read at Ennis Cathedral in County Clare, Ireland

A copy of the Banishment was also translated into Italian and posted on a doorway of the Vatican in Rome.

The Banishment Order was reported in many media outlets across Europe and North America, including on the popular program Democracy Now to millions of listeners in the USA.

"This is just phase one of our reclamation movement" said Elder Jeremiah Jourdain today from Winnipeg.

"We have told these murderers publicly to leave. Whether they do or not doesn't matter, because we are now calling on our people to move into these churches, seize the property and its wealth, and use it to feed and help all the people harmed by the church. That's what we call a practical apology, on our terms."

Jourdain and the other members of the ITCCS Council of Nine Elders, who issued the Banishment Proclamation on September 18, are now organizing action groups of ten or more people in many communities to begin the non-violent seizure of church properties, and the eviction of its clergy and officials.

To assist this project, and spread the church reclamation movement, contact the ITCCS at this email or at 250-591-4573 in Canada. And follow our progress at , where you can download a copy of the Banishment Proclamation.

Spread the Proclamation! Evict the Murderous Churches from our Nations!


Tribunal Launched, Churches Banned from Communities: An International Media Advisory from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

Sep. 15, 2011

Protest the Pope in London

The ITCCS joins with many survivors of torture around the world today as we formally inaugurate an international inquiry and trial into crimes against humanity by church and state.

The Elders of our Tribunal have commenced our campaign by issuing a Banishment Proclamation against the churches responsible for the torture and murder of our children, which is reprinted below, and will be posted and read publicly across the world this Sunday, September 18.

For the next three months, our network in Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland, England, the Netherlands and Belgium, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, and other nations will be documenting crimes committed against children, indigenous people and other innocents by the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches and their associates in government.

Our work will culminate in a final report and documentary film containing the evidence required to indict these bodies for genocide and crimes against humanity.

The next phase of our work, commencing early in January, 2012, will involve the trial and sentencing of those groups and persons responsible for these crimes.

We welcome the recent efforts to criminally prosecute Pope Joseph Ratzinger for his personal complicity in child abuse and trafficking, and we will join with other groups of survivors in Rome, outside the Vatican, at a mass protest at 12 noon on Monday, October 31, 2011.

We will also be working with politicians in the European Parliament to seek sanctions and indictments against Canada and its churches for genocide, based on new forensic evidence we have recently obtained from three separate mass graves of Indian children who were killed or died in church-run residential schools across Canada.

Our ITCCS forums will be open to the public and the media, who are free and encouraged to share and broadcast our evidence to the world.

Issued by the ITCCS Executive, London, England


Global Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State Convenes, with power to arrest and convict

Special Contribution
By Kevin Annett
Aug. 1, 2011

Kevin Daniel Annett

International Media and Community Advisory from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and Kevin Annett

1. After more than a year of preparation, a network of community-based Tribunals into Crimes against Humanity will officially convene in Brussels, London, Ottawa and other cities on September 15, 2011, armed with the power to arrest and sentence guilty offenders - including the Pope himself.

Despite efforts by the British government and the Vatican to obstruct the Tribunals, including by deporting and harassing its leading members, survivors of church and state terror will gather in five countries to present evidence and come to a judgement concerning church-sponsored genocide, murder and the continued trafficking in children.

"We have forensic proof now that countless children are buried in mass graves near former church schools, orphanages and sweatshops across Canada, America, England, Ireland and Australia" said ITCCS spokesman Kevin Annett today.

"We intend to share this evidence before the world, and bring indictments against the Roman Catholic and numerous Protestant churches, as well as the Crown of England, for mass murder and the continued trafficking and torture of children."

To protect its witnesses and encourage local action by survivors and their allies, the ITCCS Executive has decided to decentralize its Tribunal process and extend its work throughout the months following its September 15 commencement.

A complete agenda of this process is listed in Section 2, below.

The accumulated evidence and full proceedings of the Tribunals will be video recorded and compiled into a documentary film, and will be archived in a final Summary Report that will be submitted to the international community no later than January 31, 2012.

Equally important, the Tribunals will bring common law legal judgements against the guilty persons and institutions, including Pope Joseph Ratzinger, and will impose community sentences against them that will be fully enforced by Common Law Peace Officers.

"Our traditions empower us to sentence and jail anyone who threatens our children when the normal authorities refuse to do so" explained ITCCS Elder Jeremiah Jourdain of the Cree Nation.

"Our Tribunal will therefore issue its own arrest and internment warrants, assess financial levies and expropriations against the property and wealth of the churches we find guilty, and order the evictions of these criminals from our lands. We will not allow those responsible for the murder of our people to go unpunished."

2. Timetable for the ITCCS

Formal Events:
Wednesday, September 7, 2011, 12 noon: Press conference, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada
Thursday, September 15, 12 noon: Formal Opening of the ITCCS Tribunals:
Brussels: outside the European Parliament building
London, Dublin and Ottawa: To be announced
Sunday, September 18 at 11 am local time: Memorial Vigils and Protests at Roman Catholic and other churches in Brussels, London, Dublin, Rome, Ottawa and other cities

- These church actions will continue every Sunday at the same time until October 30

Sunday, October 30, 12 noon: Public Vigil, Exorcism and Protest outside the Vatican, Rome, followed by a 24 hour prayer and fast

- Sympathetic actions at other Catholic churches across the world at the same local time

Monday, October 31, 12 noon: International Press Conference outside the Vatican, St. Peter's Square, Rome
Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 1 pm: International Conference and Media Event to present the Summary Results of the ITCCS inquiry - Brussels, Belgium (location to be announced)

Speaking-Organizing Tour by Kevin Annett (details to follow)

In Canada: August 28 - September 8
In Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany: September 10-17
In England: September 18 - 28
In Ireland: October 15-23
In France: October 24-28
in Italy/Rome: October 29 - November 2
In Slovenia and Hungary: November 3-8
In the USA: November 10 - December 2 In Canada: December 3 onwards
In Brussels: January 31, 2012

3. Local action

Supporters of the ITCCS campaign and local survivors of church-state terror are encouraged to mount parallel public actions in their communities to coincide with the events listed above.

Most important, people are urged to hold their own public or closed forums during the period September 15, 2011 to January 30, 2012, to give witnesses to these crimes the chance to share their stories and evidence before local ITCCS forums, and have it video recorded for the permanent ITCCS record.

ITCCS staff will assist anyone who plans to hold such events and public actions. For help, contact the ITCCS Secretariat at this email address or by leaving a message at 1-386-323-5774 (USA).

People are also encouraged to book Rev. Kevin Annett as a speaker in their communities during the dates listed above.

4. Biography and background on Kevin Annett, plus additional links

Kevin Daniel Annett,
Ordained non-denominational minister
Co-founder and Acting Secretary, ITCCS
Born 1956, Edmonton, Canada
B.A. (Anthropology), University of B.C., 1983
M.A. (Political Science), UBC, 1986
M.Div. (Theology), Vancouver School of Theology, 1990
Ordained with Honors into United Church of Canada, May 1990
Fired and expelled without cause or due process from United Church, 1997
Established first inquiry into Indian residential schools, Vancouver, Canada (IHRAAM Tribunal), June 1998
Author, Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010) and Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor (2011)
Co-producer, award-winning documentary film Unrepentant
Host of internationally syndicated Public Affairs blog radio program Hidden from History
International Consultant to survivors of church torture


Let Them Go, then, to the Garbage Bin of History: Ireland’s Golden Chance

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
July 28, 2011


By withdrawing its papal “ambassador” to Ireland this week in response to that government’s just efforts to make the Catholic church answerable under the law for its crimes against children, the Vatican has given the Irish a rare opportunity to end the reign of terror of an oppressive medieval institution.

Ironically, this moment also provides Catholics themselves the chance to return their church to what it should be: an actual religious body freed from the special immunities and privileges of a political power, and the corruption such power brings.

There has never been a valid argument for Rome’s fictitious status as a “state”, enjoying all of the privileges but none of the obligations of a nation. But now, the repeated use of that power to commit horrible crimes against children, and others, and then absolve itself and the rapists and killers it shields within its ranks, has made the Vatican a criminal, rogue body under every international standard of law and morality.

Unfortunately, most of the world’s nations are aiding and abetting that rogue body by funding it, and affording it special rights and privileges, in particular that “diplomatic recognition” that effectively places Rome above and beyond the law: “a boys-only club where the members can rape and torture the innocent with impunity”, to quote one American lawyer.

It is for this reason that the Vatican’s petulant severing of diplomatic relations with Ireland yesterday is such a ray of light, and should encourage that nation’s leaders to accept this ending of the special privileges of Rome, and bring about the free and secular society that alone can protect children from gangsters in clerical robes.

Apparently, the scuttlebutt around Dublin is that more than one senior politician is considering precisely such a course of action, following Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s clear declaration in the Dail last week that priests could face prison time if they fail to report the violation and rape of children in their parish.

Unfortunately, as Kenny knows, as long as the Church of Rome retains its legal and diplomatic privileges, enforcing such a law will be difficult, if not impossible. Bringing child-raping priests to justice is frankly unattainable without a fundamental change in the relationship of church and state.

Historically, the Catholic church’s special privileges in Ireland were part of that culture’s defense against the British Empire. But that era is long since past. And many Catholics in Ireland are in fact looking to a national church of their own, free of Rome’s dictates, to recover the traditions and beliefs that were crushed when Roman Christianity imposed itself on the island more than eight centuries ago.

I heard precisely such sentiments when I spoke at University College in Cork last October, and engaged in a public debate with a Vatican spin doctor named Jack Bolero.

There in the traditional heartland of Irish Catholicism, the campus students’ society had organized the debate around a single question: Should the Pope be Arrested? Jack was asked to argue No, and I, delightedly, was given the Yes side.

I won the debate. Nearly two-thirds of the several hundred students gathered for the debate voted at the end of it that yes, Joseph Ratzinger should be detained for questioning about his protecting of rapists in his church.

“That wouldn’t have happened a few years ago, but people are fed up with the Catholic church now” one of the organizers said to me later over a pint in the local pub.

“We can have our faith without having a pope. That’s what even the old people are saying around town.”

The papacy, of course, is not one man, but an enormous global corporation with annual revenue in the hundreds of billions of dollars, thanks in part to the special financial “concordats” that nations, including Ireland, still maintain with Rome.

The real test of the sincerity of Enda Kenny’s words, and the resolve of the Irish people for spiritual sovereignty, will be whether these concordats are ended, and the vast wealth and lands stolen by the Vatican from people around the world are returned to them.

The Vatican is the source of some of the bloodiest conquests and wars in human history, and not just against children. Within the ranks of our International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) are members of indigenous nations in Canada, America, Australia and elsewhere whose children were massacred in Jesuit-established Indian “boarding schools”. And growing evidence indicates that the Vatican is deeply involved in present day baby trafficking networks through lucrative child adoption agencies run with church subsidies.

All of these victims have the same interest to see the Vatican de-fanged and brought under the rule of law as do the people of Ireland. That is why what the Irish and their government do now to end forever papal immunity and Rome's control over the life of their nation is of vital importance to the entire world.

Taoiseach Kenny can stay true to the hopes of his people by ending the diplomatic status of the Vatican in Ireland; licensing all clergy as public servants answerable to the people and not the church; and canceling the tax exempt status of the church along with Dublin's financial concordat with Rome.

At the end of the Cork debate, an elderly woman came up to me with a deep scowl on her face, and barked,

“Every one of them damned priests should be castrated!”

I’ll settle for emasculating the chief rapist: Rome.

With The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (Brussels-London)


Be Part of a Mass Exorcism on behalf of children everywhere: Come to the International Convergence of Light

Special Contribution
By Caoimhin Ui Niall
July 11, 2011

The Circle of Truth surrounding in the Vatican

Invitation: Join the Circle of Truth surrounding the Vatican in Rome on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at high noon.

Faith communities, indigenous elders, light workers, and people of compassion will gather from around the world to hold a mass Exorcism, prayer vigil and fast outside the Vatican to summon forth the power of truth and love and expel the darkness of centuries of crime, violence and corruption.

Our Convergence is unaligned religiously and politically. Our common ground is an absolute reverence for children and the earth. We come to protect the innocent and expel the force that harms them and protects those responsible.

Beginning at 12 noon on Sunday, October 30, 2011, thousands of us will form a human peace chain around the Vatican and will bring music, prayers and testimonies to exorcise the forces of untruth and violence in the Catholic church.

Our exorcism, prayer and fast circle will continue for 24 hours and will be followed by other events.

Please endorse our Circle of Light and circulate this notice. Join us on October 30 in Rome.

If you cannot, then hold your own circle of exorcism around a Roman Catholic church in your community on the same day.



Letter of statement

The OECD's Paris headquarters

Paris – 29 June 2011. The Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council (CSISAC) to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) affirms its commitment today to the multi-stakeholder policy making processes that developed the Communiqué on Principles For Internet Policy-Making. We commend the OECD for its leadership and extend our appreciation to representatives from governments and the technical and business communities who were willing to reopen the draft Communiqué for further negotiation on 28 June.

CSISAC remains committed to ongoing collaboration with the OECD Secretariat, OECD member states and observers in all processes that follow from the Communiqué and the High Level Meeting. We recognise the value of a set of agreed principles to promote consistent Internet policy-making across OECD member economies. CSISAC supports many of the principles included in the Communiqué, and it is therefore with regret that we declined to endorse the full and final version of the Communiqué released on 29 June 2011.

CSISAC's concerns are with the detailed framing of the itemized principles. In some instances, the elaboration of these concepts appears to undermine the very principles they are intended to engrain. We remain convinced that consensus could have been reached on a document focused more on Internet policy-making principles and less on finer details related to contentious areas of substantive law.

As developed in the Communiqué, several of these principles are not compatible with CSISAC core values including respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms and, the rule of law, promotion of access to knowledge, promotion of open standards, Net Neutrality and balanced intellectual property policies and regimes. (See:

A more complete account of CSISAC's concerns with the Communiqué is at: OMMENTS.pdf

CSISAC’s concerns include:

1. The Communiqué’s over-emphasis on protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights at the expense of fundamental freedoms. Moreover, the Communiqué fails to acknowledge the balance inherent in well-calibrated intellectual property regimes and other factors that have allowed the Internet to flourish and innovation to take place. We note that the words "intellectual property" appear seven times, "enforcement" four times, and "liability" twice. But "fair use/dealing”, “public domain”, “limitations and exceptions” are absent. By comparison, the 2008 OECD Seoul Declaration on the Future of the Internet Economy lists intellectual property rights as merely one of its eight public policy objectives relating to online innovation and creativity.

2. At a time when the responsibilities of Internet intermediaries are being extensively discussed in national, regional and international fora and before the European Court of Justice, particular language in the Communiqué might 2 be seen to reinterpret a core principle that has underpinned Internet growth and innovation to date – the limited liability of Internet intermediaries that are mere conduits facilitating the interactions of others.

3. Various qualifications within the Communiqué limiting access guarantees to 'lawful' content raise concerns for freedom of expression. This language poses questions about whether Internet intermediaries will be required to make determinations of legality when they are not competent or appropriate parties to do so. In regard to intellectual property, this would be inconsistent with current legal norms in many OECD countries and could undermine the Communiqué's commitment to due process, transparency and fundamental rights.

4. The Communiqué does not adequately address foundational principles that are integral to the openness of the Internet such as network neutrality and open standards.

5. The impact that some of the Communiqué’s measures could have in countries where there are weak democratic institutions and inadequate protection of fundamental human rights and consumer interests.


CSISAC is a coalition of more than 80 civil society groups from across the globe that provide input into the development of OECD policies relating to the Internet. Since 2009, CSISAC has formally represented the civil society perspective at certain OECD meetings and defended the rights of Internet users worldwide.

The Great Britain

An Open Letter to William Windsor and Kate Middleton: Stay out of our Country

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
June 25, 2011

William Windsor and Kate Middleton

The Solstice, 21 June, 2011
Dear William and Kate,

I understand that you have invited yourself into my country. Since I was recently banned from entering yours, for reasons known only to your Home Office, it behooves me to say that, as representatives of a destructive foreign power, you are not welcome here.

In saying this, let me be clear that I bear neither of you personal animosity or hatred, but neither do I bear you allegiance. For you represent a criminal regime with centuries of blood on its hands that has no just, legitimate or lawful claim of authority over me or my country men and women.

My father’s ancestors left England in 1820 to escape the stifling oppression of the British Crown and its landowner-run government, which hanged poor children for stealing food to survive, and locked up my ancestor Peter Annett for publicly criticizing the Anglican Church. My mother’s family was driven from the Scottish Highlands by your soldiers, and my great-grandfather Daniel O’Neill saw his entire family starve to death on a coffin ship from Cork, Ireland, after your Crown stripped them of their land, crops and lives.

More recently, I have seen up close how the British Crown has inflicted the same Genocide on generations of indigenous people here, including by exterminating more than 50,000 of their children in the Crown-sanctioned “Indian residential schools”, along with the Church of England and the Vatican.

Last year, on behalf of grieving aboriginal families, I wrote to your mother Elizabeth Windsor, the “queen”, and asked her to identify where these thousands of residential school children are buried. She has never replied, even though she is legally responsible for their deaths.

Across my country, one in five children languish in poverty, while your “Crown” claims title to all of our resources and vast swaths of our land. Every year, millions of dollars are siphoned off our taxpayers to keep you in luxury. And what has the Crown given to us in return, besides gala pageants? Have you upheld our liberties and protected us from foreign enemies, as your coronation oath requires you to do? On the contrary. And yet you really expect us to pay for the cost of your trip and expensive frivolities?

Neither of you chose to be cast in the role you are playing, but you can choose to stop doing so, and become aware of what it is you symbolize, and are perpetuating. I invite you to do so.

What you represent is not welcome on our soil. But as individuals, William and Kate, you can come here, provided you begin by asking permission to arrive on our land: not from your marionette government in Ottawa or the puppet Indian chiefs you pay to betray their own nations – but from the people of Kanata themselves.

You should know that we are a people who have never relinquished that spirit of liberty and justice that we sought when we came here, fleeing from the oppression of Crown and Church. We are still sovereign people, seeking to live in rightness and equality with the original peoples of this land.

We have realized that we cannot do so under the false jurisdiction of the British Crown, which has always been the architect of our misery. And for that reason, on July 1, 2009, the Republic of Kanata was proclaimed in my home town of Winnipeg.

I have included a copy of the Founding Proclamation of the Republic of Kanata.

As your Empire learned in Ireland, in India, and in America, a people determined to sever its allegiance to England will not be deterred. And more than sixty percent of my people want to end our ties with the British Crown and become a Republic, according to a recent poll.

It is in the spirit of that majority that I speak when I say, do not come onto our land as representatives of the Crown of England.

If you choose to do so, be prepared to face charges of genocide and mass murder: for that is the indictment being prepared against your Crown by an International Tribunal at this very moment in London and Brussels. And as legal representatives of that Crown, you can be held personally responsible for the crimes against humanity inflicted by that power on all the peoples of our land.

You can read the details of those crimes at the website , since I’m sure you weren’t taught the real history of the British Empire in your elite finishing schools.

Some of that history can also be found in the words of another of my ancestors, Phillip Annett, a farmer and blacksmith who was one of many ordinary people who tried to overthrow the British colonial regime in Canada in 1837 in league with William Lyon MacKenzie and Les Patriotes in Quebec under Louis-Joseph Papineau.

Their failure to bring about a real democratic Republic in Canada made all the subsequent crimes inflicted on our peoples possible. But the spirit of freedom in my great-great-great grandfather Phillip was never quenched, as this letter he wrote home to England in 1830, when he first arrived in Ontario, demonstrates:

“We live in a fine country, a land of liberty and plenty. Here you have no rent to pay, no poor-rates or workhouses, scarcely any taxes. No game-keepers or Lords over you. Here we are as respected as any of our neighbours and we are on good terms with all, even the savages. This is a land God meant us to hold in liberty for all, against every usurping power.”

This is Kanata as it was meant to be, and has always been in the hearts of its people. Kanata, which means “the village” in the tongue of the Mohawk nation: a community of equals, living in peace with the earth and one another.

We are pledged to re-establish such a nation, and by our proclamation of July 1, 2009, we have re-asserted our natural sovereignty over the land you know as Canada. Consequently, when you arrive here it will be in the status of illegal trespassers on our land.

I pray that you will look past the paid or naïve crowds of flag waving sycophants who will greet you, and seek the real Kanata and its people. I am more than willing to escort both of you as individuals to the parts of my country that you will never be shown, including the urban slums, poor mill towns and reservations where natives and non-natives alike suffer under the stagnating, over-taxed and dependent society we have become under the British Crown.

That old society is ending, as our new Republic is arising on its ashes. May God save that Republic and its people.

In its name, I am,

Kevin Daniel Annett – Eagle Strong Voice
Citizen of Kanata and adopted member of the Anishnabe Nation
Member of the Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanata


Autonomous European Nation endorses Kevin Annett and the ITCCS, Calls for Recognition of Republic of Kanata

Special Contribution
By Kevin Annette
June 6, 2011

The Republic of Eurostate flag

The autonomous Republic of Eurostate and its officials have formally endorsed the aims and work of Rev. Kevin Annett and the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), following a conference held near Amsterdam on May 28.

Eurostate also welcomed the establishment of The Republic of Kanata as "a hope and an inspiration” to victims of the Crown of England and “religious intolerance”.

Dr. Gerard Beukeveld, founder and head Regent of The Republic of Eurostaete, announced the endorsement of the ITCCS at the end of the conference where Rev. Kevin Annett was the featured speaker.

“In defending Indian people targeted for genocide, Mr. Annett has defended the same principles we believe in, especially the rights of nations to sovereignty. We therefore join him in holding accountable the powers that have caused these crimes against humanity” stated Dr. Beukeveld.

The Republic of Kanata flag

“We welcome the establishment of The Republic of Kanata and call for its diplomatic recognition by other nations, for only in the democratic courts of such a new Republic can indictments be brought against those powers.”

The Republic of Kanata was proclaimed on July 1, 2009 in Winnipeg , Canada by native and non-native people frustrated by the refusal of Crown-based Canadian courts to prosecute the government of Canada and its churches for Genocide. Rev. Annett is a member of the Republic’s Provisional Council.

In accepting Eurostaete’s endorsement, Rev. Annett presented Dr. Beukeveld and other Eurostate officials with the flag of The Republic of Kanata , and said,

“Our common stand today is part of a growing movement to bring to trial the churches and governments that exterminated millions of indigenous people, including our ancestors here in Europe . The global corporate agenda is continuing this extermination as we speak, and so we must hold on to our lands and our lives as free and sovereign people if we are to survive.”

Observers from Eurostaete will be present at the convening of the ITCCS Tribunal in London , England in mid September, and at other Tribunal locations to be disclosed.

Issued by the ITCCS Executive, 2 June, 2011


An international cultural festival held in Norway

By Salai Thang
Staff Correspondence
June 3, 2011

Myanmar Ethnics participants

Members of Myanmar ethnic nationalities participates an international cultural festival held in Kristiansand, Southern Norway on May 28, 2011.

The purpose of that event is to adjust and better integration process for immigrants here in Norway as well as local societies to understand more about immigrants.

The festival includes three different parts such as, parade in the city, cultural dance exhibition and international foods exhibition. According to the record, there were around 60 different organizations from various countries’ nationalities to take part in the festival.

Europe based an ethnic leader Salai Jonathan Thang has a speech

The Myanmar ethnics group represents under the banner name of “Peace for Burma”, organized by Europe based an ethnic leader Salai Jonathan Thang (the founder of Matu Burma Foundation). There were around 24 different Myanmar ethnics taking part and represented for Myanmar. They include Arakan, Mon, Shan, Bamar, Kachin and Chin (Matupi, Falam, Hakah, Mindat, Zo, Tedim, Siyin) ethnics nationalities.

Due to the country crisis, Myanmar ethnics people have to seek a better and safer life in Norway and around the world as refugees. It’s unlikely to change the country as expected, although the military junta recently transferred power to quasi-military and flaw elected their own military people by just stripping off their military uniforms.

Myanmar ethnics with their traditional costumes

The festival program proceeds as preview although the rain was forced some of nationals to withdraw from the parade and traditional dances due to unable to risk of damaging their traditional tools and clothes. Chin ethnic sport dance is one of the popular shows in the festival. The participants hope to see the festival again next year.

United Kingdom

No bomb that ever bursts shatters the crystal spirit: With Farid and others in a British prison

Special Report
By Kevin Annett
Jun 1, 2011

Activist Rev. Kevin Annett(L)

I wear as a badge of honor my deportation from a country of liars and cut throats. - Big Bill Haywood, IWW leader and revolutionary, 1920

The filthy fiction calling itself the Crown of England finally vomited me from its midst this week, only five days before I was to speak of its crimes at the annual Against Child Abuse Rally in London's Trafalgar Square.

I am proud to have shared a British prison with many freedom fighters over time, including my own ancestor Peter Annett; but also alongside nameless men and women who are caught today in the claws of the police state called Britain.

Here is what happened:

The room is small, unventilated, and foul-smelling, and crammed with ten of us. I am the only white person there.

A Malaysian mother with her four year old daughter sits in one corner, sobbing uncontrollably. Incarcerated for half a day, she’s one of the luckier ones: a young Turkish man called Farid has languished in here for nearly three days, isolated from his four children. Farid has lived in England for eleven years, doing sweat jobs and loyally paying his taxes, but tomorrow he’ll be deported over a technicality in his work visa.

There is no appeal allowed. His children will not accompany him. This is the Immigration Prison in Stansted airport, outside London. The date is the early hours of May 30, 2011.

The net fell on me suddenly the night before, as I made my way through the border control desk after disembarking from the Netherlands.

A banal little twit in a uniform scanned my passport through his computer, and quickly looked shocked as he peered through thick lenses at the screen. He scuttled off to speak to his supervisor, who I watched through the glass window of his office as he looked at his own computer, nodded his head and said something to the twit.

Triumphantly – I guess he got extra points for bagging a suspected enemy of the state – Twit boy returned and informed me with a whine of condescension that my giving public lectures was “unusual” for a tourist, that I was "suspect", and would therefore be barred from entering England.

"What exactly am I suspected of doing?" I asked the guy.

“But first you are to come this way” he motioned, ignoring my question like I hadn't said anything, and we walked to a tiny holding cell. The Twit left me alone in there for a half hour, I guess to make me sweat, but when he returned I was calmly whistling an Irish melody that seemed to annoy him to no end.

“I bet you find your job difficult” I ventured to the Twit as he fiddled with his papers. Attempting a smile, he answered,

“No, actually one meets very fascinating people in this line of work” he replied.

“People like you, then?” I said, but I don’t think he got my joke.

The Twit refused to give me his name when I asked, nor could I know the name of his supervisor. He also wasn’t wearing a badge number, although later he made a gaff when he donned another coat and I saw his number: 6676.

“You’ll be in here tonight, until we can send you back from whence you came” Twit informed me, gesturing to a white door. He knocked, and a stern young guy answered who wore a vest labeled Reliance: the private company that profits off incarcerating people all over England.

Despair gazed back at me from the sad eyes of my fellow prisoners who lay or sat around the room. A TV was blaring mindless crap at them so I walked over and shut it off. The young Turkish guy, Farid, looked surprised.

After my obligatory finger printing and photographing – I asked the Reliance guy if I could have a copy of the picture, since I looked pretty good, but he said no – I was locked into the sparse room with everyone, and told not to speak to any of them since that was against the rules. I just smiled.

Most of the detainees didn’t want to talk. It was nearly midnight by then, and like anyone, they had adapted to their incarceration and were mired in themselves. But Farid was too filled with grief about being robbed of his children to settle into apathy.

“I will never see them again. They will be put with other families and then anything can happen to them. My youngest son is only a baby.”

I remembered reading the day before how 586 children placed in the foster care system in England had somehow disappeared over the past year. Local child welfare officials had given no explanation concerning their fate.

Farid taught me some Turkish words that night, starting with “I love you” – it sounded like “selly sev yurum”. He laughed for the first time when he commented how the phrase might come in handy if I ever came to his country, but not if I said it to a man.

“That’s not what I hear” I replied, and he laughed even harder.

We held back the demons together during those slow and weary hours, as the others tried to sleep, and didn’t, and the Malaysian woman sang to her daughter while the Reliance thugs stared at us through a thick pane of glass.

It ended for me at 6 am, when I was taken to a plane that would fly me back to Eindhoven. I said goodbye to Farid and wished him luck.

He took my hand and said “Allah”, pressing his other hand against his chest, and then pointing to my heart.

I recalled then the last words in George Orwell's book Homage to Catalonia, in which he describes briefly meeting an Italian militia man who like Orwell was fighting Franco and his fascists during the Spanish civil war. They couldn't speak one another's language, but they shook hands and departed in different directions for the front lines, and Orwell never saw the Italian man again.

In memory to this unknown stranger who had briefly taken his hand in comradeship, and who had probably died, Orwell wrote a poem to him that concluded,

But the look I saw in your eyes, no power can disinherit. No bomb that ever burst shatters the crystal spirit.

The night after my deportation, I stood in a crowd of singing and laughing revelers in a Dublin pub, tasting my freedom like a soothing ale, and thinking of where Farid might be. I never felt unfree in jail; nor did anything there or in his own agony stop Farid from laughing.

As someone commented to me today, the more they repress us, the sharper and stronger we get. I feel inwardly clarified after the ordeal, and from the sounds of things, what happened to me is simply boomeranging back on the British government and its obvious and quite clumsy attempts to stop our Tribunal this fall.

So be of good cheer, and let that hope propel your body and your life to continue to accompany your words. But never forget Farid, and his children ... and that which is trying to jail all of us.

United Kingdom

Urgent Alert: Kevin Annett Jailed, Barred from re-entering England

May 30, 2011

Rev. Kevin Annett (3rd L) at the Protest the Pope outside Canada House in Trafalgar Square

On the verge of his addressing a major public rally in London against child trafficking by church and state, Rev. Kevin Annett was arrested and detained in an immigration prison at Stansted airport last night for over 12 hours, and then deported from England without due cause.

Border officials detained Kevin at 8 pm Sunday night upon his return from speaking in the Netherlands , and deported him the next morning, after fingerprinting, photographing and jailing him in a crowded immigration prison cell.

“The only reason they gave for denying me re-entry into England was that my giving public lectures was not an appropriate activity for visitors to that country, if you can believe that” Kevin Annett said today in a press statement.

“But I’ve repeatedly mentioned my lecturing work to customs people whenever I enter England , and it’s never been an issue before now. And the cop who detained me admitted that the decision to deny me entry came after he consulted his supervisor and the computer files about me.”

Kevin was detained by British customs police and members of the private security firm Reliance, which operates the airport detention facilities and growing numbers of prisons in England .

While detained, Kevin was denied the right to communicate with others, and the arresting officers refused to give him their names or badge numbers. This morning, Kevin was sent back to his departure point in Eindhoven , Netherlands .

“This was obviously aimed at our ITCCS tribunal, to prevent its convening this September in London . But nothing will halt our campaign for the murdered and tortured children. This only shows how scared these villains are of exposure.”

A complete description of the incident, and Kevin’s public statement, will follow shortly.

Issued by the Executive, The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State(ITCCS)


Violations of religious freedom in Vietnam denounced at a Hearing in the European Parliament

Letter of statement
27 May, 2011

Conference on Persecution of Christians, 5 October 2010 in the European Parliament

(VIETNAM COMMITTEE) - Speaking at a Hearing on Freedom of Religion or Belief at the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights in Brussels on Thursday, 26 May, Ms. Penelope Faulkner, Vice-President of Quê Me: Action for Democracy in Vietnam and the Vietnam Committee for Human Rights presented a global overview of violations of religious freedom and urged the European Union to place freedom of religion and belief high on its external policy agenda.

Ms. Faulkner spoke on behalf of the European Platform on Religious Intolerance and Discrimination (EPRID), along with Ms. Sarah Vader of the Bahá’í International Community. EPRID is a network of civil society organisations and religious bodies working in the EU to ensure that religious intolerance and discrimination are addressed within EU policy and activities. Dr. Heiner Bielefelt, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion and Belief was a keynote speaker. He explained the challenges faced under his mandate, which takes place in a climate of growing intolerance. Mr Charles-Michel Geurts from the European External Action Service (EEAS) presented the EU’s policies. The Hearing was presided by MEP Heidi Hautala, Chair of the EP Subcommittee on Human Rights.

Describing religious freedom abuses in a wide range of religious and geographical contexts over the past year, Ms. Faulkner noted the systematic repression of the Bahá’í in Iran, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Ahmadiyya Muslims in Indonesia and Pakistan, Tibetan Buddhists, Uyghur Muslims, house church Christians and Falun Gong practitioners in China, as well as sectarian violence in Nigeria and state-endorsed tightening of religious freedom in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan following the Spring revolutions in the Middle East.

Although Buddhism is a philosophy of tolerance and peace, she said, “Buddhists in many parts of Asia suffer repression and discrimination for their non-violent beliefs. In Vietnam, the government has banned the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV), Vietnam’s largest and oldest religious community and supplanted it with a State-sponsored body under Communist Party control. UBCV monks and nuns are systematically detained, intimidated and harassed, and Buddhists who frequent UBCV pagodas risk grave reprisals”.

Ms. Faulkner told the EP that “just a few days ago, during the celebrations of the Vesak (Anniversary of Buddha’s Birth), the government launched a widespread crack-down on UBCV pagodas, impeding celebrations and harassing UBCV followers”. Police prohibited Buddhists at the Giac Minh Pagoda in Danang from reading out the Vesak message by UBCV leader Thich Quang Do, the UBCV leader and Nobel Peace prize nominee, who remains under house arrest in Saigon after almost three decades in detention for his peaceful advocacy of religious freedom and human rights.

Ms. Faulkner also expressed concern about violations of religious freedom against other religious communities in Vietnam. She recalled that armed forces brutally suppressed peaceful demonstrations of H’mong Christians calling for religious freedom and land reforms in the northern province of Dien Bien in May 2011, killing at least 18 people and wounding hundreds, including many children. She also deplored the continued detention of at least 300 Christian Montagnards from the Central Highlands under harsh prison sentences for staging demonstrations to protest religious persecution and state seizure of lands.

According to the Chair of the EP Subcommittee on Human Rights, MEP Heidi Hautala, the Hearing was motivated by “Parliament’s concerns about discrimination based on religion or belief that still exists in all regions of the world”. On 21 February 2011, the Council of the European Union adopted a Resolution expressing the Council’s “profound concern about the increasing number of acts of religious intolerance and discrimination, as epitomized by recent violence and acts of terrorism” and affirming that “freedom of religion is a universal human right which needs to be protected everywhere and for everyone. (…) All persons belonging to religious communities and minorities should be able to practice their religion and worship freely, individually or in community with others, without fear of intolerance or attacks”.

The Great Britain

A Nuptial Offering to the "Royal" couple on the occasion of their upcoming wedding - with thanks to Percy Shelley (1792-1822)

Apr. 26, 2011

For William Windsor and Kate Middleton, and their wider family

Kings and Parasites
by Percy Shelley

Whence, thinks't thou, kings and parasites arose?
Whence that unnatural line of drones, who heap
Toil and unvanquishable penury
on those who build their palaces, and bring
their daily bread?
From vice, black loathsome vice;
from rapine, madness, treachery, and wrong;
from all that 'genders misery, and makes
of earth this horny wilderness;
from lust, revenge and murder.

And when Reason's voice,
loud as the voice of Nature,
shall have waked the Nations; and mankind perceive
that vice is discord, war and misery; and
that virtue is peace, and happiness and harmony;
When man's mature nature shall disdain
the playthings of its childhood, then
Kingly glare will lose its power to dazzle;
its authority will silently pass by;
the gorgeous throne shall stand unnoticed in the regal hall,
fast falling to decay;
Whilst falsehood's trade shall be as hateful and unprofitable
As that of Truth is now.

Long live the Republic of Canada and Anglia!


Citizens of Kosovo need to be consulted on constitutional changes

Letter from FOL
Apr. 11, 2011

Kosovo was granted independence on Feb. 17th, 2008

Prishtina, April 9, 2011: Recent developments in Kosovo have tested the commitment of political leaders towards the democratic character of the state as well as their dedication to facilitate and allow the democratic functioning of institutions of Kosovo.FOL Movement considers a good news election of a consensus candidate for the post of the President as required by the Constitution, although this was not a full consensus.

FOL considers a positive step the initiative for constitutional amendments but demands that the agenda of constitutional changes be articulated in a debate with citizens of Kosovo as required by the democratic character of our state.

The citizens of Kosovo should be at the center of attention in the process of constitutional amendments and thus the process of 2008 of the Constitution cannot and should not be repeated. Such process did not allow qualitative participation of citizens in the process of writing the constitution.

The President of Kosovo should institute a group that will take over the organization of extensive consultations with citizens and civil society organization on identifying the needs for change of the country's Constitution and this group then should develop concrete recommendations for constitutional amendments. This process must have full ownership by Kosovo nationals. The Constitutional challenges today are results of the lack of ownership by kosovars in the Constitution of the country.

Also, recent developments have drawn attention from the fight against organized crime and corruption. State Department Report on Human Rights highlights the wide extent of corruption in government, judicial and other public institutions. Rhetoric against corruption must be translated into concrete actions in this regard Kosovo Special Prosecutor's Office, courts and other authorities are failing to provide necessary Kosovo outcome in the fight against corruption and organized crime.


Open Letter on the conviction of Cu Huy Ha Vu - Observatoire-VCHR

Letter from Paris
Apr. 8, 2011

Vietnam President Guyen Minh Triet(L) and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

HE Nguyen Minh Triet
President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
HE Nguyen Tan Dung
Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
HE Ha Hung Cuong
Minister of Justice of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
HE Vu Dung
Permanent Representative of Viet Nam
to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Geneva
Hon. Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the United Nations
Hon. Navanethem Pillay
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Paris-Geneva, April 7, 2011

Subject: Conviction of Cu Huy Ha Vu is a travesty of justice and he must be immediately and unconditionally released

Your Excellencies,

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint programme of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the World Organisation against Torture (OMCT), and the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights (VCHR) are writing to you to lodge our strongest protest against the conviction on April 4, 2011 of Mr. Cu Huy Ha Vu, who was sentenced by the Hanoi People’s Court to seven years of imprisonment and three years of house arrest for “propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam” under Article 88 of Vietnam's Criminal Code.

Mr. Ha Vu, a lawyer, has been a peaceful defender of cultural, environmental and civil and political rights and has consistently used the courts to seek justice for those whose rights have been violated by the Government and private actors. Recently he had initiated two lawsuits against the Prime Minister, the first filed in July 2009 targeted the latter for signing Decision 167 in November 2007, which allowed controversial bauxite mining operations in Vietnam's Central Highlands. On October 21, 2010, Mr. Ha Vu filed a second lawsuit against the Prime Minister for signing Decree 136 in 2006, which prohibits class-action petitions. He was arrested two weeks later.

The charges brought against him are utterly politically motivated and are based on deeply flawed legislations that are routinely used to silence legitimate and peaceful critics. In particular, Article 88 has repeatedly been denounced by the United Nations Human Rights Committee as incompatible with international law and in violation of the rights to freedoms of opinion and expression and the right to participate in public affairs [1].

Mr. Ha Vu was denied his right to a fair and public hearing by a competent, independent and impartial tribunal, as guaranteed by Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Viet Nam has ratified. Ten documents relating to his indictment were not made public at the trial on April 4, despite the request of the defendant’s lawyers, in violation of Article 214 of the Criminal Procedure Code and undermining the right to a defense. One of Mr. Ha Vu ‘s four lawyers, Tran Vu Hai, was expelled from court by the Presiding Judge, Nguyen Huu Chinh, for demanding the disclosure of these documents.

The trial was closed to the public, and supporters of Mr. Ha Vu who gathered peacefully outside the Hanoi People’s Court were stopped and dispersed by public security officers. Among them, two activists, Messrs. Pham Hong Son and Le Quoc Quan, were arrested and detained for several hours.

This case is sadly yet another example of the on-going repression of fundamental rights in Viet Nam, and human rights defenders in particular have borne the brunt of such repression. Criminalising the peaceful expression of democratic ideals and legitimate actions to seek redress for rights violations makes a mockery of justice and the Rule of Law.

Our organisations recall that Viet Nam stated in its national report submitted in February 2009 to UN Human Rights Council for the Universal Periodic Review process that “the people are both the ultimate objective and driving force of any social and economic development policy, and protecting and promoting human rights are always the Government’s consistent policy”. Viet Nam’s Permanent Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh also announced in February 2011 your Government’s intention to seek membership in the Human Rights Council.

The conviction of Mr. Ha Vu clearly contradicts your Government’s adherence to human rights.

Given the illegitimate charges against Mr. Ha Vu and the unfair manner in which his trial was conducted, the Observatory and the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights call on your Government to immediately and unconditionally release Mr. Ha Vu and overturn his conviction.

More generally, the Observatory and the Committee call upon the Vietnamese authorities to put an end to all forms of harassment against human rights defenders in Viet Nam, and to comply fully with the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and international human rights instruments ratified by Viet Nam.

We express our sincere hope that you will take these considerations and requests into account.


Souhayr Belhassen
FIDH President
Eric Sottas
OMCT Secretary-General
Vo Van Ai
VCHR President


EU-India free trade deal delayed

Mar. 29, 2011

*The prospect of an imminent of India-European Union Free Trade Agreement has suffered a setback according to officials who said they now believe it may not be signed before the end of the year or early 2012.*

By Dean Nelson, in New Delhi

Indian and European trade ministers had hoped to sign an ambitious deal by the end of this month, but EU officials said the talks had been blighted by bureaucracy, divergent interests among its member countries and slow progress on key issues like access to India’s legal and financial service sectors and the protection of intellectual property.

Indian officials, led by Commerce minister Anand Sharma, had given the talks process a boost last autumn with a series of meetings amid rising optimism that they might finalise a deal by the first few months of 2011.

The minister believes the deal could see India-EU trade rise from $72bn today to $100bn in five years, but an early agreement is key to meeting the target.

The European Union estimates an ambitious deal to open up key sectors of each others economies could see 30pc increases in bilateral foreign direct investment.

For India there is an urgency to start reaping the benefit as inward FDI has slumped by more than 35pc in the last year amid declining investor confidence. The Indian government is anxious for foreign investment in infrastructure, logistics, and some financial services to underpin domestically-driven growth of 8.5pc.

In December last year Anand Sharma said the talks had gathered momentum and made real progress on intellectual property rights, co-operation in civilian nuclear power, renewable energy, science and technology, aviation, industry and manufacturing.

“At present we have a trade figure of $72bn from the EU countries. We’ve set for ourselves the target to take it to $100bn in the next five years. This is now achievable, particularly after the agreement is reached, hopefully in the first half if not earlier in 2011. This will be the most ambitious agreement signed by the EU.

"A trade deal of this magnitude and ambition will generate sizeable benefits for the GDPs of India and the European countries. We are near the final agreement on the issue of movement of professionals as well as trade and services,” he said.

But according to EU officials, that optimism for an early deal has faded as negotiators have focused on the “grittier issues". These are understood to include data protection for European pharmaceutical firms and the right of Indian rivals to sell generic medicines in third countries, the degree of access to Indian markets for EU financial service companies, and the free movement of professionals. Access to each others agricultural sectors has yet to be agreed, while the movement of professionals has raised immigration concerns.

India is a signatory to the World Trade Organisation’s TRIPS agreement on intellectual property, but EU officials are understood to have pressed it to go further in accepting ‘data exclusivity’ for medicines whose patents have lapsed. Indian medicine manufacturers say it would effectively extend patents and damage public health in poorer countries.

Negotiators will meet again in May to discuss agriculture and food prices, but EU officials are more pessimistic on the prospects of a deal than their Indian counterparts.

“Our sense is that negotiations are on track, but in any negotiations its standard operating procedure to first pick the low-hanging fruit. On the more ticklish issues, India is a developing country of 1.2bn people and the EU is a [a group of] developed countries with their own wishlists. Discussions have been intensified," said a source in India’s Ministry of External Affairs.

EU officials said they do not want to compromise on substance for the sake of rushing into a deal. “We don’t want a rush to conclude in May if the result is things we care about stay in the too difficult tray or left for the next trade agreement. This is the two biggest bureaucracies in the world coming together to negotiate on things which matter. We want to get the substance right because the chance to get it right might not come again for several years,” said one official.


Stop the India-EU FTA, Decimator of the 'Pharmacy of the World'!
The Korea-EU FTA, which Shall Restrict the Constitutional Rights of Koreans, Must Also Be Dismantled

Letter of statement
Mar. 2, 2011

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh(center) and the European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso (right)

The European Union is shrugging off its previous flexible FTA towards the pursuit of a new FTA policy attempting to aggressively disable all tariffs and non-tariff barriers to trade. The first targets for this new FTA policy are the Republic of Korea and India. The Korea-EU FTA and India-EU FTA are, like the Korea-US FTA, comprehensive and aggressive liberalization policies geared towards the benefit of multinational corporations. The North American Free Trade Agreement and the Central America Free Trade Agreement has had devastating effects. The rose-tinted futures promised by the developed nations are nowhere to be found and these free trade agreements have only led to increases in food and medicine prices, the breakdown of public services, and the loss of sovereignty.

This spring, the free trade agreement in talks between India and the European Union is notable for being a death knell for over citizens in over 120 developing nations. Because of the India-EU FTA scheduled to be signed in March, India's contribution as 'The Pharmacy of the World' is about to disappear. India has complied with the TRIPS agreement since 2005 but has limited its standard of patents when clinical effects are proven to be significantly better than that of previous medicines and was able to continue being the Pharmacy of the World. Above all, the price of India's generic medicines are only 5~10% of those of multinational corporations being expensively sold through patents or data exclusivity. India also can produce variations of formulations fit to the needs of the patients, and is also selling medicine, such as pediatric AIDS medic! ations considered unprofitable by multinational drug corporations.

However, with the signature of the India-EU FTA and the advent of data exclusivity, India will have much difficulty in developing, producing and exporting generics. Those who have depended on generics made in India will be pushed to the brink of death. The India-EU FTA is a deal with the lives of patients spread over 120 countries.

Data exclusivity refers to the exclusivity given to original medicines by delaying the marketing of generics by preventing source information on safety and efficacy, given to generics manufacturers on market approvals. When this is given, even unpatented medicines or those with lapsed patents are given sales exclusivity, preventing their production and export, or even for public use of patents such as through compulsory licensing. Whether its through patents or data exclusivity of original medicines, patients will suffer the same. While data exclusivity has a shorter time period than patents, it can be obtained through a much simple process. What the multinational drug corporations are after is to obtain higher profit by more easily obtaining monopolies on new drugs which neither adhere to India's patent standard or are more clinically effective.

India provides for 20% of the world generics market. In particular it provides 90% of the developing world's AIDS medicine supply and 50% of the world's AIDS medicine needs. Analyzing AIDS medication supply in 115 countries by The WHO, Global FUND and UNITAID, India took up over 80% of the provision for generic AIDS medications for these international organizations(donor-funded purchase) since 2006, with the number at 87% in 2008. If adding Indian AIDS medications provided by public medical organizations in Thailand, Brazil, South Africa and Nepal(government-funded purchase), the proportion exceeds 80%. Pediatric AIDS medication is also largely provided by India, at 91% of the market.

Koreans also need Indian generics. We have experienced firsthand the harsh reality of being pushed into the streets because of the price of medicine. Leukemia medication Glivec is available in a generic India-produced version called Veenat at a twentieth of the cost. A first antiretrovirals costing a million to a million and a half won (900~1400 dollars) a month in Korea costs less than a hundred dollars in its generic Indian version. Even today there are patients who are buying generic Indian medicines because the cost of originals are too high. Can we truly comprehend the desperation of a patient who, when confronted with the refusal of a doctor to prescribe medication because of restrictions on import, thinks of resorting to drug smuggling? India is a last safe haven for Korean patients.

Our constitutional rights, as with the Korea-US FTA, will fall into the hands of multinational corporations, as they have with this Korea-EU FTA. The Korea-EU FTA has opened the area of public service to multinational corporations. With this FTA, post offices and waterworks, broadcasting and telecommunication companies are opened for multinational corporations' profit. It goes without saying prices in these areas will rise. Intellectual property rights will strengthen and copyright extends for twenty more years, and there will be no way to shorten medicine patents or terms for data exclusivity. Access to information will be restricted and medicine prices will be difficult to maintain. Aside from this, the FTA with EU also resembles that with the US, making it possible for the former to enable the import of European beef from the very source of mad cow disease. The fall of Korean agriculture is inevitable. European agricultural products are ke! pt artificially cheap through high government subsidies, and their Korean equivalents will suffer. When the Korean countryside has shown to be devastated by foot-and-mouth disease, signing this agreement is to sign the death warrant for our farmers.

The Korea-EU FTA must be dismantled. And the lives of patients in over 120 countries are on the line regarding the India-EU FTA. What will devastate the Pharmacy of the World must also be stopped.

March 2nd, 2011

April revolution society
Center for Health and Social Change
Democratic Labor Party Sexual Minor Committee
Health Right Network
Intellectual Property Left
Korean Alliance against the Korea-US FTA
Korea GIST Patients Group
Korea HIV/AIDS Network of Solidarity
Korea Leukemia Patients Group
Korea Progressive Academy Council
Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet
Korean Urban Poor Association (KOSC, Union liberated the poor squatters)
Korean Womenlink

Korean Federation of Medical Groups for Health Rights[Association of Korea Doctors for Health Rights / Association of Physicians for Humanism / Korea Dentists Association for Health Society / Korea Health and Medical Workers Union / Korean Pharmacists for Democratic Society]

National Association of Professors for Democracy
People's Health Institute
People’s Solidarity for Social Progress
Progressive Strategy Council
Saranglbang group for human rights
Sexuality politics committee New Progressive party
Solidarity against Disability Discrimination

Solidarity for HIV/AIDS Human Rights Nanuri+[ Korean Pharmacists for Democratic Society/ Korean Gay Men’s Human Rights Group / Public Pharmaceutical Center / Solidarity for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Human Rights of Korea]

Contact Persons:

HaejinByun (Korean Federation of Medical Groups for Health Rights)
MiranKwon(Solidarity for HIV/AIDS Human Rights, Nanuri+)


The North Cork 10 win a first victory against child-raping church and state in Ireland

Special Contribution
By Kevin Annett
Jan. 28, 2011

Protest against Pop in London 2010

A handful of survivors of priestly rape and torture in Ireland, called the North Cork 10, have forced a reluctant Irish government to re-open a case against the notorious child rapist, "Father B", after a prolonged campaign of picketing and protest.

Virtually alone, the North Cork 10 - seven women and one man who were victims of "Father B" as children - confronted the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for his failure to prosecute the priest. They were assisted by members of Religious Abuse Truth (RAT) and the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).

The DPP initially threatened legal action against the survivors and their supporters for demanding action against the rapist, but after continual protests by RAT members Kevin Flanagan, Dave O'Brien and Gerry O'Donovan, the DPP relented on his threats.

This past week, the DPP announced that the Gardai (Irish police) were re-submitting files on "Father B" for his examination, and that he would be re-opening the case.

"I'm very pleased the DPP came to his senses, and it shows you can get results when you confront these criminals" commented Kevin Flanagan of RAT today in Dublin.

"We aren't calling them abusers anymore. They're criminals and need to be prosecuted."

RAT and ITCCS members in Ireland will continue the campaign until "Father B" and all child rapists protected by the church are brought to justice.

ITCCS Acting Secretary Kevin Annett of Canada applauded the campaign by the North Cork 10 and RAT, and announced that the ITCCS will be investigating the apparent collusion of the Irish government and DPP with the Roman Catholic church in obstruction and denying justice to the church's many victims.

"This kind of collusion is why rapists continue to harm children with impunity" said Annett in Vancouver today.

"But the fact that the DPP was forced to act shows the power of persistence. Public protest does get results. We urge victims of the church everywhere to copy the actions of our brave Irish brothers and sisters, and physically confront church child rapists."



Opinion on Aids & Economic Sanction against Burma

By Jonathan Thang

Economic Sanction

Who’s to blame for threats to aid against Burma?

The “International Crisis Group’s” recently report that “Myanmar: New Threats to Humanitarian Aid”, has sparked debate over who is to blame for the restrictive conditions faced by aid groups working in Burma.

The controversial report says international pressure and changes among government leaders have contributed to an environment of distrust between officials and aid workers.

In particular, the report slams the Global Fund’s decision to withdraw from Burma in 2005, saying the move was politically motivated and that pressure from activists has exacerbated tensions between groups inside the country, and the government.

Many believe that the military government is entirely to blame for the conditions faced by aid workers. Some also think that aid organizations should withdraw from Burma until it is fully transformed into democratic country, saying that humanitarian cash is helping to line the pockets of the brutal regime’s generals.

Should aid organizations withdraw from Burma until it becomes a democratic nation? I strongly believe that any valuable help or aid funds from any organization, government, individual’s and any other sources is not absolutely wrong to flow into Burma. Because those funds are helping and improving the grass root people, who needs the aid and assistance the most. The aid and assistance is necessity for the overall development of these basic education, healthcare, and reduction of poverty.

Moreover the funds should never stop to help as long as the fund is exists. Whether having the democratic government or dictatorship type, the fund does not exists for political parties to handle, but it is for the people through any credible individual or organization. If any one of you stop flowing the funds in any means, the people will face much more difficulties in their days to come ahead, which they are already suffering on daily survivals. Different kind of crimes and problems may arise more and more from various corners due to lack / reducing of aid from the basic needs. As a result, the gap of poverty between the rich and the poor will increase more and more, will it affected the whole society and environments much more than before. There is a high possibility that some of the assistance and fund may end up in the hand of the military in the current distribution procedures. That is why, have we internal controlling system, accountability, and transparency, built into the AID or NGO’s operations processes.

To avoid such kind of corruptions and illegal flowing of funds into military leaders, the aid organization should cooperate directly under the United Nation or a union of the NGOs those are working together in Burma. This can help put weight and pressure which can influence the government. The aid organization should never deliver any cash into the hands of the military or any other organizations unless they are allowed to work together from the grass-root levels and allowed to collect details information (to maintain transparency). Should the government fail to cooperate, the aid organizations must still maintain their presence in Burma under the protection of United Nations. My question is how much can we depend and rely on United Nations? That will be one of the main issues the United Nation’s General Secretary will have to handle.

Regarding Economic sanctions, should Western countries withdraw back for the sake of poor people in order to decrease unemployment rate as a result of economic sanction toward Burma. Even when the democracy is restored back in Burma, the country will not immediately able to compete with other countries who were occupying Burma's market during the period of Economic sanction Burma is facing. That is for sure that Burma has to double work hard, in term of upgrading technologies and skills, products qualities and setting up new market strategies, in order to compete with the groups those who are occupying the markets which was owned by Burma once upon time.

The economic sanction is directly or indirectly handicapped the ordinary people rather than the military leaders. As a result, simply the innocent people became victims. Moreover, deterioration of health care services continues while spread of infectious diseases and preventable illnesses much abound. The ever increasing number of unemployed became daily part of lives, and stagnation of development is the clear result.

Investments and creation of markets for the goods and products of the Burmese people will empower the ordinary lives, as a result, could they afford better education, healthcare services, and better access to a healthier lifestyle.

Instead of demanding to stop investing in Burma, we people living in abroad should encourage investments to be made for the purpose of improving the Burmese society as a whole. Solving the political problems must go through political and peaceful mean processes. Political problems should not be obstacles to the economic matters which are directly related to innocent people’s social-economic lives. Innocent people have suffered enough from economic sanctions. How long should this continue on?

The military government is for sure greatly responsible for the restrictive conditions and environments faced by aid groups working in Burma. Nevertheless, the role play by activists and lobby groups cannot by also denied.

Are the activists and lobby groups more concerned with the government that is in power or are they more concerned about the ordinary people who are facing the brunt of all the economic sanctions made in the name of DEMOCRACY?

When I present about economic sanction toward Burma is not working, it's simply doesn't mean that I do not support the sanction to be impose on Burma. I am very much positive to enforce economic sanction on Burma, if the sanction is effectively impose on Burma and work according to the orginal purpose. The main aim to impose economic sanction on Burma is mainly to target Burma to be totally isolated and the ruling government's systems has to collapse. In the end the ruling military government will give up their rulership or the mass uprising will come out to overthrown them for failure to rule the country in an effective way/driving the country toward the most poverty land on universe.

It appears to be the sanction imposing on Burma is in a status of half-bake nature. Since the sanction only come from Western countries and few European countries. But the rest of the world is still trading and keep in touch with Burma as usual. Therefore the sanction is not really work as Burma's democratic forces are expected. Therefore, the current sanction rather gave extra hardship to the innoncent civilians who are already in a helpless status under the military system.

Moreover, those who are demanding sanction neither really understand how World's economic system is functioning nor even make any academic research and concensus approach to well known economic professors from various universities or independent economists, those who have neutral stand on Burma issue. If they ( those who demand for sanction) would have enough knowledge of its, they may have done various changes on what have been demand to be impose economic sanction on Burma.

Is That No Hope for Burma When Sanction Doesn't Work?

Absolutely not. Since, the economic sanction is just only one of many options to make pressure on military regime those who are ruling Burma. We have left various options to apply and make a change to happen.

Please kindly make proper appointment to have a discussion with me. I would be more than happy to receive your opinion by email. That way we can exchange more on our opinion and come to a better understanding of the problems and tangible solutions.