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July - September, 2011

Mahinda Rajapaksa- Let his conscience be his own judge

Wife killer, Widow Maker, Murderer, Criminal, Racist and Play Boy in New York

Let us, UPA, NDA, Opposition parties, Media, Anti-corruption Movement and Trade Unions learn from the signs of the time

SRI LANKA A BASTARDIZED NATION: Sri Lanka businesses warn against economic sanctions

Privilege Motion against Om Puri and Kiran Bedi?

Should we not stop Capital Punishment once and for all?




Now we speak the language the enemy understands, Rajapaksa will understand. The world will pay more attention.

Sixty years of progress in sixty minutes


In the Sleep Room

The Story of Exodus and The Saga of Tamils

PARADIGM SHIFT OR SEISMIC SHIFT- which one we need in Srilanka?



Mahinda Rajapaksa- Let his conscience be his own judge

Special Contribution
By Subramanaim Masilamany
Sep. 27, 2011

Death bodies of Tamil

Sir, you may instigate racism, fanaticism and terrorism to scare your people, but the truth of the matter is Sri Lanka is better off in the hands of Tamils.

In the International Lions club, we frequently use this phrase, “Let your conscience be your own judge” to draw the attention of our members to root their decision in the righteousness of their conscience; for a man of conscience seldom errs.

I am asking Mahinda Rajapaksa that can you account for four direct murders accredited to your account, 5653 number of missing or dead persons under your watch, 40,000 Tamil innocent killed and accounted for, 150,000 people missing and unaccounted for, and killer of Lasantha Wickrematunge not brought to justice and Pregeeth Ehnilgoda not found. When you cannot provide answers to any one of them the moral justice points finger at your complicity. It has to be, or you do not have even a meagrely functional law enforcement and judiciary. Basically you say we have a barbaric culture of right of the might and blood in your hands and flesh in your teeth. You have not even made an attempt to refute the claims.

This will come back to haunt you and your people. You have also created fear among the people so then there is no one to give you the other side of the argument. You know what I mean. I have to reflect my view on rest of the people to make their views known, for we make the community in which the members of the community live. It is in the social contract. For some uncustomary and uncanny ways you think that you can fool the world, pull wool over their eyes and send them a wild goose chase.

Do not drag Palestinians into this moral content of your behaviour. Palestinians can learn one thing from we Tamils, you do what you can do with what you have. There are great opportunities for them to prove to the world that they have something to offer to the world. We Tamil have offered a lot to the world otherwise you will not see Tharmarajah a Jaffna Tamil seated next to the head of the IMF. The Chinese have recognised us, the west has recognised us. You and you educated erudite has to Think and Think again. It is not our mere education but the strong Trans generational culture and heritage that is at play in the international forum, the world knows the content of our character. At no instant a Tamil will steal or plunder or misappropriate the sacred trust placed on them by others. That is why big potatoes always rise to the top on a shaky road. You shake we rise, Can you stop the rise? Not in your dreams!

I do not know if you follow world events to know what is happening insipiently. The west knows the capacity of Tamils soon China will learn. Chinese in Toronto do business with Tamils. It is the effort we put in as people who were disenfranchised by your barbaric, fanatic and racist people, we have become a nation without borders, and we belong to the world. I think your speech at the UN looks like it was not written by Bell Pottinger for they would not have made this serious mistake for you seek a separate state for the Palestinians and the same time refuse it to the Tamils. Subconscious mind speaks louder than your conscious mind. An honest man neither needs script nor had to remember of word he says. Honesty always speak effortlessly, uniformly, concisely and consistently. Next time at least try Honesty for once. You come through like a criminal at a murder trail, inconsistency is a very power indicator of mans deranged inner mind. You are idiotic, ignorant, insane, insidious or combination of all.

You talk about Justice and fair play, first you have to clean up your inner house before you seek to clean up others. How can you talk like such an idiot in the presence of worthy and worldly people? Either you must be dumb or the whole world must be dumber. It is your belief that I can some or other fool the world. We will see to it that it never happens. You may hold Tamils in Sri Lanka in an open prison, but there are at least another 70 million Tamils living all over the world. That voice you cannot dowse or dampen or diminish. Do not forget every Tamil will be a nail on your coffin.

You talk about consensus over conscience. Sir, there is no consensus anywhere in the world to take way once life, leave aside freedom. You not only took away the freedom of Tamil, you denied them food and water for one week and then killed them with prohibited weapons. When you threaten a man his freedom he has the right to defend, that is what you call terrorism, what we Tamils did was to defend ourselves from state terrorism and barbarism. Unfortunately our culture and make up does not allow us to point fingers at the enemy. It is not our weakness; it is our inner strength to absorb everything thrown at us, which is tolerance as taught by Lord Buddha who has been bastardized by you and your people. You and your people made Lord Buddha look like tyrant and intolerable man. It is shame to call your nation a Buddhist nation and the people Buddhist. I do not think Silva, Dias, Percy, Ferdinando, Mel, Perera, Pereira and Peiris are Buddhists; they are non descripts. That is where all the trouble in Sri Lanka lies. There is no culture and there is no heritage, there is no moral value to guide ones behaviour.

To a man who stand accused of taking away and denying 4 lives, 5362 missing persons since he came to power, 40,000 innocent Tamils killed and 150,000 Tamils missing cannot read speech written by one of his people to absolve his direct involvement in taking away precious and valuable lives. A head of nation cannot be indifferent to missing lives, either he is involved in it or he is insane. Sri Lanka as nation has become pariah in the international forum, no Tamil should ever call himself or herself a Sri Lankan till a proper tribunal identify the suspects, give them legal assistance to defend them and prove to the world we are great nation except for a few lose cannons.

You said, “It is important to remind ourselves that every country cherishes the values and traditions, and deeply held religious convictions it has nurtured over the centuries. These cannot be diluted or distorted under the guise of human rights, by the imposition of attitudes or approaches which are characteristics of alien cultures” There lies the reason for your false convictions, you say human rights is secondary to religion and tradition. No Sir, it is the human life, right to life and freedom to live are they core of the universe. It is the bird caught in the snare struggle to free its life, why? Because that is whole sprit of life and living. Human rights override traditions, religions and cultures. Human right is the very purpose of having traditions, religions and cultures. As I explained earlier you have no culture and no tradition only criminality and treachery. An honest and decent man will not beat around the bush; you are not an honest man. You have some serious soul searching to do. Your beliefs, your moral values, your moral compass and your moral directions are all wrong. You need counselling. We need no further evidence to your complicity in the atrocities in Sri Lanka. You will never be smarter than all of us, and one of us may be smarter than you. In the free world we work to keep us free so that creativity works on over drive. Freedom is the seminal source of human ingenuity. Your country needs a lot of freedom.

Sir, you talk about terrorism, who is the terrorist here, you or us? When you deny the people freedoms, then you deny them the right to living and then you go into their homes and kill them who are the terrorist here? That is why your gofers or in Singhalese Golayas has been served with summons by the International community to give you and them a chance to prove to the world who the terrorists are. Come on out with all your geniuses and present credible case. You passed the verdict that Tamil are terrorists, but we say unto you, come our and prove to the world. That is the whole purpose of this exercise. The final target is you, we know your involvement, but to get to you takes some moral deliberations. We cannot simply come and say you are guilty; in that case there is no difference between you and us. Tamils are decent, moral and peace loving people. We are Buddhist not bastards.

We are asking you for an impartial inquiry, that is all to it, to which you say we have our own inquiry. You say you appointed a LLRC to investigate, but when you are the suspect how can and how will you appoint a commission to find you guilty. It goes again the grain of simple logic. Think of this way you are the prime suspect and let us set up an impartial commission to investigate you. Do not worry; an honest man will always find justice. That is first sentence I learnt about law and justice.

You and your government is the perfect example of democratic front to terrorism. Come to Canada and prove to the government of Canada that we are all front organisations to terrorism. We don’t need terrorism to achieve our ends. There are better and more palatable means to freedom. We cannot tell you how we go about doing things. Calling Tamil as terrorist will only fly on your face; we are getting close to prove to the world that you and your gang of 500,000 uniformed thugs are the worst terrorist in the world. The truth will always find its way to the top. We are working day and night, week days and weekends, holy days and holidays to find justice not to revenge, but for retribution. Minster Mervyn Silva said there are three veins that connect the body to the brain and if these veins were removed the animal will not feel the pain, I wonder if he was referring to the mental status of Mahinda Rajapaksa.?

Sir, you cannot kill your way out or kill your way to peace. Today we are much well emancipated to sit as brothers and sister and negotiate for a common good, not just good for one party. Together we achieve more than on our individual own. We have accepted that no man is better than men, two brains are better than one, together we do better. We are building a better socio-economic cornucopia. If a Tamil has been invited to the International Monetary fund to sit next to the head of the IMF, it should tell you something, it should not scare you, and it should tell you that Tamils are world class people belong to the world class institutions to hold world class positions. If Tamils have to come to the west and offer their best of inventions such as the accident free traffic management system for the world free of a charge, the world needs us more than you. We are an asset and you are a liability.

It is time for you to make a Tamil the President of Sri Lanka for the good of all people. You may instigate racism, fanaticism and terrorism to scare your people, but the truth of the matter is Sri Lanka is better off in the hands of Tamils. You will find out soon. With 50,000,000,000 cash reserves and 1,500,000,000,000 assets we are 10th in the list of rich communities in the world, all of which happened in the last 25 years, incredible isn’t it for a community that has no nation but made the world as their country. I am always proud that my parents were Tamils.

As we continue our great march forward, we ask 70 million Tamils worldwide to unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up or sit back for a community is living entity constantly faces challenges. It is like a human body, its social immune system must be kept at highest level of health. We are winning and the best is always yet to come


Wife killer, Widow Maker, Murderer, Criminal, Racist and Play Boy in New York

Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
Sep. 20, 2011

Mahinda Rajapaksa attend the UN General Assembly

Wife killer, Widow Maker, Murderer, Criminal, Racist and Play Boy Mahinda Rajapaksa and members of his gang who are currently in New York to attend the UN General Assembly have been advised by officials of the diplomatic community not to visit any other state in the US apart from New York.

They have advised that it would be unwise to travel out of New York when war crimes charges have been leveled against the country.

The participants at the UN General Assembly have been provided with diplomatic immunity only in New York.

Although the Wife killer, Widow Maker, Murderer, Criminal, Racist and Play Boy was planning to travel to several states in the US to visit some of his relatives and for medical check up's he has had to cancel the plans.

The Wife killer, Widow Maker, Murderer, Criminal, Racist and Play Boy and his gang left for New York at 3 am. on the 19th on EK 349 to Dubai.

Let us, UPA, NDA, Opposition parties, Media, Anti-corruption Movement and Trade Unions learn from the signs of the time

Special Report,
By Thomas Kocherry,
Sep 8, 2011

Indian people rally for Anti-corruption Movement

Anti-corruption movement has been a spontaneous rising of the suppressed feelings of the people. People are forced to come out against 2G scam, Adarsh Scam, Commonwealth Scam, ISRO Scam, Bellary Mines Scam, etc etc. These are not small amounts. How long can we keep quiet.? What we witnessed was an up rise of the people against Corruption. It was a non violent up rise. Media played an important role. This was historic. It was to the surprise of all. This is a clarion call to all of us to take responsibility to wipe out corruption from India.

We all have to collaborate and work for a corruption free India. If we collaborate in this we gain it and if we do not collaborate with this process we are the losers. We have the responsibility to work out a strong Lok Pal. We have to stop digging out at each to find fault with the other. We have to stop talking about who are the Supreme. We have to work to compliment with one another. The Parliament standing has come out with a consensus to include `all. We have to win the confidence of all.

Economic Globalization and free market, Corporations, politicians are organically linked with corruption. Price Rise is also rooted in this profiteering. By hook or by crook you make profit, at the expense of the vast majority who do not have the basic needs in life. Climate Change is the result of such an economy. Growth economy has to be coupled with Distributive Justice. Development should be all inclusive. All these have to come under the purview of Lok Pal. Corporations, Judiciary, Prime Minister, Media, NGOs, Educational Institutions both public and private, Industries, MPS, MLAS, Ministers, Government Servants, all must under the purview of Lok Pal. No body is above law. Lok Pal itself should be free from Corruption. Lok Pal itself should be autonomous like Election Commission. Protests and peoples movements are on the increase all over India.

We are very happy to announce that, two years intense and continues struggle in Jharkhand has achieved a glorious success through passing the Jharkhand Policy on Urban Street Vendors on last 30th August 2011. We would like sincerely thank Jharkhand Government for taking the initiative and pass the Policy. We would like to congratulate brave leaders of Jharkhand National Hawker Federation for their uncompromising struggle which resulted through this policy. We would also like to mention that this is only a small achievement not victory because till a enforceable state law/act is enacted in Jharkhand our struggle will continue and we will give this massage through Jharkhand State Assembly “Gharao” demanding to maintain the present status-co until the law/act is passed.

We are also very happy to inform that the Rajasthan Government also passed the State Policy on Street Vendors few time ago. Our sincere thanks to Rajasthan State Government for this honest initiative and our heartily congratulation to the brave NHF Rajasthan leaders for their struggle and achievement.

Pukushima Disaster and political changes taking place in Japan. As a follow up we find Tarapur to Jaitapur March.. Kalppakom to Koodamkulam march . Cancellation of the biggest Nuclear Plant in Haripur. The bold decision by the CM of West Bengal should be congratulated. The Jaithapur struggle against Nuclear Plants is historic.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is a series of equipment failures, nuclear meltdowns, and releases of radioactive materials at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, following the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011. The plant comprises six separate boiling water reactors designed and built by GE, and maintained by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). Fukushima disaster is the largest of the 2011 Japanese nuclear accidents and is the largest nuclear accident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, but it is more complex as multiple reactors and spent fuel pools are involved. Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind," Arnold Gundersen, a former nuclear industry senior vice president, told Al Jazeera.

Japan's 9.0 earthquake on March 11 caused a massive tsunami that crippled the cooling systems at the Tokyo Electric Power Company's (TEPCO) nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan. It also led to hydrogen explosions and reactor meltdowns that forced evacuations of those living within a 20km radius of the plant.

Gundersen, a licensed reactor operator with 39 years of nuclear power engineering experience, managing and coordinating projects at 70 nuclear power plants around the US, says the Fukushima nuclear plant likely has more exposed reactor cores than commonly believed.

"Fukushima has three nuclear reactors exposed and four fuel cores exposed," he said, "You probably have the equivalent of 20 nuclear reactor cores because of the fuel cores, and they are all in desperate need of being cooled, and there is no means to cool them effectively." When the Prime Minister of Russia says that Russia has no liability if some disaster takes place in Koodamkulam. Our Prime Minister is saying again and again they will take all safety measures. What is that. Can he explains that as if Japan did not have such safety measures after Hiroshima and Nagasaky? Special Economic Zones (SEZ) creating wide range of protests all over India. This is leading to changing legislations like Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation. POSCO. Faced with energetic and widespread popular protests against special economic zones (SEZs), India has decided to go slow on this particular model of industrialization based on creating export-oriented tax-free enclaves.

India's federal government recently announced a suspension of all land acquisition for establishing new SEZs until a new policy on the rehabilitation of displaced people is announced. This followed an intervention by Sonia Gandhi, president of the Congress party, which leads the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA). NANDIGRAM is the best example of protest and the ruling class lost its power. If UPA and Thrinamule do not learn from this they will fall into the same pit. Controversies, protests and violence have marred land acquisition for projects in India. Protests against acquiring agricultural land, inappropriate compensation or environmental impact have been the main reasons for these protests.

For four weeks in a row local farmers, along with their children, have demonstrated against the government’s plans to move ahead with acquiring land for the steel plant, forcing the state to halt the process last month. The Posco-India Private Ltd. plant, first announced in 2005 by the world’s third-largest steel company by output, was billed as the largest single foreign investment in India. New land bill draft is facing such an opposition all over India.CRZ 2011 is also facing such a stiff opposition from the National Fishworkers Forum (NFF).

Rising up of Tribals all over India. Maoists are fighting their battles. Chengara Struggles. Enjoying rapid growth, India looks to make use of rich mineral holdings in its eastern states. But the rural poor and tribal people living near these deposits have been deprived of their rights and often oppressed by corrupt officials in cahoots with developers, explains journalist Eric Randolph. About 40 percent of India’s majority rural population lives in poverty but cell phones and televisions penetrating villages show them how India’s success story has left many people behind.

Lacking good local governance or strong ties to the central government, the poor defend their way of life, turning to insurgent groups and lashing out at growing police presence, sabotaging trains and other symbols of development. The government expects development to boost foreign investment and ensure energy security, but as Randolph writes, the “tribals view globalization largely as a source of intrusion, dispossession and pollution. The Maoist insurgency raging through India’s rural heartlands has come to dominate the domestic security agenda in recent months, but this internal struggle for power should also be seen as a vicious by-product of India’s emergence as a global player.

Critics blame the government’s counter-insurgency surge launched late last year, nicknamed Operation Green Hunt, for increasing police battalions in affected regions without addressing underlying grievances related to poor governance, lack of development and the denial of basic rights to India’s poorest citizens. It is a development issue. It has to be addressed as a Development of India a growth economy without distributive justice.

Dalits are rising up in so many different ways. Dalits have suffered centuries of abuse and even today, despite legislation to protect them and an increasingly urbanised society, they are still the victims of widespread prejudice, discrimination and violence. A recent report by the Tamil Nadu Untouchability Eradication Front, a coalition of human rights groups in southern India, revealed a bewildering degree of discrimination, both in scale and form.

Among the various abuses detailed by the authors of the report, Dalits were not allowed to use a mobile phone in the presence of upper-caste people. They were also prevented from having their clothes washed, permitted only to drink tea from coconut shells while squatting on the floor, barred from entering temples, forced to eat faeces, raped and burned alive.

Yet Dalits total more than 150 million people – around 20 per cent of India's population – and the realisation has slowly come that with such critical mass, this community could have considerable leverage. In India's largest state, Uttar Pradesh, low-caste voters have on three occasions elected a Dalit chief minister, Mayawati Kumari.

The size of the population has also been a factor in the emergence of Dalit literature as publishers have woken up to the potentially massive market. As Navaria says: "They are doing their business, they are not missionaries. If they get a profit, they will do it. If they do not, then they won't.”. Dalit women — triply oppressed by caste, gender and poverty. The average rural Dalit woman clocks more agricultural field hours each year than either her male counterpart or the bullock she works alongside. She is not protected by labor laws and makes less than the minimum wage because she is a casual laborer. At the fourth World Social Forum (WSF) held in Mumbai, India, in 2004, an estimated 30 percent of the 120,000 participants were Dalits. International activists learned of their terrible oppression and courageous defense of their rights. Their inspiring stance against patriarchy and ethnic and caste discrimination garnered new support, which in turn fueled the Dalit resurgence. The rising tide of activism also sparked the creation of a landless peoples’ movement in India.

Rising up of people against autocrats all over the World is happening. The Arab Spring (literally the Arabic Rebellions or the Arab Revolutions) is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests occurring in the Arab world. Since 18 December 2010 there have been revolutions in Tunisia andEgypt; a civil war in Libya resulting in the fall of the regime there; civil uprisings inBahrain, Syria, and Yemen; major protests in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, and Oman, and minor protests in Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Western Sahara. Clashes at the borders of Israel in May 2011 have also been inspired by the regional Arab Spring.

The protests have shared techniques of civil resistance in sustained campaigns involving strikes, demonstrations, marches and rallies, as well as the use of social media to organize, communicate, and raise awareness in the face of state attempts at repression and internet censorship.

Many demonstrations have also met violent responses from authorities, as well as from pro-government militias and counter-demonstrators. A major slogan of the demonstrators in the Arab world has been Ash-sha`b yurid isqat an-nizam Report from Tunisia: why the revolt happened If poverty alone were enough to set off revolt, Tunisia would have been one of the last Arab countries to explode. It is among the most socially and economically developed of the non-oil exporting Arab countries. Few people go hungry or have nowhere to live. Tunis has nothing like the slums of Cairo—nor its displays of wealth. Yet Tunisia is also a country where the minimum wage is about $216 a month and many people wish they could make that much, if they can find work at all. Not only had the regime lost its legitimacy, it had lost its ability to terrorize a growing number of people, even in the country's urban centers, and this of course made it lose even more legitimacy in the eyes of its own supporters and wavering elements. Suddenly instead of everyone at least tolerating the regime, "everyone" was against it.

UK riots lasted for a week. It took some time for the police to contain it.

One challenge facing observers of the uprisings spreading across north Africa and the is to read them as not so many repetitions of the past but as original experiments that open new political possibilities, relevant well beyond the region, for freedom and democracy. Indeed, our hope is that through this cycle of struggles the Arab world becomes for the next decade what Latin America was for the last – that is, a laboratory of political experimentation between powerful social movements and progressive governments from Argentina to Venezuela, and from Brazil to Bolivia.

These Arab revolts ignited around the issue of unemployment, and at their centre have been highly educated youth with frustrated ambitions – a population that has much in common with protesting students in London and Rome. Although the primary demand throughout the Arab world focuses on the end to tyranny and authoritarian governments, behind this single cry stands a series of social demands about work and life not only to end dependency and poverty but to give power and autonomy to an intelligent, highly capable population. That Zine al-Avidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak or Muammar Gaddafi leave power is only the first step.

Tens of thousands of Italians have taken to the streets during a day-long strike against the government's latest austerity measures on 7th September 2011. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right coalition has been forced into urgent government spending cuts and tax raises by Italy's eurozone partners. At least nine people are killed and 47 others injured in an explosion outside the Indian High Court in the capital, Delhi on 7th September. At least 19 people die in a twin suicide attack on the residence of a military official in the Pakistani city of Quetta on 7th September 2011. Similar terrorisms have been taking place in Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan,regularly. Questions continue to mount about the ability of Europe’s banks to ride out the debt crisis, as some are having a harder time securing loans needed for daily operations.Similar economic crisis is going on in the USA as well.

What are to be learned?

Ruling Class should learn the art of democracy to win the confidence of all. Development should be all inclusive. There is no question of Majority and Minority. All the parties should collaborate for the Development of the Country. Opposition should learn from being complimentary to this process. The more complimentary they become more winning the confidence of people. Growth model economy should be coupled with Distributive Justice.

We should not become like “I am ok and others are not ok”. We should learn the art of self criticism.
We should be examples of honesty, truthfulness and value based politics.
We should create a corruption free election system, and change the electoral laws accordingly even recall through a referendum if the elected members fail.
We should learn the art of non-violence.
We should stop all SEZs.
We should develop Solar energy, Wind energy and Bio Gas Energy, and save energy by correcting the present electrical system through better transmission. Stop all Nuclear Plants and Thermal Plants in India.

Let us create a strong Lok Pal to create a corruption free India. Nobody should be above law. All private educational institutions, Prime Minister, NGOs, Media, Judiciary, MPs, MLAs, Ministers all should come under Lok Pal. Let us reach a consensus to create a strong Lok Pal to create corruption free India.

Let us create an Education System where everybody gets education. Banks Should be at the service of this. Loans should be available for professional courses with out security and interest. Repayment within 15 years after getting employment. Strict implementation of this by all the banks should be guaranteed by the elected representatives.

Every body is guaranteed with a job by right. Employment Guarantee Act should increase its wage and cover every district in India. Every body has the basic needs met by a right in India. 50/50 reservation of male and female in all the elected representatives and employment at all levels. This should be implemented in the private sector also. Equality at all levels should be guaranteed. RTI should cover private sector also. Accordingly changes should be brought about in the RTI legislation.

Land Bill, CRZ should be corrected to see that land acquisition is kept only for public sector not private sector. Rehabilitation of the displaced should be done first before the implementation of the scheme. Both the bills should be corrected with greater priority on the protection of environment and people. Non-violent protest and resistance should be encouraged for the better functioning of Indian Democracy.

By right, the ruling class should see through an effective land reform every tribal family and dalit family should have land for cultivation. Through Aquatic Reform every fishing person for livelihood should be guaranteed with water bodies. Every body should take a pledge that one should not give bribe and take bribe. A person involved in bribe should be punished strictly. This should be part of the educational curriculum. Students should be rewarded for such heroic acts. Planting of trees should be part of Educational Curriculum. Students should get mark for planting and protecting trees. Police and army should also be involved in planting and protecting trees.

Polluting industries should be banned. Industries should get a loan from the banks only if the respective industries have a good environmental background. Secular value should be strengthened. Communal Religious dimension should be discouraged. Religions should be made to understand the belief of the unbeliever and the unbelief of the believer.

Every citizen in India should get food by right. A minimum health care should be given to every citizen.

We should campaign for a reform of the UN. UN security council should guarantee the security of every human being in the World. The UN security council should be established in proportion to the population of a country. No more veto power. By a law made by the UN we should put an end to all the Mass Destructive weapons in the World.


If we do not learn from the signs of the times we too will become victims of violence and terrorism. We are blessed with the tradition of non-violent peoples movements. Let us all try together to build a new India of Peace and an All Inclusive Development. The life of the Planet and the dependent health of the whole humanity should not be sacrificed by the greed of a few.


SRI LANKA A BASTARDIZED NATION: Sri Lanka businesses warn against economic sanctions

Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
Sep. 5, 2011

Members of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in 2007

There in no civility, there is no civil society, it has gone back in time. The whole society has lost its capacity to think. Why cannot they simply agree for and international investigations, if they are sane and sanitaire?

Sri Lanka's large trade have criticized a report by a UN panel alleging human rights abuses in a civil war that ended in 2009, and warned against international economic sanctions.

The panel called for probes in to allegations of war crimes by both sides of the conflict in the latter stages of a 30-year war between the state and the Tamil Tiger separatists.

The report was issued by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka, National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka and the Joint Apparel Association Forum, based in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo.

The chambers said the Panel of Experts’ Advisory Report to the UN Secretary General on the final stage of the 30-year civil war that ended in May 2009 was biased, over-stepped its mandate and lacked credibility.

The business chambers said they were concerned about the contents of the advisory of the United Nations panel of experts saying it may impact on inter-ethnic confidence building and national reconciliation.

The Sri Lanka's ruling administration has also rejected the report by the UN panel of experts but it has been backed by the Tamil National Alliance, a minority party which won local polls in the north recently.

Pressure on Sri Lanka by the international community including economic sanctions would hurt ordinary people and affect the process of ethnic reconciliation, the trade chambers said.

"Economic stability will be pivotal to reparative justice and sustainable regeneration," they said.

"Confidence building will be critical to investment appetite and the pace of change. The UN and the international development community must give peace a chance.

"In this backdrop, the Sri Lankan private sector has observed with deep concern the exchanges between the Sri Lankan government and the international community on the issue of accountability without a resolution.

"While the quandary snowballs out of proportion, the negative impact of the measures taken by the international community so far to censure the government is felt not at the level of the government but at ground level by the citizens of the country," the report said.

"For example, deprivation of the GSP Plus taxes by the EU is felt at the level of the small holder apparel manufacturers/exporters and the contemplated US economic sanctions, if implemented will greatly affect the population."

The European Union did not renew the GSP Plus scheme giving duty free access for Sri Lankan exports to the EU citing Sri Lanka's alleged failure to comply with international human rights and labour covenants to its citizens.

The chambers however said it was not against probing allegations of abuses but that such an effort should be impartial, preferably by a local body of diverse ethnic composition.

"We believe that the only pragmatic and sustainable mechanism that will have collective agreement amongst the nation’s fractured communities and its incumbent leaders, is one that uses a diverse representation of domestic public, private and ethnic composition," the report said.

"It is our view that if the UN or any other body has concerns over a certain lacunae in the response and preparedness for accountability within the government, the most appropriate mechanism for the crafting of this process is a public- private partnership with both civil society and media as part of the stakeholder participation."

"This document is predicated on a firm belief that a rights based accountability process is necessary. This is not an attempt at whitewashing or denial of any alleged acts of criminal conduct on the part of any of the parties to the conflict," it said.


Privilege Motion against Om Puri and Kiran Bedi?

Special Contribution
By Thomas Kocherry,
Sept. 1, 2011

Om Puri(L) and Kiran Bedi

It was a victory for all that Anna Hazare’s fast had come to a happy ending. It was a victory for all, Anna Hazare and team, GOI, Opposition, Protesters all over India including Ramlila Maidan, Police and Media for arriving at a consensus. It was a give and take. At this juncture we cannot afford to dig out the wrongs of anyone to be punished. It is important that each one looks at one’s own performance with self criticism.

What is important now is how can we work out a strong Lok Pal. How can we bring about a consensus on a strong Lok Pal. Jan Lok Pal, Lokpal of GOI, intervention of Aruna Roy, Draft of Jaya Prakash, Critique of Arundathi Roy , Resolution of the Parliament, Rahul’s suggestion of Lok Pal as an autonomous constitutional body like EC, and the speeches of the PM, Pranab Mukherjee, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitly and other interventions of the left and other parties in the Parliament all these have to be considered by the Parliament Standing Committee and bring a consensus Lok Pal to be tabled in the parliament during the winter session or a separate session before the Winter session.

It is very important to see how MNCs, NGOs , Professional Educational Institutions, are part of Lok Pal. Corruption in public life as a whole should be dealt with. Lok Pal should not become a corrupt institution. Nobody should be above law. This means a lot of discussion with different groups and persons with a sense of a political commitment.

In the context of this we should not take up the Privilege motion in the parliament for the good of all. We should not hurt any body when our agenda is to create an Indian Society with out corruption and Black money. What we have achieved through Globalization should be shared with the whole humanity of India. Distributive Justice should be linked with Growth Economy. It should be all inclusive. The cases against corruptions should go on with all seriousness. Justice Jeevan Reddy Should unearth Black money.

Let us begin a new history for the good of all particularly the marginalized. We have to rethink SEZs, Indo-US nuclear deal in the light of Pukishima Disaster, CRZ notification of 2011, POSCO, Land Acquisition Act. Nor more development without rehabilitating the displaced. The new education policy that covers every body in India. Food for all should be guaranteed. Work for all should be guaranteed. A new India we have to create. This is our goal and this is our commitment.

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Should we not stop Capital Punishment once and for all?

Special Contribution
By Thomas Kocherry
Aug. 30, 2011

Members of Amnesty against Death penalty in India

Murder and killing someone is Barbaric. To kill a murderer is more barbaric even if it is for a deterrent purpose. Death penalty is not necessary to achieve the benefit of protecting the public from murderers, who may strike again. This threat can be removed from life long imprisonment. It only requires that the gravest crimes receive the severest punishment that our moral principles would allow us to impose.

There is no evidence to support the claim that the death penalty is a more effective deterrent of violent crime than, say, life imprisonment. In fact, statistical studies that have compared the murder rates of jurisdictions with and without the death penalty have shown that the rate of murder is not related to whether the death penalty is in force: There are as many murders committed in jurisdictions with the death penalty as in those without. Unless it can be demonstrated that the death penalty, and the death penalty alone, does in fact deter crimes of murder, we are obligated to refrain from imposing it when other alternatives exist.

Why then, if it is not morally okay to rape rapists, is it acceptable to execute murderers? The answer is simple. There is no redeeming value to carrying out the former punishment. Raping the rapist will only cause someone else to degrade themselves by doing it. It will not prevent the rapist from raping again. Executing murderers, however, prevents them from committing their crime again, and thus protects innocent victims. The good, therefore, outweighs the bad, and the executioner is morally justified in taking the murderer's life.

Now let us look at the different stands of different Religions:

Roeser, a Catholic, then moved on to the essence of the question of the morality of the death penalty. He quoted Pope John Paul II as having said that the death penalty should only be used in "strict necessity." The Pope's personal opinion, emanating in part from the Vatican II documentDignitatis Humane, is based on the idea that human has been created and redeemed by God and therefore has an ontological dignity.

According to this theory, human's dignity is so ingrained in the person that even the most violent and evil criminals posses it and, therefore, should be treated with dignity and not be put to death for their crimes.

A basis can be found in Hindu teachings for forbidding the death penalty. Hinduism preaches ahimsa (or ahinsa, non-violence), but also teaches that the soul cannot be killed and death is limited only to the physical body. The soul is reborn into another body upon death (until Moksha), akin to a human changing clothes

There is disagreement among Buddhists as to whether or not Buddhism forbids the death penalty. The first of the Five Precepts (Panca-sila) is to abstain from destruction of life. Chapter 10 of the Dhammapada states:

Everyone fears punishment; everyone fears death, just as you do. Therefore do not kill or cause to kill. Everyone fears punishment; everyone loves life, as you do. Therefore do not kill or cause to kill.

Chapter 26, the final chapter of the Dhammapada, states, "Him I call a brahmin who has put aside weapons and renounced violence toward all creatures. He neither kills nor helps others to kill." These sentences are interpreted by many Buddhists (especially in the modern humanistic West) as an injunction against supporting any legal measure which might lead to the death penalty.

Islamic scholars state that the Qur'an professes the basic principle that everyone has the right to life. The Lambeth Conference of Anglican and Episcopalian bishops condemned the death penalty in 1988:

This Conference: ... 3. Urges the Church to speak out against: ... (b) all governments who practice capital punishment, and encourages them to find alternative ways of sentencing offenders so that the divine dignity of every human being is respected and yet justice is pursued;....[13]


Special Contribution
By Subramaniam Masilamany
Aug. 27, 2011

Chitranganee Wagiswara(L)

What else can we expect from a product of a barbaric society, to absolve all responsibility to heinous mass scale crime?

There is a new morality preached by tiny midget Sri Lanka that if you kill some one you can forget and forgive oneself and continue with your life quite normal like an animal in the jungle. Imagine after 2000 years of working hard on human rights we go back on the original covenant and enact a new one replacing the old one. This is what the Chitranganee Wagiswara proposes and seconded by Jannifer Campbell of Ottawa citizen. She apparently has no concept of civil society and its formation and the protection it offers.

There is no time limitation and commutation of punishment for murder, it is on the premises that life is irrecoverable therefore the assailant must pay the same penalty and face the same punishment. Most countries commute it to life sentence in case there is even a fraction or millionth of a chance there could have been miscarriage of justice; otherwise it is eye for eye. Recently there was a murder in Toronto Ontario and the police spent $250,000 just to recover the body from a lake. Why would they do that? Because if law is not enforced to its fullest with due diligence, others will take advantage of it. That is human nature; we are not dealing with God. When 40,000+ innocent Tamil people were indiscriminately slaughtered it is no small affair, it is a heinous crime. We know the people behind this mass scale murder; the exercise is to bring them to justice.

Neither Jennifer Campbell nor Chitranganee Wasigawara lost any loved ones in this civil war. I hope they have children at home and when they go home look at those children and say these words again. Life is too precious to commute, it is absolute and non negotiable. I can understand Chitranganee coming from barbaric society to utter nonsense, but for Jennifer to write this takes Canada back to stone ages.

To chitranganee, Can you reconstruct the lives of those people who lost their lives? Can you do it? We know it cannot be done, that is why we respect life beyond any thing. It is absolute and absolvable. We have agreed on it 2000 years ago and for an educated erudite to make these statements make all Sri Lankans primitive savages. The future of Sri Lanka depends on how justice is dispensed; failing which it will always be a pariah nation for there is no change in the thought process.

May be she has no culture to fall back on, that is why she forgets here father and mother, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons We Tamils have Trans-generational culture, where our ancestors and fore parents are revered and remembered. She can learn a lot from us now that she has a little bit of education. Your father or mother or both did not die, your children did not die your family did not die in the war and you represent the people of Sri Lanka . That shows how uncivilised and un-evolved are your minds. Ms.Chitraganee has summarised in one sentence we Sri Lankans are insensitive, heartless and mindless people and our faculty of compassion has never developed. We are indeed savages. It is indeed sad to realise that there are still uncivilised people on earth.

Stop bashing United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki Moon is the Secretary General, your country too voted him in. It looks like your nation and your people have become cry babies, any thing that does not suit you its unacceptable. Where in the hell you learnt that? Look at your President Rajapaksa, accused of at least two murders and there was never an investigation. That is why you are all out to prostitute your moral value and destroy your moral bed rock. Killing Tamils is not only a commendable act but also a morally right think to do. That is what you imply.

The world knows who the culprits are and we Tamils know who the culprits are, you may stop United Nations investigating the murders, but you will never stop us meting out the punishment to the culprit no matter how long or how many generations it will take. It is all written, recorded and is available to future Tamil generations. There is no reconciliation till we have retribution. Justice is all about civil minded retribution.

South Asia


Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
Aug. 22, 2011

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Today’s topic is about Mahinda Rajapaksa and his shameless men of Sri Lanka. In the last 60 years there were three men who ruined this nation of Sri Lanka, namely S.W.R.D.Bandaranayke, J.R.Jeyawaredne and the worst of all Mahinda Percy Rajapaksa. Mahinda Rajapksa grew with violence and criminality and that is how his family rose to power. This man is suffering from childhood traumas that haunt all his life; he has become a schizophrenic psychopath and relishes the suffering of people. His son Namal Rajapaksa is following the path of Mahinda rajapaka who followed the same path of his father D.A.Rajapaksa. Because he grew up in a dysfunctional family where violence and punishment were the norm, all he knows is violence and punishment is the only way to deal with conflicts and contradictions. He became a revengeful man when there no subordination and agreement with him. There is only one way and that is his way I repeat there is only one way that is his way. He has to be removed along with few others before any peace can return to this island

Calling The United Nations a failed organization, and brushing aside a report by United Nations as irrelevant and ridiculing renowned diplomats as paid agents of LTTE tells how the Tamils were treated and would have been treated. Imagine the plight of Tamils under him as powerless people. He is the reincarnation of Ivan the terrible who is prone to episodic outbreak of mental illnesses.

On the other hand we Tamil have a weakness, we do not stand up for our birth rights, we easily circum to manipulation. May be it is our nature to trust too much, and or we trust without responsibility and promise of performance. The biggest challenge to Tamil people is that there are no leaders; all we have are lame ducks, lame brains and laggards, the sense of brotherhood is totally absent and we kill our own people. Killing does not solve problems it exacerbates. We are nervous and behave like second class subjects. We see that in our behaviour. We must build up strong communal unity. Since they were subjugated and persecuted for long time they behave like second class subjects. But they are slowly coming out of it. That is good news.

Talking about Sri Lanka, in sixty years since independence and freedom the people have drifted in the wrong direction calumniating in the creation of a socially and morally sick people. Mahinda Rajapaksa is no different he is simply reflecting and representing a society that is almost completely gone back to nature. In sixty years since independence and freedom, Sri Lankan people have drifted in the wrong direction culminating in the creation of a sick society and have elected sick people to places of power and responsibility. Mahinda Rajapaksa crystallizes the composite mind set of the whole nation. He is the right man, in right place at the right time, That is all to it. He is the manifestation of a racial and fanatical people.

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s life and pathway to power is a road less traveled by civic minded people and his path is dotted with tombstone of people who contested him. He has a simple formula; just kill any one on his path. In Sri Lanka one could get away with murder if you have money, power and connections to Rajapaksas. Rajapaksa is not alone. It is unconceivable how he rose to power despite his criminal record. The only possible reason could be that the whole population has this criminal mindset and murders are just part of the violent spectrum. Since the law enforcement and the government official are either bought with money and power or are feared of being killed it was easy for him to manipulate power. That means there is no civil society and that region of Sri Lanka is still kind of behind in civil administration, that strong prevailed over the weak, there is no social contract that binds all people under one law. If there is any movement towards civil society, the credit goes to the Tamil Diaspora, whom Rajapaksa vainly tried to divide and failed miserably and the same Tamil Diaspora flexing muscle every where inside and outside the legislature. Mahinda Rajapaksa confused successful Tamil Diaspora with people who operate Mickey Mouse out fits who could not succeed in America or Europe.

Sri Lanka as a nation woke up on the wrong side of the bed one morning in 4th February 1948, by the year 1956 S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake initiated the first civil unrest that concluded in a civil war that lasted 26 years. Because the majority Singhalese think they suffered under the foreign rule, which they brought it on they themselves by inviting the Portuguese to rescue them from each other. The Tamils faired well under the British not because the British favoured them but they are simply very industrious people. Tamils continued to fair well despite the Singhalese majority government took away their freedom and human rights. As recently as now they moved around the world and have established very successfully. That is the proof that the British did not favour them. They see life as gift of generations and work to maintain it.

In the last sixty years what have the Singhalese done to themselves, they have made a society that is imbued in Racism, Fanaticism and State Terrorism. Believe me, there is large percentage of thugs in the military who are ready and willing to subjugate Tamils. If any Tamil or Singhalese call me wrong, fine what will you call the current State terrorists in power? There is more than ample evidence of a society that simply did not want to evolve out of their barbaric state.

Over the last sixty years the country has seen violence repeated every 3 to 5 years and the government was in the center of it, the troubles were always instigated, propagated and promoted by the government. The state and the institutions were turned into anti-Tamil machinery and it was easy for the people to get away with crime and murder. It is the successive governments of Sri Lanka that promoted Racism, fanaticism and lately and recently state terrorism. The Mahasangha the fanatic arm of the Sri Lankan Singhalese is the hidden culprit. The proof is ample, as late as July 23rd 2011; the military is involved in election related violence. What has military got to do with civil administration? No, it is the government that has transformed the military into an organized gang with command and control structure to terrorize Tamil people. There is no better proof than the UN report and the Channel 4 videos. What Sri Lankan needs in a complete clean up.

The Military, the police and the judiciary are all converted to state run criminal organizations. The Law enforcement and judiciary, the hall mark of modern democracy has been turned to “No evidence and not guilty institutions”. How can an ordinary Tamil go and complain about an atrocity when that atrocity is committed by the same organization. Mahinda rajapaksa say he will investigate war crimes, how can he investigate his own crimes. I hope you see the point, the law maker, the law enforcer, the defendant, the plaintiff, the court, the judge and the jury are all one and one person. Mahinad Rajapaksa. Either he is a lunatic or maniac or both. How can there be justice when the criminal is the judge and the jury. The Sri Lankan people do not understand this because they have gone back to nature where might is right and might is the right. Even if the people want to do something, they cannot for the thugs and gangs are the military armed to teeth and there is nothing people can do. They have to simply live in what they created.

What Mahinda Rajapaksa and his predecessors have done? They have created nation of lawlessness, servitude and poverty. Poverty is the biggest and narcissistic of all social diseases. Instead of addressing those fundamental issues that rip the social fabric, these leaders were promoting the break up of civil society. Mahinda Rajapaksa has virtually taken over the finance ministry, judiciary and armed forces, this gives him the latitude to print money, pay the gangs and gangsters and the judiciary to exonerate those brought before justice. Basically he is the plaintiff and defendant, judge and the jury. All things under his control. He needs the gangs and the law enforcement to put down any trouble that may arise as a result of his criminal behaviour.

When he prints money, he does not back it up with either gold, or goods. It is a fake and fiat money which has no intrinsic value. There is nothing produced locally to back up the money. Hard currencies are backed by exports and foreign employment but in the international market the exchange rates are not favourable to him. He has a huge public service with about 250,000 troops in the field and the supporting services sucking up available goods, the ordinary citizen has very little purchasing power.

He wants Diaspora Tamil to invest money, but with military breathing down at the people who will invest. Either he is a con artist or has no control over what is happening in the ground. He joins the list of world notorious forgers, swindlers, robbers, imposters as well as worst criminals in the history of man kind. Besides he has a group of university educated doctorates and professors to advice on matter of international importance. He knows when to plead poverty and when to beg for clemency. His latest gimmick is issuing dollar denominated bonds to raise badly needed foreign exchange. But when a sucker is born every other minute why not try anything.

What is on trial in Sri Lanka are not people, but basic human character of trust. When trust is prostituted the whole society will descend to anarchy and lawlessness. Trust is a scared responsibility backed by hard choices, discipline, honesty and integrity. These are the bed rock of humanness. From this Trust emanates peace and freedom, the prerequisites for prosperity. When we integrate great qualities into our socio-economic system we have stable societies. The Singhalese leaders choose otherwise and resorted to discrimination and racial policies that lead the nation into precipitous valley. The total nation has become imbued in racism, fanaticism and terrorism. Terrorizing innocent people asking for their basic human right and then calling the terrorized as terrorist is a willful vilification. When criminals and murderers get elected by devious means and the thugs are made into law enforcement and military there is nothing people can do except regret for their foolish choices when the nation was decent and democratic.

The problem on the Tamil side is no different; we have our own criminals to deal with. These criminals have decimated our so called leaders. We Tamils are still in the dark days where they live in selfish self preservation mode. We have not graduated into an organized society with various safety means and mechanisms. The Europeans have successfully reformed and transformed their people into citizens in a sovereign state, with institutions to safe guard the rights of people. Knowing what men they themselves are they have crafted covenants that protect people from them.

That was a noble deed indeed, to know their weaknesses and enshrine appropriate statues to safe guard people from the animal nature of man. There is no one person called the supreme citizen, all are supreme under one constitution. You will see this more so in USA than in Europe. The President is not above the law, so are the citizens. Every one follows the written supreme law called the constitution. People too understand that they have to behave appropriately in their own self interest. The key to any society is to raise the awareness of the people to a much higher level whereby they feel that together we are better off. The union offers more than what they could have done on alone on their own. How far is Sri Lanka in this respect? When a criminal murderer has risen to power along with his gangsters, there is nothing a willing citizen can do, it is better to prudent and preserve than protest and perish.

Sri Lanka has to turn around 180 degrees and pursue a different path. A path that will make people responsible citizens. Racism, Fanaticism, Terrorism will never bring about peace and prosperity at home. We said that to the Singhalese in 1960s and we keep telling them but they think calling Tamils as terrorist will make them proud. A man is a freedom fighter when he is attempting to safe guard his life and property and a terrorist when he encroaches another mans freedom and property. But when that encroacher is armed to his teeth, what can an unarmed innocent citizen do?

If all leaders of the world stand up for what is right, than who should win then we will have a decent world to live, Until such time I will purchase a small tract of land and become my own nation and mind my own business. Switzerland and Tamil Jaffna are two such societies. We mind our own business. I am a proud Tamil for my culture has given me the means to be my own man. That character embedded in my hereditary no man can take it away from me.

At this very critical moment what we need is the momentum of a united Tamil force. Our so called leaders are not leaders, they live in the past, where the king was the king and people were mere subjects. The world has changed but they still think that they are valuable to the people. The job of the leader is to keep the people united and show them by example how to lead themselves.

Democracy is a very difficult but equitable system; it needs constant vigilance and vigorous defense. No one should be fearful of standing up for what is right. There is no force bigger than the moral standing.



Special Contribution
By Subramaniam Masilamany
Aug. 18, 2011


DISAPPOINTED YES, DISCOURAGED NO: Listen to Rudrakumar; he is barely heard, rarely seen and hardly effective. We have a leadership problem...

Rudrakumar has no leadership ability. He is evading the question by bringing in individual freedom. First of all he seem to know the Bill of rights and the US constitution.

Secondly there are way to stop people going to Sri Lanka. Instead of talking about legality he must reach out and touch the moral conscience of the people. Ask them do they feel deep in their hearts if what they are doing is right. He must appeal to them to try and avoid going to Sri Lanka and giving valuable foreign exchange that will be used to anti-Diaspora Campaign. In the absence of clear leadership and direction people follow others. Thirdly if there is no action happening in the international arena it is because he is not forcibly,fiercely and effectively taking our struggle to the world leaders. He has not provided the required level of leadership to the Tamil cause, coming from a father who was a LSSPer it is hard to expect him to a make strong presence.

So far he has not met even one single world leader. Did he meet at least Rathika Sitsabaisen, an MP at the Canadian Parliament? Again there are two Tamil candidates running for Ontario legislature, did he bother to reach out and offer his support to them?.These people are getting close to world leaders, he must capitalize on these peoples closeness. He needs a team of not professors, but people who can get things done. Professors are good for learning from a book and teaching student the same book, if you hold their nose they will not know to open the mouth. I wonder why he choose live Audio, when he can reach Tamil people via Audio-Video.

He is an ineffective, inefficient and inept leader, I have been telling this for a long time. I suspect if he is working with KP to keep the Diaspora benign. There are some issue and he is hiding from the Tamil people.I even suspect he could be Mahindas point man among the Diaspora. he has no guts to take the struggle to Rajapaksas. Rajapaksas can rest in peace along as Rudrakumar is the leader of TGTE. If the Sri Lankan Government is not worried about TGTE, that means there is no imminent or immediate threat from the TGTE or Diaspora. Only people who are making the noise are the western countries. Rajapaksas problem is to balance East and West. Tamils are not the issue, that we all should realize, why are we divided into 5 factions? The purpose of TGTE was to unite all under one roof, but Rudrakumar is the cause why Tamils are not at least an immediate problem to Rajapaksas. How effective TGTE in creating awareness among world leaders? Nothing.

How comes this stark manifestation is not obvious to not only to Rudrakumar but also all the professors and doctorates ministers? We have a leadership vacuum and we need quick fix. Every time I raised this issue people either asked for patience or some people called me a trouble maker, this time it will not be till we bring about robust leadership. As it is we are not potential political force or a diplomatic threat to Rajapaksas, who was the cause of it? TGTE and its poor leadership.I always wondered why Honourable Rudrakumar has never ever complained or condemned Mahinda Rajapaksa or Sri Lanka. Either he is incapable or he is culpable or he is cunning.

We need strong and effective leadership at TGTE. The current people must go and a new election must be held and the suitable leader must be elected.We need leaders who can reach out to various groups and people among the Diaspora and unite them. The word unity hardly comes out of Rudrakumar's mouth. Why? The challenge for Rajapaksas is to fend of International criticism, not the Tamil concerns. Rudrakumar has effectively destroyed the psyche of the Tamil people. He must think seriously about his ability to lead Tamils. He is barely heard hardly seen.

If Rudrakumar remains as the leader any more, we will be swept under the carpet and we will be all slaves.We have to take the struggle to Colombo and they must feel the heat in their pants, otherwise they will simply ignore the international community. Simply said Rudrakumar is not a leader, He must resign and let some one else take over.

I know few other people in TGTE, they all must go and TGTE must be salvaged, re-organized and revitalized. Nothing is going to happen as long as we have meek and meager leadership, I will rightly call them losers not leaders. Listen in the tape the way he talks and interact with people, he has no time to listen to the people. that is a very bad habit of a leader not to take time to listen to the people.

I hope and pray that I am wrong but folks you listen to the tape and decide, if he can be a leader who can lead a world-class struggle, compare him to Gandhi, Churchill, Napoleon, Hammurabi, Aurelius, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela.We are in a state of doldrums, stagnation and slump, we need new breed of chrismatic leaders. Young people who can take forward our struggle. We have to salvage TGTE and Tamil people.


Now we speak the language the enemy understands, Rajapaksa will understand. The world will pay more attention.

Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
Aug. 9, 2011

I know some Tamils will be up in arms to call me names for saying this, but these are the very people who have never seen freedom, they think they are free, but deep inside they walk around looking around. You all know what I mean.

Then there are five people trying to lead the Tamils, these are the people who claim they are the leaders but we have no guys to get up on the podium and make a statement. Sri Lankan Singhalese have elected a bunch of criminals to power and they behave to their character and no Tamil “Leader” get up and say that is wrong.

What we need among Tamils is brotherhood and sisterhood, when some thing happens to your brother you get up and shout. It does not have to be right in your mind or any ones mind. Where are these brothers when some times a Tamil has to stand up and defend for himself or herself? There is this struggle going on between Douglas Devanantha and Ratnajeevan Hoole and by default we are suppose to support Ratnajeevan Hoole! But where are the leaders?. There are people running for political office, no leader has endorsed the candidates. Why? Why not? Sorry to say this when I see one of our so called leaders my stomach cringes and I feel like vomiting.

The problem of the Tamil people is we have no feeling for our own brothers, we were not taught the feeling of belonging; I see them very smart and intelligent working for others. I am yet to hear the word UNITY coming out of our leaders mouth.

The fundamental cause of the Tamil dilemma can be traced to our inability to think as one cohesive community, we are individually smart and splendid but there is negative energy in association. Why? I never understood.

Singhalese are a tiny, tiny speck but they are together, right or wrong, to them what is good for them is right. That is sense of belonging. Is it morally right? it does not have to be. What we Tamils must do is to unite as one people. We must understand what social capital is, we must understand what political capital is, you do not earn them by doing three jobs, the people of united communities do one job and earn more because they have social and political capital. We have only one capital “Three job” capital.

You will see in the west the first thing they teach is Team mentality and the sense of shared vision. Do Tamils have any? I would say very little. I hired three Tamils and put them to work and they got together and were selling goods on the side, I did not till a “non Tamil” raised my attention. Remember on Fridays we sit together and share our food and yet they did it. Can you see the Tamil struggle? Change our behaviour. Let us all be brothers.

We have to develop a sense of what can I give than what can I take. We must first put in before we take out. That is what I learned from my elders. My father said, it is just work, that is all to it. Work will keep your stomach full, heart happy and keep your moral compass right.

We Tamils have to think of us and we and they, in plural not singular like I, me etc. That is belonging. I teach my associates unity, team work and belonging. They do the magic. People are one of the greatest gifts by creator and we must all have respect for each other and think in entirety than individually that is the day the Singhalese will begin to respect us as social group or as community, until such time they have nothing to see in us.

‘Let us speak the language the Singhalese understands is exactly what we need, unity. What is good for us is what is right and others can complain if we encroach into their domain, we will consider it. From such encounter will arise a need for dialogue, negotiations and bargaining, that will give us an equitable agreement which both sides can live with.

We have to thank our brother is south India for having send a vital, virulent vibration to the Singhalese that they have to listen to our grievances. Rest assured that soon they will come down and talk to us for now we speak their language.


Sixty years of progress in sixty minutes

Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
Aug. 4, 2011

Srilanka woman protest in front of the Saudi Arabia embassy

They have ruined the country, they have ruined the Tamils and in that process they have ruined themselves. “What you do unto others, you will do unto to yourself”. Once we went to Middle East as noble professionals now we are going as house maids. When the leaders lie, knowing that they are lying, others know they are lying, knowing that the others know that they are lying, that nation has gone down in civility, connectivity and integrity.

I have listened to Great Liar Peiries, Palittha Kohana, Rajiva Wijesinghe, Keheliya Rumbukwella, Dayan Jayatilake, Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gothbaya Rajapaksa, Basil Rajapaksa and Shavendra Silva. It reminds me of Alibaba and Forty thieves, or an array of world notorious imposters, forgers, robbers, con-artist and criminals. In the absence of the Sword of Damocles, they get away with any answer suitable to them.

Currently the minimum age to work in the Middle East is 21, raised from 18. Many who take up these kinds of jobs are the breadwinners of the family: there are even numerous cases of unmarried women leaving at a young age to earn their own dowry and to take care of their aging parents while they can.

When the Sunday Leader visited an SLFEB training centre in Kadawatha, during a training session where domestics and caregivers were taught how to look after another’s family in order to feed their own; it was evident that this increase in age limit would pose problems. Subani barely looked 25, but she has a six year old daughter she would be leaving behind to work in the Middle East. “I was reluctant to go initially, I was really scared but not anymore,” she said, explaining that she had been separated from her husband, had no home to call her own and now lived with her brother. “We are in a lot of difficulty,” she said. “My mother will take care of my daughter when I’m gone.”

Subani is one among many. There were a mixture of women, from young to mature, some who were over thirty but many just past their legal age. Among the males there was a majority of young men.

The instructors are seasoned workers, who guided the trainees on how to perform basic duties as well as adjust to a new country and culture. “Many people who come here are those looking for a means to provide for their families,” explained Rani, an instructor. “They always tell us ‘we have to go’,” she said.

The SLFEB has been training housemaids since 1994. In fact, without a certificate, housemaids can no longer travel abroad. They have to complete their training, an important aspect of which is physical fitness.

Physical fitness is the first test they have to face: “If anyone fails the physical training on the first day, we send them back. They are not allowed to continue,” Rani said. The duration of the training sessions vary according to the country of work: housemaids going to the Middle East for instance are trained for 15 days, whereas others train for five days. The training sessions begin at 7:30a.m. with an hour devoted to physical exercise. Apart from lower remittances, which the instructors say is vital for a developing country like Sri Lanka, the quality of workers leaving the country will also be affected. Currently educational qualifications are not considered: instead it is physical fitness that is of paramount importance. The country in this instance will not only receive lower remittances and have a vast pool of unemployed but will also have a weaker outward bound labour force, in a profession where physical strength plays a crucial role.

The training

Every week brings with it new reports of Sri Lankans, working as domestics abroad, being abused or found dead, particularly in Middle Eastern countries. Horror stories have emanated yet, despite this factor, many still choose to leave their country and families to work abroad in hope of earning a better living.

OIC SLFEB Kadawatha Training Centre, Sujeewa Premasiri said that they train as many as 400 people in 15 days, getting them prepared for the hard life ahead. The trained housemaids are then sent to the Middle East, Singapore and Cyprus, while caregivers are sent to Israel, and non domestics (mostly male) leave for the Middle East. For every training session, 15 to 25 domestics are trained to leave for the Middle East. During the last six months,126,787 domestic workers left for the Middle East alone.

The domestics are all instructed on the law of the country, the culture, how to clean, cook and take care of children. They are also taught basic language skills as well as all important details such as contacting the embassy to complain against abuse. In such cases, Premasiri said, the embassy would try to resolve the problem by talking to the sponsors and if that failed, the domestic would be sent elsewhere to work or returned to Sri Lanka. She added that without the training, and the certificate obtained at the end, no one can leave for work and that the demand for domestics increases during the Ramazan season. “They are also taught personal hygiene,” she said.

Model houses

The living room was carpeted, with low cushions and a shisha bong prominently displayed. There was a sign stating “Model Arabic Living Room.” The rest of the building was fashioned similarly, with model bedrooms, bathrooms and even invalid rooms. The domestics, explained training instructor, Rani, who worked in the Middle East for 11 years, are taught everything from how to vacuum, when to vacuum, to how to arrange tea and coffee sets, how to set a table, soup bowl and cutlery arrangements, how to serve, use waster and steam irons, wash and clean. They were taught different types of bed arrangements, how to change curtains and most importantly, how to take care of a child and clean the baby room. “After Rizana Nafeek’s case, we pay extra attention to teaching them proper child care,” said Rani.

“They are taught how to bathe, feed, arrange, clean, remove the cot, how to carry babies, how to feed newborns, clothe them, the use of pampers, feeding chairs, how to arrange baby cupboards, clean and disinfect the room daily.”

According to Rani, even tasks such as climbing ladders to clean the ceiling and fan are covered. “It’s a completely different culture in the Middle East. They are very strict there, especially when it comes to religion,” she said. “It is important that the domestics leaving for the Middle East understand their culture and their laws.”

Many women, especially those leaving to Israel, went as caregivers, therefore, Rani explained, it was important they learned how to take care of invalids. A group of eight women were practicing taking care of an invalid, with Rani showing them how to change blankets while the patient was on bed, how they should vacuum only, and not dust the room, how to handle wheelchairs and walking sticks, adult pampers and the medical set, how to arrange towels and take a urine count, among other things. “The number of complaints received have dropped a lot,” Rani said. “Six to seven years ago we received many complaints about the maids, but now its reduced a lot.”

Glitches in the system

The environment was that of a typical tuition class, everyone chattering with each other, seated for lessons like school children, or giggling in groups. The building itself was very well ventilated and lit, and despite the sheer number of people running to and fro, and often getting in the way, they somehow seemed to be managing. There seemed to be adequate resources and the building was well equipped. The only thing that they seemingly lacked was time. Rani herself explained that while the domestics learned everything from cooking to cleaning to law and culture, it was learning the language that was the problem. “We don’t have enough time to teach them the language properly,” she said.

In addition, one point to be observed was that while everyone worked in groups and was given tasks, and while they were taught in model bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms, would one lecture be sufficient for anyone to remember the ‘basics’ such as the intricacies of arranging beds differently during summer and winter, double bed and piece bed arrangement and all other details?

English instructor, Anuruddha Pannila, stressed that there wasn’t enough time to teach them the language. “Many of them come with a weak fundamental knowledge,” he said. “It’s easier in schools because everyone is in the same age group. That’s not the case here however,” he said. In the Cyprus room, they were taught Greek. Phrases that might come in handy, such as “did you drink your medicine,” and “do you want more salt,” were taught as well as how verbs always came first in Greek. During the cooking session, many women in aprons and caps covering their hair crowded around a table where different peppers were neatly chopped, and packets of pasta were arranged. However, is one brief lesson enough to bring all these points home, teach someone an entirely different culture and even cuisine?

The man who wrote this article is a proud Sri Lankan. He must be very proud of his nation’s 60 years unprecedented progress.


Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
July 29, 2011

Adolf Eichmann

Identical twins born at different dates? Or same fate different dates?

I do not know how much Sri Lankan people know about Adolf Eichmann. A former Nazi officer responsible for part of the Holocaust and Genocide of European Jews and crimes against humanity. He was found in Argentina by Israel mossad, extracted and extradited to Israel and put on trial for his part in this crime against humanity.

This massage is to all Sri Lankan; let it be known that whether it is President Mahinda Rajapaksa or Private soldier Perera, you will be found and put on trial one day some day. All and any human rights violations are punishable by international law. If you didn’t know before, you know it now, that there are international laws to investigate and prosecute when the national law enforcement does not investigate known human rights violations.

The time and territorial limitation laws do not apply to certain crimes, such as what happened in Sri Lanka to 40,000 innocent Tamil unarmed civilians. That qualifies to be crime against humanity. The prime suspect you all know who it is.

Mahinda Rajapaksa may be found guilty, when as the head of the nation does not investigate a known crime, despite all efforts by the United Nations. (G)reat (L)iar Peiries can and will explain this to Rajapaksa.

We also must know that there is the legislated laws and the judge made laws or the common sense laws.

There are only three ways out of this, natural death, suicide or let us go. The choice is up to you Aiya Mahinda. What do you say now?

In the Sleep Room

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
July 21, 2011

Modern times

I was wondering today why it is that we are all insane.

Years ago, I paid my way through college by working as an orderly in the campus hospital’s nuthouse; and of course later, I dealt for years with church congregations. So I know a lot about crazy people, and the societies they create.

Rather than a peculiarity, life was oddly familiar on the university psych ward, whose inhabitants – whether the patients or the hospital staff – spun about themselves a self-sustaining, insular and utterly dissociated little world that, like society at large, resisted change or even study.

On the ward, I found that I had to remain a perpetual outsider to understand what was going on around me: a skill that served me well in later years, when I confronted far greater madness. For cleaning up and processing feces-covered patients, helping drug and manage them, and listening to their elaborate mental concoctions for hours each day gave me some real insights into the nature of institutionalized insanity, and how convincing it can all be.

The day I started working on the chronic ward of the University of British Columbia’s psychiatric hospital, the head nurse was knocked out cold by the enraged fist of an enormous guy they’d just carted in from Riverview hospital: high as a kite and not the kind of gentleman to be told off, like Big Nurse tried doing.

Violence is unusual in a nuthouse, not simply because everyone is drugged to the nines. Like in any workplace, everything is so completely and mind-numbingly routinized that the assembly line of meds, meals, television and outings leaves no room, or energy, for a completely spontaneous and willful act like striking out at it all.

So, the reaction of my co-workers to the sight of Big Nurse lying unconscious and bloody on the floor of her station, as her drooling assailant smiled down at us, was interesting. Nobody moved. The unpredictable had happened.

As I smiled nervously back at the assaulter, I thought at first that our collective numbness arose from fear, and a natural desire to stay clear of the guy’s sizable fists. But then I saw the genuine confusion on everyone’s faces. Nobody had expected this, even though we had all been trained to expect it.

The procedure had broken down, and without it, we were helpless.

Fortunately, our numbness was dispelled by the arrival of other orderlies from the adjoining ward, who immediately tackled the guy and shook us back to our senses.

Later that night, scribbling my report of the incident in the duty log, I wrote in the margins,

The machine must function without thinking, or individual will, for it to fulfill its purpose of managing the crowd predictably.

The others on staff knew I was training for the ministry, and so I suppose they grew accustomed to such theological musings in the log book.

I’m no fan of Sigmund Freud, but he did hit it on the nail when he observed that the natural instincts of any person must be suppressed for society to function as a mass of managed individuals: a suppression that breeds “civilized” mankind’s basic neurotic condition. Society, in short, makes us all crazy: or more exactly, massively dissociated.

Hardly accidental, or even merely consequential, our insanity is a necessity. For without being dissociated, we couldn’t dwell for a day in what we call civilization.

Since it’s our basic operating principle, let’s examine this thing called dissociation.

Don’t look to psychology for a definition, since like all sciences, it tends to examine and classify the tiny scales of a dragon while ignoring the Beast in its totality. We need to know what dissociation means not just for one person but for an entire culture.

A dissociated person cannot relate and integrate a normal feeling, observation or occurrence with the rest of her being. In effect, that person’s thinking is like a component on an assembly line.

As an example, I recently showed a family member hard and incontrovertible proof that her church was responsible for the death of many thousands of children in their Indian boarding schools. That person acted confused at first, and eventually acknowledged the truth of what I showed her and expressed her horror. And yet the next Sunday, she attended that same church and gave her usual offering to sustain it.

Her mind, in effect, was not capable of integrating a new and unsettling truth in order to allow a change in her behavior. What she knew could not be related to her daily pattern of life.

Psychology likes to treat such dissociation as some kind of individual mental illness resulting from a trauma, ignoring the fact that any large organization, let alone a compartmentalized, consumptionist society like ours, structurally requires such a mentality in its workers for the system to function efficiently.

No hierarchical institution can operate without precisely this dissociated condition among its members, for the simple reason that organizational and administrative cohesion rests on the suppression of unpredictable human responses which might threaten the functioning of what is in effect an enormous machine.

A rational, feeling person who integrates thought and action is potentially unpredictable, and may refuse, for example, to obey an order from above him in the chain of command – and the machine’s operations would then come to a halt. But a person whose senses and thoughts can never possibly affect his behavior will not threaten the automatic life of the machine. Hierarchy therefore abhors an integrated personality because of its essential unpredictability.

To give this idea flesh, in my first year as an ordained clergyman in the United Church of Canada, I attempted to withdraw from its clergy pension plan as a matter of personal choice and faith, following the advice of Jesus not to accumulate security or wealth in this world. I was informed by the head officer of the church that I did not have the right to do so. My attempt to integrate my beliefs with my life-practice, in short, was an unacceptable disruption in the eyes of the church. If I was to remain a “competent” employee, I would have to segregate my conscience from my behavior, in a classic dissociated manner.

I eventually saw the Machine Wisdom behind the church’s response to my attempt at integration: for only a dissociated clergyman who did not link all of his faith with all of his life would be capable of operating competently in a religious culture that preaches one set of values on Sunday, and then lives exactly the opposite values throughout the week: and expects its followers to do the same.

As statistics show, clergy are particularly neurotic individuals who are especially prone to fixations, behavioral disorders, alcohol abuse, divorce and violent obsessions causing the routine abuse of children. This erratic condition is caused by the extreme dissociation imposed on clerics by the severity with which they must daily sacrifice their personal values and faith to the quite opposite standards of a religious corporation.

At the risk of seeming trite, let me say that, if society in general requires its members to go crazy, the church demands that its clergy become Satanic: literally, “the Adversary” of all in themselves that they once held sacred and inviolable.

Again, there is nothing surprising or unusual in such a terrible requirement, from the perspective of the structural necessities of a hierarchical institution.

Looking back, my entry into the insanity of a modern psychiatric ward was just the proper training for the church ministry, since the management rather than the curing of brutalized people by maintaining them in a permanently dissociated state is the core aim of both psychiatry and religion.

It’s small wonder, accordingly, that the power of the secular priesthood of psychiatrists as well as the religious priesthood is traditionally unchallengeable in our culture. For both of these cults claim to have the answer to social and personal happiness, as defined by the neurotic requirements of modern civilization and its organized repression of natural human impulses.

To answer my first question, we are all insane because the God of Commerce needs it that way.

How do we get better? Stay tuned.

Srilanka Tamil

The Story of Exodus and The Saga of Tamils

Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
July 18, 2011

The burning down of the Jaffna library, one of the biggest and finest in Asia, on the night of May 31, 1981

“Until a new generation of Tamils that did not know slavery and second class, inferior thinking take over the community we will be wandering in the sea of nowhere”

The Egyptian Pharaoh enslaved the Israelites and forced them into hard labour building Egypt. Moses, their leader and a holy man, asked Pharaoh to set his people free, but Pharaoh refused. Even as God unleashed nine plagues upon the Egyptians, Pharaoh would not relent. Only after his own son was killed in the tenth plague did Pharaoh agree to free the Israelites, yet he soon changed his mind and sent his army after them.

After escaping from the pursuing Egyptians by crossing the Red Sea, the Israelites then wandered in the desert for 40 years, during which time Moses conveyed t h e m t h e T e n Commandments. God would not allow the Israelites to enter the land of Israel until a new generation that did not know slavery had come into being. The story of Exodus thus signifies a new beginning, a life without slavery, and hope for a new nation.

One of the morals of the story is that if we feel and behave like second class, inferiority complexed subjects that are how we will be perceived and treated. It is also hard to get rid of our old ideas and habits. BUT, we have to change and recently we witnessed Miss Rathika Sitsabaisen spoke in Tamil in the Canadian Parliament. The feeling is that if I do not respect my language, my culture and my heritage why others should do it.

Our old thinking is let some one else do it for us. NO ONE IS GOING TO GET OUR FREEDOM THAT WE LOST; IT IS OUR DUTY AND OUR DUTY ALONE. We must be the agents of change not others, others will only change to benefit them. Do not expect others to do it for us.

We Tamils must work hard, educate ourselves well, enterprise with enthusiasm and build formidable fortresses that will stand the test of time and invasions. We must build strong sense of community and social immunity.

Until a new generation of Tamils that did not know slavery and second class, inferior thinking take over the community we will be wandering in the sea of nowhere.


PARADIGM SHIFT OR SEISMIC SHIFT- which one we need in Srilanka?

Special Contributor
By Subramaniam Masilamany
July 10, 2010

Germany Frankfurt, one of the 6 major Alpha world cities and one of the biggest Airports in Europe a great road network and a pretty sweet ass skyline

"Mahinda Rajapaksa, is he a human being, or an inhumane, inanimate object"

Look at Germany and Japan, very creative and industrious people. what happened? the people were taken in a different path by poor leaders. But today, both are leading communities.

This is what is needed in Sri Lanka, May be even a war to round of the wrong people in control of the power centers and replace with civic minded people. If we do not do it now it could spread all over the world and then you all know what we will need. We will need great sacrifices to reclaim the world. lets us get Russia and China on our side and lets us go in and take out the narcissistic scoundrels who have stolen the greatness of democracy.

There is no benefit to any except to a bunch of criminals. Imagine the then Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe pardoning a confirmed murderer so that he can keep the opposition divided and then Prabaharan the so called Leader of the Tamils help the same criminal to power. That is Mahinda Rajapaksa. So then there is disease in Sri Lanka, the country has been taken over by the criminals.

I think I have put it is one snap shot. Ranil Wickremasinghe helping Mahinda Rajapaksa from going to gallows and the Parabaharan helping Mahinda Rajapaksa to become President of Sri Lanka. That means whoever comes to power the situation will never improve. What we need is a Winston Churchill, a George Marshall and a Nuremberg trail to clean up this nation.

Who has to do it? INDIA, it is India in the direct path of this disease and they have to act now. It will take Indian Air Force one night to take out all these criminals. It is imperative that the United Nations sanctions a military action sooner than later.

Mahinda Rajapkasa is a seasoned, annealed and case hardened criminal and he knows that he is safe. As one law maker said, Murder takes lots of case hardening. Once it is done the criminal develops a kind of toughening of his mind. he becomes a feeling less inanimate object. It is a paradox, is he a human or non human? Is he animate or inanimate?. When Mahinda Rajapaksa said he is willing to go to electric chair he revealed his subconscious state of having become an inhuman inanimate object. How can we apply human laws to an inanimate object?

In meeting our justice, to apply human laws or to apply materials laws is the quandary. To the outside world he is a human being, but deep inside he has become an inhumane, inanimate object. which law to apply?

That is decision the world community has to make, soon.