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The Global Digest Establishing

The Global Digest is a non-profit media group, which focuses on human rights and liberal democracy issues around the globe. It's started by a group of All Ethnics Democracy and Human Rights Network activists from Myanmar. The team members have various experiences to proclaim to the World. Under the military dictatorship rule in Myanmar, team members of "The Global Digest" have experienced various kinds of suffering - they faced human rights abuses and religious oppression and media restriction, and so on.

The Global Digest is an alternative media which may not reported by the mainstream media. Therefore Global Digest pays attention on the backward people, minority group, and other voices from around the World.

The Global Digest has various correspondents, contributors, and writers from around the world. The group has two offices located in different geographical locations one in South Korea and one in Norway.

Contact Address:

Euro office:
Tordenskjoldsgate 90, (Leie)H.O206, 4614 Kristiansand S., Norway.
Tel: 0047-9769 0451

Asia-Pacific office:
93-53 Kalweoldong, Yongsangu,Seoul (140-807), Republic of Korea
Tel.: +82-10-9991-7801, E-mail:

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