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Incheon Port

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At Incheon Ferry Port

Alongside Incheon International Airport, Incheon Port has established itself as a major international hub of transport around northwest Asia. Belonging to a coastal city in the northwest of South Korea, Incheon Port provided a significant economic boost to South Korea when it opened its port to the rest of the world, creating mass revenue for the tourism and business industries. The population of 3 million, its proximity to the capital city of Seoul and its recent title as South Korea’s Free Economic Zone have all contributed to transform Incheon into a place that thrives on business adventure and innovation. There are already copious ferry routes in operation at Incheon Port, a large selection of them linking South Korea with China. The distance between the two countries is up to 24 hours.

Much like the area surrounding the port, the vessels used to carry passengers on the long-haul sailings are of a very high quality; excellent restaurants, cool bars and tranquil bedrooms are all available on board, making for a stress free crossing. There are buses from the Incheon train station that run to the ferry terminal, as well as an abundance of taxis around the city centre.