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The 2013 Korea-EU IPR Conference on Trade Marks & Industrial Designs held in Seoul

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Oct 26, 2013

Attendees at Korea-EU IPR Conference

The 2013 Korea-EU IPR Conference on Trade Marks & Industrial Designs held at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul, October 23, 2013. The event is co-hosted by the trade marks & designs office of the European Union (OHIM), the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and ECCK, and sponsored by Lee & Ko.

The Conference’s presenters are from well-known European and Korean experts on trade mark & design related issues, they presented ranging from registration to enforcement (anti-counterfeiting) and litigation. This event is helpful for both European and Korean companies who are seeking practical tools to better protect their IP assets in Korea and in their overseas expansion.

A keynote delivered by Mr. Javier Moreno Ramos from Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM). He was worked for 12 years as director of the Department of International Relation and Legal Affairs in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

Interestingly, Ramos said that IP protects the rights of creators and innovators, and contributes of Intellectual Property Right intensive industries in the EU, carried out by OHIM and the European Patent Office, showed that IPR intensive industries accounted for 26% of all direct jobs in the EU – around 56 million direct jobs.

OHIM, as the EU’s largest intellectual property agency, plays its part in helping to protect IP in the EU – offering EU–wide protection through the Community Trade Mark and the Registered Community Design and by helping to harmonies working methods and practices across the EU-28.

One of presenters, Young Seok Phyun, who worked at OHIM, compared registering Trade Mark in South Korea as cheaper than Europe, on the other hand, the benefit of registering in Europe which will covered all the 28 EU member countries.

Attorney Vera Eunwoo Lee explained a company who originally used the patent for the first time can get it back although not yet registered. Nowadays, Intellectual Property Rights becomes important in international business.

Hakbinnae grape shop welcomes you in Daebudo Island

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Sep 27, 2013

Kim Sun-hee(L), Kim Hyo-shik(C) and Kim Hak-bin

The owners of Hakbinnae grape shop, Mr. Kim Hyo-shik and his wife Kim Sun-hee, warmly welcome the people living in Seoul and guests to visit their shop in Daebudo island. Mr. Kim Hyo-shik, a resident of Daebudo Island, Doohyun ward, has been farming here since the time of his grandfather came down for rice farming here.

Now, Kim is doing grape yard and has 15 years of experience in this farming, before that, he was a rice farmer. His grape yard produced grapes approximately 8 tons a year, the grape prices are vary from seasons in South Korea, normally 4000 KRW per kg, early grape was cost as much as 7000KRW per kg. Almost, the whole islanders are doing grape yard, said Mr. Kim. Daebudo grape is popular in South Korea as a number one. There are 300 grape shops in the island

Mr. Kim's a veteran ID card

Usually, people from Seoul city came and stop by here to buy grapes. It takes just 30 minutes from Ansan station by a Bus number 123. Mr. Kim invites all of you to come at their grape yard in the island. Besides that, Daebudo has a popular Sihwa seawall and which is the largest tidal-powered electric plant in the world.

Mr. Kim has two sons Kim Hak-bin and Kim Hak-don. He is also a veteran of Vietnamese War. He was dispatched as a solider for 14 months to Vietnam War of total 36 months of his military service. At the time, he was just 26 years old, and Korean president, late Park Chung-hee considers him as a brave soldier and awarded President Medal to him. He believes he went for Vietnamese War as part of peace and democracy movement.

Mr. Kim is also a member of Korea-Dokdo-Love. He strongly supports Dokdo as a Korean territory. You can contact Mr. Kim, Mobile: 010-3718-2582.


By Neil Paul Valentino
Staff Correspondent
Sep 17, 2013

Janet Lim Napoles

Philippines needs more whistle-blowers and auditors so more than 90 million Filipinos know why the country is still in poverty and underdeveloped so far and most importantly to determine where the taxpayers’ money and Overseas Factory Workers (OFWs) tax remittances go. Just recently, one whistle-blower revealed that a certain Janet Lim Napoles, a Chinese descent born Filipino, was the mastermind of Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or called "pork barrel" 10 billion pesos scam. Pork Barrel is allocated to lawmakers in Senate and Congress and as well as the office of the president. Each congressman receives 70 million pesos yearly while 200 million allocates to every senator. According to reports, the president of the Philippines has a trillion pesos allocation per year. Based on Commission on Audit reports, from 2007 up to 2009 only- the alleged pork barrel of some senators and more congressmen went to fake non-government organizations and the alleged fund went to bogus beneficiaries masterminded by businesswoman Napoles, the giant thief along with the dishonest and thick-faced lawmakers of congress and the senate whose ill-gotten wealth is questionable.

After hearing the shocking scam from social media regarding the 10 billion peso scam which involved the lawmakers and other people behind the swindle, people from different walks of life like taxpayers, students, young and old vendors, celebrities and many others, gathered in Luneta Park and showed their outrage and sentiments against the dishonest leaders of the land. One political analyst said lawmakers shall only make or enact laws, they are not dispensers of government services. "Pork barrel is a part of political patronage system, they use to influence their constituents, if they use the fund they must give the fund fully to government services." He added.

Notably, Filipino people have removed a dictator and dishonest ruler almost three decades ago. "Filipino is worth dying for" the unforgettable words of former and incomparable senator and was called the "father of democracy" in the Philippines, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino will be forever in the hearts of Filipinos who also gave his life to fight against the dictator regime . And today many unfortunate Filipinos were leaving their country to work abroad and thus become slaves in order to survive for the sake of their family and children's future, the main reason is lack of sufficient jobs for the nation's inhabitants. Worse, some of them went home in a coffin, disabled, blind, raped, traumatized etcetera. The younger Benigno Aquino III is the incumbent president of the Philippines from 2010 up to the present, whose father was alleged slain by the past dictator and cronies due to opposing and fighting against Marcos regime, but now the Filipinos woke up and gathered together in public arena and rallied simultaneously not against the dictator but the thieves and traitors of the nation by abolishing the pork barrel which is the root of undying corruption and ongoing political dynasty.

This is the fate of poor Fiipino people in the country almost five decades ago in the hands of the shameful and deceitful leaders of the nation today, after the struggle of Filipino heroes like Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio and many others who fought the freedom of the country against the Spaniards invasion. The dishonest leaders of the country today rule their own authority, They fattened themselves and became wealthy and had lived in luxury and self-indulgence by hoarding nation's treasure instead of serving the country and its people. They likewise murder political rivals, media practitioners and defenseless whistle-blowers and innocent people. Dishonest politicians corrupted the nation's wealth by their self-interest and evil desires.

"My country is poor because of our corrupt officials, no matter how much hard work we put into our jobs and how much taxes we pay, we still remain poor", stressed one netizen in a social networking site who lost his hope due to unsolved poverty and rampant corruption. Corruption in the Philippines, in fact, is considered a cancer that never be cured and ended unless there is a fundamental change in present political system or organization. Why there were hunger, rampant poverty, and poor people become poorer in the rich mineral resources Philippines because of rampant corruptions across the archipelago from the local up to national level of government, no one can stop their co- lawmakers and constituents of looting the nation's money because each of them are alike, fattens themselves and living in self-indulgence while the nation and its people are still underdeveloped and particularly, the Filipino people are the exports of the country for how many decades now and their remittance taxes make the nation survive and thereafter the taxpayers' money will be looted by dishonest politicians such as president of the country, lawmakers, governors, councilors, baranggay officials, etc.

As of this writing, the Department of Justice (DOJ) together with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) are filing a plunder charges against the mastermind, Napoles and three senators of the land and those who involved in the 10 billion pesos pork barrel scam while the Blue Ribbon Committee of the Senate has started investigating the whistle-blowers about the plunder issues. The Filipino people must know and are now planning to have a big rally constantly this coming September 21, 2013, as to where the huge amount of pork barrel or the taxpayers' money went so that the looters will bring to jail if proven guilty and also bring the money back to nation's wealth.

Will I ever invest In Sri Lanka? NO, for fool and his money will soon depart

Special Contribution
By Subramaniam Masilamany
Jul 5, 2013


I do not want to be a fool. I am a forth generation businessman, now I operate out of Canada. Mr.Muttukrisna has written an excellent article. He says Diaspora money has found it ways into Jaffna. Muttukrishna $40,000,000,000 of Diaspora money is sitting in the banks gathering dust and rust. Today there is no place to invest except in US Bonds and Treasury bills. I will tell you why? There are several criteria that have to be satisfied. Old money is smart money and hard earned money. I toiled 40 years, 365 days per year, 18 hours per day to rebuild what the barbarians in Sri Lanka destroyed.

Number one: A man who burns a library should be burned alive, what should we do with nation that burns a library? They are barbarians. Did I put it right and strong enough? Knowledge is money and money makes money. I will never invest a red cent in Sri Lanka. Number two; The government, The opposition and The constitution. We want to read Sri Lanka’s constitution first and see how our money is protected by immutable covenants written in the constitution. If the constitution does not guarantee the safety of our money we do not want to invest. Though the US military –industrial complex can enforce the law, what good is if the goose has eaten the money? Therefore we don’t invest in Sri Lanka.

Number three: Sri Lanka has to be brought to its knees before anything can be done. Why we invest in Canadian and US bonds, because if they don’t honor their commitment you can migrate to this country and live here. Why are all the Mainland Chinese migrating to Canada and US? Because their money is safe here. Why are the Russians investing in an unfriendly country called USA? They know their money is safe.What is said is the safety of the Capital. Venezuelan money is invested in USA, but Venezuela and US government don’t see eye to eye. The governments may disagree but the business communities never quarrel. Why? we all have one common interest, we all want to do good for the community. If we live well that is our hard work and commitment to better living. Therefore I will not invest in Sri Lanka

Number four; What is the security to our capital investment? Sri Lanka nationalized foreign investment in 1970s without any compensation. Why would you do that? If every Sri Lankan works hard for his money he will know how hard is to make money. When you live on loans, grants and handouts you have no respect for hard workingmen and women. Therefore I will not invest in Sri Lanka. Number five what is the guarantee that we will get a fair return on our investment. Will I invest in the New York, London, Shanghai and Tokyo stock exchanges or in Colombo Stock exchange? We know who runs the Colombo stock exchange? Crooks, criminals and murderers! I can get 15% return investing in the top 50 companies in the world, why would I invest in nation where I may lose my seed capital. Therefore I will not invest in Sri Lanka

Number six; Racism and fanaticism do not mix with freedom and prosperity. Racism and Fanaticism are ways of stifling freedom and force people to adhere to some beliefs in superstition. When the priest and racist get involved common sense stop prevailing. Investment is about common sense and allows one to take his own risk investing. Therefore I will no invest in Sri Lanka. Number seven. You may have a young population, where are the people over 50 years of age who can manage the economy, they are all in west running corporations. Do you think I will ever come to Sri Lanka? In Canada when a policeman stops me I ask him why did he stop me and he has to give the answer within 15 minutes, otherwise he will in big trouble. The Legislature, The Executive and The Judiciary are separate and they function independent within the constitution of Canada. The judges are not cronies they are selected from years of experience and performance. They deliver equitable justice for they know that they too have live in Canada.

Number eight: The national mindset and out look. The people do not think of working, they think of what they can get from the government. The people don’t know that the government has to depend on taxes paid by the people, but when the people do not pay taxes, the government begs, borrows or instigate people steal from the haves or print money. Sri Lanka has been printing money ever since freedom and more so under Rajapaksa. What does he know about managing an economy? He is a criminal and a murderer. Therefore I will not invest in Sri Lanka So folk here you are my take on investment in Sri Lanka. You may not agree with me but when my investments yielding 21% before tax income I must be doing something right. Do I care about what people say; yes I do, if they are wise and smart. Will I ever listen to Rajapaksa or Great Liar Peiris? Ha, Ha, and Ha, Ha…..Not in my lifetime! Not in my lifetime.

Dr. Joseph Chalil of BI Honored with Two Prestigious Awards in One Week

John Wang, Founder and President of Asian American Business Development Center honoring Dr. Chalil with the 2013 Outstanding Asian American in Business Award during a Gala on Thursday, June 19, 2013 in New York City

(New York, NY: June 24th, 2013): Joseph M. Chalil, MD, MBA, FACHE, Senior Associate Director of Boehringer Ingelheim in Ridgefield, Connecticut, was the honored recipient of two separate prestigious awards last week. Dr. Chalil was bestowed with the 2013 Outstanding Asian American in Business Award for his “successful achievements in the field of business” on June 19, 2013 at the 50 Asian Americans in Business Awards Gala on June 19, 2013 at its annual event at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. The award recognizes entrepreneurs for their role in driving the U.S. economy, and according to Xiaotang Huang of the Asian American Business Development Center, recipients “represent a microcosm of the best of Asian American professionals and corporate executives who are engaged in a wide range of business interests.”

Dr. Chalil also received the New York Presidential award for his outstanding contributions to healthcare on Sunday, June 16th during the American Association of Physicians of Indian origin (AAPI) regional conference on June 16th in Westbury, NY. “Recognizing Dr. Chalil’s contributions in the medical field, AAPI has chosen Dr. Chalil to be honored as a great leader of the health care industry, and your commitment to provide best health services” said, Dr. Jayesh Shah, president of AAPI. The award ceremony was followed by a Shankar Ehsann Loy musical concert that drew 2000 people, part of AAPI’s Nine-City Childhood Obesity Awareness campaign and music tour across the nation. “It’s an honor to receive AAPI’s award for contributions to medicine and exemplary work in the field of healthcare especially on father’s day,” Dr. Chalil said in response to being chosen to receive the award. “We are blessed to have the love and light of our children in our lives. I am thinking of our children and future generations as I gratefully receive this award on behalf of the entire Boehringer Ingelheim team. Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) is committed to making more health for us, for our children, and for future generations. The BI family includes many physicians and scientists of Indian origin who are developing life-saving treatments for respiratory diseases, stroke, cancer, and many other diseases.”

A Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, the nation’s leading professional society for healthcare leaders, Dr. Joseph Chalil is an expert in US Healthcare Policy with extensive experience in Pharmaceutical and Hospital Management. The Boehringer Ingelheim group is one of the world’s 15 leading pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Ingelheim, Germany, and operating globally in more than 50 countries, it is the world’s largest privately held pharmaceutical company. Dr. Chalil serves as the face of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in stakeholder relations. “I am the functional lead and primary point of contact for customer engagement interactions to external opinion leaders, major academic institutions and professional associations, to build and maintain collaborative, mutually beneficial partnerships using scientific, commercial and policy expertise. I manage cross-functional and global interactions between Boehringer Medical Affairs, Research, Marketing and Senior Management,” he elaborates on his current role.

Dr. Chalil holds three US Patents involving usage of sensors inside Human Body in addition to other applications. He has additional US Patents pending in Neurology and Cardiology Inventions and he is the co-inventor of US Patent No. 7,989,248, US Patent No. 8,101,458 and US Patent No. 8,101,469. Recently, Dr. Chalil was nominated as Co-Chair for Industry Physician Committee of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) for the year 2013-2014. As the former CEO of Clinical Consultants International, a health care consultancy, he represented prominent healthcare companies such as GE Healthcare, Genpact, HIRCO Group, Godrej Ltd, KLE University, Somaiya Group, Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, Excel life sciences, Manipal Group and various international Pharmaceutical firms over the past decade.

Board Certified in Healthcare Management, Dr. Chalil is a former member of United States Navy medical Corps. Dr. Chalil was also invited to serve on Presidential advisory committee of Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) during his 2008 presidential bid. Having had his early education in the southern state of Kerala and Karnataka in India, this young physician has come a long way since he began his career over a decade ago. Dr. Chalil completed his higher studies at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Davenport University, JJM Medical College and Baylor College of Medicine. He is a Visiting Professor at various Universities and serves on various company Boards.

Beauty Marketing Institute for Your Hair Beauty

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Apr 29, 2013

Staff members of Beauty Marketing Institute

The Global Digest has interviewed with Beauty Marketing Institute’s General Manager Charlie at his office in Seoul. Beauty Marketing Institute is under affiliated with three companies, Minshair salon, Hairang and Venuseum.

Minshair salon has 15 branches across Korea peninsula; mostly they are located in Gyeonggido Province. Literally, “mins” means beautiful dream, especially for woman. Minshair salon was started in 12 years ago, in 2001, by Park Chang Jun(Landy Park), President of the company.

Minshair salon’s staff members have high experiences, most of them are approximately 10 years long experiences, and their ages are pretty young, just between 20 and 30 years old. They are trained both in domestic and abroad, such as in Japan, UK and so on. Theirs professional hair cutting fee is also reasonable just around 20 thousands Korean won per head. Minshair salon used to deal foreign customers with English language service, even you can directly talk to manager Charlie.

Hairang provides services in CRM, it means Customer Relationship Management program through online. They service mainly for its staff members, as well as, for non-staff members. The services included marketing program, dormant or sleep program.

Venuseum is an academy for hair beauty, to educate and train for a business purpose. Especially the academy trained and educated to the staff members of the company’s, as well as, non-staff members. The academy trained such as hair style, trend, marketing for different levels, from low and medium to high level of staff members. Low level staffs are considered as a training of probation period, as internship.

The trainers are from the various background, professional and expert person from senior staff members and some are also from non-staff member professionals, even from oversea foreign experts. Venuseum academy is popular in hair cutting skill, such as shaggy hair style, Mohikan hair style and Bob hair style for lady, and color highlighting, hair-up, such as foiling and so on.

Manager Charlie warmly invited all of customers to drop by their Minshair salon or at their institute for fulfilling yours dream beauty. Contact Charlie at mobile - 010-3567-1633.

SIPREMIUM 2013: Business and industry shows in Seoul

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Mar 10, 2013


SIPREMIUM 2013 held at COEX HALL in Seoul City on March 7-9, 2013. This is a 23rd SIPREMIUM show. The SIPREMIUM 2013 Tour Program was organized by Gangnam Global Business Center for foreign businessmen in Seoul. The group attend the Business and industry show in the morning section and then went to the Bangsan Market, Jewellery Shopping District and Namdaemun Market, which are South Korea’s largest wholesale market, to see various items and products.

SIPREMIUM long-form means Seoul International Sourcing Fair Premium, Gift and Home-ware. There were approximately 384 companies, most of them are from South Korean companies and also include some of foreign companies. The exhibition included Sales Promotional Products, Premium Home-ware Products and Design Products.

Foreign participants visits at wholesale market in Seoul

This program is helpful to find good business opportunities and get good business ideas. And SIPREMIUM offers you best spots for household and sales promotional items, an excellent opportunity to meet Business Market in Seoul and network with participants.

The event was supported by South Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Small and Medium Business Administration and Small and Medium Business Corporation.

Hanbit Korean Cosmetic Company for Beauty and Healthy

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Feb 6, 2013

Young Kwang Lee shows thiers cosmetic products

Hanbit Korea Company’s manager Mr. Young Kwang Lee explained Global Digest about quality of theirs cosmetic product. In Korean language Hanbit means “big bridge”- literally. The company produces soap and cosmetic items.

The quality of their product can make your hair growing or stronger, said Mr. Lee. For example, Derma Mobalna Shampoo, which can uses hypoallergenic non-ionic surface active agents, excellent cleansing for scalp and hair, Ph balance and hypoallergenic and Boosts hair nutrition and scalp moisture. Further your hair treatment, you can use Derma Mobalna Toner, which is oriental medicine components provide a feeling of refreshment and nutrition to hair and scalp, adds resilience and shine to hair and give hair volume.

Those products are made from an iris, an oriental arbor vitae, swertia japonica, black bean, and black sesame seeds. It is believed expert can produces a better cosmetic product from natural Tanakha tree from Myanmar.

The company also produces Refining Toner for solving irregular skin texture and removes direct clogged in pores, dissolves dead skin cells due to aging and regulates the amount of sebum in skin. And the Treatment Serum product can solves skin problems and manages excessive oil through sebum regulation.

Especially for lady, Doll Lash product, it is natural and vegetable property eyelash cosmetic product, which enables short, weak, and thin eyelashes to be long, rich, healthy using CGS505, the extract of the jack bean.

The company started 25 years ago, produced soap as a basic cosmetic and the first in the world to develop bamboo salt soap in 1980. Now it created approximately 400 types of soap. The company also received official commendation from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy on Day of Commerce and Industry in South Korea.

International Conference: on the topic of Sharing Career Development Practices

Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Jan 11, 2013

Eunmee Hwang, President of Career Consultant Forum

Asia Pacific Career Development Association Conference with the title of “Opening the Doors in Asia: Sharing Career Development Practices” will be held in South Korea, on April 3-5, 2013. The Conference is organized by South Korea based Career Consultant Forum and Asia Pacific Career Development Association.

The Global Digest had an opportunity to interview with Eunmee Hwang, President of Career Consultant Forum at her office in Seoul. She is a career consultant , focuses on specialization on a good career, such as human resource development for quality competiveness, and global talent. To guide people the right direction of their career for the right finding value and happiness, even they help them how to prepare for job interview.

This is a kind of promoting society to reduce unemployment with a suitable job to each person, said Hwang. She further said the South Korean government should support more career consultant programs to enhance career consultant’s capability, because career consultant ‘s role is to provide the best solution for job seekers, especially unemployed people, is very important. She strongly said the importance of finding a job which people can really enjoy and bring their giftedness to work. Their scope of career consultant is not just in South Korea, but around the world, for example, a qualified Korean can find a good job in U.S. and many other countries. It is expected 100 participants from around the world, especially from Asia Pacific region. There will be about 20 presenters from 10 countries. Key note speaker is Dick Bolles, the author of “What Color is Your Parachute?” His book will be also published in Korean in conjunction with Hankyung Daily Newspaper in South Korea. You can register for the conference at the following website:

Updated annually, Parachute has over 10 million copies in print, and 20,000 new copies are purchased each month. Parachute is now available in 20 languages and is used in over 26 countries. TIME magazine chose it in 2012 as one of the 100 best nonfiction books written in the past 88 years. It has been on the N.Y. Times best-seller list for over 5 years, and was selected by the library of Congress as one of twenty-five books that have shaped readers’ lives.

The audience for the APCDA 2013 Annual Conference may include career and school counselors, counselor educators, workforce development professionals, career development practitioners at all age levels (K-12, post-secondary, adult) and in all settings (school, college and university, government, military, business, agency, corrections, and private practice).

They are also preparing special career consultant workshop and training programs for student with the title of “Career Compass 2013”, which will help in guiding and analyzing themselves for their interest job. Apart from Korean student, they can also consulting International students who are studying in South Korea.

Career Consultant Forum (CCF) is a non-profit organization, started in June 2009, which is registered under the Ministry of Employment and Labour in South Korea, and affiliated with National Career Development Association from U.S.A., NCDA is 100 years old career consultant group. CCF has 70 members, who were former high class professionals in their job field. The different of CCF with other organizations is they have more professional knowledge and experienced persons, they are senior at the age between 40 and 50. They also have members in oversea, 3 in U.S., 1 in Canada, and 1 in Dubai. CCF has monthly meeting/workshop, and occasionally with foreign special speakers, to promote career consultant field for students, professional and parents, so on. The forum is networking with many countries, and engaging for various jobs. CCF raised fund from their own members for their organization’s activity.

The 4th International Financial Institutions Career Fair held in Seoul

Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Nov 16, 2012

Opening cerimonial of the meeting

The 4th International Financial Institutions Career Fair was held in Seoul from 15 to 16 November, 2012 at Sookmyung Women’s University, South Korea. The Seminar was attended approximately 300 people, including Financial Institution representative from around the globe, such as African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Inter-American Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and various economist, scholar, business professional and students.

The seminar was design for career introduction and counselling their own financial institutions for a future professional. The institution’s representatives explained about the scope of job, eligibility and procedure of selection process at their institutes. For example, IMF is strictly imposed potential eligible for only economic major background, if possible a PhD degree holder. And a country only a member of the institution can apply. Beside staff position, internship and youth program vacancy are available in each institute.

The two days seminar is starting with each organization introduction, then deep interview and job application procedure. The seminar was organized by Sookmyung Women’s University and sponsored by Ministry of Strategy and Finance of South Korean government. It is a great chance for talent young people to access global level professional job.

International Trade show: S-Fair Seoul held in South Korea

Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Nov 14, 2012

Banner of S-Fair Seoul

Approximately hundreds of buyer and distributer from various companies from around the world, participated in S-Fair Seoul at SETEC in Seoul city.

2012 S-FAIR SEOUL is the 1st trade fair for small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Seoul, which was held in Seoul Trade Exhibition and Convention(SETEC) on November 8-9th, 2012.

2012 S-FAIR SEOUL is also contributions to increase SME sales into global markets and will do the best business platform for buyers and marketers seeking new items and trading partners in Seoul.

Moreover, S-Fair provides attendees have a chance to increase their business value. And they are an able to enjoy the exhibition at the S-Fair, where the Seoul products are from various companies.

The exhibition items are such as Electronics products, Passion Accessories, Living Goods, Cosmetics, Gift items, Components for industrial section etc.,.

In addition, SBA sponsored some participants for free Air-ticket and hotel accommodation for 2~3 days. But participants have inconvenience with visa issue, delaying and not issuing them at all.

SBA established in 2005 support small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and afflicted with Seoul Metropolitan Government.

The latest technology for driving recorder at Senul Incorporation Company

Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Oct 18, 2012

Mr. Kevin Kim with Recorder, Black box

A South Korean’s Senul Incorporation company is started in 2003. Mr. Kevin Kim, Assistant manager is working in the Senul Incorporation for more than 2 years, which the company has approximately 50 employees both at the manufacture factory and office. The company is one of top companies which mainly produce IT products in South Korea, such as driving recorder, also called a black box.

It can also fix configuration by smart phone. This box recorder can attach in the car, then it can easily connect to smart phone or down load it into computer for storage. 8GB can approximately records 2/3 hours, larger size can records longer duration.

Black box has two kinds of quality, the ordinary one is VGA, costs $150, and the high quality one is HD, costs $200.

The Black box is popular among Korean customers and found very affective for car drivers. Especially, this product is good for tracking crime of car’s accident and other security issues.

Internationally, the products are also going to export in Japan, and around the world later on. They also have showed off their products at the trade show in Las Vegas in U.S. At the moment, the company is planning to do marketing in Europe, as well.

Europe Economic Depressingly Dark Ahead of 2012

By Jonathan Kristiansan
Staff Writer
Sep 26, 2012

The world's best place to live, Norway

A new survey reveals that more than 40 percent of the Europeans are pessimistic about the future outlook of the European Union (EU). In a poll conducted by the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 42 percent of the respondents said the EU is in decline while 29 percent expected the future to hold better prospects for the Union. Some 23 percent stated that the condition of the EU will not change either for the better or worse with six percent saying they had no opinion.

The survey, published on September 5, 2012, was conducted from August 13 to 17 by telephone among 6,000 German, French, British, Italian, Spanish, and Polish adults. Europe plunged into financial crisis in early 2008. Insolvency now threatens heavily debt-ridden countries such as Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain. The worsening debt crisis has forced EU governments to adopt harsh austerity measures and tough economic reforms, which have triggered incidents of social unrest and massive protests in many European countries including Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has said that exiting the eurozone is not an option and would be a "nightmare” for his country. Samaras made the remarks at a meeting of leading European Christian Democrat and centrist politicians in Rome on Friday.

“An exit from the eurozone is not a choice for Greece, it's a nightmare. For us it's not an option, it's a total disaster," Samaras said. “And it's not going to be easy for the rest of our partners, because once a country is out of the eurozone, speculators will start hitting the next weakest link, then the next one,” he added.

In addition, Samaras said Greece has resources to recover from its economic crisis. Greece has been at the epicenter of the eurozone debt crisis and is experiencing its fifth year of recession, while harsh austerity measures have left about half a million people without jobs.

Greek banks are in a shaky position, and pensions and salaries have been slashed by up to 40 percent. Greek youths have also been badly affected, and more than half of them are unemployed. The long-drawn-out eurozone debt crisis, which began in Greece in late 2009 and reached Italy, Spain, and France last year, is viewed as a threat not only to Europe but also to many of the world’s other more developed economies.

Germany’s Economic:

Germany’s leading banking and financial services company, Deutsche Bank AG, reportedly plans to slash several thousand jobs amid restructuring aimed at saving the business billions of euros.

German-language Suddeutsche Zeitung daily reported on Friday that the program would primarily focus on reducing headcounts at finance, risk, personnel, book keeping, economic analysis and legal departments.

The report added that 543 jobs at the headquarters of both Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and its subsidiary, Postbank, in Bonn could be the first to be affected. The Suddeutsche Zeitung also said the works council has already been briefed about the changes, and has received a framework outlining a social plan.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from Deutsche Bank told the Suddeutsche Zeitung that no job cuts are planned. “Together with the Postbank we have been in constructive discussions for the past year and a half with the works council about future personnel developments,” he said.

Spain’ Econimic:

Spain’s bad bank loans have hit a record high in 50 years as the European country struggles with an ailing economy due to the eurozone deteriorating debt crisis. Statistics from Bank of Spain indicated on Tuesday that the value of bad debts held by the country’s banks climbed to its record high of 9.8 percent in July to reach 169.3 billion euros. Data showed that one in ten loans deemed to be at risk up from 9.42 percent a month earlier.

Doubts about the extent of Spain's non- performing loans problem is hurting bank stocks and driving up the government's borrowing costs on investor concerns that the expense of propping up ailing lenders may add to the debt burden. Spain has announced spending cuts of more than 11 billion dollars as well as tax increases to reduce the country's deficit to avoid seeking a financial bailout like Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

Battered by the global financial downturn, the Spanish economy collapsed into recession in the second half of 2008, destroying millions of jobs. Analysts say Spain's economy is expected to enter into a new recession in the first two quarters of 2012. Europe plunged into deep financial crisis in 2008, which has continued to intensify in recent months.

Economic Measurement from Austria

Austria's foreign minister has called on the eurozone countries to create an exit mechanism, which would allow that the failing member states be expelled from the single-currency bloc. "We need to create ways to be able to eject someone from the eurozone," AFP quoted Michael Spindelegger, who is also the country’s deputy chancellor, as saying on Thursday.

Spindelegger said the legal mechanism would be for countries "that don't meet their commitments," noting that such a mechanism would bolster market confidence in the euro. "If we already had this...then we would already have drawn the consequences," he said.

The centre-right politician is said to have made the remarks in reference to Greece, which has already secured two bailout packages and could need more. Greece has promised to cut EUR 11.5 billion off its 2013-14 budget in order to get bailed out by other eurozone countries and the International Monetary Fund.

The European Union and the IMF have presented Greece with two rescue packages in return for specific austerity measures, which include the cutting of public sector salaries and pensions, increasing taxes, and overhauling the pension system. The long-drawn-out eurozone debt crisis, which began in the country in late 2009 and reached Italy, Spain, and France last year, is viewed as a threat, not only to Europe, but also to many of the world’s more developed economies.

Measurement from Professionals:

According to billionaire financier George Soros, “In my judgment the best course of action is to persuade Germany to choose between becoming a more benevolent hegemon or leaving the euro. In other words, Germany must lead or leave," Soros wrote in an article published in the New York Review of Books last week.

"The difficulty is in convincing Germany that its current policies are leading to a prolonged depression, political and social conflicts, and an eventual break-up not only of the euro but also of the European Union," Soros argued. Soros, 82, has frequently criticized Germany for its insistence on austerity.

Since the Eurozone's mountain of debt is denominated in euros, "it makes all the difference who remains in charge of the euro," he said. "If Germany left, the euro would depreciate. The debt burden would remain the same in nominal terms but diminish in real terms. The debtor countries would regain their competitiveness because their exports would become cheaper and their imports more expensive," Soros said.

In a decision that sent markets booming, the European Central Bank last week announced it could buy unlimited amounts of the bonds of struggling countries to bring down their soaring borrowing costs.

While chancellor Angela Merkel insisted the ECB was acting within its mandate, the Bundesbank, as well as several politicians and media in Germany slammed the decision as providing a "blank cheque" to profligate euro countries.

Norway’s Economic Measurement presented by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to Newsweek’s Jerry Guo Interviewed:

The Daily Beast reported that Norway was the only Western industrialized state to escape the global economic meltdown relatively unscathed. It boasts a healthy banking sector, record-low unemployment, and one of the hottest sovereign wealth funds around.

During the height of financial meltdown in 2008, Norway actually grew by 2.2 percent, but GDP did fall during 2009. Anyway it started to grow again at the end of 2009. The important thing is we have managed to keep unemployment down, the lowest unemployment in Europe. It's now at 3.3 percent which is not much higher than before. The reason is we conducted a classical countercyclical policy when the financial crisis hit Norway. Norway increased demand by reducing the interest rate from 5.75 percent to 1.25 percent and we increased demand by expanding the fiscal stimulus.

But fiscal stimulus and monetary expansion sound pretty orthodox. One thing is we have a flexible labor market and this flexibility in the supply has contributed to the low unemployment. And one special thing Norway have are strong and responsible trade unions. We, for instance, agreed on a very big pension reform, which is estimated to reduce expenditures on pensions by 3 percent of GDP in the long run.

Banking sector is healthy. Many learned from the financial crisis in the 1990s when several major banks were taken over by the state. Second, we have good regulations covering the whole financial sector. One lesson we have learned from other countries is that if you have regulations not covering the whole sector, you create loopholes.

Country's $450 billion sovereign wealth fund actually bought $175 billion in stocks when the markets were still crashing. Norway bought a lot of stocks during the financial crisis for two reasons. One is that we decided in 2007 to increase the proportion invested in stocks from 40 to 60 percent. Stock prices were going down so we have to buy more stocks. We are small owners in around 8,000 different companies around the world, including emerging economies in Asia like China and India. We are a very long-term investor.

The fund, the single largest investor in European stock markets, returned 25 percent in 2009. We regained almost all of what we lost in 2008 in 2009. We don't sell when share prices are low. We can afford to remain [in the market] during the bad times. We have the most transparent and most predictable investment fund in the world. The reason we have this sovereign fund is we have saved most of the oil revenues rather than spend them on tax cuts. Our value-added tax is 25 percent and gasoline price is $8 per gallon. The whole idea is to replace our national wealth from oil and gas in the ground to equity and bonds in the international market. It has been important for the Norwegian government to avoid Dutch disease by not spending too much.

The best grape in South Korea

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Sep 4, 2012

Lee Pung Woo at her grape's shop

The grape vineyard and shop owner couple Mr. Kim Hak Moo and Lee Pung Woo explained about their grape’s quality to the Global Digest. The couple live in Daebudo island of Gyeonggi-do Province, western Korea for 30 years. Mr. Kim was a native Daebudo island and his wife Mrs. Lee was born in Songlim dong, Incheon City. They are supporters of Korea-Dokdo-Love.

At the Ttal Bu Jat Jip Nongwon, the grape shop's name in Korean, the owner Mrs. Lee said Daebudo grape is the best quality and reputation in South Korea. The taste of their grape is excellently delicious, she continuously said. In the last week on Sunday alone, they sold grape to 200 buyers at their shop. Usually, customers are just approximately 50 during weekdays. Their grape category is called Campbell grape, it was originally from America, said Mr. Kim.

This vineyard representative Kim Hak Moo(L) and Sunggon Oh, Chairman of Korea-Dokdo-Love

The couple is cultivating grape vineyard for 20 years, before that they were rice farmer for 20 years, as well. Of course, Mr. Kim's parents are rice farmer in the island in their times. Mr. Kim is the only son among other 5 sisters in their family. In the present time, Mr. Kim has two sons, Kim Min-gi and Kim Eun-gi.

Daebudo island is near to Incheon International Airport, you can reach there by boat from Incheon, or, by land, you can go from Ansan City. There is also a popular sea-power plant in the island, local people said it is the longest seawall and the best sea-power plant in the world.

HJBC: HJ Holdings Co., Ltd. For foreigner interests in doing a Business in South Korea

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Jul 10, 2012

Steve Shin

HJBC stands for HyunJung Business Centre. Its CEO Steve Shin started the company last year in March.

HJBC provides office space for businessmen and women who want to be based in the middle of the business rich area of southern Seoul. The company also helps their customers’ run their businesses more easily by providing services such as help in setting up a company, consulting about Korean tax laws, patent and legal issues, and in addition they also offer recruitment services to help find new employees for fledgling companies. Furthermore, they can help to create a company webpage and the centre’s secretary is there for their customers to assist with other necessary administrative tasks.

According to Korean law, foreign businessmen and women are required to have a minimum of 100 million KRW for investment in South Korea. It is not easy for ordinary businessmen or women to invest such big amount.

Lobby room

Therefore, Mr. Steve is considering launching a scheme whereby they offer free offices for 3 businessmen or women for a minimum of 3 months to allow customers to setup their business as an initial step. At the same time, they can take advantage of the Business Centre’s free mentoring service and professional counselling. Prospective customers who want to apply for the free office are invited to send their C.V and business plan to Mr. Steve.

Mr Steve has experienced doing business in foreign countries, so he understands the difficulties of foreign nationals attempting to establish a company in South Korea. He claims HJBC is the right place to start a business in South Korea. Mr. Steve and his office manager, Sopia Kim, have experience with marketing services, and knowledge of entering new markets and targeting customers

Currently, the centre has many customers who are renting office space for their respective companies. Among them, approximately 10 foreigners are renting space for their companies. The prices of office rooms are as follows:

Conference room office

A shared virtual office room costs 150,000 KRW a month, which includes a contact address and can also be used for a small conference up to 5 times a month, extra use will incur extra charges.

A shared office room for one person, size 3.3 sqr m, costs 300,000 KRW a month and has an extra 50% discount for a large conference fee - a total of a 20,000 KRW. A regular single room costs 600,000 KRW a month.

A regular two person office room, size 6.6 sqr m, costs 900,000 KRW a month, which can also be used for an extra 10 hours as a large conference room.

Double room office

A regular three person office room, size 9.9 sqr m, costs 1.2 million KRW a month, and a four person room, size 13 sqr m, costs 1.6 million KRW a month.

A high class single office room, size 13 sqr m, costs 2.7 million KRW a month and has extra services including free use of phone, stationary, luxury facilities and parking lot. Storage service is also available at the office - the price depends upon the size of tariff.

Single room office

Before Mr. Steve started working for HJBC he worked at Dupont, an American company in the chemical industry and one of the largest chemical companies in the world. He was there as a manager in charge of the Asian region and used to live in Hong Kong and Shanghai for 10 years. Before that, he worked at Korean’s HyoSung Company for 2 years; also a chemical company and one of the largest companies in Korea.

He graduated BS in textile engineering from Seoul National University in 1987, and has received an MS degree from the University of Massachusetts, USA. During his studying he also served compulsory military service in South Korea as an Air force officer for 3 years.

He is now living with his family, his son is a high school student and he has student club for volunteer services such as tutoring and cultural adaptation for foreign kids.

The Global Digest editor Layne Hartsell edited to this story.

The best touching product, COMBUS Company

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Jul 01, 2012

Mr. Don-won Lee

The Global Digest has interviewed Mr. Don-won Lee, CEO of South Korean’s COMBUS Company, who started the company in 1997 after he visited an exhibition in the US. The acronym ‘COM’ means computer for storing; and ‘BUS’ means bus for carrying or as in combination ‘COMBUS.’ Before starting his new company, Mr Lee had been working for a similar company for six years.

He started COMBUS because he wants young people to know how to speed up their learning, by using IT software, which can easily assist them enabling them to advance. For example, most Koreans are poor English speakers, therefore, this tool is especially for Koreans. “Using an ordinary whiteboard is a slow learning system, but using the new product which allows for interactive learning through a touch system, can increase speed,” he explained. The product can also be used for various purposes in training centres, counselling centers, demonstration rooms, and in the class room.

After his company received a patent from the US government, he has planned to export products abroad such as in the US and Europe in 2013. He said there are many potential customers. His products are different from another although they are the same touch system, his product has a higher quality, for example, COMBUS touching system can point out exact place but other companies cannot. And it doesn’t need the customer to repeatedly touch the screen. For the case of a Microsoft product, it needs repeating touching. Moreover, COMBUS products are not effected by shaking or trembling when you are using the touch screen.

In addition, the products are high quality, sensible, perfect for touch technology, and for making content tools. Multi-processing and multi-windows function are also available, whereas other products on the market do not have these features. Because of his company’s popularity and quality products, COMBUS received an excellent product certificate, and another certificate for quality, from the South Korean Government. Additionally, COMBUS received the ‘best patent’ certificate from the Patent Association of Korea.

Visitors are watching demo of touching board

“The South Korean Government has used COMBUS products with a high degree of confidence and satisfaction,” he said. The company sales volume in 2011 reached a total of USD 15,000,000 and he expected it will increase in the current year. Most of their sales are in the domestic market, and they want to expand sales abroad.

Already, salesmen have come from abroad to buy small quantities of products from COMBUS. Salesmean from Japan, Europe and the US, are beginning to appreciate the high quality and ease of use of COMBUS products. For the Chinese markets and for other countries, they complain of the high price.

If a COMBUS product has some problem, the company guarantees it for 2 years. Mr. Lee’s employees have a high degree of IT knowledge, and they gather information and knowledge from Japan, the US, Europe and Israel. COMBUS has an onsite laboratory for advanced technology development.

COMBUS has 35 employees and Mr. Lee feels that all his employees are like a family member as he sat alongside his son during this interview.

The Global Digest editor Layne Hartsell edited to this story.

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