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The memorial of Salai Tin Maung Oo

Press Release
Jun 24, 2018

Protest in front of Myanmar Embassy in Seoul

To build a genuine democracy and stop Ethnic conflicts in Myanmar... Today we are protesting in the front of Myanmar embassy, in memorial of our student leader - a hero ‘Salai Tin Maung Oo’ who was deliberately killed by Myanmar military junta due to his democracy and freedom movement. This is the memorial of 42th anniversary of Salai Tin Maung Oo assassination, that Myanmar’s military junta murdered him on June 24, 1976. We “All Ethnics Democracy and Human Rights Network” are strongly condemned for the Myanmar military government’s action for that.

Myanmar is remained conflict and uncertainty of future democracy in the country. The consequence of military rule for several decades, ethnic states have no chance to administering their own region properly, there are ongoing religious clashes and ethnic wars. Therefore, we asked for democracy and our ethnic-civil rights. We demand Myanmar quasi-military government on policy issue as follow:

The political issues: 1. Admit and apology for killing Salai Tin Maung Oo 2. Stop military interfering in civilian government. Remove 25 % military seats at parliament which guaranteed by the constitution. 3. We support current government to organize “Peace Conference” with all relevant people participation. 4. We opposed the name as another “Panglong Conference,” because it's not necessary and nor relevant. 5. Immediately cease its human rights violations and religious repression in the peripheral of the country.

The economic issues: 1. Relief the country from economic oppression. 2. Economic should be priority as similar to the security issue. 3. Eliminate all restriction for economic development(except conflict zones). 4. Open a room for international experts(policy analysis/researchers) for the country development.

And we ask South Korea government and International community to support on our course of democracy movement and effort to transform a genuine democracy system in Myanmar. A freedom Myanmar can help regional and international peace and prosperity. Also we ask to support and help-out the ethnic victims in inside the country and asylum seekers around the world.

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