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Justice for Women in India

Salai Misai
Staff Reporter
Dec 28, 2012

Protest against rape in India

New Delhi is facing a series of nationwide protests as outraged citizens demonstrate against the brutal gang-rape of a 23 years old woman and her male friend who was also beaten up by the brutal gang.

The girl and her boyfriend were then thrown out of the bus under Mahipalpur flyover in south Delhi. The assailants also snatched their mobiles. (Both the girl and her friend were stripped and dumped by the roadside near the domestic airport, after the nearly 40-minute ordeal in a moving bus that passed unchallenged through five different police check points while the ghastly act was underway.)

Until now, five men have been arrested for having tortured and gang-raped the physiotherapist, have shown no remorse. Investigators said that they behaved like hardened criminals. ”For the past 30 years as a surgeon, I have not seen such a grave injury to the intestines in any case of sexual assault. It is extremely unusual and rare. None of us has seen such a case”. Sunil Jain, a specialist in general surgery at Safdarjung Hospital, said. Calling her a “brave girl”, Athani said she had withstood a lot of suffering in the last few days and had undergone two surgeries since her admission.

Public calls for justice

The rage spread, rapidly and steadily, through India's national capital as students, activists and just concerned citizens gathered at various places in the city to protest the torture and gang-rape of the woman. Rarely, if ever, have so many people taken to the streets in so many different places for a single cause. It was an unstoppable momentum.

Demanding justice and fast track courts, many people have rallied in protest in the capital in the five days since the incident Sunday night (Dec. 20, 2012), when the physiotherapist intern was brutally assaulted and her male friend beaten in a moving bus. Both were stripped and dumped by the roadside near the domestic airport after the nearly 40-minute ordeal. "No amount of pepper spray, tazers or 'decent dressing' will protect women. I can't let my little girl grow up in a society where men pounce on and rape women”, said Bharat Kapur, whose 5-year-old daughter clung to his leg as hundreds shouted with clenched fists at a protest in New Delhi.

The public verbal and physical sexual harassment of women, known as "eve-teasing", is routine in New Delhi, which has come to be known as India's “rape capital”. Last week's case, covered intensively by TV news networks, provoked uproar in both houses of parliament earlier this week, prompting the authorities to announce measures to make the capital safer for women. These include increased policing and fast-tracking court hearings for rape.

"The system that is supposed to protect women is not doing enough, whether it is the police or the judicial system," said Tapas Praharaj, secretary of the All India Democratic Women's Association in Odisha state, where a protest is planned for Saturday. In Assam, hundreds of women and girls marched through the city of Guwahati, carrying placards and shouting "Hang Rapists" and "Stop Violence Against Women".

Official’s Immediate Respond

Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court Friday (Dec. 21) said it is not "convinced" with the status report filed by the Delhi Police which did not mention the details of the police officials patrolling the area where a 23-year-old woman was gang-raped in a moving bus.

A division bench of Chief Justice D Murugesan and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, after going through the report, said: "We, in the earlier order, directed the Commissioner of Police to file a report giving details of police officials patrolling in the area and the action taken by police in this aspect." Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit admitted that she did not have the courage to meet the victim of a brutal gangrape in hospital. Dikshit said the rape of a 23-year-old woman by six men five days ago "has touched the pinnacle of cruelty and insensitivity both by police and society". Her comments come as widespread protests have broken out in the capital and in other places over the gang rape.

"I frankly did not have the courage to see her, I only met her parents and doctors. It would not have been right to break down in front of her parents. The incident has touched the pinnacle of cruelty and insensitivity both by police and society," Dikshit told NDTV news channel. "This case is the most painful thing I have seen happening as chief minister or a citizen." New Delhi, home to about 16 million people, has the highest number of sex crimes among India's mega cities. Police figures show rape is reported on average every 18 hours and some other form of sexual attack every 14 hours in the capital.

Sudden spurt in incidents of rape and harassment of girls has prompted chief minister Prithviraj Chavan to set up 25 fast track courts for time bound disposal of serious crime against women. "In Maharashtra, there are 100 fast track courts for speedy disposal of criminal cases. We will approach the Bombay High Court for earmarking 25 of these courts exclusively for serious crime against the women. We feel that if dedicated courts are set up, it would certainly help in reducing violence against the women folk," R R Patil, home minister, told ToI on Christmas.

"We have taken note of the nationwide outrage after a girl was gang raped in New-Delhi. We will take all possible measures for the safety and dignity of the women in the state. We have already supported centre's proposal for a death penalty for the accused in the incidents of gang rape," Patil said.

The home minister said out of the 24000 women in the state police force, 18000 were recruited during the last four years, while in next five years, it has been proposed to recruit 20,000 women. "Our effort will be to ensure that out of the total police force, well over 30 per cent should be women and that too they will be in the main stream," Patil said. The total cases of atrocities against women in 2011 were 228650 in India.


Special Contribution
By Roland Watson (dictatorwatch)
Dec 11, 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi, 67 years old

Burma is now enduring what in the future will be called, “The Age of Aung San Suu Kyi.” To be precise, this is its Second Phase. The first started with her return to the country in 1988 and her participation in the pro-democracy movement. The second began in 2011 with her decision to abandon the movement and join the military regime, in exchange for whatever change she thought she could beg from the generals.

As the last remark implies, and I am not the first person to say this, virtually everything significant that Suu Kyi has done - in both phases - has been wrong. This is true if you believe, as I do, that the people of Burma deserve real freedom and democracy, including the freedom to speak to anyone and about anything, and to be free of poverty and want. I am not one of the racists, in the West but also surprisingly inside Burma itself - and I suspect this includes Suu Kyi - who think that the people should not have real freedom. The people of the Americas, Europe, Japan, Australia - they all deserve real freedom, but for some reason not the people of Burma, or for that matter - as the actor Jackie Chan said in Hong Kong in 2009 - China. (He said: “We Chinese need to be controlled.”)

In Phase One Suu Kyi refused to call upon rank and file soldiers in the Burma Army to rise up when the regime stole the 1990 election, even though the soldiers overwhelmingly supported her National League for Democracy. She further refused in the years following this, either openly or clandestinely, to call for new demonstrations. Amazingly - for a “pro-democracy leader” - she is opposed to protests, and even activism in general. She also did not make any effort to contact and work with the backbone of the pro-democracy movement, the ethnic and student resistance armies, which were willing to fight the dictatorship. And lastly, she stuck to the ridiculous position that you can negotiate with a gang of serial killers.

Now, in Phase Two, she has increased her mistakes exponentially. She renounced the 1990 election result and united with the regime, thereby legitimizing both its top officials and the majority USDP members in Parliament, all of whom should be tried and jailed for their past and present crimes. To do this, she also swore an oath to uphold the 2008 Constitution, under which Burma can never become democratic. More sinisterly, she validated the Burma Army’s crimes against humanity against the Kachin, and other ethnic nationalities, by suggesting that the Army was not to blame for its own scorched-earth offensives against them. Then, astonishingly, she decided to help cover up the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya. Now, she is the lead apologist in the whitewashing of the merciless crackdown by regime police of the Letpadaung protesters, the brutality of which included even the use of chemical weapons - reportedly phosphorus bombs.

As if all of this were not enough, she further supports the regime’s international corporate cronies, saying that the “contracts” they signed with the generals, and which were used to justify the theft of huge acreage of privately owned land, should be respected. This is simply unbelievable. She is backing the thieves! Every single action that the generals have taken since 1990 has no standing under law. The contracts they signed, and which she so prizes, have no force and should be repudiated.

Suu Kyi has said that everything I have just described is due to the lack of the rule of law. Hogwash! It is due to widespread acceptance of the regime’s all-pervasive criminality, including by her. If this is all that she has to say, she is either an idiot, or she thinks the people of Burma are idiots.

I have to ask: Doesn’t she have any empathy? Does she feel nothing for the thousands and thousands of people who have been raped, tortured, and killed? Hasn’t she seen the photos? Does she really not want it to end?

Is there anything that can lead her to care?

(Note: Please see the last page of this statement. It is a listing of 55 selected headlines from the last three months, in the now 220 pages of links, beginning in April 2011, that is Dictator Watch’s Burma Death Watch blog. Suu Kyi refuses to protest, much less acknowledge, these atrocities. They are apparently of no concern to her at all.)

Aung San Suu Kyi is obstructing freedom and democracy for Burma, more so even than the generals of the Tatmadaw. She is the main problem. There must be pressure to oust the generals - this is the only way that Burma will ever be free - but she opposes pressure.

Specifically, she opposes popular protest and revolution. To give an analogy, there is a movie called The Cooler, in which a Las Vegas casino employed a sad-sack loser to drain the energy away from gamblers who were winning at the tables. He would sidle up to a table, and through his negative aura reverse the winner’s luck.

Suu Kyi is Burma’s cooler. Following Letpadaung, protest in the country should have redoubled, and also underground agitation and sabotage. However, her commission on the crackdown is designed to stop this in its tracks. She is patronizing the people, telling them not to worry - that it is only an issue of “transparency.” Unfortunately, many people are so brainwashed that they believe her. They have been tamed.

She may or may not realize it, but she is now working directly for Senior General Than Shwe.

For people who are not brainwashed, be free of your fear of criticizing her! She is selling out your country and your future. Don’t let it happen. Raise your voice!

I would advise Suu Kyi to invest her financial Nobel Peace Prize, which she was finally able to pick up - with twenty years of compounded interest it should now be in the millions - in the new corporate exploitation projects. This would be in keeping with her real attitudes. Indeed, with her wealth she can afford a lot more than her new wardrobe. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has been offered some wonderful deals.

I exhort the people of Burma to reject Suu Kyi’s influence and to expand their protests. Having said that, though, her domianance is so great that it is unlikely Burma can ever be freed, during her Age. The only solution therefore is to keep her reign as Queen of Burma (sorry, Kyaing Kyaing) as short as possible. No country should be sacrificed for one person’s vanity and ego.

No one should even think about voting for her again. While her failings during Phase One might have been due to naivete and incompetence, what she is doing now is not only unforgivable, it’s criminal.

Get involved, Real War is Just Beginning : Dr.Brian Senewiratn​e

Special Contribution
By Dr Brian Senewiratne
Dec 7, 2012

Dr Brian Senewiratne

"Despite my involvement over many years, I was taken aback by the result,” writes Brian Senewiratne on the overwhelming mandate for Tamil Eelam in the referenda of the diaspora in several countries. The time for federation has long since gone.

Until the Tamil areas are separated from the control in Colombo there will be neither peace nor prosperity in the island. If there is a genuine referendum in the Tamil areas of the island the ‘yes’ vote might be 100 percent and Delhi will have to duck for cover if such a ballot is taken among the 70 million Tamils of Tamil Nadu, he writes. According to him this major crisis of global dimensions, the genesis of which lies in British colonialism, and the global fall-out in resolving it, demands global response. The real war, not in a military sense, is just beginning. Loss of hope has achieved nothing and the ray of hope is the Tamil youth, he says.

Further excerpts from the 42-page paper titled “Diaspora referenda on Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka,” by Dr. Brian Senewiratne follows. The 78-year-old Dr. Senewiratne, a renowned physician and an Australia based Sinhala expatriate is a member of the Bandaranaike family and is a long-time defender of the Eezham Tamil cause.

On Tamil referendum:

I have never seen such a result in any poll on any subject anywhere in the world. To say that the overwhelming number of expatriate Tamils want a separate State, Tamil Eelam, would be a gross understatement. Despite my involvement in this over many years, I was taken aback by the result.

It is a colonial construct [the State of Sri Lanka] that has failed. All that the Tamils are asking for, and what these current Referenda have endorsed overwhelmingly, is that this failed colonial construct be dismantled. Let us throw in the 70 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu, conduct a ballot there and let us say they all voted “Yes”. Do you think Delhi would remain impotent? I doubt it. Delhi will duck for cover, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) – the ‘Indian CIA’, notwithstanding

I would love to see a Referendum done where it matters – the Tamil areas in the North and East. Not a ‘Referendum’ with Rajapakse’s hoodlums, in uniform or not in uniform, or his Tamil ‘helpers’ standing around to note who votes ‘yes’ and who votes ‘No” to report back to their ‘Master’. I mean a genuine Referendum, with the Sri Lankan Armed Forces out of the area, and Rajapakse’s henchmen such as Karuna, Pillayan and others of their ilk, removed from the area. The ‘yes’ vote might well be 100%.


By Reynaldo Realin
Staff Reporter
Nov 24, 2012

Maguindanao Massacre in Philippines

"Truth always prevail " We want to exposed all the grafts and corruptions and other wrong doings of embarrassed powerful people yet in many cases, journalist are being killed and tortured in many different areas in the Philippines, inspite the fact that Press freedom and other democratic institutions were officially restored since 1986, under Marcos regime. There are numerous clear evidences that Filipino journalists are killed at endemic rate and inequity.

Of 10 countries covered in the alerts and monitoring network of SEAPA,(Southeast Asian Press Alliance) the Philippines gained the indubitable honor of landing first on the list – as it was, and remains to be, the deadliest place in Southeast Asia for journalists and media workers.

Philippines remains unstable and problematic with regards to safety and protection of journalists with 100 impunity-related cases recorded, or 71 cases of violent incidents (including threats) both from state and non-state actors, and 29 cases of state legal actions. The Philippines is the most dangerous place to be a journalist in Southeast Asia, accounting for more than half of the violent incidents against journalists. Notably, there are no recorded cases of arrests or prosecution against journalists.

I knew most Filipinos are proud of the freedom of the press, which we enjoy in our country, but history shows continues and rampant killings of journalists in the Philippines. Certain reasons here, most Filipinos have chosen Government officials that bribed them and due to high percentage of poor families in the country, people easily believe in their propaganda and promises which in fact most of their promises did not turn into reality . Because of that, the Philippines "culture of corruption and violence" (it has one of the highest homeside and murder rates in the world) is often attributed to social and economic factors and there's socio-economic deppression because of political corruption and institutional ineffiencies are widespread in the country.

Looking back in history, the well-known Maguindanao Massacre or ampatuan Massacre that occured last Nov.23, 2009 in Mindanao, 58 people killed included Mangudadatu's wif, his two sisters, 34 journalists, lawyers, aides, and motorists who were witnesses or mistakenly identified. The Commitee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) has called the "most brutal killings" for journalists in single event in history. Just recently, in Cabanatuan city too, the fifth pressman who was killed this year under the regime of President Aquino of the Philippines was "Julius Cauzo", a very good friend of us, a radio commentator at DWJJ radio station, and also a former Inquirer correspondent in Nueva Ecija, closest to my hometown in Isabela.

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) said Cauzo was the 154th journalist killed in the line of duty since 1986 and the 14th under Mr. Aquino’s term. NUJP records showed that Cauzo was the fifth media worker killed this year.

Many Filipinos are worried about the impact of killings of journalists on their media and are described too by others as indirect form of censorship. As one of the correspondent commentators, I repeatedly charged that the government in the Philippines lacks the political determination to bring true justice because many of the suspects are people in power, local officials and many of the killers have been identified as police officers and military connections....these are certain reasons the government would instinctively deny these things. I am calling for "Total Reformation and True Justice in the Philippines for the sake of Peace and Unity."

Principles of social and economic justice alone can provide ‘alternatives’ to the current growth paradigm

Special Contribution
By C R Neelakandan
Nov 18, 2012

NAPM convention

Need of the hour is direct action and non-cooperation against the reforms pushed by the government. The second day of the convention deliberates on ‘social justice for the oppressed communities in the era of new-age capitalism and globalization’ Convention to discuss and decide about NAPM's association with Anna led Corruption Movement or Support the Arvind Kejariwal Movement tomorrow.

On the second day of the 9th National Biennial Convention of National Alliance of People’s Movements, community leaders and women demanded community land rights and an end to the violence-ridden current paradigm of development. The convention affirmed that for an alternative democratic political system to evolve, dalits, adivasis, minority religious communities, women, landless and workers must rise to leadership and decision-making positions themselves.

“What right does this state have in ruling us? It has only taken away our resources, our land, water and forests along with our mineral and aquatic wealth. The Prime Minister has been boasting about our ‘growth’ rates, while our landless peasants, dalits and adivasis are either hunted down by the state and corporations or are ending their lives due to the economic burden and debt, caused by inflation and growing cost of life,” said P Chennaiah of Agricultural Workers’ Union (APVUU), Andhra Pradesh. The UPA government as well as the NDA led opposition has lost all credibility and right to govern this country, said Chennaiah. He stressed that the ruling nexus between corporations and ruling elites is restricting all possibilities of any alternatives to the destructive model of growth and development. “Land rights and agricultural reforms, not land grab and alienation, hold the key to successful future alternatives”, he affirmed while stating the need to immediately ending absentee-landlordism.

“Today so many of our activists, who should have been with us in this convention are in different jails across the country, due to the various false cases filed against them by the police and administration”, said Medha Patkar – leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan. Quoting the arrest of Dr. Sunilam (Madhya Pradesh) and Dayamani Barla (Jharkhand), Ms.Patkar said that increasing state repression is evidence that people’s struggles against this development paradigm and land acquisition have become effective.

Today, alternatives are emerging from the people who have so far been mere subjects of the state. People are voicing out that they do not want the thermal power plants, mega dams, private mining, nuclear plants, infrastructure and real estate projects that are not benefitting them. It is the mistake of the state and the mainstream that these resistances are being seen as ‘anti-development’. In reality, these are the people who will play the most vital role in leading the country in the coming days, said community leaders and speakers at the plenary session of day-2 of the convention.

Contrary to the belief that globalisation has reduced caste-based discrimination, atrocities against dalits especially the women and students have increased massively. Legislations and policies that have existed for decades have not allowed for the benefits to reach the people. Only 3% of dalits have benefited from reservations and the conviction rate of people who have committed violence against dalits is pitiable. Students from Dalit and Adivasi communities, despite securing places in prestigious institutions of education are worst discriminated. “The struggle for Dalit rights and end of violence and discrimination is not the struggle of Dalits alone”, said Arun Khote, Dalit Rights activist from Uttar Pradesh.

The multiplicity of issues faced by the oppressed communities in liberalism and globalization are connected to control over resources, culture, politics, governance and law. The destruction of natural resources affects lives and livelihoods of women, especially the Dalit women, and is connected to the skewed sex ratio, violence against women and patriarchy. “This complexity has led to a new form of violence against women today. Women are worst affected in today’s violence”, said Gabriele Dietrich, activist associated with NAPM Tamil Nadu.

Land acquisition is still the norm of development and land grab, under the garb of growth is further dividing our society and leading to violence between state and its citizens. The people are pushed against the wall and by demonising peaceful and democratic resistances like Kudankulam, the Indian state has further alienated its people and lost all credibility in the eyes of the voters, the ‘aam admi’.

The Convention affirmed the fight against genetically modified (GM) crops and strengthened the resolve to abandon the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides that have destroyed the agricultural sector and the lives of agro-dependent families. Ecological and agricultural sustainability hold the key to a sustainable future of the country and the globe, especially in times when climate change has hit the globe so badly, said the resolution form the session on Farmers, Workers and Agrarian Crisis. The community leaders from different agricultural sector unions and organisations present at the convention also raised objection to the multi-brand FDI being promoted under the garb of giving better prices to producers. Bringing the consumers and producers need to be done by the people and not by corporate market forces, affirmed the convention.

Fore more details contact C R Neelakandan 9446496332, Geo Jose 9446000701, Madhuresh 9818905316


Special Contribution
By Roland Watson(dictatorwatch)
November 13, 2012

U.S.'s president Obama

President Obama is going to Rangoon. This is a hugely significant visit.The question is, of what? The U.S. has a controversial past with Burma. Following Ne Win’s coup in1962, Washington secretly offered support, including with training andarms, as part of its policy to contain communism - in this case Chinesecommunism. (There is even suspicion of CIA involvement in the coupitself.) This means the U.S. was an ally of the dictator in his militaryoffensives against resistance groups, and his overall suppression of thepublic.

Burma was just one more example of the many countries whereAmerica backed dictators, sacrificing its supposed championship offreedom, democracy, and human rights. This changed following the 1988 massacre. In the face of thousands ofcasualties, the U.S. had to withdraw its support. But, it did not do anabout face and start to work to help free the people. The first U.S.sanctions were not passed until nine years later (and then only because ofgreat activist pressure).

Instead, Washington decided to sit on the fence,and see how the situation developed. It didn’t present its policy this way, of course. Rather, the U.S., underone Administration after another, trumpeted its promotion of democracy,all the while doing nothing material to bring it about. Specifically,Washington backed pacifist Aung San Suu Kyi, including calling for herrelease during her periods of house arrest. However, unlike the situationwith East Turkestan leader Rebiya Kadeer and China, the U.S. did not useits political leverage to actually secure her release. (One wonders why.)Furthermore, the U.S. studiously ignored the ethnic dimension in Burma,failing completely to condemn, much less counter, Ne Win’s massive humanrights abuses against the country’s ethnic minorities.

Even though many people from Burma refused to believe it, it was obviousthat all the pro-democracy talk out of D.C. was only for show. I and manyothers lobbied for years, both the State Department and Congress, for realsupport for the pro-democracy movement. It was never forthcoming. I alsomade the case that if America was not willing to help Burma on the basisof freedom, democracy, and human rights, it should at least do it tofurther its own strategic interests.

In dozens of meetings with State Department officials I pointed out thatby helping Burma achieve real freedom, America would create a new ally inthe region, which together with its neighbor Thailand, already a majorally, would constitute a substantial southwest flank against Chineseexpansionism. Moreover, if the U.S. would reposition itself relative toIndia (the world’s largest democracy), and drop its unwavering support ofPakistani military dictator Pervez Musharraf (under whose watch Al Qaeda,the Taleban, and Pakistan’s ISI intelligence formed their own frontthrough which the American homeland was attacked on 9/11), the U.S. wouldestablish a huge regional block of support. The Asian pivot could not onlyhave been launched, but accomplished, a decade ago. (Note: The U.S. alliance with Pakistan was a legacy of the Cold War,through which many of the country’s relationships with dictators wereestablished. The Soviet Union allied with India, and America withPakistan. Also, it is clear that for Burma the lobbying efforts of Unocal,now Chevron, and other American businesses overpowered the initiatives ofthe pro-democracy movement.)

President Obama apparently agrees with what I have been saying: China is agrowing threat and the U.S. needs to have as many friends in Asia aspossible. This is the reason behind the Administration’s policy reversaland its decision to engage with Naypyidaw. Unfortunately, though, it alsomeans that unlike with Libya (and one suspects in coming months Syria),the U.S. will not take strong steps to help the people of Burma escapetheir tyranny. Instead, Obama has decided that this goal, freedom for thepeople, can be sacrificed. America can renew its alliance with Burma’sdictatorship, in its new civilian disguise, against China.

This is yetanother deceptive, and pathetic, abandonment of American principles. To give Obama his due, there may be other reasons for the policy shift,and his upcoming visit. Prior to becoming President, he had minimalforeign policy experience. He was a community organizer and law fellow inChicago and then a state senator and U.S. senator. He may have believedThein Sein’s story and that engagement - negotiation - would be sufficientto encourage the military regime to allow democracy. In the face of worldhistory, this view is naive, but it is not without proponents, includingfrom business lobbyists, who prefer the operating conditions insidepolitical dictatorships, and also Democrats, who do not seem to have therequisite courage to confront despots.

On the other hand, Obama may have just tried engagement as an experiment.Now, he has heard so much good news from Hillary Clinton and DerekMitchell, not to mention Chevron, Pepsi, General Electric and GoldmanSachs, he wants to see it with his own eyes. I can understand this. If Iwere implementing a policy that had life and death consequences, I wouldwant to evaluate it personally as well. The problem here is the symbolic element of the trip. He is not just on afact-checking mission. To the world, the visit will be viewed as anaffirmation of the regime, and not only its economic reform. As with SuuKyi, if Obama doesn’t speak out against the human rights abuses in Burma,including the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya and the civil waragainst the Kachin (as in 1988, there are thousands of casualties), he toowill be giving tacit acceptance to these atrocities. The best option, which many people have noted, is not to go. His visit isin no way justifiable, given the crimes that are still underway. But, ifhe is determined to go, the trip must be balanced. He has to meet not onlyThein Sein and Suu Kyi, but also ethnic leaders. If he doubts this, heshould understand that Suu Kyi does not represent all the people of Burma.

Electorally, she is only an MP for a Rangoon township (Kawhmu). For herown symbolism, she is the leader of the Burmans. Her support among theethnic minorities, who in total may well comprise half the population, isfalling, and in any case they have their own leaders. Moreover, it is essential that he meet the real ethnic leaders, not theregime lapdogs who accepted the pro-military 2008 constitution andparticipated in the fraudulent 2010 election. He needs to hear about theethnic cleansing, and war, and detentions, and rape, and chemical weapons,and forced labor, and extortion, and land thefts, not to mention (fromThein Sein) the nuclear program and the regime’s relationship with NorthKorea. The basic divide in Burma is between the people who accept the 2008Constitution, including Suu Kyi and these individuals, and the faithfulopposition, who will never accept it and who are therefore effectivelybarred from politics. The real ethnic leaders are in Thailand and in theconflict zones in Kachin, Shan, Karen, and other states. Obama needs tomeet at least one of them, and if he can’t go to the States he should doit in Thailand.

Ideally, he should meet representatives from the ethnicalliance, the UNFC, as well as Rohingya leaders. If President Obama does not meet such individuals, he is favoring theBurmans. If he only meets people who have sworn allegiance to theConstitution, then his trip is a proclamation that both freedom and theabuses committed against the minorities are not important. The Presidentwill have extended America’s “only for show” pro-democracy policy, and inthe worst way possible. He will be encouraging the people to acceptdictatorship. If this happens, and just as I termed Suu Kyi The Worst Person in Burma,for not using her prestige to pressure the dictatorship to halt itscrimes, it would not be too much to say that the United States is TheLeading Enemy of Burma, and that the people are merely pawns in ageopolitical game and that their sufferings are irrelevant.

With ThanShwe, Thein Sein and Suu Kyi in Naypyidaw, and ringed in by China,Thailand, the U.S., and also Europe, the freedom and democracy aspirationsof the people will be well and truly destroyed.

MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA- What does he think of we the Tamils?

Special Contribution
By Subramaniam Masilamany
Nov 12, 2012

S.W.R.D. Bandaranayke

Tamil Establishment does not negotiate, for there is nothing to negotiate, freedom is not a commodity, it is the birth right of all. Two free men associate in good faith, not negotiate in mistrust. The association is absolute; it is an all nothing state of minds. It is like a marriage made in the heaven, I absolutely trust my wife and I do not ask her if she trusts me. That thought should not even be thought. It is redundant. It is a waste of mental time and energy. TRUST is the path of least resistance to relationships.

The Indians and the Sri Lankan Singhalese went out to destroyed not people but a system that was tested and approved by nature, a sustainable system under any duress. It is a system of well tested principles, laws, values and morals; any one is fighting this system will only destroy themselves.

“Somebody has to tell Mahinda Rajapakass and the world about who he really is. He was a troublesome child when he was young, then he became a thug, then a criminal, a wife killer, widow maker, Proxy murdered, political revenger, friend of serial killers etc.. He has skillfully taken over a well structured democratic government and made into a criminal cartel”. "What this man fails to understand is his own mirror image, an image that is tainted and not at all conducive for invitation to higher echelons of the society. He wants to force his way into recognition, but the world does not and cannot see any merit, all they see are grand accusations which he is not willing concede or have the moral courage to defend in court of social justice. Either he is indifferent to feelings or he is outright remorseful of his childhood trauma. If he has risen to power, it is the Sri Lankan Singhalese to be blamed for, they themselves were remorseful of their past. As a nation they are hurting and they are hurting others. What they need is a counsellor to take control of their distorted behaviour. Sri Lanka needs help, but when China is fishing in troubled water there is nothing much others can do. If only China can be convinced to stay out of it there are possibilities of reform”

When you have over the last 60 years converted 18 million people into thugs, 1 million of them armed with weapons, you obviously have lot of power, relative power compared to 2 million innocent unarmed Tamils in Sri Lanka, but that does not means you are a smart thug and successful thug. Come out of Sri Lanka and let’s face in a neutral territory and we will teach you what your parent have failed to teach you. The Tamils outside the criminal nation of Sri Lanka live under free and democratic societies, and these societies have independent judiciary where people can seek remedy, unlike in your criminal Sri Lanka. That is an indisputable fact.

Sri Lankan people are the most unfortunate of all, for they were lead into this racial, fanatical ideology by their own criminals disguised as politicians. S.W.R.D. Bandaranayke then come J.R.Jayawardene and now Mahinda Percy Rajapaksass. In the name of degrading Tamils they degraded their own people. Instead of advancing the art of community building they resorted racial revenge taking. What was the outcome? They created a nation that has no capacity to stand on its own. Instead of creating a modern educated high-tech society they created Middle East Goats and bus boys and brothels to cater to fun seeking tourists. What did the intelligent among the Sri Lankan do? They migrated to more congenial societies. The Tamils made use of this very well. Today they are among others one of the well emancipated community of people. They enrich the world communities and in return receive contented life in reciprocation. Why a nation like Sri Lanka would did not benefit from the input of the Tamils?

Within Sri Lanka, we can understand the Tamils may have to be practical and prudent, but not Tamils living under the duress of Sri Lankan thugs. Outside Sri Lanka your criminal jurisdiction using thugs and White Vans definitely will not work. Some one has to tell this to the brood of rodents in Sri Lanka that they will be exterminated if they try any of the pranks. “You may be the head of the state that will not give you diplomatic immunity is case of crime. I am angry at god; why did you create such a wonderful paradise for us to live and then amongst us you drop these poison called Rajapakass polluting the whole world. “

And to my Tamils I have one simple message; grow your backbones. Learn how the different human and animal behaves. In Sri Lanka we are dealing with bunch of different species of animals. What differentiate humans from animals? Civility. Whether it is war or peace whoever controls the theatre control the outcome. If you cannot have absolute control at least produce a relative control, at no stage allow the enemy to control the flow of events.

For 2500 years we were suppressed in Sri Lanka by the Singhalese and the Indians in the north. But we survived and prospered. If all those years you could not wipe us and eliminate us you cannot do it anymore. It is time you come to grip with reality. Give us another 10-20 years and Singhalese will be minority in South Asia. Now that we are spread all around the global you cannot do what you did to our people in Sri Lanka. You may try your well known and well practiced tactics within Sri Lanka. I can understand that when your own people do not have freedom what can they do.

Every day when I meet new Sri Lankans coming out of Sri Lanka, I see the degradation of both Tamils and Singhalese. If they were coolies before now they have become senseless sheep. They cannot even perform basic functions of life; they have to be spoon fed. They are mentality and physically retarded people. What have you people done in the last 60 years? I compare my education in the 1940, 1950 and 1960; and my heart breaks when I see people just like new born babies incapable of functioning in modern society. What have you done to your people, what you have done to the Tamils you have done to the Singhalese too? Why would the Singhalese have been made into racial minded mindless menials meandering like chicken with the head off? Animals behave much better than them, the animal set out there looking for food to feed them, but your people are at the mercy of others to feed them. Why? Why would a nation go back in moral evolution? What happened to the Singhalese? They are great people like little pet animals but do they have the capacity to be strong and courageous people?

Insecure, weak and illiterate people are not only a social burden but they are a danger to the society. Look at Mahinda Rajapaksass, he gets people killed. Why? Because of fear? Mahinda Rajapaksa is an insecure person coming from an abusive dysfunctional family. So are G.L.Peiris and several others. In Sri Lanka a bunch of children from a dysfunctional family has through violence got into power. Who elected them? A nation of misguided people, when fear and insecurity take over the nation, violence is the result

Now, let’s look at black legs among the Tamils. I met a guy who returned from Sri Lanka after getting soaked in booze and bad behaviour. He is full of praise for Rajapaksa. When asked what he does in Canada, he has no job; he works in between government pogey for people who cannot work. After couple shots of cheap vodka he spilled the beans. He is for sale so any one can buy him. He told us he was trained for 9 months by the Sri Lankan secret service to disrupt the Tamils in Canada. I am sure there were many. One cannot simply fail in Canada, so is not a crop can fail in Canada, the soil is so rich anything will grow. No one fails in Canada, unless a man runs back to Sri Lanka looking for honey and milk. In Sri Lanka he is a total failure, he is not meant to live.

The most difficult person to deal with is an ignorant person. This guy Rajapaksass is so stupid, he thought he could divide the Tamils living in the western world. That is not his smartness, but it is his stupidity. He thinks the way the people in his remote Yala Jungle thinks. To Sri Lankans he is a hero; he is the modern day Mahatahmuktha! The Tamil establishment is an impenetrable fortress; it stands on certain moral laws that are immutable. This establishment does not talk to anyone, but guides the community is very calm, quiet and subtle manner. It has no form therefore it cannot approached.

Now Mahinda Rajapaksass or any one from Sri Lanka wants to talk to the Diaspora Tamils, they have to come to our terrain. Some of our Tamils who have no idea of negotiations or the flow of the mind of the opponent just agree to anything. That shows desperation in first place. Secondly when you are in enemy’s terrain he control the theatre, so a few among the Diaspora who are unsuccessful in life wants to go to Sri Lanka and wants to talk to Mahinda Rajapaksass; they are real losers in life, they have nothing to lose so they will go anywhere the crumbs fall. Thirdly, before you enter negotiations one must know relative strength and their bargaining tools and chips. If you have nothing to leverage your position, do not go but work on producing one.

Negotiation in good faith does not work, if the opponent has good faith then there is no need for negotiations. Everything is at par and equilibrium so there is nothing to negotiate.

R. Sampanthan wants Rajapaksa to trust him. He should not be in politics. He should join the Hari Rama Hari Krishna chanting group. Once a man has committed a crime he should be excluded from the civil society, but in Sri Lanka a serial criminal and murderer is the President, no negotiation is possible.

Who are the biggest losers when Rajapaksa is the President? It is the Singhalese people. They will find out in couple of years what has happened to their quality if living. They are in an island isolated from rest of the world and all outside information connection is blocked, they are kept in the dark still and static while rest of the world is marching by India, the biggest neighbour has no guts to do anything.

And for my Tamils I have this for you, it is time you develop your muscles and bones and stand up straight. The centuries of second class living must end and a new era must down in our minds. We have to respect our life. We have to put freedom to the front and stand up for and if necessary die for it. It is either freedom or death. To conduct one’s life one needs freedom. Freedom brings about creativity, creativity foster peace and peace makes our life serene. The very purpose of life is to attain serenity.

Show the Rajapaksass and his criminals that we are Tamils; we are as good as anyone else on this universe. The Singhalese must respect the Tamils like any other people. We have to raise our bars higher to attain better and record breaking goals in life. We have to educate our children to a much higher level, we have to make them great citizens, and we have to invest our energy in community building. It happens all the time in the west.

A Polish man by the name Lebovic came to Canada and started his construction business out of a trailer that was 40 years ago, today he is building a university with his own money. It is simply due to the exponential character of creativity. It is a self sustaining and expanding concept. Prosperity consciousness does not come out the barrel of gun or from the knife wielding criminal. It comes from the understanding of universal principles of creativity. It cannot be learnt at school but in the arena of sweat and hard work. You cannot copy it for it has to come from you through you. It is a gift by the universe for the hardest working guy or gal. It is a trophy given to those who toil in the arena to discover the dynamic laws of prosperity.

We Tamils are endowed with this faculty of creativity. Where ever we go we prosper because we respect our greatest gift called this world and the life we are given and the service to this world. We feel connected. We are part and parcel of this universe. If anyone tries to tamper with us they will only destroy themselves.

NOTE: The article is purely opinion of Mr. Subramaniam Masilamany, and the writer of this article.

Sri Lanka Government on a deceptive ploy when referring to dialogue with the Diaspora – We should be vigilant about their true intention which is the destruction of the Tamil Nation: Prime Minister Rudrakumaran

Tamil Prime Minister Rudrakumaran

The racist regime of Sri Lanka while actively engaged in the structural Genocide of the Tamil Nation has come out with a ploy to deceive the world about a dialogue with the Tamil Diaspora, simply in order to blunt the Tamil quest for independence and to buy time to complete the destruction of the Tamils as a Nation in their homeland. Whether in its talks with the Tamil National Alliance or when speaking now about a dialogue with the Diaspora, their true intention is the annihilation of the Tamil Nation. This is the time for the Eelam Tamil Nation to be absolutely vigilant about the conspiracy of the Sri Lankan regime.

The Sri Lankan Government recently announced that it was to engage in discussions with representatives of the Tamil Diaspora. The real intention of such an announcement is to cause confusion among the Tamils and to blunt their quest for freedom. This is a call for all Tamils to be extremely attentive and vigilant at this time.

It has been brought to my attention that a deceitful story was published in the Sri Lanka Guardian on Saturday 27 October, claiming the involvement of the Transnational Government of Sri Lanka in discussions with the Sri Lankan Government. It also reported that KP, the former international representative of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, had established contacts with the representatives of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam in preparation for negotiations with the Sri Lankan Government. The paper claimed that their information was based on an email message from an individual connected to KP and who wanted to remain anonymous. The email message is said to have claimed that all of this was being done without the knowledge of me as the Prime Minister of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.

I wish to assure to our people that there is no truth whatsoever in this news item. I take this opportunity to express my displeasure and condemnation to the editors of the Sri Lankan Guardian for publishing such a news story coming from an anonymous source and with no attempt whatsoever made to verify its truth.

It saddens us too that some Tamil electronic media went as far as reproducing the same news story without consulting us at all with regards to its veracity, thereby serving the duplicitous agenda of the Sri Lankan regime. It is my duty to clarify the position of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam on this matter for the benefit of the Tamil people.

We recognize the fact that the Sri Lankan State has completed its evolution into an ardent and zealous Sinhala Buddhist State. We also know that its regime has no desire whatsoever to engage with the Tamil Nation towards a political resolution. The stagnation of its talks with the Tamil National Alliance amply demonstrates this reality.

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam remains firm in its conviction that the national conflict in the island of Sri Lanka could only be resolved once and for all through the establishment of an independent and sovereign state of Tamil Eelam, on the basis of the Tamil Nation’s right to self determination and in order to protect it from the genocidal intention of successive Sinhala Buddhist regimes on that island.

The racist regime of Sri Lanka while actively engaged in the structural Genocide of the Tamil Nation has come out with a ploy to deceive the world about a dialogue with the Tamil Diaspora, simply in order to blunt the Tamil quest for independence and to buy time to complete the destruction of the Tamils as a Nation in their homeland. Whether in its talks with the Tamil National Alliance or when speaking now about a dialogue with the Diaspora, their true intention is the annihilation of the Tamil Nation. This is the time for the Eelam Tamil Nation to be absolutely vigilant about the conspiracy of the Sri Lankan regime.

I take this opportunity to inform the Tamil Nation that the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam will not engage in any form of dialogue with the racist regime in Sri Lanka. I also wish to state in unambiguous terms that any news that links the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam with such negotiations shall be untrue.

Aung San Suu Kyi is the worst person in Burma.

Special Contribution
By Roland Watson(dictator watch)
Oct 28, 2012

Aung San Su Kyi with Kachin costume

What a shocking statement! How could I say such a thing, about The Lady, Mother Suu, Aunty Suu, the revered Nobel laureate, and the leader of all peace-loving Burmese?

Why wouldn't I pick one of the many Burma Army soldiers in Kachin State, who kidnap women from villages and fields, and take them to their units to be gang-raped every night? (When the women are so broken that even a rapist can no longer get aroused, they are executed.)

Or what about the many, many Rakhine madmen, who so hate the Rohingya people that they want to kill every single one of them, every man, woman and child? (The Rakhine now have their own version of Kristallnacht. They are imitating the Nazi Party's series of pogroms in 1938, whereby one Jewish township after another was attacked.)

And then there is of course Senior General Than Shwe, dark overlord of everything that is happening in Burma, and who must be laughing himself silly at the crimes against humanity, and the fact that there is no international outrage.

But no, I choose Suu Kyi. The reason for this is that, while she isn't raping and killing people herself, she is nevertheless directly responsible for the carnage because she is the only person in Burma who has the ability to stop it, or at a minimum to reduce its scale.

Suu Kyi is the only person with real moral authority over the Burmans, of which the Army and police are comprised, and the Rakhines. Were she to call loudly and repeatedly for the attacks to end, including for the Rohingya to be protected and for the Burma Army to withdraw from Kachin areas, the violence would subside. (She should ask to speak on national television, and make just such an announcement. If refused permission, she should make a statement to foreign media.)

Equally importantly, the International Community would no longer be able to avoid the subject. Now, the United States, Europe, and the United Nations are buying the regime's argument, which both the international and Burma media are parroting, that the conflict is fundamentally two-sided, that two large mobs are attacking each other. This is a false equivalence. When all the townships that are burning, and refugees, are from one side, this is not an equal fight. Moreover, when renowned activists, Buddhist monks, and local students use language reminiscent of Nazi propaganda, something truly catastrophic is underway. Rakhine and Burman racists are essentially seeking their own "final solution."

The International Community is using Suu Kyi's silence as an excuse to disregard the real nature of the conflict. If she spoke out, they would also be forced to condemn the atrocities, and even to support action such as the introduction of a peacekeeping force.

But, she won't do it, which is why I believe she is the worst person in the country. She has the power to save lives, but she refuses to help. She apparently does not view Rohingya lives, or Kachin, as worth saving.

This week, while the ethnic cleansing in Rakhine State raged, Suu Kyi actually talked to reporters, but her subject was how the Constitution needs to be amended. Why? She cannot run for President in 2015, if it is not. She is focused on a longer-term issue, and which is important to her personally, instead of the fires that are burning out of control.

According to Suu Kyi, the acts against the Kachin and Rohingya are not even human rights violations. Please view the images in the following link. They are of Kachin villagers who were the victims of a Burma Army artillery strike. Scenes like this are widespread in Burma, but they are rarely photographed. I ask you, are they human rights violations or not?

Suu Kyi has stated that she has no power, that she is a lowly MP from a Party that has only a few seats in Parliament. However, she gladly accepts the world's highest awards, and public adulation, as the country's real leader.

She can't have it both ways. She does have great power: The power of her voice. If she declines to use it, it would be best if she leaves politics altogether and retires to her house on the lake.

There has already been talk of her legacy. Let's not forget the facts. She threw away the results of the democratic 1990 election. She then ended her boycott of the fraudulent 2010 election (by participating in last year's by-election), thereby giving it legitimacy. And, she took an oath to abide by the completely undemocratic 2008 Constitution.

Furthermore, she will not speak out for the rights of Burma's ethnic minorities. Her actions even ended the call for a U.N. investigation of the regime's human rights abuses. Worst of all, she is now ignoring, and thereby enabling, ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and the incitement of widespread racism.

History will remember Suu Kyi as the the leader of a pro-democracy movement who changed her mind and surrendered, who ignored barbaric violence, who helped split a nation, and who opened it to rapacious corporate development. This will be her real legacy. This is why she is indeed the worst person in Burma.

Editor note: Each of these Rohingya settlers, Kachin ethnic and other issues are different, not consider as equal. For example, Rohingya issue may deals as stateless case, Kachin issue should deals as political right and self-determination, in the midst of crisis, how NLD and Aung San Su Kyi try to make benefit for her own party and Burman extremist interest only is another disappointment. USDP is military party.

Kachin Affair is Bamar Affair. In more ways than one.

Special Contribution
By Ohn
Oct 22, 2012

A boy looking at the gun

Kachin, for long history being connected to Burma regardless of the initiating circumstances, are taken as kinsman by common Burma populace. Even disregarding the forceful integration by way of “model village” construction, there have been long and intricate associations between Kachin ethnic people and the low land dwellers.

At the same time, there is palpable increase in chauvinistic attitude in some quarters drummed up by the military which traditionally has intense racist, chauvinistic foundation. The three Warrior Kings of the statutes in (horridly named) Nay-pyi-daw were all Burmese.

Still, there were concerted efforts by common populace of lowland Burmese to stop the Kachin war by congregating for Peace Prayer sessions at Botataung Pagoda in Rangoon before Aung San Suu Kyi was allowed to get out of house arrest.

After her release, those grass-root movements paradoxically stopped but it is now picking up again without her or NLD’s official blessing or involvement culminating in the largest public demonstration in Rangoon since 2007 seen on the International Day of Peace, 21st September 2012. So Kachin Ayay seen as Bamar Ayay has come forth again. From the grass-root Bamar public.

But it is worrying that another interpretation of “Kachin Ayay being Bamar Ayay” is the extraordinary number of Bamar military casualties reported from battle lines by the Kachin News outlet This point has generated some discussion in New Mandala in the past.

Realistically, the number of casualties is never going to be accurate unless the involved parties publish them with credible evidence. The above reference quoted Bamar military deaths at 10,000 in a space of one and a half years. It is more concerning as the reports of deaths are more and more in recent months than earlier times. With the rainy season gone, there is likely to be more engagement. At the same time, the battle lines which were around the dams where the first skirmishes took place in June 2011, and along the Chinese Pipeline (Shwe Gas), have now widened to commercial jade production area- Phakant. Attacks around and towards Kachin capital Myitkyina are also being talked about.

Even if half of the casualties reported are true, it is disturbing that there is no demonstration of anguish found among the Burmese people regarding such large, rapid loss. Not a single one of even remotely related report is found in newly supposedly “Free” media inside or outside the country about the effect of these casualties on the Burmese populace in general or their close relatives in particular. This is something the American military may want to learn from their new best friends, Burmese military counterparts. A lesson in how to keep a tight lid on any repercussion from huge casualties. Intense and absolute repression/deception lesson 101.

It does raise the question of voiceless-ness of the Bamar soldiers and their relatives. With or without the much wildly celebrated “changes”, “democracy”, laudable globe trotting “Leaders” and international loan agencies (IMF, WB, ADB) making useful infrastructures with loan money generations of Burmese public will spend their lives in ghettoes paying back, these are bad news.

Deaths, the voiceless-ness and the total lack of “News” which is only possible with conspiratorial “Free Media” Burmese style.


Special Contribution
By Subramaniam Masilamany
Oct 13, 2012

Srilanka independence from European in 1948

"When I was living in Sri Lanka, I did not feel free or freedom , when I came to Canada I felt free, for people and the state respected free speech, encouraged freedom and the freedom to act, I felt a much higher level of freedom, I felt it from the bottom of my heart, from the backyard of my home and all the way to the court of justice and the institution of law enforcement. It enhanced my economic prosperity" Subramaniam Masilamany

After 60 years of freedom from the Europeans Sri Lanka is fast becoming an un-democratic and non-democratic country. When the current President, Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa proclaims that negotiations will be held with the LTTE after they have been defeated in the war, I came to the conclusion that Sri Lanka is not ready for freedom and democracy. Once one party is defeated there is no negotiation, the vindicated accepts whatever crumbs thrown by the victor. Digesting various information from the extreme Singhalese, if the LTTE is defeated there will be total annihilation of the Tamils. Once the matter gets out of control it will be difficult to bring it under control. We witness this kind of human behaviour every day. Further evidences are the abrogation of the Cease Fire Agreement. The President wants to bring in an All Party Representative Committee to put together a devolution plan. I do not see why he has to repeal CFA to bring about APRC. The APRC could have been easily built upon the CFA. CFA is just the foundation and the beginning; one cannot negotiate while the war is going on or once one party is defeated. The President firmly believes that LTTE can be defeated. I think he is presuming. Lets us presume LTTE is defeated, but recent history teaches otherwise. The Israelites came back, of course after a long time, with undefeatable power! So the way I see it, Sri Lanka is not ready for peace and democracy. This lengthy article is about Democracy and Sri Lanka. Are the people ready to live in a democratic system?

What is needed in Sri Lanka is real democracy, a democracy in the hearts and minds of the people. One should live in a democratic state to understand the multifaceted benefits it offers. In this article I am making an attempt to bring together people of Sri Lanka to live as one people. I am explaining in detail with my limited knowledge, experience and wisdom why we have to live as one people respecting race, religion and language of other people. There are several nations that have transcended natural and external barriers and progressed beyond imagination. A strong social system combined with vibrant economic system makes this possible. I think the train of society rides on a strong socio-economic system. One without the other is difficult to maintain. Democracy is not an absolute or perfect system. It can be improved. I think the world leaders are beginning to accept that we need to talk to the minorities and the aggrieved. In a real democracy every citizen must be equal and it is the duty of the state to ensure they are equal in every respect. This evolution is I happening in the minds of leaders. Mr. Gordon Brown, The Prime Minister of The United Kingdom and Mrs. Hillary Clinton of the democrats in USA have expressed their views on it. Unfortunately other democracies are not inventing new ideas to improve upon this concept of democracy. The reason may be they are still growing democracies. The United Kingdom and The United States of America are good in inventing new ways to ameliorate human life. The civil rights movement in America not only made their citizens equal to each other but also created worldwide civil rights for all suppressed people. India has not come up to the challenge. It lacks leadership to free its people from socio-economic feudalism. It is also very slow to develop its political capital. So India has its own problems. Pakistan is another pariah state. But Singapore, Malaysia and Honk Hong have progressed beyond expectation. What is the problem? This region around the Indian Ocean as a whole is unable to grow up.

Other concepts that need improvement are Terrorist and Terrorism. When someone enters your home or property and uses violence he can be called a terrorist, but when you go to defend your home and property you are fighting for your rights as a citizen, you are not a terrorist and the act is not terrorism. Sri Lankan government has been waging a campaign against its own citizens as terrorists. When you deliberately discriminate your own citizens you are putting every other citizen at the perils of an impending social upheaval. Then the current definition of terrorist and terrorism has to be tested against the way the majority treat the minorities in any nation. If a man fights for his rights in a democratic way and if the majority does not address their concern, there should mechanisms to address those grievances. In Sri Lanka most of the readers about my age of 65 know the history of the current situation. For others we have to provide lot of information so that they can make their own deliberations and make educated decisions. In 1956, Singhalese was made the official language, then how do the Non-Singhalese people communicate with the State and the Singhalese? This would not have been done in a democratically well-evolved country.

The nation of Sri Lanka was not ready to make such drastic changes. The people were not educated and matured enough to understand the complications of such a proclamation. The country from thereon step-by-step descended and we are in a state of total disarray. No bread but plenty of bullets. About 500,000 people are on non-productive, highly consumptive profession called the military. Then there is thuggerism and paramilitary groups and drug dealers at will. It reminds of the discovery channel on television. When an economy consumes without corresponding production inflation will take over. That is where Sri Lanka is today. The country has become economically, financially, politically, morally and intellectually bankrupt. I think for 500 years we were under the control of the European masters and in 1948 we were let loose and within mere eight years we were back to nature quarreling with each other. Other nations tried vainly to educate us in democracy in a delicate manner but those ideas never sank into our psyche. I think the system of government in most European countries and in the United States of America the constitutions are well evolved to deal with anomalies in an elected parliamentary system. The judiciary, which is free of the elected parliament, is one way it can be addressed. There are other ways such as in Canada where each province has its own provincial government to address regional issues that arise from time to time. This takes courage and willingness on the part of the majority to promulgate a constitution that will protect the minorities. Actually speaking there should not be any minorities in any country or political system. We are all equal and capable.

There are so many ways this problem can be solved, but it takes political willingness, courage and leadership to solve it for the purpose of good living. I guess man coming from the cave through the jungle have adopted the mindset of animals; the strong one feeds at the expense and the expensive life of the other. Why would a nation put itself through traumatic experiences for 60 years? My view is that we are unable to develop ourselves into a well-grown democracy. We understand aggravation, violence, abuse and physical force but not dialogue, negotiation, compromise and brotherhood. Once I was traveling in a Jaffna bound train, the military personnel entered the train asked every citizen who paid the fare to travel legitimately to surrender the seat to the army personnel. So from the Late Prime Minister S.W.R.D.Bandaranayake to ordinary citizen and soldier there is no respect for his fellow citizen. Respect for fellow citizen is called democracy. It is not rocket science. Are people of Sri Lanka ready for the State of Sri Lanka? Is democracy ready for Sri Lanka? Democracy is blood, flesh, bone, mind and brain of people; it is not an abstract science. It is a collective living will of the people. It is in my selfish interest to be unselfish to preserve myself. In my self-interest I am willing to form a union of people and raise the standard of living of all, the nation.

The people in mature democracies recognize the need for social harmony for their well-being. It is in the interest of each other to free every other to be creative and productive. I cannot hold down somebody and free myself, as they say is the prisoner free or the guard is free? If you are going to ensure that the minority does not prosper then you are going to deploy your resources to keep him or her from being free and hence you deprive yourself your freedom to live a contented life. This is exactly what is happening in Sri Lanka. The majority is employing the national resources to suppress the minorities. This is a foolhardy thing to do for it drains the national resources. The question then is, Is Sri Lanka ready for democracy? A democracy is also like a business; everyone has to be free to be creative and productive. If one man controls the other man, then we have lost the productivity of two. Do the Sri Lankan people or the Government understand this principle? Only a person or government that lacks self-esteem and self-respect will resort to his or her own destruction. Sri Lanka must grow up with self-esteem and self-respect. I have asked several people why don’t we handover the administration to a foreign country? It is going to happen ultimately for when the debt load becomes unmanageable whoever becomes the government will be under the control of the creditor nations. We may elect the government but the operation of the government depends on the flow and circulation of money and the goods and services. When a government cannot deliver goods and services it becomes defunct. Sri Lanka has been living on grants, loans and subsidies ever since I have known Sri Lanka.

An average Sri Lankan has no time for democracy; so he does not bother to understand it and exercise it. He is more prone to understand religion and the existence of God. He accepts whatever the local priest preaches him and just follows blindly along the deadly alley. Then there are the socialists who believe in equality. But the socialists in Sri Lanka are more like racists; they want to eliminate the Tamils form Sri Lanka. The JVP in Sri Lanka is a racist organization. So we have a peculiar situation. Since independence Religion and Racism predominate the Sri Lankan politics. The Tamils are Hindus and are Industrious and hence kind of capitalist, The Singhalese are Buddhists and are kind of socialists in their disposition. Brotherhood is fantastic but who is going to put food on the table, roof over the head and other needs? It has to come from Agriculture and Industries. People need the Infrastructure and Institutions to facilitate and develop the economy. Sri Lanka lacks this talent. It is a fantastic country and is located in the right spot but for some reason it is unable to wriggle out of its mindset. The Tamils are basically industrious and ingenious but there is a fear among the Singhalese to allow them to run the country’s economy. I always believed that let the Singhalese run the government and let the Tamils run the economy. That is a safe solution for the Tamils cannot subjugate the Singhalese. The Singhalese think they are a minority in the region for there are 80 million Tamils in India.

So they behave like a minority in a country where they are the majority. This is the fundamental cause of the strife in Sri Lanka. This is understandable for the Tamils are very aggressive in their disposition and tend to over work and out work the Singhalese. You cannot blame them for the terrain and the climate make them to be aggressive. It is good for the nation, any nation, but the Singhalese are unable to have the courage to harness this greatness for their own benefit. One way to solve this fear is to make the country one-country one people. We are all one people.

Is there a political will on both sides to make this happen? It happened in the United States of America, but that is United States of America. They had the leadership and the political will to proclaim all people as equal under one constitution. It happened twice when they united the north and the south and then the whites and the blacks. America, we salute you for your courage and leadership. The opposite happened in Sri Lanka, in 1956 late Prime Minister S.W.R.D. Bandaranayke proclaimed Singhalese as the National language. The Tamils opposed but then accepted and learned the language. Knowing another language is good and better. The Singhalese were quick to realize that they could not stop the forward progress of the Tamils. This is similar to the current crisis; they do not want the LTTE to be the leadership of the Tamils. LTTE is too formidable and intimidating and they would prefer a lesser powerful group.

So whatever the Singhalese do to stop the progress the Tamils countered with another strategy. Now they say LTTE is a terrorist organization, okay what is your solution? They don’t have a solution, the seed of courage is not in their mind but fear; Fear of Tamils over running them. Tamils are the best ever happened them but they cannot accept it as a means to economic emancipation and hence prosperity. We need maturity among the Sri Lankans. Please don’t forget that the Tamils invented the sea going ship and discovered antigravity some 2500 years ago. The planet earth has diamonds and gold studded among sand and soil.

Since independence the Singhalese did very little to grow their people. All forms of discriminatory ideas were made and applied as extra incentive, but they could not get their people up and running. When some program failed they blamed it on the Tamils. I remember how they nationalized the Co-Operative system that was fast developing in the North. Then they ruined the very system. It was done to undo the progressive ideas of the Tamils. That was about 35 years ago. Today the Tamils are all over the world and progressing much faster; now what are the Singhalese are doing? They are using their power of the sovereign state appealing the foreign governments to proscribe the Tamil organizations as terrorist organizations and all businesses as front pieces of the LTTE. Well they have succeeded to a certain extent. Country to country respect each other and the Sri Lankan government took advantage of their goodwill and issued a diplomatic passport to a state sponsored terrorist called “Karuna”. When the US, EU and UK displayed their displeasure they were called supporters of terrorist. They did not have the courage and self-esteem to accept their fault and fraud but point the fingers at the respective countries. It looks as if the whole country is in a state of mental disarray. The British may use this misuse of international protocol as a way of bringing the three brothers to the International tribunal in The Hague. The British are very influential in the UN, the USA and the EU.

The world is fast becoming aware of the real situation and is trying to help the Sri Lankan government, but they were called supporters of terrorist. The Cease Fire Agreement was made after several years of work by few countries but was repealed by the present government of Sri Lanka. Why? They could have improved upon it. It is not in their hearts and minds to give a square kilometer to the Tamils. Tamils are foreign workers so they must go that is the core thinking. As long as even one Tamil stays, it is a threat to their security. I do not know how to address this fear. This fear can be disseminated by dialogue and communication. Of course we had English and then Singhalese language which the Tamils were willing to learn. Tamils are very versatile people; they are capable of adapting to new terrains and realities. But then the fear deep inside the minds of Singhalese surfaces when that barrier is overcome. The ball of fear sinks under the weight of a possible problem but surfaces when the problem is alleviated. The root of fear among the Singhalese has to be addressed and solved. The Tamils want to have a dialogue with the Singhalese but it is always rebuffed by the undesirable elements such as the religious fanatics and social extremist. India and Pakistan play a kind of sinister game in this conflict. India did not take part in the CFA and Pakistan knows only to fuel the fire and provide arms. They should first get their country in order, if they will ever. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bengala Desh what is the problem? I think the US, EU, UK, Russia, Japan, China and India must make political and economic investments to stabilize this region. It is in their interests do so.

The Singhalese are willing to invite foreign powers and tolerate their social influence but are unwilling to accept their nearest cousins with open hearts and fearless minds. It is very sad. If both sides can find a way to coexist it will be the best relationship. We have to develop mechanisms that can resolve disputes. There is precedence in the free trade agreement of North America and the EU agreement to help us. But Sri Lanka does not have the education, experience, courage, wisdom and political will to do so. Mere education is just a passport it does not guarantee success. We need people with hard experience. If we can keep the religion and the government separate and if we can embrace a common language the fractions and the frictions can be easily resolved. But are the people ready? Sri Lanka is neither the inventor of democracy nor has been free for a long time. It was either fighting among each other or under foreign rule. Before the advent of Europeans there were four regions namely Rajarata. Mayarata, Rhuhuna and Jaffna. In 1948 we became “free” but we could not maintain it. So basically we are not used living free in a free society. Immediately after the British left we regained our natural freedom and in nature the strong one prevails. So one can see the problem in Sri Lanka. The Europeans entered the picture again and brought about an end to the cycle of violence and created a Cease Fire Agreement. The CFA is just the beginning of a long road to social stability. But the present government made up of so many parties could not come up with a common platform to stand on. The President has to compromise to stay in power. He repealed the CFA but he did not have an alternate pact to stand on. He brought in All Party Representative Committee but there are cracks already, a prudent President would have and should have kept the CFA and build on it till the APRC is unanimously agreed upon. It was water under the bridge or the bridge to peace is under water. All these point to a very immature nation.

The strong over the weak is a phenomenon in nature; sometime we call it jungle mentality, but the strong for the weak is democracy. I am not equating Sri Lankans to animals in nature but I do not know where to draw the line. We need an external presence to resolve this ongoing dispute. United Nations is the best choice but US or EU can do an effective job. Sometime force may be required to keep the warring parties apart. Someone has to lay down the rules and ensure the cousins do not monkey prank each other. I am not on any side but I will be on the side of the Tamils in any armed dispute because I am a Tamil. So folks now you understand why there is trouble and why we cannot solve it. It is not in our nature to negotiate on equal terms. It was very obvious when Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa said we would negotiate once the LTTE is defeated. He is dreaming, he has seen the width of the Tamils but he has not seen the depth of the Tamils. When you pour water it permeates in all directions soaking up the soil so there is a sphere of expansion going within the Diaspora convincing the world of their greatness. It is Multinational Co-Operation and a Corporation. Few of our organizations were shut down because they were called terrorist organizations but when we operate the same within the laws of the respective countries the law has to be upheld. The court is as equally powerful as the Government. So we now have the experience to deal with future categorization by any government. The organizations when banned by the Government should have taken the matter to the court but they did not, we learn from our mistakes. Again it shows that we are very weak in the understanding of democracy. They did not know that there are two other avenues available when the government acts, namely the media and the court. See democracy to Sri Lankans is electing the government and working for the government. It the western world the government is only a third of the administration; the court and the media play important roles. I do not know if any of these banned organizations were legally constituted. Had they consulted the proper legal authorities they could have operated legally.

Jean Jacques Rousseau in his social contract explains the mechanics behind the formation of democracies. If this could be translated into Singhalese and Tamil and distributed among the people, we may stand a chance of bringing an end to this cycle of violence. Our effort is to keep up with our relentless pressure to uphold democratic values and to curtail the cycle of violence and make all parties to the conflict to come together as equals and see the benefit to each other by agreeing with each other. Jean Jacques Rousseau in Social Contract explains it very well. “The articles of association”, rightly understood, are reduced to a single one, namely the total alienation by each associate of himself and his rights to the whole enterprise.

Therefore every individual gives himself absolutely, the conditions are the same for all, and precisely because they are the same for all, it is in no mans interest to make the conditions onerous for others. Secondly, since the alienation is unconditional, the union is as perfect as it can be, and no individual associate has any longer any rights to claim; for if rights were left to individuals, in the absence of any higher authority to judge between them and the other member, each member, being his own judge in some cases, would soon demand to be his own judge in all; and in this way the state of nature would be kept in being, and the association inevitably becomes either tyrannical or void. Thirdly, since every member gives himself to all, he gives himself to no one, and since there is no associate over whom he does not gain the same rights as others gain over him, each man receives the equivalent of everything he loses, and in the bargain he acquires more power to preserve what he has. which comes down to this, “ Each one of us puts into the enterprise his person and all his powers under the supreme direction of the general will of the enterprise, and as a body, we incorporate every member as an indivisible parts of the whole enterprise”.

Basically it means The Government is responsible for its citizens, and the people are responsible for the government; it does not matter if they are Singhalese or Tamil. The government cannot err and the people cannot err. Is the Sri Lankan Government behaving like a Government? I doubt it. The ocean of ignorance surrounds the country of Sri Lanka not Indian Ocean. We are exposing our ignorance and inability to the rest of the world.

Democracy is not an external mechanism; it is in our hearts and minds. Democracy is basically self-respect and respect for others. A self-respecting person will not tolerate his rights being infringed upon so if he has to be respected the he must respect others. We have two ancient religions to guide us; both communities put their palms together and pray to God. How can we use those same hands to pick up gun and kill a fellow citizen? “Appi Okkama Lankawe Minisu” “We are all Sri Lankans” Nangal Ellorum Elangai Makkal”. This is what an old man said when there was a dispute between two people in a Negombo city bound bus (1966). He is not the President of Sri Lanka but he should be the President of Sri Lanka

Democracy is not viable without a strong economy and economy is not viable without a strong Democracy. Citizens need for basic amenities are the very purpose of an economy. Economy is simply defined as every man and woman gets to work and produce something useful for him or herself and trade the surplus to others. You don’t have to be an Oxford or Harvard trained economist. I think in Sri Lanka the government gets too much directly involved in the management of the economy. Economy needs some form of self-motivation and self-preservation. The government cannot do this because it is a politically elected body and the interest is on the consumption and employment side of the economy, where as businessman is interested in efficiency and profit. In most advanced economies there is a healthy balance between both. I do not know the reason but Tamils are very enterprising and are capable of creating wealth. The Singhalese and their government envy this. 50 years of state intervention with standardization has done very little to alleviate the standard of living of the Singhalese. This artificial form of propping up caused dissent among the Tamils. Hence fear on one side and discrimination on the other side The Tamil invented their own ways to create wealth despite all form of hindrance from the Singhalese mobs.

Lately they moved out of Sri Lanka and have found some very encouraging and nourishing economies for their economic advancement. There are about 500,000 Tamils in various countries. The wealth so generated has helped LTTE to self-finance. The government of Sri Lanka through these countries is attempting to discourage these enterprising people. It appears the motive of the Government of Sri Lanka is to degrade the Tamils. They should encourage their people otherwise to become creative. In my personal experience as a university student and then as a State officer in Sri Lanka I observed that to discriminate is more prevalent than making efforts to advance themselves. I think there is an inherent fear among the Singhalese for the Tamils. I think this can be improved by open communication. If they can understand democracy well then they will realize that rising water raises all boats. The government through proper taxation and investment could help the Singhalese to become economically balanced. Due to their living terrain the Tamils have to fight every element of nature to survive and through thousands of years of struggle the ones that survived are the virulent ones. There is no room for the meek and the weak.

Too many of my Non-Tamil friends have commented that we work so long so hard. We compete with every other nationality from the world. They like it because prosperity has no borders; it permeates into every citizen’s home and dining table. Instead of fighting for crumbs make the pie large enough to feed Appuhamy, Arumugam and Ahamad. I hope I can convince the Sri Lankan people to comprehend this fountain of prosperity. Our problem in the west is how to distribute our surplus creations. As a businessman I have surplus capacity and production. How did Sri Lanka miss people like I?

Democracy is not for everyone. Democracy is an advanced form of human relationship. It is not for faint hearted. I should know what my rights are and how far I can stretch and where it ends. Where it ends is very important because that is exactly where the rights of the other man begin. That point of contact is well guarded by the constitution of the country. There are several mechanism put in place to safe guard freedom. Are the Sri Lankan people up to this standard? They are not, if they are then this conflict would not have started and continued for 50 years and three generations. Time to put an end to it. But the people are not ready. Sometimes I ponder and wonder if a military government or a monarchy or Superstition based governance would be appropriate.

Sri Lanka is not a self-sustainable economy. The Europeans had an export-oriented economy, which supplied all the needs from outside. Rice, Flour, Sugar, Potatoes were all imported. It may not be the best but it provided food and jobs. The country had foreign governor, foreign military command and the institutions and infrastructure. The country had a balanced budget and no foreign debt. So when they left we had a pretty good country and we should have build on it; but we squandered and plundered. Within eight years of freedom the communal violence flared up. And rest of the story is constant miscarriage of human rights. It never got better.

Democracy is a courageous deed. It needs prohibition of aggravation into another living being. It runs against nature, for animals live either by consuming or by killing another animal.

So this incursion into another living being is unavoidable. But as human being we can share and live as one people. We have come long way but more to be done at micro-social level. We in the west have excellent mechanisms to deal with even family disputes amicably. The best thing is that the people in the west respect those institutions. So not only we need the institutions but also a population that respects these institutions. In Sri Lanka both are missing. Education is most important aspect of democracy. Sri Lanka has to stop fighting, both LTTE and Government must unilaterally cease hostilities and then slowly but steadily negotiate and continue to negotiate into a utopian society, some time I wonder how did we achieve this in Canada, Sweden, Norway etc. The people seem to be so good you wonder if they are ignorant but they are not. They are at the top of human evolution. I feel so safe in Canada I feel guilty that I am unable to help my people in Sri Lanka. 500 years of European influence has not helped at all. We received independence in 1948 but we didn’t gain independence from our nature. I guess we are not familiar with freedom, the European over lords ensured that we behaved but apparently did not teach us how to manage freedom. Freedom is a huge responsibility.

Late Prime Minister S.W.R.D Bandaranayke may be the cause of this current situation or it may be that we are two incompatible races. We all look alike. But why are we fighting? Is the country naturally and hence economically fertile enough to support 25-30 million people? Is the Land to Man ratio too low to support sustenance? Or is it the way mother nature correcting the imbalances? Whatever it is we are educated enough to make intelligent choices. War is not one of the choices. Besides the country has no money to feed the people but has plenty of hard currency to buy military hardware. It runs against my beliefs and runs against any economic theory. Who is financing the war? And what do they stand to gain? FIFTY golden years have been wasted, it is time to bury our hatchets and get down to nation building. Let’s put down the arms, pick up the ploughs and hammers and get to work.


Special Contribution
By Subramaniam Masilamany
Oct 8, 2012

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

“Who is a terrorist? A criminal turned political” Since 1970 Mahinda Rajapaksa used to be a criminal , by definition he is a terrorist!

Mahinda Rajapaksa is unfortunately a terrorist who has got into power; he is now on the list of terrorist organisations that will be supplied by Iran with weapon grade fissionable material enough to produce a nuclear weapon. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants Israel destroyed, he said it on Piers Morgan tonight on CNN. He also implied that US, EU and UK are also destroyed.

Sri Lanka is the first nation in the world where terrorists have gotten into power through the power of elections. What will happen to the world when more and more terrorist organisations get into power through their ingenuity? How China and Russia will feel when these small rogue nations run by criminals, gangsters, drug dealers get into power by hook or by crook and acquire weapons of mass scale destruction. Super power must stop bickering and think pragmatically. Once the rogues get the nuclear weapon it will be too late they will hold world for ransom. They will black mail every nation. Russia and China must think now and think again now!

Sri Lanka is an example and gateway to understanding the future of nations and what we are up against. While the US and the West is trying to moderate the flow of technology and materials in the hands of states run by terrorists, China and Russia are not only standing by, but cheering these rogue nations getting these weapons of mass scale destruction.

Mahinda Rajapaksa may be the President of Sri Lanka, but his past qualifies him to be a state terrorist. He may pretend to be a good boy these days; he has to some or other ride over the cloud of war crimes and genocide hanging over his head. Intelligence today has different meaning, how is one intelligent than if someone is intelligent. Mahinda Rajapaksa is very, very intelligent man, he is as wise as all the foxes and coyotes put together. People are intelligent in their own way. Mahinda Rajapaksa got introduced to the world through crime and violence. He has at least 40 years of knowhow on crimes and how to overcome the allegations. As of now he is the President of Sri Lanka, which means he has the protection from foreign powers through the Act of Sovereignty. Besides there are jokers in Kremlin and Beijing. India, New Delhi and Man Mohan Singh have no clue as to what is happening. They do not have the capacity of universality.

Fissionable materials are dangerous, if it gets in the hands of terrorists or drug dealers or criminals what will be the course of history? It will be a curse. Human race will be at peril and total mayhem and disarray. How to stop the proliferation of fissionable material and getting into the hands of terrorist like Mahinda Rajapaksa is the prime concern of the world leaders. But Russia and China are indifferent to it. May be their anti US, anti West policies distorting their clarity of thinking, but they must relax think wisely and act wisely in their own safety and security. They cannot live in seclusion for the world is contiguous and connected by very many ways and means.

The most important task of the United Nations and super powers is to replace criminals in power with properly elected democratic peace loving leaders. Soon after the Second World War US, Russia and Europe came together as one entity and act in concert and unison. Why wait till a disaster to happen, why not take cue from the past and act proactively to prevent another catastrophe? They should begin with Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapaksa quipped that he has taken advantage of the bickering among the rich and famous and he has said that no one will get involved in our current political situation. There is no benefit to any one with Sri Lanka.

Why is Mahinda Rajapaksa associate with Iran? He wants oil and he wants nuclear weapons. As and when Iran gets it I am more than sure that Iran will share it with all terrorist groups and Sri Lanka being a sovereign nation run by a terrorist gang will be first on the list. When look at Mahinda Rajapaksa side by side with other world leaders what comes to one’s mind, he look an odd man out. You read his mind and his mindset, he is a terrorist. Who is a terrorist? A criminal turned political. He is a prime specimen of the evolution of a terrorist. So who should be more worried, India, but the people who are suffering from oxidative degeneration of brain cells cannot think cohesively. They need dopamine to straighten out the flow of thought! India should act now to clean up Sri Lanka, but who in India can do it? They got losers with loose leaf binders full of thesis and theories. Mahinda Rajapaksa looks majestic with Man Mohan Singh. Man Mohan Singh needs a shot testosterone and adrenaline, both in one shot.

Mahinda Rajapaksa has stopped visiting the US and West, he knows he cannot fool them anymore. When will China and Russia learn not to trust this little rat? He is an all animals in one except the good and kind ones. Second World War happened because US, Europe and Russia could not agree and act in the goodness of the world. Russia lost some 6 million people. Should we wait till such disaster happen again or should the Superpowers come together and manage the world proactively?

Sri Lanka Offers Sex to Cricketers, I Wonder Why Everyone is so Quiet?

Special Contribution
By Subramaniam Masilamany
Oct 1, 2012

SriLanka's woman Offers Sex

All visiting dignitaries, diplomats, ambassadors, law makers and other prominent members to wear chastity belt on their trip to Sri Lanka or the wives are going to accompany them. Why not simply put a GPS with an invisible miniature camera on their ding dong?

It is not just offer of sex for pleasure; it is part of the national economy and political pawn making. It is a trap for the visiting dignitaries, diplomats, ambassadors and law makers. Show me a man who does not like extra marital sex I will show you an impotent husband. It is not the extra marital sex and sexes for service and servitude that is the problem, but are the video tapes of the whole session. I wonder why everyone is so quiet. All of sudden everything turned so quiet.

“Everyone was doing it, but everyone didn’t know that everyone else was doing what everyone was doing; now everyone knows what everyone was doing. Simply said for those who are slow minded the cat is out of the bag”.

You mean only to cricketers? Are you kidding if Sri Lanka reveals all videos recorded for the fair Sex Service most of the United Nations staff will be in the divorce court with their ex-wives. How about some ambassadors and diplomatic corps? How about some members of the parliament? How about some of the commonwealth representatives who was delving in the Sri Lankan flesh. Recently an African representative of the Commonwealth said Sri Lanka has some of the best female common wealth. How about Karuna, KP and others? Karuna, KP and Kama sutra what a rhyme?

There is story that even man Mohan Singh was once offered but he did not have viagra with him.

So now all wives are up in arms about their husbands going to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka they offer girls from Russia, China, India and Pakistan. One diplomat on his return quipped that Chinese are good for service but not for sex.

The national economy of Sri Lanka depends on tourism and sex accounts to about 12-15% of the total revenue and employs about 50,000 prostitutes and about 5000 pimps. Most of them are controlled by Rajapaksa’s son Namal. He is the king pimp. Pimps offer drugs, paraphernalia and girls, rooms and protection. One could get the whole package at any Corner street in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

So now no one wants go to Sri Lanka, unless wives accompany them. What a way to conduct a married life. You know those days they put chastity belt on women, what we should do with men?

In Sri Lanka usually the government ministers and members of the Parliament conduct job interviews to prospective female applicants in Hotel rooms.

It is the new industry no country has even explored and exploited like Sri Lanka, it is said that Don Juan Dharmapala offered his wife in return for the Portuguese protection. That was in 1501 AD.

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