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A Day Trip to Jeongseon(Gangwon-do)

At the Folk Village

A group of foreigners have a Day Trip to Jeongseon(Gangwon-do) on June 17, 2018. Where you can feel what it was like to live in the Joseon Times at a Confucian School. A group visited to Jeongseon Temple Confucian School with Confucian temple, Jeongseon Arirang Tea ceremony and Calligraphy experiences. They also get to discover one of Korea's most renowned Jeongseon's renowned 5 Day Market Place and Jeongseon Araricheon Folk Village. The visitors learned about the Yangban noble culture of the Joseon Times & enjoy just wondering around the beautiful surrounding.

Jeongseon Temple Confucian School

Jeongseon Arirang Tea ceremony

Jeongseon's renowned 5 Day Market

Jeongseon Araricheon Folk Village