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Trip to East Sea and Oriental Medicine EXPO

Medicine Expo

2017 Jecheon Oriental Medicine Expo

2017 International Korean Medicine Bio Industry Expo in Jecheon, Korea from September 22nd to October 10th. The theme of “Recreation of Korean Medicine-Evolve into the Korean Medicine Bio Industry.” Chungbuk, which focused on the bio industry from the early days, has completed the world-class bio-infrastructure, and Jecheon is concentrating on the development and nurturing of oriental natural product resources.

Operating Korean medicine bio industry experience programs as well as international academic events and various exhibitions, 2017 International Korean Medicine Bio Industry Expo in Jecheon. And sales of Korean medicine•bio products, Korean medicine bio cultural events and performances, oriental medical tour etc.

Mukho Light house

Established on June 8, 1963, Mukho Light house serves as a guarding beacon of ships coming and going at Mukho port. Mukho Light house is a 12m-tall white circular concrete structure with two floors located at an altitude of 67m. It is surrounded by a cozy park where forsythias blossom in spring and visitors can overlook the sea. The park is home to the Maritime Fishing Exhibition Hall, where visitors can learn about the history of fishing in the area.

GTI International Trade & Investment EXPO 2017

As you are well aware, the Greater Tumen Initiative area, with a population of 180,000,000 is endowed with rich natural resources and boasts outstanding geographical advantage, thereby forming a huge and growing market. The Donghae Free Trade Zone opened 2013 here in Gangwon and the process of creating infrastructures for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics also helps increase regional competitiveness for Gangwon Province.