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The Liberal Democracy Movement of Burma

Jan 15, 2023 We are a group of ethnic people from Myanmar and a collection of other democracy activists. Today, we are holding a liberal democracy and freedom demonstration in front of the Myanmar Military Embassy, Seoul. This is the campaign against a military coup in Myanmar.
Last 2021, the military coup which destroyed a democracy. The military government continued conflict with ethnic minorities in peripheral areas and human rights violations. It is clear that the Myanmar military attitude has been shown to be deceitful with regards to its own people and before the international community.

Therefore, we, the Liberal Democracy Movement of Burma, demand that the Myanmar dictator’s regime: 1. Stop the coup in Myanmar and restore a democracy system in Myanmar. 2. Immediately cease its human rights violations in the peripherals of the country. 3. Stop destroying churches and persecution of Christians and other religions. 4. Provide urgent relief and humanitarian aid for the victims across the country. 5. Open a room for international experts(policy analysis/researchers) for the country's development.

Furthermore, we ask that the government of the Republic of Korea and the international community show staunch support for the cause of liberal democracy in Myanmar. We also ask for greater support for the ethnic victims of the repression and violence in Myanmar. Here in South Korea, Koreans should show solidarity with our liberal democracy movement instead of discrimination.

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