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The July 7 Memorial Day Campaign

A protest at Myanmar Embassy in Seoul

Here is a statement made by Executive Committee of Hostel Social & Reading Association (1963-64). They also uploaded photos on facebook.


The main purpose of this small booklet “Historical Photos of 7 July Accident” is to reveals the account of student rights struggle and to keep a historical record. These July historical photos in this book can expose only small portion of the cruelty and brutality.

These brutalities of 7 July, the people of Burma and the whole world had got shock and it could not be hide forever. This is the gravest mistake of this cruel regime who called themselves a revolutionary council.  

So called revolutionary military government will commit those crimes again and again in the future. We need to keep continue to ght against those atrocities by this military junta. That is our student duty to fulll wishes of our comrades those who had given their lives. We need more united to keep our ongoing ghting.

The October holiday struggle is showed our solidarity and strength. We, all students, shall unite. We, Thaton Hall, solemnly declare that we continue to participate in the student cause and it should reect the student vision and without any political afliation. We will keep working with all students. We salute all who sacriced their lives.

March towards Victory,  

Executive Committee, Hostel Social & Reading Association (1963-64), Thaton Hall, Rangoon University

Universities closed more than 40 days and reopened. In National Day, the government afraid that student protest will occur and to avoid this, they ordered teachers to make a feast reception. Students show their deance with chanting “National Day and a feast is unrelated” and they march around the campus on 21-11-62.

7-7-62. Takatha(RUSU) leads the peaceful demonstration against imposed new restricted hall rules in 2 p.m

7-7-62. Peaceful march from Convocation Hall on Chancellor Road.

7-7-62. Riot polices with baton crack down brutally on peaceful demonstrators. Some leading members of RUSU got arrested.

7-7-62. Polices use brutal forces such as tear-gas bomb to disperse the crowd. Polices positioning at a water groove along Chancellor Road.

Students from Mandalay Hall start to shout against used of excessive forces by riot police in July 7, 1962.

Soldiers sealed off the university campus and strike against the peaceful student protesters like the battle ground in July 7, 1962.

More than 100 students were killed and its continued to demolish the Union building. It is demolished by dynamite at 6 a.m. on July 8, 1962.

The forefront of student movement, RUSU building, could see at 6 a.m. on 8-7-62.

A member of All Ethnics Democracy and Human Rights Network protest at Myanmar Embassy in Seoul.