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Jeongseon Arirang

Jeongseon Arirang Festival Oct 1-4, 2016

At Jeongseon Arirang Festival site

Jeongseon Arirang, a traditional folk song in Korea is to represent the sorrowful feeling of Korea and Jeongseon county in Gangwon is the original place of Arirang song and has developed the song throughout generations. Main performance, singing contest, planned event, subsidiary event and performance, traditional cultural experience, modern culture experience, traditional culture interchange, created performance, exhibition, promotion, etc.

In addition, Jeongseon Arirang calligraphy contest, national writing contest, drawing contest, children’s art madang, dance contest, K-POP dance competition, archery contest, students’ music performance, Nakdong farming music performance, fusion Korean music performance, musical, multicultural food and traditional costume experience, etc.
At the Jeongseon Arirang Festival

Arirang Museum