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Thank God for the Hockey Hooligans: Coming of Age in Canada

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Mass murder in Canada has gone unpunished and unresolved: Help us bring the guilty to justice!



Thank God for the Hockey Hooligans: Coming of Age in Canada

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
June 22, 2011

Natural beauty of Canada

“The only irredeemable sin of a people is for them to be unaware of their own nature.” Benjamin Franklin

"There is only one evil worse than violence, and that is cowardice." Mahatma Gandhi

Poor Canada. Just when we had cleaned up that untidy mess of Indian residential schools and aspersion of mass murder that was so damaging our international credit rating, along come some hockey hooligans in Vancouver to make us look bad again to all those fat tourists and offshore investors we so lust after.

There was this kid I knew in grade six named Richard Sawchuck, who loved to pick fights. He was a total whacko. Every kid in my Winnipeg elementary school knew that Richard could get egged on to start pounding on some other student with the right goading from the rest of us. But when he did so and the blood started flying, we’d all catch hell from our teacher, who knew the score.

Hockey nights in Canada are a lot like that: an enormous quick-buck culture designed to sell tickets hypes up the fans over the weeks to a point of frenzy for their team, and then wonders why the adrenaline-fed bozos start tearing up the town when their orgasmic hopes of victory aren’t consummated.

The world used to think Canada was an affluent dream world of smiling Mounties, happy Indians and majestic forests hewed by Jolly Pierre the Lumber Jack. But the fantasy is fading, thanks to events like this week’s hockey rampage, which wasn’t the work of a few atypical hooligans, like the Vancouver Mayor claims, but of very ordinary and typical Canadians.Their rage and violence was an unusually honest depiction of mainstream Canada, and its repressed and psychotic nature.

Yes, I said, our repressed and psychotic nature.

I’ve always appreciated the Americans for a single virtue that we lack in Canada: their deep realism about themselves and their own history. They don’t share our dissociation, and our well-bred capacity to lie to ourselves about ourselves. No American ever seems surprised or shocked when I share with them the murderous facts of genocide in their own land – unlike Canadians.

My fellow Euro-Canadians – the kind of people who overturned cars and smashed windows and bones this week in Vancouver – are deeply angry about themselves and their country, but they cannot say why, or even recognize their own condition. We aren’t supposed to get angry and smash things. But I’d say most of us know we’re living a lie, that the British notion of “law, order, civility and good government” that supposedly guides our nation is a crock of shit designed to guard the corrupt interests of a very few people, starting with that silly fiction calling itself “the Crown”.

As individuals, white Canadians are marvelously decent and honest, but as a group, we’re sniveling, self-duplicitous cowards who shudder at the thought of saying no to the Emperor. That’s why part of me rejoiced when I saw the smash-up on the streets of Vancouver. Somehow, the mob of Canucks had lost their fear of authority – for a moment.

Of course, the same men and women who rampaged so freely after the hockey game have today returned to their mind-numbing jobs and are once again the kind of repressed, tax-paying, dissociated people who keep the whole mess going. And that fact I find more terrible and alarming than all the broken windows and burning cars.

Pierre Berton once wrote too perceptively that your average Canadian has the mind of a Scottish banker and the heart of an Irish saint, and can’t decide which person to be. That certainly describes my own family to a tee.

My people came to this land in search of a liberty but also a transformation that the Old World could not provide. But the land was vast and strange, too vast really, and in fear we held on to the Old World symbols of authority, of Crown and Pulpit, and tried cramming our searching spirits into them. We are forever yearning to break free from that false mold into a new identity, but until then, we must remain utter strangers to ourselves.

I know that can change. I’ve seen it begin. But as in any deep shock therapy, it will take a few good smash ups before the mental fetters can start to snap enough to let something new start to flow in us.

We’ve always needed a really good civil war in Canada, and the last ones we tried, in 1837 in the east and then among the Metis sharpshooters of Riel and Dumount, went down to a physical but not a moral defeat. Canadians are actually born rebels. We still carry the heart of a searching mystic, determined to be free of every convention and oppression, to breathe the air of liberty that sweeps across our great and beautiful land. We’re just terrified of embracing that heart.

Perhaps when we do so and reclaim our soul, we can relate to the original men and women of this land with something more than a cowardly condescension and a self-serving fear. For the indigenous people have always been our natural blood allies, and they welcomed our first ancestors here not out of pity or ignorance, but because they recognized us as mutual People of the Land.

Frankly, it’s time white Canadians had their own “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”, but one into themselves: a true Caucasian Healing Circle where we can put away forever our false self-image as nice and proper people.

I’ve suggested the idea whenever I speak to my fellow white Canadians, and nobody seems to know what the hell I’m talking about, any more than they can accept the fact that under the toxic influence of Religion and Empire, our people slaughtered and rampaged against the Indians as brutally as any Conquistador.

We cannot yet accept what we did to get this land, and what we acquiesce to, to keep it. Not really. It’s still an abstraction. For how else could we pretend to apologize for the worst slaughter in human history? How else, indeed, do dissociated people act?

All of this absurdity screamed out at us during the Vancouver hockey riots the other night, as is proper: for hockey is our national pulse, a gliding ballet of courage and skill that we alone brought to the world, a beauty born anew in countless small towns and backyard lots where kids learn the art that only we know how to do best.

Like in any family torn apart by its own psychosis, Canadians express their paradox and grapple towards the light we have lost in the midst of that which is most sacred to us.

We are not a lost and angry mob. We are a proud and noble people who have forgotten who we are. For we long to fly again across that majestic, pure ice which is Kanata, a land of eternal promise and freedom where all the wrongs and all the blood can be washed clean.


The Price of Reconciliation: Down and Out at St. Andrew's Wesley

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
June 13, 2011

Rev. Kevin D. Annett

Reconciliation (N.), from the Latin re-concilio, to restore a relationship or re-assert an authority ... as in the historic practice of re-establishing the authority of the Roman Emperor or his Legate over rebellious subjects ...

The last native person who tried leading a protest at St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church in downtown Vancouver was beaten to death by three cops in an alley shortly afterward. So far be it from me to endanger yet another innocent by suggesting we once again provoke the Beast who lives there.

Unfortunately, I came across something today that demands comment, and even action, in the latest congregational bulletin from that church: namely, an invitation to attend an “Indian Residential Schools Healing Night” in the church sanctuary on June 20.

Since there are no actual survivors of that particular church-run slaughter in the pews at St. Andrew’s Wesley, one must assume the “healing” is for everybody else, as one might gather from such ludicrous bulletin remarks as,

What were our ancestors thinking when they created the residential schools?

It’s an odd question: kind of like asking, what was in Attila the Hun’s mind when he surveyed the next unsuspecting village?

But time fogs such an obvious truth, and allows this kind of remark, too:

What role do we have to understand the ongoing impacts of our shared history and engage in the process of reconciliation?

Horror needs to be mentally sanitized with misleading and foggy language like this in order to be digestible to the guilty. So I get the nonsense of this wording. What eludes me is why these church types feel the need to keep telling themselves they’re okay.

I’d normally put it down to a latent and massive feeling of culpability by those who are still part of the church that murdered so many kids. The culpable need continual reassuring, after all, especially if the collection plates are to stay full. But unfortunately, there’s more at work here.

Consider the place:

St. Andrew’s Wesley is a home for the wealthy, and was always generically known as “A and W” to my fellow seminarians and I, who looked down our noses at the namesake fast food religion dispensed there so competently by its smiling clergy. We loved to mock chubby clerics like Reverend Gordon Turner, the head guru there during the 1990’s, who once justified his annual personal expense account of $8000 with the comment,

“My parishioners are used to be taken out to expensive restaurants”.

“Five Course” Gordo has moved on to similarly lush pastorates, but the spirit remains. Comfort is the bottom line at A and W. The present pastor, Gary Paterson, oozes a smug charm that I suppose some people find captivating, and his message is always the same: We’re alright, Jack.

I remember the Sunday that my native friend Bingo Dawson, who got killed for his act, had the balls to carry a banner decrying the murdered residential school children into the middle of an A and W church service with a few compatriots, in the face of Gary and his comfy congregants. The Indians weren’t smiling that morning, but Gary sure as hell was. He didn’t miss a beat.

“We have some special friends with us today” he announced with gay condescension, bouncing around like the professional entertainer he is, the stumbling, tortured victims just more grist for him.

“We welcome them here in our midst and want to remind them of our efforts to bring about healing and recovery …”.

The minister's wooden, lawyer-crafted phrases were not as revealing as his eyes that day, for they belied his own words: they were ice cold and calculating and deadly as they surveyed Bingo and the others.

That’s the two headed Beast for you, and we confront it at our own risk. Bingo knew the danger, and he went ahead anyway, and for that I will always love him. For Bingo and what he represents will always be feared by the very people who will gather next Monday at St. Andrew's Wesley and pretend and even believe that they only want to do what’s right by Indians.

To safeguard their illusions, the right kind of Indian will be there that evening: not Bingo and his raw pain, and truth, but “Chief” Bobby Joseph, the brown equivalent of Gary Paterson: the kind of smiling and forgiving red skin who white liberals love to be around.

Bobby is a happy guy – who wouldn’t be, on a quarter of a million dollar government salary – who goes to all the white church conferences and says what the pale folks want and need to hear: that everybody can get over mass murder without having to face it, let alone do time for the crime.

Along with Chief Bobby will be a government guy, and a theologian from my old alma mater, the Vancouver School of Theology, completing the traditional trinity of church, state and hired Indian collaborator that made the residential schools massacre possible. So it’s a fitting arrangement, I suppose, if we are to actually understand how the genocide was possible.

The Bobby Josephs were the white man’s trackers, sent out to round up all their own children and cart them off to certain rape and torture and often death in the places called schools by their bosses. For that, they were rewarded well, and they got in the habit of thinking like the white man.

“Nothing will be gained by pointing fingers” Chief Bobby likes to say to people like Bingo, and me. Certainly nothing will be gained by Bobby, who knows the accusing finger is aimed not just at the white people.

But that’s the wonderful world we Canadians have made, and it reminds me of what Bingo used to say to me, with such unusual seriousness, whenever we held a church protest.

“I feel like I need a bath whenever one of them Christians shakes my hand.”

And yet the churchgoers at A and W extend their hands to each other with such apparent ease every Sunday, in their place of reverence, where they and all things are reconciled.


Poem "Precipice"

By Kevin Annett
May 29, 2011

W.B. Yeats, Easter 1916

Too long a sacrifice
Can make a stone of the heart.
O when may it suffice?
That is Heaven's part; our part
To murmur name upon name,
As a mother names her child
When sleep at last has come
On limbs that had run wild.
What is it but nightfall?
No, no, not night but death;
Was it needless death after all?
W.B. Yeats, Easter 1916

I read today that Dr. Helen Caldicott believes that only women can, in her words, "save the world."

Save the world. That's what every cannon-backed missionary tried to do.

My words are not those of a tired or defeated man, but one who has left a dying, gobbling world.


Anglican Land Mines and the Refugee Jesus: More Notes from an English Sojourn

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
May 24, 2011

Martin Luther King's statue

Two centuries ago, Percy Shelley wrote, “Hell is a place much like London”.

Charlie McVeigh put it another way last week, when I stumbled over the old guy reclined outside Westminster Abbey, undetected somehow by three million closed-circuit TV cameras and marauding bands of cops.

The bedraggled Irish face looked up at me and declared, “Livin’ here feels like I’m washin’ in shit every day.”

It isn’t just the layers of grime that I have to try cleansing from myself here in London, but some other filth that doesn’t come off.

Martin Luther King’s statute stares down at Charlie McVeigh on those nights he’s allowed to sleep near the Cathedral, ever since the Anglican Church made King a saint of sorts. Ironically, the black man refused to preach in Westminster Abbey during his brief stopover in 1964 to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize in Stockholm. When asked why by incredulous reporters, King said that the church reaped the profits off the torture of millions of colonized people and slaves, and he’d dishonour their memory by stepping foot in a place like Westminster.

I guess the Anglicans forgave King for the slap in their face. He’s dead now, anyway: just like Jesus.

But Christianity aside, business is still good for the Church of England, Incorporated. In 2005 alone, the value of its property and corporate investments jumped by over 800 million pounds: that's well over a billion dollars. But its zest to store up riches on earth received a rather unpleasant jolt the following year, when it was revealed that the Church owned 38% interest in a Belgian company that manufactures anti-personnel land mines.

Church potentates said all the right words, naturally, when their shit came to light. The blood soaked foundations of Westminster, and every other church property, are supposed to be washed clean now by politically correct “corporate divestments”, just like an “apology” is a solution to church-sponsored genocide that spanned centuries. All crimes can be absolved, apparently, by the perpetrators themselves.

I don’t think anybody really believes this, including those who profit from the deception. The first thing that confronts you upon entering Westminster Abbey is a huge money collection box. Christians know the score; they just can’t admit that they do. The booming church bells, the soaring, uplifting organ music, the sanctimonious words and incense, somehow are meant to make it all clean and good – and even necessary.

What they still don’t get, I suppose, is that the lie isn’t necessary at all.

I arrived yesterday in the rural peace of Nottinghamshire, and for a time I wandered joyously near a thousand year old village set among flowering fields and smiling oak trees. The filth and mental fog of London evaporated as I leaned against an ancient wall and suddenly knew the secret that Charlie McVeigh and Jesus whispered to me amidst Empire’s clatter: that the earth, like our soul, is unbounded, and that religion is another false wall built across the unbroken landscape of our soul.

I looked across a perfect valley not marred by fences, and saw in the distance a cluttered town with church spires hovering over sad, cluttered little houses, and a voice spoke to me:

Jesus the Free Man was murdered by Christianity the Corporation, whose symbol, the cross, is actually a property designation of the Roman corporate state: the contained square that carves up and walls off creation from its children.

“Property is a mad illusion erected by selfish imagination on the common treasury given to all men” declared Gerrard Winstanley in 1649, when he and a few friends called the Diggers broke down the fences that rich landlords had illegally erected around the ancient common land of Surrey, England which nobody owned.

“No other creature starves its own kind but man, and in that evil is the fall, for every man is Adam, yet he is Christ as well when the sin of property is extirpated by all things placed in common, thereby honouring the Creator.”

The fences of Corporation and Church have made most of us refugees in a world given equally to every child born. True faith, said Winstanley, is when we knock down all the fences and reclaim the earth for the poorest of the poor, and recover a lost innocence.

For the last to be made first, it’s required that the first become last. Thus says the Bible, and common sense: the knowledge shared by all of us, innately. But we aren’t speaking of class warfare: rather, of reclaiming the common identity that has been stolen from all of us, rich and poor alike.

We are to recover the earth, and our lives, and the law itself, from the corporate oligarchy that have stolen it from us. And to first see clearly, we are to first reclaim our faith, which has also fallen into the hands of the few. And that requires that church corporate institutions be legally and actively dis-established so that the lie can begin to end.

I know this to be true whenever I speak to small groups of Christians, like I did today in Nottingham: men and women who love the words of Jesus and who hate what the church has done to them.

This week, the global corporate media are howling over the failure of a prediction that the world would end on May 21, and of the apparent gullibility of millions of people who expected and even longed for that termination.

As usual, the suits miss the point. For the hope of the end of worlders is strangely reminiscent of what the snug and propertied Christians used to be: people living on the margins who were enemies of Empire and Church, ambassadors from a different reality, looking past a world at war with itself to a far better place.

It all reminds me of something that was said to me once by a man much like Charlie McVeigh: a garbage dump dweller in Mexico City, who refused my offer to him and his family of a few pesos.

The man looked at me simply and said, “The only thing that will help us is a new world.”

Blessed are the refugees from insanity, for they have become the way.


The Wall of Holocaust Denial Begins to Topple: Aboriginal Museum is Forced to Display Evidence of the Canadian Genocide

Special Contribution
By Jim Windle
May 15, 2011

Brampton, Ontario, May 13, 2011

For the first time in Canadian history, a public museum will exhibit evidence which makes reference to overtly genocidal policies by both the churches and government of Canada towards indigenous people, including in the deadly Indian residential schools.

Relying primarily on the research gathered by Rev. Kevin Annett in his book Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010,, the aboriginal advisory committee of the new Peel Region Heritage Museum in Brampton, Ontario convinced the Museum designers, Vilnis Cultural Design Works, to establish a display that shows that genocide, according to the United Nations’ definition of the crime, did occur in the Indian residential school system.

The schools were established and run jointly by the Vatican and the Crown of England in 1834, and continued until 1996. According to government statistics, nearly half of the 150,000 children in these schools died because of treatment and conditions there.

The decision to document this genocide in the new Peel Region Museum was forced by the Advisory committee’s chair, Allan Jamieson of the Haudenosaunee Nation, who faced major opposition from Vilnis to include the term “genocide” in the Museum displays.

"We want to tell our story about what happened to our people, and is still happening in Canada, and we want Canadians and others to learn about it, and we don't want to sugar coat it” said Jamieson to Teka News this week.

“As victims of this genocide, we have a right to characterize for ourselves how we have been, and still are mistreated. The committee's work does not include having to convince the Vilnis team of genocide in Canada ... It is truly tiring and demeaning to have to try to convince learned people about accurate history.”

Allan Jamieson, who has consulted Rev. Annett in the past, has also learned that Canadian government agencies make up about one third of Vilnis' business. Their list of clients includes companies that also benefit from the dispossession of First Nations lands including a home builders association, a mining association, and a pulp and paper company.

Until now, not a single Canadian Museum has displayed the evidence of the massive mortality level in Indian residential schools or of their deliberate murder and crimes, documented in archived letters and testimonies published by Rev. Annett since 1998.

“It’s an incredible breakthrough” commented Rev. Annett today in London, England, where he is working with an International Tribunal to bring charges against Canada and its churches for genocide.

“Thanks to the persistence of Allan Jamieson and his people, the truth of crimes against humanity in Canada is finally being formally acknowledged, and taught to the next generation. The walls of denial are tumbling, and a huge leap has now been made towards bringing those responsible to justice.”

The London-based International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) has been endorsed by over thirty organizations, including survivors of child abuse in nine nations, as well as seven different indigenous nations across Canada.

Information from the files of Teka News, Brantford, Ontario, Vol. 42, issue 19, May 11, 2011


The Other Canada – or the Real One?

Special Contributor
By Kevin Annett
May 10, 2011

The audience laughed heartily when the two little aboriginal children were kicked violently to the ground, not once, but twice, by the leading actor.

They laughed equally as hard when an Indian was hanged before he could make a final statement, there on the gallows.

It happened a few nights ago at a movie theatre in downtown Vancouver, where once again I ran smack dab into the sick underbelly of Canada.

For some reason, I was watching a bad remake of the John Wayne classic True Grit. I wasn’t sitting among a bunch of red neck yokels, but respectable, well-dressed yuppies and students in the city’s fashionable west end: all of them white, like me. And most of them, apparently, were entirely amused by the beating of Indian children.

Fresh from that experience, I received a call at home in Nanaimo the next day from a Cowichan native woman who was in tears. We’ll call her Cathy.

Cathy had been subjected that same day to a viciously racist assault from a supervisor at work, in front of the rest of the staff. She was told that all her people were “stinking animals”, “smelly”, and “lying around all day drunk in the longhouse”. All of Cathy’s co-workers stood by and watched without saying a word. Cathy went outside, sat on a curb, and sobbed her eyes out, until her husband came to get her.

Cathy has suffered a nervous breakdown and can’t return to work now.

The Supervisor was told by her boss to write a short note of apology to Cathy, which she did. Then the matter was officially closed.

Sound familiar?

Cathy’s husband, outraged, tried pressing the matter, and was warned by the top Supervisor that he’d be in trouble if he did. The reputation of the assaulter, and the workplace, would be in jeopardy, apparently. And that’s what mattered.

Aboriginal people are of no account, here in Canada: socially, legally, or in our sick pale minds. Most white Canadians will savagely disagree. For the same people who laughed at the attack on the children on the screen, or who stood by and watched passively as Cathy was broken and discarded, will claim that here in Canada, we are fair to our Indians - unlike those evil Americans.

We even apologized for exterminating most of them.

My relatives refuse to believe me when I describe how every motel in Kelowna, B.C. refused to give our mixed party of Indians and whites any rooms in February, 2003, when they all displayed vacancy signs.

The story just doesn’t fit our self-image.

Regularly, we’ll call a protest after yet another Indian man or woman is murdered by cops, and nobody will show from the white world. Not one person.

In fifteen years, I have yet to see a ripple of interest or outrage from any of the self-proclaimed progressives in the white world, for the mass murder of residential school children.

Where were all the good Germans? Where are all the good Canadians? You tell me.

In response to this epistle, I will no doubt receive my usual dose of replies from mildly (this is Canada, after all) upset white people who will chide me for my unfairness, and my disregard of all the good they have done for Indians. They are demonstratively more upset over my words than they are about what happened to William Combes when he was six, at the tender hands of Brother Murphy and his electric cattle prod; or how, in February, William was murdered in Vancouver General Hospital.

The big sign inside the Chapters bookstore downtown reads, “The World Needs More Canada.”

I don’t doubt it.


Warning: Convicted priest-rapist active again in catholic church in Ottawa, Canada

Special Report
Kevin Annett
May 2, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI failed to punish pedophile priests

In 1992, John (Jack) McCann, OMI, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two teenage girls and was sentenced to 10 months in jail by a New Westminster judge. ITCCS has just learned that today, McCann is a priest in "good standing" in the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

McCann officiates at church functions and conducts "Pro-Life Masses" in cities across the Province. He is a religious order priest of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) whose Ottawa residence is at 175 Main St. Web site:

John McCann has even "co-celebrated" Mass with Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast who granted him "faculties" or permission to function as a priest in the archdiocese.
Prendergast has also given safe haven to disgraced Bishop Raymond Lahey who was arrested at the Ottawa International Airport in October of 2009 for possessing child pornography on his laptop. In addition to seizing his computer, authorities say that Lahey has made several trips to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand since 2005 - countries known for their active child sex trade.

This discovery of John McCann in active ministry is yet another example of the practice of Roman Catholic Bishops to quietly reinstate predator priests back into unsuspecting parishes. Those who sexually abuse children are difficult if not impossible to cure and their tendency to re-offend is high.

We call upon all Ottawa citizens to protest at the Catholic Archbishop's office, at McCann's church, and at the OMI headquarters in Ottawa, and demand that John McCann be banned from priestly and public functions. Keep your children away from this man and this church!

ITCCS Canada, April 28, 2011

Newspaper articles on John (Jack) McCann's trial and conviction, and a recent YouTube video:

"PRIEST CHARGED IN SEX OFFENSES" by Lori Pappajohn, Royal City Record/NOW, New Westminster, August 25, 1991.
"PRIEST RECEIVES FIVE CHARGES OF SEXUAL ASSAULT" Royal City Record/NOW, New Westminster, February 2, 1992.
"PRIEST PLEADS GUILTY" by Bessie Brown. Royal City Record/NOW, New Westminster, June 16, 1992, Vol. 9 No. 25.

YouTube Video from December 2010: At about 58 seconds into the footage, McCann appears on the left in priestly vestments:



Special appeal
By Subramaniam Masilamany
Apr. 18, 2011

Rathika's message in the poster

Here is a golden opportunity to get one of our Tamil sister's into the parliament and help the government understand the plight of Tamils worldwide and in our motherland.

We need an insider who can reach out to the other parliamentarians and make a case for us. This will help us to remove all the misunderstanding about Tamils in the minds of the law makers.

Rathika is at point where if all Tamils vote for her she is will definitely win this. Look at the other candidates, do you think they will present our case better than one of our members?

So on the election day get out and vote, this way it does not matter who gets elected, we will show that we are political force to reckon with. On that day while voting vote for our own kind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Tamils living elsewhere in the world please encourage your relatives living in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada to get out and vote, and vote for Rathika.

Contact: 1-800-881-8672


Riding the Groundswell: A Report on my Recent Speaking Tour

Special Contribution
By Kevin Annett
Apr. 3. 2011

Kevin Annett receiving acknowledgment by Mohawk Indians, Ontario on Mar. 30, 2011

For five weeks starting in late February, I visited fifteen cities across Europe and Canada, and spoke at twenty four public gatherings: in bookstores, community centers, among indigenous people on their traditional lands, and even to a packed Opera House in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The tour was scheduled as a book launch for my just-released "Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor", but it quickly became much more than that: as I helped survivors of church torture picket Catholic churches as far away as Copenhagen and Toronto, and served a Public Summons on Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper in Ottawa, and received new endorsements for our International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) from indigenous groups here in "Canada".

What was common, however, was that everywhere, I encountered the same courage and determination in people who I met, and a growing groundswell of support for our campaign to end the reign of terror against our children, our rights, and our planet.

Frankly, my head is still spinning from my tour, so I hope I capture the essentials of what I experienced, and the enormous change that is shifting our world, symbolized perhaps by the earthquakes that rock our planet daily.

Since the tour, I am more hopeful than ever about the future of our work. For one thing, the crowds at our events keep getting bigger: at venues where I had previously spoken, the attendance was twice the size than previously. I was interviewed on national media in Slovenia and Denmark, and local media all over England and Canada. But most important, many more people stepped forward at these events to sign up with our campaign.

As is expected, the attempts to undermine and sabotage our work also increased, primarily in Canada, where gatherings in Brantford and Hamilton were the target of misinformation and smear campaigns aimed at me. This was undoubtedly due to the fact that the area is a center of native activism and support for my work. Fortunately, the organizers at these events spotted the signs and helped diffuse the lies and keep our events on track.

In this regard, one of the more amusing incidents happened in Hamilton, during the waning days of my tour, when the local police informed the organizers of my talk at Mohawk College that an "undercover" cop from their "hate crimes" division would be present at my lecture to monitor what I said. In response, many of you wrote to the Hamilton police challenging this obvious intimidation tactic, and I myself asked the head cop in question whether his department was also investigating the churches that murdered local native children with the same interest.

He hasn't replied to me.

During that same week, I was delighted to speak to a wonderful class of Catholic high school students near Toronto, many of whom want to sign up with our work to hold their own church accountable for its ongoing crimes against children. Their support, like that of traditional Catholic college students in Cork, Ireland where I won a public debate with a Vatican official last year, indicates how much the church is a trembling house of cards, behind its image of solidity.

It was also a high point on my tour when I was presented with the Two Row Wampum Belt by elders of the Kanien'keha:ka (Mohawk) Nation near Montreal, and, as part of their endorsement of our ITCCS, was authorized by them to bring the message of the Two Row Wampum to my people. This Belt was the original treaty of equality between Europeans and the Mohawks which was abrogated and violated by the English Crown. Undoing the genocide of residential schools involves, I believe, the re-establishment of the Two Row Wampum, and the dis-establishment of the Crown of England and its false jurisdiction.

I am resuming the next phase of my tour in mid April - hey, two weeks is plenty of rest for me! - when I return to Ontario, and then back to London, England on May 7. I will be based in London throughout the summer and into the fall months, and will travel from there all over Europe and North America.

During those months, I will be helping organize our September Tribunal in London and building up the networks that will sustain our campaign, especially among groups of survivors all over Europe. We have a promise of support from politicians in Italy and Ireland, and from the same German-based media group that has broadcast our film Unrepentant to over 10 million viewers since August. We also recently received a generous financial offer from a donor to sustain our campaign and pay for travel costs.

We now have five local groups in Canada, two in Ireland, five in England, one in Australia, and two each in Denmark and Slovenia, that endorse our ITCCS hearings in the fall, and most of which will be holding forums of their own to coincide with the Tribunal. In these gatherings we will be composing the indictments by which we will bring to common law trial and sentencing those persons and institutions that planned and continue crimes against children, the earth and indigenous people.

We have a growing legal advisory team that will be guiding this aspect of our campaign, but we also look to indigenous elders and survivors of genocide in many countries to help determine the course of our work. We are part of an enormous work in progress, the future of which is in your hands.

In that regard, I have reprinted below recent you tube postings of events related to my tour, including the endorsement from the Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake near Montreal.

I want to end by thanking all of you for your tireless efforts at hosting me and making the recent tour possible, and for preparing for the months ahead. More news and details are forthcoming.

As a survivor of the first residential school in Canada near Brantford said to me at my last public talk this week, as she embraced me,

"I didn't want to trust you because you're a white man. But after listening to you I don't think that anymore. I've been waiting for what you're doing my whole life and I ain't gonna be silent anymore about they done to us."

We are overcoming. Thanks my friends.

Statement of Endorsement from Bear Clan, Kahnawake territory, Mohawk Nation
Kevin Annett
March 21, 2011



As Kanien’keha:ka Women of the 5 Nations Confederacy, we recognize that you, Kevin Annett (Akweks Rowen:na’shatste)/”Eagle who has a strong voice” carry the spirit of the mighty eagle whose duty is to warn the people of any impending danger or irregularity.

Anyone who works to re-establish the balance between the peoples for the protection of our Mother Earth/all of our relations in the natural world is welcomed under the protection of the Great Law of Peace. We acknowledge that you carry a good-mind and we entrust you with the right to display and spread the original message of the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty to the peoples of our Mother Earth.

As was explained to you during your visit with us, the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty originated from the spiritual realm at the beginning of creation. Representing two equal but opposite powers that shall never touch but work in balance in which the natural world was created. The Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty Belt only took physical form as the official symbol and record when the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca Nations established the original agreement of our relationship with the Dutch in 1616; and subsequently was established with the British, French and United States of America.

The white wampum background represents, purity and peace; and the two purple wampum rows represent the two parallel paths: the non-Native society’s belief and laws and our way of life in accordance with the natural laws; symbolizing that both societies agreed to live side-by-side as sisters and brothers and that neither is to legislate over the other or be a detriment to our shared environment. Although the governments of the other nations on the opposite side of our Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty have hidden from their people and seriously breeched this original agreement, this agreement shall last for all time to come. In addition to honoring that balance in our official cycle of ceremonies, from time to time, the 5 Nations Confederacy will recite the message of the Two Row Wampum belt to the people so that generations to come will never forget. Our ancestors understood that the non-native society had to be nurtured back into balance. Therefore, when it is seen that the non-Native society becomes a detriment to our Mother Earth then it is our obligation to remind them of our original agreement, the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty.

So long as you shall walk the land with your only allegiance to truth and righteousness on the path to re-establish balance on our Mother Earth as this is the truth that is found in the natural world you are welcomed to utilize our official symbolism in your efforts to remind the governments of other side of this agreement in efforts to restore humanity.

With peace, power and righteousness, we honor and stand in solidarity with you and are grateful that you have accepted to carry the original message of the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty on your path.

In the Spirit of Truth,

The Women’s Fire
(Kahawinon:tie, Wakskarewake)
Cheryl Diabo, Bear Clan
Kahnawake Kanien’keha:ka Territory


PM Steven Harper served Summons to answer charges of crimes against humanity

Special Contribution
By Kevin Annett
Mar. 28, 2011

Rev. Kevin Annett

Canadian Prime Minister served Summons by International Tribunal as his government falls; Kevin Annett authorized by Mohawk Nation to carry Two Row Wampum Treaty Message to the world

The day (March 26, 2011) before Steven Harper's Conservative government was toppled by a non-confidence vote in Canada's Parliament, the besieged politician was delivered a Public Summons to answer charges of conspiring in Crimes against Humanity before an International Tribunal this September in London, England.

Standing in front of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Kevin Annett of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) read from the Summons that charged Harper with concealing genocide against native children in Canada's Indian residential schools, denying justice to survivors and protecting the churches responsible for the deaths of 50,000 native children. Annett then formally delivered the Summons to the Prime Minister's Office. (see video)

Harper has thirty days to respond to the Summons, after which his silence can be deemed to imply his consent to the charges made against him. A similar Summons was delivered to Pope Benedict at the Vatican last month.

Earlier this week, Kevin Annett and the work of the ITCCS was endorsed by members of the Mohawk nation and the Mohawk Traditional Council in Kahnawake near Montreal.

On their territory, Cheryl Diabo of the Bear Clan at Kahnawake and other elders presented Kevin Annett with the Two Row Wampum Belt, recognized his indigenous name Eagle Strong Voice in their own language as Akweks Rowen:na’shatste, and authorized Kevin in his work as a bearer of the message of the Two Row Wampum.

A copy of the Mohawk statement follows and is attached.

Monday, March 21, 2011
Kahnawake Territory

Greetings Kevin Annett,


As a Kanien’keha:ka Woman of the 5 Nations Confederacy, I recognize that you, Kevin Annett (Akweks Rowen:na’shatste)/”Eagle who has a strong voice” carry the spirit of the mighty eagle whose duty is to warn the people of any impending danger or irregularity.

So long as you shall walk the land with your only allegiance to truth and righteousness on the path to return the original power to the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty created to re-establish balance on our Mother Earth as this is the truth that is found in the natural world are welcomed to utilize our official symbolism in your efforts to re-store humanity.

Anyone who works to re-establish the balance between the peoples for the benefit of our Mother Earth/all of our relations in the natural world is welcomed under the protection of the Great Law of Peace and we invest you with the right to display and spread the original message of the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty to the peoples of our Mother Earth in the hope to return the balance within creation.

As was explained to you during your visit with us, the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty originated from the spiritual realm at the beginning of creation. Representing two equal but opposite powers that shall never touch but work in balance in which the natural world was created. The Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty Belt only took physical form as the official symbol and record of the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca Nations established the official agreement of our relationship with the Dutch in 1616, then the British, French and United States of America.

The white wampum background meaning, purity and peace; and the two purple wampum rows meaning, the two parallel paths signifying the non-Native society’s belief and laws; symbolizing that they shall never interfere with one another's way of life. The 5 Nations Confederacy gave the non-Native society an understanding that this agreement shall last for all time to come. This agreement shall never be forgotten between the two sides. In addition to honoring that balance in our official cycle of ceremonies, from time to time, the 5 Nations Confederacy will read the Two Row Wampum belt to the people so that generations to come will never forget.

With peace, power and righteousness, we honor and stand in solidarity with you and are grateful that you have accepted to carry the original message of the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty on your path.

In Peace and Friendship,

(Kahawinon:tie, Wakskarewake)
Cheryl Diabo, Bear Clan
Kahnawake Kanien’keha:ka Territory

cc: Kahnawà:ke Branch of the Mohawk Nation
Mohawk Traditional Council


Why, and How, We Must Arrest Prime Minister Steven Harper, the Pope, and other Malefactors: Learning from the Liverpuddians

Special Contribution
By Kevin Annett
Mar. 20, 2011

Parliamentary Precinct, Ottawa, also known as the Algonquin Nation

"If the Nuremburg Laws were applied to our nation, every president since Harry Truman would have been hanged for crimes against humanity." - Noam Chomsky

That is the nub of the matter.

It's a strange thing to live in a culture where criminals are officially in charge. The glib anaology to a family ruled by a child raping parent only goes so far, because in the so-called modern world, the problem isn't one dictator but a globalized corporate Moloch that chews up the innocent and the earth, and rules by fear. And to assimilate all the living into its metallic self, this machine requires amoral criminals at the levers of its operation.

Family, schooling, and the daily wage-slave drudgery that grinds us into mental pulp has moulded us to accept these criminals as a fact of life - read, death - which probably explains why usually only three or four people will turn up to our public meetings dealing with the church, corporate and state-sponsored trafficking and murder of children.

So it may seem very odd and presumptuous for me to suggest that it's time we begin arresting the people in charge of our governments, corporations and churches for their crimes against humanity.

If you had have been near Liverpool last week, you would not think my proposal so strange, or fanciful. For in the small town of Birkenhead, more than 600 local people invaded a court room and arrested a an especially corrupt judge, and then declared a common law court in place of the one formally run by the fraudulent fiction known as the "Crown".

I was lecturing in Denmark at the time, and I missed the event, but speaking to the men and women who made it happen, I am struck by their exhilirating optimism, the resurgent power they feel now, and their complete assurance that the days of the present regime in England are numbered.

I immediately thought of all the candidates among judges, politicians, corporate moguls and popes that are ripe for a similar arrest and detention. I recalled that Canada has the lowest conviction rate of child rapists in the world. And I remembered the tragic faces of aboriginal survivors of rape and torture in Indian residential schools as they watch time and again as the courts of Canada exonerate and protect the butchers responsible, and their bosses.

We are not born or meant to be such slaves. Our common law heritage gives you and I the power and the moral obligation to arrest and try those persons and groups who threaten our peace and safety, when our police, courts and governments refuse to do so.

I say the time to do so is long, long overdue.

Doing so is not as difficult as our fears imagine, for the power of any elite is mostly illusory and based on our ignorant compliance. I was there on the bright Vancouver morning in March, 2008 when Squamish hereditary chief Kiapilano evicted the Roman Catholic church from his territory for its murder of his people. I saw the police sergeant back away from our protest with the words,

"If that's a legal eviction order then we'll have to enforce it."

Kiapilano's order was in fact perfectly legal, and lawful: entered in the records of the Vancouver court registry and stamped with his own sovereign authority that has never been surrendered. And since the Catholic church, naturally, tried ignoring the Eviction Notice, it has been illegally trespassing on Squamish nation land ever since April 8, 2008, and Kiapilano and his agents, including me, have the right to start arresting anyone who enters a Catholic church in Vancouver.

The mind boggles at the possibilities.

Squamish Chief Kiapilano (centre) and Kevin Annett (right) issue Eviction Order against Roman Catholic Church on Squamish Nation land, Vancouver, March 2008

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper sits every day on illegally occupied land of the Algonquin Nation in what is called Ottawa. As an unlawful squatter, and as the agent of a foreign power that oversaw the slaughter of indigenous children in residential schools, and as the guy who has engineeerd an official criminal conspiracy to hide this crime that he calls the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission", poor Steve is a prime candidate for common law arrest and trial. As is the Pope himself.

Knowing our power, and the reason why we must act, makes the "how" quite straightforward. The next step requires courage, clarity and the will to act.

Much has been written about the means by which personal sovereignty is declared: on how we withdraw our consent from the system, issue a Notice of Intent, and nullify our allegiance to Crown, Church and other corporate, admirality law based institututions.

It is time for us to take the next step, and issue a similar Proclamation of Sovereignty at the collective level, and reclaim our world according to natural law. For only when we establish such collective sovereignty, as the Birkenhead protestors effectively did by reimposing the common law on a fraudulent, usurping legal power, will we have the social means to bring to trial so-called heads of state in a contemporary Nuremburg Trial.

Some of us took such a step on July 1, 2009, in Winnipeg, Canada, when we proclaimed a sovereign Republic of Kanata and nullified our allegiance and recognition of the so-called Crown. This movement has endorsed Squamish Chief Kiapilano's eviction order and other land reclamations by other indigenous nations, like the Six Nations near Branford, Ontario. But its real test will be when the majority of non-native, "ordinary" Canadians take a Pledge of Allegiance to the common law society that we seek to create from the grassroots.

This kind of creating a new society within the shell of the old is the big "how": we have to create, or rather recover, a truly sovereign Nation, in Canada, England, America, and everywhere. The smaller, personal "how" was shown in Birkenhead, and lies in our daily refusal to vote or pay taxes to the old regime, or buy its products, or use its thieving banks or credit system.

This is the philosophy behind our upcoming International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, to convene in London, England on September 12. Our Tribunal will be staffed with its own body of Common Law Peace Officers who will arrest and detain the guilty and enforce sentences made against, for example, those who harm children or protect those who do: even if the convicted parties call themselves a Pope or a head of state.

We will never undo an enormous historical crime like child abuse, genocide and ecocide without dismantling the institutions and mindset that caused it: and those responsible for maintaining it. I say that it's time we begin such a dismantling so that we can recover our beautiful planet; but first by letting go of our conditioned compulsion to trust the system by merely "protesting" or lobbying Moloch, that ancient eater of the innocent.

The test will be what we do now. I for one will no longer look to a rapacious monster of corrporate church and state for a justice or "healing" which it is incapable of enacting. Nor will I give my allegiance to such a Thing, ever again.

How about you?


John Milloy is a Big, Fat Idiot - and other Reflections on Canada's "Truth and Reconciliation Commission"

Special Report
By Kevin Annett
Mar. 11, 2011

John Milloy, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities of Canada

Professor John Milloy stared at me with a learned hostility obviously gained from years of intimidating undergraduates, from his pontifical perch at the back of the lecture hall at Trent University. It was a cold evening in the spring of 2006, and nobody in government or church had yet thought of using an apology to immunize themselves from doing jail time for the crime.

The pout on John's chubby countenance spread into an angry scowl as I began describing to a shocked audience some facts that normally dwell far, far far away from Canadian academic discourse, like piles of childrens' bones under churches.

The topic that night was crimes in Canadian Indian residential schools, and John, being the officially approved expert on the subject, started jumping and groaning like it was he, and not Indian kids, who had been at the receiving end of an electric cattle prod.

After I ignored his noises and began speaking about the documented death rate of more than fifty percent in the residential schools, John Boy just couldn't contain himself any longer, and he cried out,

"All that's been debunked!"

I stared at the guy, and thought his ejaculation sort of, well, a little odd, considering that he himself had cited the fifty percent death rate claim in his own book, A National Crime.

I reminded John of this fact and he looked like he had just swallowed a large jalapeno. He sputtered,

"Just because so many died doesn't mean it was deliberate!".

John Milloy really is a big, fat idiot.

Later, I began wondering how incredible dumbos like Milloy - who really seems to believe that thousands of kids can somehow die accidentally - get appointed as the court scholar and head muckamuck for every Say-Nothing Royal Commission on Indians for the past twenty years?

Well, says my sadder but wiser self, it's precisely because Milloy is such an idiot, and so fat, that he got to win the exalted spot of Official Say Nothing Expert since, let's face it, there's nothing messier and less Canadian than talk of the murder of children.

Maybe John's just lucky, even if he does weigh three hundred pounds. But he does have on his side the exalted Canadian academic tradition when it comes to Indians that I like to call No Name Research, of which Big John is a leading perpetrator.

No Name Research consists of talking all around an ugly truth without ever mentioning such incovenient details as who did what to whom, how, and when.

This week, NNR is being inflicted once more on the unsuspecting, loyally-taxpaying public that's funding the latest extravagant circus run by the government's misnamed "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" in Vancouver: an event as fat and as stupid as John Milloy, who helped set it up.

Asked by an atypically daring journalist about children who died in Indian residential schools, Milloy replied glibly,

"There's some talk of graves here and there, but we're leaving them pretty much undisturbed."

Pretty much?

In a similarly undisturbed manner, a battery of pale faced scholars almost as big as John gathered at a front table in front of the cluster of $500 a pop delegates to carefully dissect, camoflouge and chloroform the bloody fact of dead children by reducing them to items on that day's agenda, under such illuminating subject titles as "Modes of Discourse in Ethnographic Studies of the Impact of Religious Imperialism on Canadian indigenous Peoples".

I was away in Slovenia that week, continuing to annoy John, or I would have checked out the gala TRC conference: especially the free smorgasboard. I figure John must have chocked up another five pounds in the first day alone, with all the free food, desserts and booze. Maybe I'll write a paper soon entitled "The Correlation of Caloric Intake to Neuron Depletion in Past their Prime Academicians."

I really shouldn't be so hard on Fat Boy. He probably had the shit teased out of him as a kid. And besides, he's just doing the job he's paid to do, which of course is always the best defense.

I did have a friend attend the TRC pork fest, and he said he spoke to a South African delegate who had been flown to Canada, probably for a few thousand bucks, to speak for a half hour to all the Milloy lookalikes. The delegate looked confused, said my friend.

"Why is Canada going to so much trouble to create such an obvious pretense?" the South African wondered.

Big John would have been personally hurt, I warrant, by the foreigner's remarks, since Milloy takes pride in comparing Canada's little farce with the South African TRC: a stupid comparison, of course, since in South Africa, their investigation into apartheid's crimes didn't allow the guilty parties to grant immunity from prosecution to themselves, as the Canadian government and churches have done for their slaughter of children. And victims got to name the names of the criminals, and even bring charges against them - unlike at the Canadian TRC.

But then, as we know by now, John Milloy is stupid. And Fat.

My friend had to leave the conference after less than an hour, so he missed all the speeches to the few dozen token Indians carted in to sit in reverence before the pale faced scholars, who told them what their suffering was really all about.

Outside the warm and lavish conference hall, my friend came across a homeless aboriginal couple who were digging into a garbage bin for some bottles to recycle for fifty cents or so. He offered them a few bucks, but they turned him down. The native man said they preferred to work for it.

Instead of Yet Another Eulogy

Special Report from Canada
by Kevin Annett
Mar. 8, 2011

Residential School Survivor: Queen of England Took 10 Children Away

I don't want your condolences for my brother. I want you to help us stop these killings. - Frank Thompson at the memorial rally for Johnny Bingo Dawson, January 2010, Vancouver

I would insult the truth of who Billie Combes is if I reduced what has happened to him to a series of words. I have no desire to comfort or explain anything anymore, for none of that stopped his murder.

When I received the horrible but not unexpected news of his death, I responded by shutting the door and sobbing for a long time, as an outrage kindled in me that will never go out.

Eulogies are possible only for strangers, and Billie was not just another dead Indian. For I came to know and love him as we struggled from the same lonely place to do the necessary impossibility. William Combes was one of the very, very few survivors of our home grown genocide who spoke out, clearly and persistently, about the crimes: and who never let his own fear or threats from others still his voice or his actions.

Many kind words have been sent to me since he died, but it isn't words that we need. What is required from all the consolers is the kind of raw courage that Billie showed the day he joined fifty of us as we occupied Holy Rosary Cathedral during a Sunday mass, despite his crippling memories of being stretched and tortured on a rack by Brother Murphy at the Kamloops Indian residential school.

It's precisely such bravery that is lacking in our ranks these days, and each new killing seems to wilt our numbers and our resolve even more, as it is meant to.

I understand better than most people the despair that descends when we face immovable injustice, and authorities. So did Billie. But something that he and I share is a capacity to respond to our own hopeless predicament and lost cause by doing something more than simply despair.

Billie saw that quality in the group of us the day we first met some five years ago, outside Christ Church Anglican Cathedral in Vancouver, as mounted cops tried scaring us away from the scurrying church goers and scowling priests. Billie was a small and unlikely warrior, but he beamed with encouragement as he came to me and said,

"I saw some kids get killed and buried up at the Kamloops school."

Later, as we got to know each other, Billie said that it was only when he saw our protest about the murdered residential school children that he found the nerve to finally speak about what he knew, and suffered.

He and I taught each other the ultimate supremacy of a single act. When it comes to crimes of state and church, only acts matter, for the official discourse and language is held captive to these powers.

"Talk is just shit" Bingo Dawson said to a reporter, at the last church protest he attended before he was beaten to death by three Vancouver cops.

"All these churches care about is losing face and their money. They're scared their shit will all come out and they'll do the time for the crime. That's why I'm here with this sign and I'll stay here until they do the time."

The reporter never quoted Bingo, naturally. But it didn't matter to him, or to Billie, for being there that day, in the face of their rapists and torturers, was enough: for that was their victory.

Something of the dead passes into the souls of those who have known them, my Gaelic people teach, for in the best among us we see our actual nature as people born without fear or shame: and we are meant to carry these fallen ones on with us. That is the final gift of our warriors to us, and we denigrate the offering and their sacrifice by not continuing all that they fought for and embodied.

And so this April 15, on the seventh anniversary of our inaugural Aboriginal Holocaust Memorial Day, we will be carrying a simple sign outside many church and government offices around the world, declaring,

"Who Killed Bingo Dawson, William Combes, and thousands of others?"

Join us on that day, and share our outrage and purpose. Bingo and Billie will be standing beside you, and me.


Canada's "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" ordered off the territory of the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government

Special Report from Vancouver
By Jeremiah Jourdain
Feb. 28, 2011

Sovereign Hereditary Siyam Kiapilanoq

The sovereign hereditary leader of the Squamish Government, Siyam Kiapilanoq, expelled the Canadian government's "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" (TRC) from his territory today in Vancouver, Canada, and called for a boycott of the TRC in favour of a newly formed International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

The TRC is convening a "research conference" into Indian residential schools in Vancouver from March 1-3, but did not consult or invite Siyam Kiapilanoq or other traditional elders to the event.

In a public statement issued by his sovereign and legally recognized government, Siyam Kiapilanoq stated,

"According to hereditary sovereign land tradition, no permission was asked to conduct this event. No consent is given to hold this conference and the TRC members are asked to leave ... SSNG members endorse the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its call for all people and residential school survivors to boycott the TRC and all its events. True justice will prevail when investigative powers with longhouse legislation serve full indictments to the Named Accused/Offenders in order to bring the children home as a peaceful restitution.

"Siyam Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™ endorses the ITCCS Summons from Kevin Annett who has the authority as a member of the SSNG, to act in a peaceful and not violent manner. Kevin’s right to demand answers from CANADA’S PM Stephen Harper about the residential school issues is crucial to healing the spirit of the original Sovereign Hereditary people on Kanata, Turtle Island."

Siyam Kiapilanoq is the third hereditary leader of an indigenous nation in Canada to endorse Kevin Annett and the ITCCS, following Chief Louis Daniels and hereditary leader Peter Yellow Quill of the Anishinabe-Ojibway nations in Manitoba.

A copy of Siyam Kiapilanoq's statement was issued to the TRC and the Canadian government, as well as to United Nations officers and world governments.

The entire statement is reprinted below.

Issued by the ITCCS, 28 February, 2011
London, England

Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™
Nation Government (©SSNGSN™)
Country Code SQU/SQ Economic Numeric Code 333
Sovereign Swift Code SSCGSQKAP
PO Box 3477, Mission, BC [V2V 4L1] officially changed to
Capital City ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™, ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™,
Kanata (large settlement), Turtle Island (TI)
Mobile: 00+1-604-603-2103 Email:
Skype: iamfr33 Website:


Sxwlxwltews-greetings Ladies and Gentlemen:

RE: MARCH 1-3, 2011 TRC RESEARCH FORUM CONFERENCE on Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Land

We respond to a proposed "Truth and Reconcilation Commission" (TRC) Conference that is taking place on Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Land in the capital city, ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™ formerly known as ‘Vancouver’ from March 1 to 3rd, 2011. According to hereditary sovereign land tradition, no permission was asked to conduct this event. No consent is given to hold this conference and the TRC members are asked to leave as before in 2008 by served Eviction Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Court Orders issued by Sovereign Hereditary Leader, Siyam ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™ in front of many witnesses and the media by our appointed member, Kevin Annett.

1.0 General Provisions: SSNG members endorses the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its call for all people and residential school survivors to boycott the TRC and all its events. True justice will prevail when investigative powers with longhouse legislation serve full indictments to the Named Accused/Offenders in order to bring the children home as a peaceful restitution.

2.0 Endorsement: SSNG, Sovereign Hereditary Leader, Siyam Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™ endorses the ITCCS Summons from Kevin Annett who has the authority as a member of the SSNG, to act in a peaceful and not violent manner. Kevin’s right to demand answers from CANADA’S PM Stephen Harper about the residential school issues is crucial to healing the spirit of the original Sovereign Hereditary people on Kanata, Turtle Island.

3.0 SSNG Hereditary Sovereign Laws: Named Corporate Public Agents for de facto CANADA and BRITISH COLUMBIA were Evicted by a Court Order and served with a Notice to Cease and Desist in August, 2010 but for some reason, they do not know what an Eviction Court Order means, through their arrogance refuse to take down the flags, remove the white church crosses, return the government vehicle and stop the genocide on hereditary claimed lands.

4.0 Service and Time Clause: We served the hereditary bloodline Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Land Claim by this and many other Notices via email and hard copy to members of the International Community. Some digitized Notices are dated and served from our website; 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. This International Press Release/Notice is deemed served to the Private and Public people, failure to comply within 3 days pursuant to Common law jurisdiction, defined and interpreted by the Sovereign Traditional Hereditary ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ longhouse legislation in recognition of UNDRIP, 2007 reserves members of the SSNG to render the debt and register the liens as an economic remedy by estoppel as described in S. B hereon.

We are the voice for Mother Earth-Pachamama-Gaia and humanity’s free-will. DATED as of the day and year first above written on ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™, Kanata, Turtle Island. Hyishka/thank you.

Approved as to form by autograph for: (in the original)

[1]Siyam ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™, President for ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Bank on Kanata (SBOK), Director and CEO for the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Credit Group (SSCG), Sovereign Hereditary Leader for the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™Government SSG aka SSNG Legislator for the Underwriter, Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Court (SSCK)

Witnessed by Autograph for:

©Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst™ aka ©Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst-Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™, in any style of cause Justice / Amicus Curiae[2] for the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Court on Kanata (SSCK), TI


Mass Grave Sites across Canada to be Surveyed by International Tribunal; Prime Minister Harper to be Summoned to Answer Charges

Special Report from London
By Jeremiah Jourdain
Feb. 24, 2011

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The five-nation Executive of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) today authorized the commencement of an immediate investigation into alleged mass graves of children at former Indian residential schools across Canada.

ITCCS forensic assessment teams and investigators will arrive in Canada tomorrow to lead this inquiry in conjunction with local aboriginal elders.

The ITCCS action has been sparked by the refusal of Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper to respond to two letters from the ITCCS Executive asking that his government investigate the graves and commence criminal proceedings against the churches responsible for the deaths of children in the residential schools.

School survivors and indigenous elders in three regions of Canada have requested the ITCCS intervention, and will cooperate with the ITCCS teams to produce hard evidence of mass murder in the schools. This evidence will be submitted to the opening session of the ITCCS on September 12, 2011 in London, England.

"We will be issuing a Public Summons to Prime Minister Harper this week requiring his presence at our Tribunal, to answer charges of obstructing justice and aiding and abetting a crime against humanity" said Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the ITCCS Executive.

"We have issued a similar Summons to Pope Joseph Ratzinger and six senior catholic cardinals, and will be asking common law peace officers to enforce the Summons.

"We call on all residential school survivors in Canada to cooperate with our inquiry and boycott the Canadian government's so-called 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission', whose actions are obstructing justice, silencing eyewitnesses and whitewashing this enormous genocide."

The ITCCS forensic investigation teams' actions can be monitored on its website . For more information, contact the ITCCS at .

Authorized by the ITCCS Executive:

Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary
Henry Bear, LL.B., Maliseet Nation, Chief Prosecutor
Chief Peter Yellow Quill, Anishinabe Nation
Ken Bear Chief, Legal assistant
Andrew Paterson, Common Law advisor
Gerry O'Donovan, David O'Brien and Kevin Flanagan:
ITCCS Ireland and Religious Abuse Truth


Aboriginal Eyewitness to Murder of Bingo Dawson Threatened by Vancouver Police

Cops alleged to have beaten residential school survivor and activist to death last December

A Special report
by Kevin D. Annett
Feb. 11, 2011

Johnny Bingo Dawson, murdered by Vancouver Police

The sole witness to the deadly beating of a front line indigenous activist by policemen last year in Vancouver says he's been told he'll be arrested if he speaks about it.

Rick Lavallee of the Cree Nation claims that a Vancouver policeman came to his home last week and threatened to have him arrested if Rick persisted in his claim that he witnessed a group of Vancouver policemen beat activist Johnny Bingo Dawson so badly that he died two days later, on December 6, 2009.

In a videotaped interview yesterday in Vancouver, Rick recalled: I got threatened by a police sergeant ... and he came to my place and he asked me what I knew happened about Johnny Bingo and he said he didn't believe me. Then he told me he could arrest me ... He asked me if I had any papers about Johnny Bingo and he asked me about Kevin Annett's files.

When asked about what he witnessed happen to Bingo, Rick said: I seen four police officers beat him up behind the police station, one sergeant and some rookies. This is sickening what they're doing now to people.

Another aboriginal witness, who wishes to remain unnamed after hearing of Rick's harassment, stated today: They said Bingo died of being drunk but I seen him the day before he died and he was sober. He was hurting too much from that beating they gave him to drink. He had front teeth missing, his shoulder was out of joint, his face was all bloody and his nose got broken. He said some cops did it to him.

The Vancouver Coroner's office took five months to issue their report on Bingo's death. Their report cites as his cause of death "alcohol withdrawal". The accompanying toxicology report, however, states that no alcohol or drugs were found in Bingo's blood.

Eyewitness Rick Lavallee(left), at a Vancouver Protest, 2008

Bingo Dawson was a targeted man. A survivor of systematic torture at Anglican and United Church residential schools, he won the hatred of local police by regularly speaking out about their brutality and racism against Indians. He also led protests and occupations of downtown Vancouver churches to demand the return of children killed in Indian residential schools.

I personally saw a Vancouver police sergeant threaten Bingo at the corner of Main and Hastings, about two months before he died. The cop said to Bingo, "You're a fucking troublemaker and people like you go missing."

Perhaps this was the same police sergeant who recently threatened to arrest Rick Lavallee if he continues to speak about Bingo's fatal beating.

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) has been sent copies of Rick's statement and will be asked to investigate the apparent involvement of Vancouver police in the murder of Johnny Bingo Dawson: and many other native people. More people die in police custody in Vancouver than in any city in Canada - and most of the victims are aboriginal.

ITCCS investigators will be working across Canada starting in early March to gather evidence for possible criminal indictments against policemen, church and government officials. The ITCCS de jure proceedings will commence on September 12, 2011 in London, England, coinciding with local ITCCS forums across Canada and the world.


Some Animals - and People - are More Equal than Others - with apologies to George Orwell

Special Contributor
Rev. Kevin D. Annett
5 February 2011

George Orwell

Dear editor, and citizenry,

It is indeed touching that the B.C. government - urged on by an outraged media and public - is officially investigating the recent shooting of one hundred sled dogs last April in Whistler, B.C.

One wonders where the same concern was when over 20,000 Inuit sled dogs were shot by RCMP officers during the 1950's and '60's.

According to the Qikiqtani Truth Commission held by the Inuit people in 2008, most of their sled digs were deliberately slaughtered by the Mounties to force Inuits off their lands and out of their traditional lifestyles. As a result, countless Inuit died after being forced into poverty, welfare dependency and alcoholism. (CBC News, June 18, 2008)

The Canadian media is bemoaning the fate of the Whistler sled dogs, whose passing is not causing anyone to die. Of course, those dogs belonged to white people. And "our" dogs, naturally, deserve a proper burial now: unlike the Inuits, or more than 50,000 Indian residential school children.

Oh, Canada.


Carving the Whitewash in Stone: A Holocaust-Denying Museum for Canada

Special Contributer
By Kevin D. Annett
Jan. 22, 2011

A grave at a United Church residential school

Well, how quaint, and so typically Canadian. It seems we’re to have an “Indian residential schools museum” now, thanks to the same people who have been whitewashing the whole thing for years.

Canada’s stage managed “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC) – those guys who can hear survivors’ testimonies, but only record them if they don’t name names or mention murders – announced yesterday that they’re going to hold another glitzy event in Vancouver in March to plan the Museum.

If their most recent public extravaganza last June in Winnipeg is any indication, we’re in for a bullshit session that will make even a church spin doctor cringe.

Today, I told the news to Darrell Little, a Nishga man who as a kid was tortured at a United Church residential school, and helped dig graves there. He lives on the streets of Vancouver now.

Kevin D. Annett

When I mentioned the Museum to him, Darrell smirked, and said,“They gonna have little kids’ dead bodies on display? ‘Cause if they don’t, it’s all garbage.”

This simple truth seems to elude the very “ab” original flunkies who with neo-colonial loyally serve as the front piece of the TRC: sanitized natives like Judge Murray Sinclair, who commented last June to a group of survivors who wanted to know where their fellow students are buried, “Only nut bars talk like that.”

For that’s the technique, you see: obstruct and silence the truth tellers, while co-opt their truth in a way that will absolve the criminals and pacify the whole bloody matter.

Canadians, and their British Imperial tutors, have always been masters of this art: and this enormous doublethink is so internalized in our culture that most people act it out automatically – especially when it comes to all those little Indians we killed.

The truth is, the Big Lie still works, surprisingly well: and Canadian church and state have been in dire need of it these past three years, ever since massive pressure from below forced the Harper government to concede that lots of children died in the residential schools – without mentioning who caused it and who should pay, of course.

A real Museum about the Canadian genocide is a good and necessary thing – one which I and a very few people have been publicly advocating for over a decade now – but let’s be realistic. If one puts the project in the hands of the very body whose mandate clearly forbids and prevents the full truth of the residential schools from being named, what kind of history will be depicted?

The TRC “shall not hold formal hearings or conduct a legal process … shall not possess subpoena powers … shall not name names or record the names of alleged wrongdoers … (and) shall make no findings regarding the misconduct of any person or regarding the possible criminal or civil liability of any person or organization.” (TRC Mandate, Section Two, (b) to (h), )

How, then, will a TRC-sponsored “residential schools Museum” do anything more than perpetuate such a clear and obvious cover-up?

I can imagine the Museum displays of such a sanitized view of Canadian history: the sort of general, bland commentary you can find in our high school history books which describe the “peaceful re-settlement” of Indians onto reserves, or depict residential schools as “an attempt to bring education to the Indians.”

Isn’t it time we stopped this self-deceiving and criminal nonsense and came clean about ourselves, Canada?

Nobody will make us do so, of course. Winners of a war are absolved from accountability, and other nations will never put us on trial, any more they will a child-raping Vatican. Only we can do the unimaginable, and publicly display the corpses, and say who is responsible, and bring those people and institutions to justice.

Justice? What does it mean? I think ultimately it comes down to being different than who we have been. It means not stealing and ruining the land anymore, or raping one another, or standing by while truth and the innocent are slaughtered right around the corner.

But if that’s to become a reality in Canada, it will require that those of us who aren’t controlled by church or state build our own museums, containing the full, uncensored story.

Is this realistic? Not at all. Not in Canada.

We have a neighbor here in Nanaimo who puts out poison capsules for all the wee mice who scurry about his house. He told me recently that his daughter found one of the little mice corpses, and their family all took the time to give the poor thing a burial in their backyard.

First you kill, then you do the nice thing. I can tell they’re Canadians.


Prime Minister Harper to to Summoned to Tribunal to answer charges of complicity in Genocide; Tribunal will launch its own investigation in Canada

Final Notification to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Government of Canada Regarding your duty of compliance to an order that you cease and desist from obstructing justice and aiding parties to Crimes against Humanity in Canada

Special Report from London
By Kevin Annett
Jan. 17, 2011

Mohawk Nation members and Kevin Annett protest at Canadian Parliament, April 2009, demanding return of residential school children's remains

Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada is about to be issued a Summons by an International Tribunal to answer charges of complicity in genocide.

And the same Tribunal plans to start its own investigation into children who died in Canadian Indian residential schools, if Harper doesn't take action by March 1.

In a letter issued to Harper earlier today, the Executive of the newly-formed International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) accused Harper and his government of subverting justice and exonerating the churches responsible for the deaths of thousands of children in residential schools.

The letter states that if by March 1, 2011, Harper's government has not initiated criminal charges against the Catholic, Anglican and United churches and begun to repatriate the remains of the dead children, the ITCCS will dispatch its own staff of investigators to Canada.

The staff will conduct forensic investigations at alleged mass grave sites near former residential schools "in conjunction with indigenous elders and families of the victims", and will gather evidence to indict Canada for Genocide.

The ITCCS letter concludes by informing Prime Minister Harper that it intends to issue a Public Summons to him to appear before its opening session in London, England on September 12, 2011.

The Tribunal also plans to bring criminal charges against the aforementioned churches. The ITCCS has already issued a Summons to Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, to appear at the September Tribunal.

A complete copy of the ITCCS letter to Prime Minister Harper follows:

17 January, 2011
London, England
Dear Mr. Harper,

Over the past three years, your government has legally exonerated the churches responsible for the death of more than 50,000 children in their Indian residential schools, refused to prosecute those responsible, and resisted all attempts to locate and repatriate the remains of these children for a proper burial and criminal investigation.

Accordingly, on October 25, 2010, our Canadian representative, Rev. Kevin Annett, wrote to you on our behalf and requested that your government do the following:

1. Begin criminal legal proceedings against the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada for their proven criminal actions in Indian residential schools and hospitals, including their responsibility for the death of more than 50,000 children,

2. Commence a public repatriation program to return the remains of these children to their homes for a proper burial, and

3. Conduct a full and unrestricted public disclosure of the full truth of crimes committed by both these churches and the Canadian government in these schools.

In the same letter, Rev. Annett also notified you that if your government failed to begin such actions by March 1, 2011, our organization and its personnel would intervene in Canada to do so.

Neither Rev. Annett nor our body have received a reply from your office. We must therefore assume that by your silence, you are not contesting these claims and the clear evidence that you, the Canadian government and the said churches are complicit in aiding and abetting this crime against humanity.

Accordingly, this letter will notify you and your government that as of March 1, 2011, as part of the work of our Tribunal, our field agents and other specialists will begin operating in your country and will be conducting their own investigations into these crimes, including conducting forensic examinations of alleged mass grave sites near these former residential schools. We will be doing so in conjunction with indigenous elders and families of the victims.

We will also be bringing legal charges, sanctions and other measures against the aforementioned churches and individuals responsible for these crimes.

The results of our investigations will be submitted as evidence before our international panel of judges and the world media when our Tribunal convenes in London, England on September 12, 2011.

In this regard, our representatives will soon be serving upon you, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, a Public Summons to appear before this Tribunal to answer these and other charges.


The Executive, The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) London, England

For more information, contact the ITCCS at , or its Canadian field agent, Rev. Kevin Annett, at this email or at 250-753-3345.


The Book that Blew the Cover off Canada's Genocide is Now online

Special Contribution
By Kevin Annett
Jan. 13, 2011

The cover of Hidden No Longer book

Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010) by Kevin Annett is the most thorough, documented body of evidence ever published concerning the planned genocide in Canadian Indian residential schools.

Filled with eyewitness testimonies and documentation gathered over fifteen years, Hidden No Longer is an indispensable resource book for any educator, activist or scholar wishing to learn and teach Canada's real history.

This impeccably researched work reveals in graphic detail the crimes committed in the Indian residential schools, and proves how they match the international definition of genocide. But it also traces the roots of these crimes in the European philosophy and culture of religious-based conquest known as Christendom, that caused the extermination of millions of indigenous people.

"Too many copies of this book were disappearing off library shelves and being destroyed. But now the whole world can learn the truth, that Canada and its churches tried to exterminate native people by destroying their children - and that they are continuing this rampage against the innocent" commented the author today.

"None of this book is copyrighted, for it's public knowledge that is meant to be a weapon in the hands of residential school survivors and any victim of these churches."

Readers are encouraged to download the entire pdf file of Hidden No Longer and post it as a permanent resource on websites and in every library, college and school across Canada, and the world.

London, England Protest

Much of its content will be offered by Kevin Annett as evidence at the upcoming International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State in London, England next September.

The cover of Unrepentant book

Also available from Kevin Annett, the just-released Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor tells Kevin's personal story of how he encountered the awful truth of his former church's crimes against Indian children: and the price he has paid for speaking out. Available through Amazon Books, Chapters-Indigo, and online. (O Books, London)

Hard copies of the book can be ordered from Kevin Annett for $50, plus postage. Kevin can be reached at 250-753-3345 in Canada,
Or at .

It can be viewed in its entirety at .


From Edmonton to Etobicoke: Fed by the Blood of the Lamb

Special Contribution
by Kevin D. Annett
Jan. 11, 2011

Vicky Stewart, 1949-1958 Killed by United Church employee Ann Kinzky April 9, 1958, Edmonton

Ramming voltage through a child, or nails through her tongue were the prescribed United Church methods of dealing with savages.

My picketing the church that did this is a worse offense,according to its Moderator Mardi Tindal.

Vicky Stewart was nine years old on April 9, 1958 when she was clubbed to death by United Church matron Ann Knizky. But Vicky was an Indian,and thereby constituted barely 3 percent of the importance of Mardi Tindal.

Since Mardi and our family funded the murder, it was fitting that her corpse found its way into my life, and, somewhat, into a recent "pastoral letter" sent by Mardi Tindal to all the church faithful.

There, amidst the saccharine correctness of Mardi's phrases, Vicky's twisted decay was tucked neatly between many considerations, foremost being the avoidance of litigation.

No doubt with the same evangelical self-assurance that killed Vicky, Moderator Tindal moderately exhorted the faithful to "build new relationships" with those of Vicky's people whom the United Church had left alive.

United Church's Edmonton Indian residential school Annual Death rate (1910 - 1970) = 45 - 55%

"There is a promise of liberation for everyone in this" the smiling Moderator effused. Actually, she meant, "All those little corpses can still serve a purpose."

The faithful no doubt took inspiration from Ms. Tindal's words. For clearly, it is the job of a good Christian to be cleansed by the blood of the lamb.

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada at

Watch Kevin's award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on his website

"We will bring to light the hidden works of darkness and drive falsity to the bottomless pit. For all doctrines founded in fraud or nursed by fear shall be confounded by Truth." - Kevin's ancestor Peter Annett, writing in The Free Inquirer, October 17, 1761, just before being imprisoned by the English crown for "blasphemous libel"

"I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him." Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind
Elder, Turtle Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Bringing Home the Crime: Canadian dissident launches new book and campaign

By Anna Bragga
Jan. 7, 2011

Rev Kevin Annett(right)

The former United Church minister who forced Canada to face its genocide of native children will be publicly launching his new book, Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor, in London next month marking the start of a global speaking tour and book launch that will culminate in the first session of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) in London on September 12th.

For two decades, Reverend Kevin Annett has documented and exposed mass murders in Canada's Indian residential schools, and confronted those responsible. His efforts, a remarkable David and Goliath story, are described in his latest book, which has been called "the work of a genuine hero who is Canada's equivalent to Simon Wiesenthal."

Annett will commence his book promotion tour on February 23, 2011 in London, England, where he will hold a book launch at Housman's bookstore at 7 pm. He will hold readings and seminars across England, Ireland, Slovenia and Denmark before returning to Canada on March 21.

Annett will then speak in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton and Vancouver, and other cities, until April 10.

On March 22 while in Ottawa, Annett will present a Public Summons to Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper, requiring him to appear before the historic International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) next September in London, England.

Annett has already issued a similar Summons to Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, and to Queen Elizabeth, as well as church and government officials in Canada, the United States, Ireland and England.

"Acknowledgments and apologies do not resolve this crime; nor do they bring justice" stated Rev. Annett today.

"Now is the time for legal and political action to end a centuries-old reign of terror by church and state over the innocent. Telling this story is only the first step in bringing to trial those who tortured and killed children, and who continue to do so. Since courts and governments refuse to protect our children, then we must."

The ITCCS is a six nation organization mandated to bring to justice perpetrators of crimes against children. It will convene on September 12, 2011, in London. Local ITCCS forums will be held at the same time in Ireland, Canada and the United States.

For more information on the details of Rev. Annett's itinerary or to book him as a speaker, contact his UK media liaison Anna Bragga on 078616 77343.

For further information:
Canada: (250) 753-3345
USA: (386) 323-5774


Sri Lanka: Director education in Jaffna shot dead for speaking out

Dec. 29, 2010

NfR is shocked to learn that the Deputy Director of Education of the Valikamam zone of the Jaffna District who refused to direct the students of the schools in his zone to recite the National Anthem in Sinhala only, was shot dead in Jaffna on the same day when the controversial government sponsored Tsunami Commemoration Day Ceremony was held in Jaffna. He was shot dead at point blank range on 26.10.2010 by unknown persons who had arrived at his residence in a van that evening.

Legitimate criticism of any action of the government or its policy is a right any citizen should have in a true democracy. Criticizing the policy of the Government to recite the National Anthem only in Sinhala, is a right of any Sri Lankan. Killing a person for expressing his disapproval of such a policy is not only a violation of his freedom of expression but also of his right to life.

According to information received from NfR sources in Jaffna, 52-year-old Markandu Sivalingam, the Deputy Director of Education is reported to have openly criticized this decision of the government which had issued a circular directing that the National Anthem should be sung only in Sinhala at the ceremony and had disapproved the call for the participation of school children at the ceremony. This information has been confirmed by a news item in the website of the Global Tamil News of 28th December, 2010.

Armed men had arrived in a van that evening and shot him dead in his house in front of his daughter. When the armed men entered the house they had asked his daughter for her jewelry. She had screamed calling for her father. When the father rushed in they had shot him ignoring her pleas not to shoot him and offering them all her jewelry. Eventually the killers had taken away only one earring after Sivalingam had fallen dead.

Earlier on 15th December, 2010 Nithiyananda Sharma, the Chief Priest of Chankaanai Murukamoorthy temple in the Jaffna District, was killed on 15th December 2010. NfR is of the opinion that this killing too had a political motive. Both the killings were committed in such a manner as to make them look like killings while attempting to rob. Incidents of this nature happening in an area which is under tight security leaves for speculations on who the could be.

NfR condemns both these killings in the strongest of terms and demands that the government of Sri Lanka should initiate independent and impartial inquires into these incidents to bring the culprits to book. Failing in its responsibility to do so, will only confirm the widely held belief that State sponsored death squads are behind these incidents. Until those responsible for these killings are bought to book the government will stand guilty in the eyes of the public. Besides such inaction will motivate rogue elements among the security forces to take the law into their hands with impunity and the Government's claim of bringing about national reconciliation would remain only a dream.

Issued by: Steering Committee, NfR Sri Lanka C/O, 19447, Victory Blvd,#2, Reseda,CA 91335, USA

Call for Entries, Global Social Venture Competition which is the largest and oldest student-led business plan competition in the world

The Global Social Venture

The Global Social Venture Competition is the largest and oldest student-led business plan competition providing mentoring, exposure, and prizes for social ventures from around the world. The mission of the GSVC is to catalyze the creation of social ventures, educate future leaders and build awareness of social enterprises. The competition supports the creation of real businesses that bring about positive social change in a sustainable manner.

The GSVC is organized by the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in cooperation with 6 Regional Partners and 3 Outreach Partners.

Each year, entrant teams from around the world compete for over $45,000 while gaining valuable professional feedback on their ventures. Each entrant team must include a graduate business student from any business school in the world or an individual who has graduated from a graduate business program within the past two years (from the date that the plan is first submitted).

The Global Social Venture Competition occurs over three rounds, the last of which takes place at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. During each round of the competition, social entrepreneurs present the social, financial, and environmental values of their business, gaining valuable feedback from and exposure to some of the greatest minds in social innovation.

GSVC is more than just a competition, so if you are interested in social innovation and impact, please also take a look at our Conference page.

The Global Social Venture Competition is the world’s preeminent social business plan competition providing aspiring entrepreneurs with mentoring, exposure, and prize money to transform their business ideas into positive real-world impact. Its mission is to catalyze new sustainable ventures that address significant social issues, build awareness of the social entrepreneurship field and educate future leaders. Founded by MBA students at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, the GSVC has evolved into a global network supported by an international community of volunteer judges, mentors and student organizers and a partnership of premier business schools in the US, Europe and Asia.

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Step 1: Submit Executive Summary for Regional Round Please visit the GSVC Calendar to see which region your team should enter, and the entry submission deadline. Please review the official rules and executive summary round submission guidelines for entry.

The following table provides entry application links for each region and subregion. Region/subregion Application site The Americas EAST The Americas WEST Europe, Middle East, Africa

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Step 2: Submit Full Business Plan for Regional Semi-Final Round

If you are invited to submit a full business plan, you will be contacted by the respective Partner School. Each round has different submission deadlines, so please pay close attention to dates provided on the GSVC Calendar.

Please review important semi-final round submission guidelines on the regional semi-final round submission guidelines page. The formatting and submission guidelines will be strictly enforced; if your team does not adhere to them, your entry will be disqualified.

The following table summarizes regions and hosts of regional semi-finals. Region Host The Americas EAST Columbia Business School The Americas WEST Berkeley Haas Business School Europe, Middle East, Africa London Business School and ESSEC Business School Asia and Eastern Africa Indian School of Business Southeast Asia Thammasat University Northeast Asia Social Venture Competition - Asia

Step 3: Submit Full Business Plan for Global Finals or SIA Finals Judging Round If you are selected as a Global Finalist or SIA Finalist, you will be invited to re-submit your full business plan by March 23, 2011 at 5pm PST to present on April 7, 2011 (SIA Finals) or April 8, 2011 (Global Finals) at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. Details will be communicated to all finalists via email.

Mass murder in Canada has gone unpunished and unresolved: Help us bring the guilty to justice!

Rev. Kevin D. Annett and members of the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared

An Open Letter and Appeal to world governments and citizens

October 12, 2010

Dear friends,

On September 29, Judge Murray Sinclair stated to a Canadian Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples: Thousands of children died in the schools and their families were not informed of the deaths or the burial sites. Sinclair was referring to the Indian residential schools, established and run by the government of Canada and the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church from 1890 to 1996.

Not a single person has ever been arrested or tried for the deaths of these children. Instead, Canada and the churches responsible have legally indemnified themselves from prosecution for these deaths and been absolved of any wrongdoing. They have not even answered the requests of relatives of the slain to repatriate their bodies for a proper burial.

The courts and police of Canada have also refused to indict these bodies for murder, or investigate the deaths of the more than 50,000 children who never returned from these “schools”. And countless native people continue to die from the effects of the residential school terror.

We cannot find justice for the living and the dead within Canada’s borders. The Canadian government-appointed “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” into residential schools has no power to subpoena, prosecute or lay criminal charges against the guilty, and it censors witnesses from naming names or speaking of killings.

Because of this miscarriage of justice, we must turn to other governments, their informed citizenry and human rights courts for an answer.

We ask you to endorse a newly-formed International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), which includes our organization and eight others from Ireland, Thailand, the United States, Australia and England. The ITCCS will convene its first hearing in London, England on April 4, 2011.

At this hearing, we will present to the world the evidence that Canada and the aforementioned churches planned and committed genocide and warfare against generations of native people, and continue to do so against children.

The same Tribunal has issued a Public Summons to Pope Benedict Joseph Ratzinger, and six senior Catholic Cardinals, to attend the hearing and answer charges of their complicity in these and other crimes against humanity.

On October 11, our members in eleven cities across the world protested, held vigils, and presented Catholic church officials with copies of this Summons (see attached document). More actions are being planned, and I will be returning to Europe in January to help lead this campaign.

We ask you to endorse the ITCCS and its hearings in April. Please contact us for more information.

We also ask you to show your moral support for the survivors and the dead by supporting a financial boycott of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, and their affiliates.

Do not let the cries of the dead go unheard – or the hopes of the living.


Rev. Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div.
Acting Secretary,
The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (Canada)
An affiliate of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), 260 Kennedy St., Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9R 2H8