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Cheonjang Lake Suspension Footbridge at Cheongyang Alps Village

At Cheongyang Footbridge

Alps Village is located in the foot of Mt. Chilgapsan, the provincial park. There are festivals during four seasons around in Alps Village.

Making Gourd Mist

Gourds are used for decoration but also good on the skin. The gourd mist calms down skin irritation and provides abundant moisture which makes your skin soft and moisturized. Weight some amount of raw materials and mix them to make a bottle of mist which offers soft moisture.

Making gourd crafts

Participate in the World Gourd Festival in summer and see diverse dippers. There are rare types of dippers hung in the gourd tunnel. Write or draw pictures on a cute gourd and make your own handicraft.

Cheonjang Lake Suspension Footbridge

Cheonjang Lake Suspension Footbridge(also called Chunjangho Wobbly Bridge) is the longest in Korea and the second longest in Asia with 207m length and 1.5m width. The bridge starts from the chili sculpture which is the symbol farm product in Cheongyang, and passes over Cheonjang Lake. This is a unique place to enjoy the nature in front of Mt. Chilgapsan and the blue lake under your feet.

Janggoksa Temple