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Ganzi Hair Salon

Please come and get a must-have hair style with tailor-made design!!!

Most of foreign guests revisit again at Ganzi hair salon those who really love to get to their hair design the best

Special Discount for foreigners~~~
We, Ganzi hair invites you to the extravagant Ganzi event world!!!

One : If you get a color and perm simultaneously done! -> 30% off + Free scalp care + etc

Two : If you are a student! -> All service items are 50% off

To make appointment in advance,
direct contact Mr. Charlie: 010-3567-1633

Or you can contact yours nearby branch hair salon:

1) Dongdaemun branch
Tel : 02 2266 6776
Address : Seoul Jungku Eljiro 6ka 18-95 3F
Subway -> Line No.2. 4. 5(Green, Blue, Violet) Dongdaemun history & culture park station, 14 exit / besides Mileore shopping town.

2. Kwangjang branch
Tel 02 447 6565
Address : Seoul Kwangjinku Kueui 3dong 213-14 2F
Subway : Line No.2(Green) Gueui station. Approximately 10 minutes on foot(by walk)

3. Ganzi hair Kundae 3rd branch
Tel 02 6080 8101
Address ; Seoul Kwangjinku Whayangdong 47-1
Subway -> Line No. 2. 7(Green. faintish green) Gunkuk Univ. station. exit 1

4. Ganzi hair Kundae 2nd branch
Tel 02 467 5716
Address : Seoul Kwangjinku Whayangdong 3-1
Subway -> Line No. 2. 7(Green. faintish green) Gunkuk Univ. station. exit 2

5. Ganzi hair Kundae 1st branch
Tel 02 467 3377
Address : Seoul Kwangjinku Whayangdong 3-18 2F
Subway -> Line No. 2. 7(Green. faintish green)Gunkuk Univ. station. exit 2


Interview with Ganzi Hair Salon president Jae ho Yoon

Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Jun 30, 2014

Ganzi hair salon

Ganzi Story Co., Ltd has 5 branches across Seoul city. Dongdaemun branch is a speical focusing for foreign customers as booms of foreigner visitors at the market. It's the best area for international hair salon. Our Ganzi hair salon is the first to introduce internationalized hair salon among competitors throughout Korea peninsula. It is one of the most busiest place in Seoul City, people from all over the world for travelling and trading of huge shopping city. Our Ganzi hair salon opened 24 hours a day as the area so many merchants and tourist come and go the whole day there.

Speciality of our Our Ganzi hair salon is- variety of choice for hair style and colors. At their hair salon, there are a total 150 hair colors available. According to Youn, popular hair style in nowadays are 20 colors, among them, including light-broom color, maji lift (type of hair style) and mouganic specific colors. Hair style is frequently changed because trend is changed. For man dandy hair style is popular. For woman, cutie style, long hair, natural long hair in summer and so on.

President Jae ho Yoon

On line and off line marketing is our special one for informing Ganzi hair to anonymous consumers, Mr. Yoon expressed. International customers are always welcome as it has special service for them with more convenient way. They have international hair designer so he warmly welcomes foreign customers, and different foreign hair designs are also available. At the hair salon, they have also running a cocktail bar which would be proud of our different characteristic one. The interior of hair Salon is environmental friendly, as it is made of wood materials that is reason why we want to supply relaxation, get rid of stress(stress reduction) and comfort.

Jae ho Yoon’s mother and elder sister have worked as hair stylists so I have naturally had a dream growing as a hair stylist, said Mr. Yoon. Since then I have tried to do myself to become as a most valuable hair stylist regardless of day and night. Jae ho Yoon’s advice for juniors - please love your job then enjoy it. If you have such open mind, your dream will comes true explicitly.

Jae ho Yoon, president of Ganzi hair salon, believes fostering my juniors as owner as well. I wish I will like to make to open each member`s hair salon in the near future. He and Ganzi hair salon team want to open a hair academy to offer education opportunity to every member, since it has just opened on May 1st 2014.

Jae ho Yoon and Ganzi hair salon’s future plan is as so many foreigners keep drop by at Dongdaemun area can seen after successfully construction of Dongdaemun history and culture park. Therefore, as possible as I can, I would like to invite a lot of foreign guests to get their hair cut at Ganzi hair salon and export our beauty talent to around the world, said Mr. Yoon. Finally I wish I make hair salon to build as a cultural content as a Korean currency.