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2017 Hwacheon Sancheoneo

2017 Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival

At the festival

2017 Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival started from Jan.14 untill Feb. 5, 2017. It has event at Seondeung street/Largest Indoor Ice Sculpture Square in Korea. The even was host by Hwacheon-gun(County) and supervision by NARA Foundation. Its slogan is "Unfrozen Hearts, Unforgettable Memories".

There are many programs: ◊ Sancheoneo - Ice fishing/Reserved ice fishing/Ice fishing for infant/Foreigner Ice fishing, Lure fishing, Bare hand fishing, Night fishing .etc

◊ Snow/Ice experience - Snow sled, Bobsleigh, Eolgomi castle, Eolgomi castle ice slide, Santa Claus post office, World ice sled zone, Winter sports zone, Haneulgareugi(Fly to the sky), Winter Rides fun park, Ice skating, Bubble suit, Night ice sculpture zone, Cart railcar .etc.

◊ Cultural event - Opening ceremony, Creative ice sled contest, Angel's day, Eolgomi event, Day of Hogugi and Podoli, Planetarium, Winter culture village, Military experience zone, With Eolgomi together!, Sancheoneo love locks, Festival Hwacheon event . etc

◊ Convenience & Safety - Information center, Rest area, Smoking booth, Ice land Broadcasting system, ice sculpture, Wooden bench village in reserved fishing area, Rescue team, First aid center, 119 Safety center, Free shuttle bus, Fishing guide, Community service center, Festival insurance center, Festival guide . etc.

◊ Food and shopping - Official food court, Sancheoneo restaurant, Local dish and snack bar, Sancheoneo grill center, Sancheoneo sashimi center, Farmers market, Cafeteria, Fishing store, Souvenir shop. etc

◊ Intown events - Seondeung street, Seonseung street lighting ceremony, Seondeung street event, Largest Indoor Ice Sculpture Plaza in Korea, Sancheoneo atelier, Sancheoneo coffee museum, Sancheoneo cinema, Hwacheon Ecology gallery center, Hwacheon gallery, Hwacheon Chou kyong chol astronomical observatory. etc.

◊ Sancheoneo festival Jr. - Baroparo winter festival(Gandong township), Dongdong festival of sabang street(Sangseo township)