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Come Clean, Jorge: An Open Letter to the Bishop of Rome (aka "Pope Francis")

Special Contribution
By Kevin Annett
Dec 6, 2013

General Galtieri

Call no man on earth your Father, for you have only one father, who is in heaven. - Matthew 23:9 Above everything, any successful ruler must appear to be religious. - Nicolo Machiavelli That dumb little smirk of yours is really starting to bug me, Jorge. Like, so what if you're the CEO of the richest corporation on the planet? I don't care how many media moguls adore your ass. Try some decorum, man. Consider the lilies of the field, or something.

Of course, it's not that you don't have every reason to be smiling these days. I mean, congratulations, boyo! You've really pulled it off! For who else but a Jesuit could get the world to believe he's the next best thing to Jesus Christ himself, merely by smirking and waving for the cameras, and mouthing the politically correct phrases that raped and battered people so desperately need to hear?

Sure, any Spin Doctoring 101 graduate will give you top grades for how well you've spread a shiny veneer over that spiritual slag heap of yours in Rome. But don't let that go to your head. We all know you're a people pleaser and a guy who greases wheels and hands: just look at the brilliant publicity job you did for General Galtieri and his fellow bad boys down in Buenos Aires, during their Dirty Wars. You lie better than the best of them, Jorge, sincerely and convincingly: unlike your sorry predecessor, Herr Ratzinger, who even you Cardinals liked to call "Joe the Rat" for his unabashedly honest nastiness.

Say hi to Joe, by the way. From me. I hope he doesn't bear me a grudge. But enough of this gay banter, Jorge. I need you to clear up a few things for me, and the world. I get you, so far. You're keeping your critics and various lawyers bearing subpoenas at bay with your politically correct bafflegab while your Vatican Bank number crunchers transfer all that laundered mob money and war machine profits into various offshore hands, including in Bejing, apparently. Maybe it's even true that you and the Chinese are trying to dominate world money markets with a single currency, as some of your own insiders claim. And so why shouldn't your little distraction ploy work? It's a tried and true method of all regimes under siege.

Well, as we say in Belfast, Jorge, I'll have a pint if you're buying, but only if your money's good. And the looming fuck up on your gilded horizon is this: blame it on hubris, maybe, but the very success of your "Jorge the Second Coming" performance seems to be convincing you of your own lie, if judging by recent (and there have been many) public exhortations you've made. Now that's never good, according to Machiavelli, whom I know you read. That 16th century street wise advisor to popes told guys like you to never conceal their real purpose for too long lest they become entangled in their own dissimulation, and end up confusing and dividing their own court. You're starting to do that, and apparently piss off some king-making Italian cardinals and their banksters who quite rightly know, as you do, that prayers and piety is fine for the masses, but that meanwhile, your god deals in cash and credit.

Anyway, Jorge, why don't you just come clean? You know fully well that you're not about to tamper with global capitalism or bring justice to the poor - although I did like that cute story your media people circulated recently, about you wandering like a latter day St. Francis through the streets of Rome at night, feeding the homeless. Very nice. But don't let all that feel good shit make you forget what happened to the last Pope who tried cleaning house and giving away the Vatican wealth, back in the fall of 1978. John Paul Number One died after 28 days in office - poisoned, apparently - while you, Jorge, are still very much alive. That sure tells us something.

Besides, the more you prattle on about justice and reform, dummy, the more your credibility starts hanging down somewhere below that spotless white robe of yours. Because after all is said and done, you are still the fiduciary (read: legally responsible) head of the biggest child trafficking racket and criminal conspiracy on the planet: a criminality you affirmed in your July 11 "Apostolic Letter", which reminded all catholics that anyone who talks about in-church child rape can end up counting their rosary beads inside that dank private prison of yours in the Vatican's basement. Now that was more like it, Jorge. Machiavelli would be proud of such forthrightness. Rulers, he said, should never shrink from ruthlessness to protect their authority. And your Apostolic Letter was simply doing what Machiavelli prescribes, which is, when caught in a wrong, a ruler must pretend to be reforming his kingdom while eliminating any chance that he may be further exposed. He has to bury the evidence and plug all the information leaks, which is what you've done.

But holy shit, Jorge! Your mentor said to just pretend reform. Pretend! Don't actually do it, stupid! For the last thing one does to a tottering regime like yours is to open the floodgates of change at critical moments. Jesus, Jorge, you must know that. It's elementary political arithmetic; and nobody gets to be CEO of the Beast in Rome without knowing the score. Maybe the professional shyster in you has us all fooled. Just don't end up fooling yourself in the process: the cardinal sin for any ruler, says Machiavelli. But here's the final rub, Jorge, and the main purpose of my little epistle to you: ultimately, none of this shit matters, considering the legal and the spiritual fact that neither you nor your Vatican Incorporated actually exist any more.

Last August 4, your entire church was declared to be a Transnational Criminal Organization under International Law, which means that since that date, you are null and void as a legitimate or lawful power. Now, it being the Christmas season and all, it's true that everybody is engaged in the Santa Claus Myth for the sake of the children; and what bigger Santa Claus fable is there, besides old saint Nick, (sorry, girls) than the unsupportable belief that the Vatican is a "sovereign nation" with its own laws and authority. But even millions of believers in the King's adornment doesn't hide his actual nakedness.

Sure, politicians and judges around the world play along with this big papal lie: I mean, who wouldn't, for a million bucks at election time? But behind all this human duplicity stands the immutable truth of the law, Jorge: that law which says that no ruler, anywhere, is above justice, and that an institutionalized child trafficking and money laundering church like yours is a criminal body whose assets and property can be lawfully seized, and its officers arrested … not tomorrow, but today. It gets worse for you, boyo. For behind even that law stands God, who condemns you far more deeply and more finally than can any human court. Maybe you know this, too, considering how compulsively you refer to God with words that reduce Deity to a harmless iconic image. That's what killers do to their victims, and paying lip service is always the first response of the guilty. But none of that works any more, Jorge. Because now, the joke is on you.

I guess you'd call it the comic punch line, which I first gleaned the day after I conducted our first exorcism ceremony outside the Vatican in late 2009, and a tornado struck central Rome the next morning. And this is it: The living God has stepped out from behind religion and rhetoric to shatter you and your blood soaked Temple. And all of your words and posturing have no power to stop the cataclysm that is bringing down your entire corrupt mess. I hate, I despise your religious assemblies, and will have no more of them … For I am against the false shepherds and will destroy them utterly. Remember?

God is written on human hearts, Jorge, and needs no interpreter, least of all a false church and its false shepherds. For what need has a living God of justice for a man-made religion like yours - especially at a crisis moment in human history, like now, when God alone can save us? So take off the white robe, Jorge. That's a command, not a request. It doesn't become you, anyway. We'll see you in court - and you know which court I mean.

Dr. Vivek Murthy Nominated by President Obama To Be Surgeon General

Special Report
By Ajay Ghosh

Dr. Vivek Murhty

Chicago, LI: “The nomination of Dr. Vivek Murhty as the US Surgeon General cements the reputation physicians of Indian origin have across America,” says Dr. Jayesh B. Shah, president of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI). “President Obama has made the right choice in naming a highly qualified physician to serve as America’s next surgeon general. We are proud of Vivek and his many accomplishments and look forward to supporting him throughout the confirmation process,” said Dr. Shah. President Barack Obama has nominated Doctors for America co-founder Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy as the next U.S. Surgeon General, the White House announced Thursday. Doctors for America says it works in part to ensure that people have access to affordable, high quality health care. Murthy will replace Regina Benjamin, who was appointed by Obama in 2009 and left her post last summer. The Surgeon General post focuses heavily on public health and requires Senate confirmation.

Dr. Vivek Murthy, president of Doctors for America, has been serving on the Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health. As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Obama created a Prevention Council chaired by the Surgeon General and made up of Cabinet secretaries. The Council has been developing a National Prevention Strategy and is being advised by the 13-Person Advisory Group. Stating that it is a fitting public recognition of his tireless work and leadership in championing a system where everyone has equal access to quality healthcare, AAPI, an umbrella organization representing nearly 100,00 physicians and Fellows of Indian origin, in a statement issued here, stated that it is looking forward to bringing the experience and perspective of everyday doctors to the table to help shape the national prevention strategy.

“Vivek represents the next generation of Indian American physician,” said Dr. Harbhajan Ajrawat, AAPI Legislative Committee chairman. “His ethics, quiet leadership style and impeccable credentials make him the smart choice for this position. We will certainly mobilize the physician community to support his confirmation,” said Dr. Ajrawat. “Dr. Murthy has joined us on Capitol Hill for our legislative functions, he has spoken to our members in conference calls and he has consistently engaged AAPI and physician organizations,” said Dr. Sampat Shivangi, AAPI Legislative Committee co-chairman. “We know how much this nomination means to our community,” he said.

Murthy received his B.A. in biochemical sciences from Harvard, and his M.B.A. and medical degrees from Yale. He previously served as President Obama’s appointee to the Presidential Advisory Council on Prevention, Health Promotion, Integrative and Public Health. He is an attending physician in general internal medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Mass.

Among other accomplishments, he founded other health groups addressing issues such as the availability of medicine in rural areas and HIV/AIDS. In 1997, he graduated with a degree in biochemical sciences from Harvard, and later attended Yale University to receive degrees in medicine and business. If confirmed, Murthy would succeed Rear Admiral Boris Lushniak, who has served as acting surgeon general since July. The surgeon general, known as “America’s doctor,” represents the Health and Human Services Secretary and assistant secretary in addressing public health practice. According to an account on, Murthy says “I study people’s journeys to find inspiration in their work.”

20 US Lawmakers Address AAPI’s Capitol Hill Health Care Symposium On September 18th

Rep. Judy Chu addresses the Symposium, while AAPI leaders stand around her during the first ever AAPI Symposium on Healthcare Reform

(Washington, DC: September 19th, 2013): The nation is engaged on a heated discussion about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which is about a week away from the rollout of key portions of the law, even as the debate on comprehensive legislation on immigration reforms has taken center stage. It’s in this context, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), the largest ethnic group of physicians in the United States, representing nearly 100,000 physicians of Indian origin, with the objective of making its voice heard on Capitol Hill, held its first ever healthcare symposium at the Rayburn Congress Office Building on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013.

Twenty US lawmakers addressed AAPI delegates who had come from across the nation, pledging support to AAPI’s legislative agenda, especially: Clearing the backlog of Green Cards for skilled workers; Reforming the H-1B, J-1 and F-1 visas; And Expansion of STEM (Science Technology Math Engineering) to include Physicians. In addition, during individual meeting by API leaders with several Congressmen in their Chambers, they sought support for AAPI’s agenda. “Since we’re all here on Capitol Hill, don’t forget to meet your Congressman,” Dr. Jayesh Shah, president of API, urged his colleagues. “We’re here to tell them what we think, as a body. It makes a lot of difference when they hear directly from their constituents, so please do not be afraid to approach them.” According to Dr. Shah, Indian-Americans constitute less than one percent of the country’s population, but they account for nearly nine percent of the American doctors and physicians, having a very powerful presence across the nation, having one out of seven doctors serving in the US are of Indian heritage. They provide medical care to over 40 million of US population in the US. “We gather here today primarily to advocate for comprehensive Immigration bill which will help our physicians, increase GME positions by 15,000 and be part of health care reform debate,” Dr. Shah stated.

As part of comprehensive immigration reform, “AAPI has urged the Congress to include international medical graduates also along with international students graduating with degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) being fast-tracked for Green Cards. This proposal enables highly-skilled workers to remain in the United States after receiving their higher education in America,” Dr. Sampat Shivangi, the AAPI Legislative Committee co-chairman, said. As part of comprehensive immigration reform, foreign students graduating with degrees in STEM are eligible for green cards. This proposal enables highly-skilled workers to remain in the US after receiving their higher education in America, Dr. Shivangi added. “The only way to address this future crisis is to increase the number of residency positions available for future physicians to get trained, so that our nation can effectively manage the need for increased patient care. Increasing the size of medical school classes is not enough,” Dr. Harbhajan Ajrawat, Chair of AAPI Legislative Affairs Committee, said,” Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman, House Foreign Affairs Committee, who was the inaugural speaker at the Symposium on immigration and healthcare reforms, stressed the importance of the relationship between patient and physician, while acknowledging that the United States has maximum lawsuits filed against physicians among all the countries of the world. He pledged support for the limited Liability Reforms Act. Royce along with several other lawmakers agreed with AAPI that having an AAPI member on healthcare reform bill would bring a unique perspective to the Bill.

Sen. Jim De Mint, who is currently leading the Heritage Foundation, told the physicians, “I laud your contributions to the health of this nation.” However, he added, “Centralizing payment system does not help in healthcare. The idea that government can find solutions to healthcare issues does not contribute to better health care. We want to make it better. Liability needs to be controlled. We need to honor those who came here legally. Amnesty to illegal is a disgrace to those who came legally.” Showering praises on them for their commitment, professionalism and skills in their care for the patients of this nation in various capacities and regions, lawmakers from both the parties pledged their support to the legislative agenda of AAPI. Some of them recounted personal stories of their association with physicians of Indian origin, while others referred to them and their family members being treated by the highly talented and committed Indian American physicians. Some of them promised to bring in new legislation or amendments to the existing legislations incorporating the concerns expressed by AAPI members. “You have dedicated your lives, skills and talents at the service of the needy in this country. And You excel in your fields and have a passion to provide quality care,” Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey told the delegates. Congressman Phil Gingrey, MD (R-GA), said, “My 95 yr-old-mom, my wife and children are being treated by physicians of Indian origin. You do a great job.” Congressman Jim McDermott, MD (D-WA), who has visited India more than any other member of Congress and is a past co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, pledged to take up the concerns of AAPI members in the US Congress. Rep. Joe Wilson narrated a personal story of his son graduating with a medical degree recently. “How hardworking and enterprising are Indian Americans,” he said. He went on to praise the contributions of NRIs in almost all fields of American life. The panel discussion on Immigration Reform had Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ), Ranking Member, Health Subcommittee and House Energy and Commerce Committee; Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), past co-chair of Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans; and Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY), co-chairman – Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, and Ellen Dargie, the legislative assistant who handles immigration reform for Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), discussing the status of the Bill Rep. Issa had introduced in the House to reform the highly-skilled visa program.

“75 % Indians have college degrees. ND, That’s an economic benefit. Immigration is good for the economy. For instance, the value of Asian Americans’ purchasing power in the country is $2 Trillio0n,” Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute, said. Suhail Khan, Esquire, Director of External Affairs at Microsoft Corporation presented a Microsoft perspective on immigration. Nearly 8,000 jobs at Microsoft go unfilled each year, he said. Inviting talented people from around the world helps in generating opportunities for many others in the nation to find suitable jobs, he said. The Open House with Members of the Congress had Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY), Rep. Robert Hurt (R-VA), former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) and President of The Heritage Foundation, Rep. Jim McDermott, (D-WA), Rep. Ami Bera, MD (D-CA), Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC), and Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN). Phil Gingrey (R-GA) John Sarbanes (D-MD) Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) Mike Honda (D-CA), and Grace Meng (D-NY).

Rep. Joe Crowley pointed to the crowning of Nina Davuluri as Miss America as it represents the coming of age of the Indian community in the US. Describing it to be the “full integration into the culture and mosaic of USA,” Crowley pledged unqualified support to India’s bid for Permanent Membership to the UN Security Council. Rep. Frank Pallone agreed with AAPI members on every issue they had presented. However, he admitted that lack of cooperation and partisanship in the House has prevented the Congress from enacting any of these into law, but promised to work on bringing them into the House for approval. Rep. Steny Hoyer stressed the importance of AAPI taking on this mantle of letting the Congressmen know of their concerns. “It’s very critical that you are able to voice your concerns and needs in order for us to understand and address them,” he said. Rep. Ami Bera told AAPI members, “I am one of you. First and foremost, I am a physician,” he said. Dr. Narendra Kumar, who had introduced him to the audience said, “We need many more Ami Beras to represent the interests of AAPI and the larger Indian American community.”

Earlier, setting the tone for the day’s events, and while complementing his colleagues for their contributions in the fields of medicine and healthcare in the past six decades in the US, Dr. Shah said, “We’ve gathered here today to advocate for immigration, and to be part of healthcare reform. Caring for 1 in 7 pts in the nation, working in very challenging situations, gives us a unique place in the process of healthcare reform, providing us the right to be at the table to make decisions on health related issues.” Stating that the US is currently experiencing a physician shortage, which will be exacerbated by retiring baby boomers, affecting thousands of patients’ access to a physician, and ultimately the health care they need, Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, President-Elect of AAPI, said. “Physicians graduating from accredited U.S. residency programs should also receive similar treatment. Such a proposal would enable more physicians to be eligible for Green Cards and address the ongoing physician shortage.” he added.

Dr. Seema Jain, vice president of AAPI stated that in the 113th Congress, AAPI strongly supports the “Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2013, introduced by U.S. Congressman Joe Crowley (D-NY) (H.R. 1180) and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) (S. 577), which would provide an additional 15,000 residency positions in Fiscal Years 2015-2019. Among the areas where AAPI had sought US lawmakers to support their agenda included increasing 15,000 more Residency Positions. Dr. Kavita Gupta, Secretary of AAPI, wanted the US Congress “to increase the size of entering Medical School classes, as it pertains to health care reform, as more physicians will be needed to provide quality health care to our nation’s uninsured patients.” While pointing to the fact that from 1980-2005, medical school enrollment remained flat, the US population increased by more than 70 million people, requiring 90,000 more physicians by 2020, Dr. Vikas Khurana, Treasurer of AAPI, pointed out.

AAPI supports limited liability reform at the Federal and State level that places effective caps on non-economic damages, limits the use of joint-and-several liability, provides physicians with flexibility to negotiate settlements with medical insurers and limits the statute of limitations for filing medical malpractice claims, Dr. Jayesh Shah, added. AAPI is a forum to facilitate and enable Indian American Physicians to excel in patient care, teaching and research and to pursue their aspirations in professional and community affairs. For more details on AAPI’s first ever Capitol Hill Health Care Symposium to be held on September 18th, please visit:

For addtional Indo, please contact: Ajay Ghosh, Media Consultant, AAPI. Email:

Would you Trust Al Capone to Police himself? Unmasking the latest Papal Deception: A Critique of the "Apostolic Letter"

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
Aug 31, 2013

Kevin D. Annett

Always provide your opponents with what they wish to see, and by that means, deceive and control them; for thus will they see what you appear to be, and few of them will experience who you really are. - The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli

A legal judgment is void if the court that rendered judgment lacked jurisdiction or acted in a manner inconsistent with due process. -Black's Law Dictionary, 6th ed., citing Klugh v. United States, D.C.S.C There is nothing more important for any Prince than appearing to be religious. - Machiavelli

In 1529, Martin Luther described the Vatican's gestures at "reform" as "farts laced with perfume"; and one of his lampooning publicists depicted the oxymoron of papal reform with a cartoon of fat cardinals brushing the dust off the statues in St. Peter's Basilica. Things don't change much in Rome. Five centuries after Luther, the tried and true method of all despots in damage control - of tightening the reins of power while feigning liberality - is unfortunately alive and well. Ask Jorge Bergoglio.

The Jesuit pinch hitter from Buenos Aires was brought in to the Augean filth of Rome to do exactly such a spin, as he was trained to do in the 1980's as the chief public relations gnome for the butchers of the Argentinian military junta. And last July, as the appropriately benign-looking "Pope Francis the First", Bergoglio issued something he calls an "Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio" concerning "the jurisdiction of Judicial authorities of Vatican City State in Criminal Matters". Wow. Sounds impressive, eh? From the sounds of that, you'd almost think that the Roman Catholic Church is a legitimate government, and has some kind of legal jurisdiction when it comes to matters of crime.

But illusions aside, this latest effort at statue-cleaning at the Vatican reminds me of something an Irish priest told me last May in Dublin: "Ratzinger was a dinosaur, but this new Pope is another Borgia" Nicolo Machiavelli was the hired scribe for the Borgias, those Renaissance thugs who ran Rome and the papacy with their friends and relatives. Nicolo even dedicated his book The Prince to Cesare Borgia, the throat-cutting illegitimate bastard of Pope Alexander VI: another cutie who raped his own daughter Lucretia and signed the Bull Inter Catera that carved up the world between Spain and Portugal and gave the green light to global genocide.

I figure Pope Francis is a real devotee of Machiavelli, since he's following the guy's advice to rulers to the letter. For the basic message of The Prince is that law and morality is a fiction and does not apply to popes and kings; and that such rulers must use every means of deception, violence and crime to hold on to their thrones while simultaneously making themselves seem pure and just. Which brings us to Bergoglio's Apostolic Letter, over which some of our especially naive colleagues are rapturing like it's the heralding of the dawn of a new age. Uh uh. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The Letter does three things: defrays criticism of the Vatican, avoids prosecution for defying the Law of Nations by co-opting that Law, and silences and criminalizes internal whistle blowers and critics. And it does so by expanding the power of church courts and canon law to prosecute and jail such critics in order to place a final lid over any information leaks in the church: including any reporting of child rape and trafficking. All of this stench is perfumed, of course. As Machiavelli says, use the language of your opponents and thereby disarm them. For the opening sentence of the Apostolic Letter reads, "In our times, the common good is increasingly threatened by transnational organized crime ..."

Indeed. Transnational organized crime, like the Vatican itself, which on August 4 was declared to be a transnational criminal body under international law because of the very policies enunciated by Bergoglio in his July 11 Letter: policies that aid and abet, among other things, human trafficking, rape, and money laundering for organized crime. It's always absurd when the Al Capone mobsters call for law and order, and announce new policies to police their operations more justly. The Chicago hood occasionally sponsored official "crime investigations" by his bought and paid for judges, who always rendered a verdict that never touched the operations of their paymaster.

But Jorge Bergoglio has done Al Capone one better: he is appropriating the very international legal conventions that have convicted him and his church in order to solidify the legal untouchability of the Vatican Incorporated for its proven crimes against humanity. The Apostolic Letter does so simply, by announcing that as of September 1, 2013, the "Vatican legal system" will incorporate the provisions of international law, including the Geneva conventions on war crimes, the convention on the rights of the child, and other laws prohibiting racial discrimination and torture.

Sounds good? Think again, people. For the power to apply such laws within the catholic church will, as of September 1, be completely in the hands and under the sole jurisdiction of church law and Vatican courts: precisely like the internal "legal commissions" within the Mafia that regulate mobster behavior. In effect, the Apostolic Letter states that all of those international human rights laws have no binding authority on the church unless the church makes it so, since the power to enforce those Conventions now lies not within secular or international courts, but solely within church courts. By thus placing his church outside the jurisdiction of any other court, the Pope has told international law to go screw itself.

Even worse, anyone who reports any of these crimes within the church now faces even stiffer punishment for doing so. The Letter states, "I establish that the competent Judicial Authorities of Vatican City shall also exercise penal jurisdiction over crimes committed against the security, fundamental interests or the patrimony of the Holy See". Penal jurisdiction means the power to prosecute and jail. And the same jurisdiction applies as well to any leakage of information from the church, including, under standing church laws like Crimen Sollicitationas, the reporting of child rape and trafficking.

Let me say that again: it is a crime under Catholic law to report the rape of a child. I am the State, declared Louis the 14th of France. But Pope Francis has now proclaimed, I am the Law. I guess that is an inevitable development for any megalomaniac regime that considers that one man is the link between God and all humankind. In that sense, poor Jorge deserves not a papal tiara but a strait jacket. But since this particular lunatic is armed with trillions of dollars, a few billion followers, and now the power to appropriate and ignore international law - well, folks, things do not look good.

But of course, remembering Machiavelli, that's just the appearance they want you to see. The truth is that the Apostolic Letter is an act of extreme desperation, arising from a collapse of the authority of the Vatican, as in 1870, when the army of nationalist leader Giuseppe Garibaldi abolished the papacy and its secular power. In response, Pope Pius IX unilaterally declared himself and his papal descendents to be "infallible", without even getting a majority of his Cardinals to agree with him.

Not coincidentally, the same pope declared soon afterwards that he was God, announcing in 1872, "I alone am the successor of the Apostles, the Vicar of Jesus Christ. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." (That's funny; I thought Jesus said that) Such bizarre and sudden claims of absolute authority are always made by those without any, as any tottering despot knows. Jorge Bergoglio has simply pulled another Pius act, now that the Vatican Bank is facing insolvency and his predecessor Joe Ratzinger and various complicit Cardinals are evading arrest within the walls of the ever-besieged Vatican.

And Jorge Bergoglio himself is next on the block. He has already been declared a war criminal in absentia by the International Common Law Court of Justice. He has also been named in cases before the courts in Argentina and Spain concerning his complicity in the death of Argentine citizens during the Dirty War. Jorge is hardly the one to be lecturing the world about the law. Distractions like the Apostolic Letter are not the issue at all, ultimately, in the face of the enormity of the crimes of the Vatican. This is especially true once we recognize the fictitious nature of that religious corporation's claims to be any kind of governmental or judicial body. And besides, have we all forgotten that the Vatican and its church has already been indicted as an international criminal organization? Such a body, according to the United Nations Convention on the subject, has lost its authority and right to exist.

In reality, Catholic "Canon law" has no lawful authority, and not only because it has been lawfully convicted as a global criminal conspiracy. For canon law is merely a set of internal corporate statues that do not negate common law rights or the laws of other nations, as the Apostolic Letter claims to establish. A bunch of crooks have no jurisdiction over themselves just because they say they do. If the rest of us are too stupid or frightened to tell the Al Capones and the Jorge Bergoglio to get stuffed, and to arrest and prosecute their sorry asses, then let our fate be on our own heads.

Let the Spin Begin! How Black becomes White, and Wrong Right - Recent Lessons from the Insane Asylum called Church and State

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
Aug 6, 2013

Eugenics program for Indian

Anyone can spot a lie, unless he is in need of that lie. -Clarence Darrow It's touching, at first, when the psychopaths in power seem to dabble in sentimentality and profess a sudden concern for their victims. Or maybe it just seems touching to all of those battered and cringing multitudes who so need their masters to show a bit of compassion towards them between all the blows.

As for me - well, personally, I find it merely ridiculous when sordid creeps like Jorge Bergoglio, who calls himself "Pope Francis", start posing as humanitarian reformers with a "concern" for the very people they're mangling. I get it, of course. Whether in the Vatican or any government or corporation, the damage control spin doctors are always in charge, and the only sure way for rulers to manage any kind of growing discontent and stay in power is to say exactly what their victims need to hear. Playing to the crowd like that almost always works.

But ultimately, this isn't about public relations. On a simpler, human level, I suspect the whole charade of "reform talk" gushing like a sewer out of Rome these days really has to do with the sort of compensatory atonement behaviour I often witnessed when I worked as an orderly on the psychiatric ward at the University of British Columbia hospital. In fact, the crowd of various delusional personalities I got to know on the Chronics Ward bore a remarkable similarity to rulers like Jorge Bergoglio and other self-proclaimed "heads of state".

Take Kenny, for instance: a nice young guy in his twenties who raped his sister for years, but who used to tell me that he had to assault her so because their royal bloodline had to be perpetuated, since his family were "star people" come to save humanity from itself. "I've told her I'm sorry, but she still doesn't get it, that we're a superior bloodline" Kenny observed calmly to me in the activities room one night. "I had to do it, for the salvation of all of us"

Jorge Bergoglio, like Kenny, sincerely believes that he constitutes a divine presence in the world come to save humanity from itself, and is therefore absolved from such menial considerations as honoring the rights and dignity of others. Unfortunately, "Pope" Jorge has no-one to tell him the difference between delusion and reality, since he's in charge of the Vatican Nuthouse, and that particular Delusion has been around for centuries.

Imagine Kenny armed with billions of dollars and running Ward Two West and beyond in order to dispense "salvation" to all the other inmates and the world at large, and you'll see the problem of trying to reform or even undo the intergenerational megalomania known as the Roman Catholic Church. Affirmed in his delusions and praised by millions of battered people, Jorge Bergoglio gets to do the strangest, most absurd things in his fantasy that he constitutes a "bridge" between the Creator of the Universe and all mankind. We're witnessing precisely such absurdity these days, and not simply an enormous public relations spin, as Bergoglio dons his dissociated persona called Pope Francis to "make things better" for all the children whose torture and rape he is deliberately concealing, and ordering to be concealed.

One of the big problems is that wrong is inherently seen as right in the mind of the dissociated abuser and those who share his self-serving worldview: again, something I learned on the Chronics Ward, and in the spring of 2010, in the streets of Rome outside the Vatican. An Italian police inspector put it to me this way as he physically barred me from speaking to reporters about the murder of children by the Roman Catholic church: "The pope is not to be judged by you or me, or anyone. He cannot do wrong"

I then showed the Wop Cop the letter where the pope at the time, Joe Ratzinger, ordered his Bishops to conceal child rape by priests, and I asked him if that, in fact, wasn't the wrong thing for Ratzinger to have done. "When Il Papa does anything, it becomes right, however wrong". I kid you not. Okay, so maybe that's an extreme example of how despots get away with crime. No other ruler is crazy or wealthy enough to openly claim that they're God's representatives on earth, even if they all act like they are.

Nevertheless, years ago, my Anthropology 200 professor taught me that culturally speaking, the less powerful and stable a ruler is, the more grandiose and mythic are his claims to office. Hawaiian kings had no land or wealth at all, but precisely because of that, they claimed that their divine status gave them life and death powers over everyone: if their shadow even fell on a man or woman, that person would get the chop, instantly. It was the law, you know. Popes are a lot like that: they rule completely through bluff and lies, along with the fear that psychotic thinking seems to engender. But the Vatican Delusion works incredibly well, and has always been a model for "secular" rulers everywhere. Like Adolf Hitler often said, tell the biggest lie possible if you want people to believe it.

And so I don't think it was an accident that soon after Jorge, as Pope, declared with astounding doublethink that he was "protecting" children in his church from rape by criminalizing the reporting of it, other rulers seized on his example and began spinning their own home grown crimes with the same flourish of insanity. Here in Canada, where blood-soaked church and state act like they have a monopoly on pious self-exculpation, the feds have recently made a big show of their "disclosure" that Indian children in residential schools were "experimented on" for decades. It's the kind of spin that would make Bergoglio proud, and here's the recipe:

Take the fact that generations of brown children were deliberately starved and tortured to death by Christian Canada as part of a clear Eugenics program to exterminate Indian nations in order to get their land and resources. Then hide or destroy the bodies and physical evidence, and bury the documents for years until the legal coast is clear. Finally, a Big Lie can be spun to explain away the slaughter, in this manner: all those kids weren't actually starved to death - they simply died from a benign "experiment" gone wrong! Something "experimental" sounds more legitimate and even necessary, after all, than starving children to death outright. And all the evidence I've been publishing on that Canadian Genocide since 1996 clearly shows that boys and girls in the Indian residential schools were being given no food at all as routinely as they were being exposed to other kids dying of tuberculosis. That's how you spread communicable diseases and wipe out half the children: lower the immunity of those little bodies with damp, unheated, underfed conditions. That was the official policy.

Suddenly, that big picture of Genocide has been wiped away in Canada quicker than a papal absolution, simply by labelling the whole slaughter as a matter of "experimentation". And the spin was brilliant, actually, if you judge by the orgasmic response among most Canadians to this "disclosure" that is, in truth, nothing new at all: for the programs responsible for denying food and vitamins to residential school children were first described and released to the Canadian press, by me, in the spring of 2000. But that's the way the Delusion operates: history gets reinvented, the crowd gets placated, and the criminals stay in control.

Kenny never did get discharged from the Chronics Ward: not while I was there, at least. But somehow, that doesn't make much of a difference to me, or to Kenny; especially since the Nuthouse is everywhere now. And in such a world, one declares that black is black and wrong is wrong at the risk of everything, considering who and what is in charge. Stay clear.

“Be Proud Of Who You Are And From Where You Come From:” Sen. Harry Reid Tells Delegates During AAPI’s 31st Convention in Chicago

Special Contribution
By Ajay Ghosh
May 30, 2013

Members of AAPI

(Chicago, IL: May 27th, 2013) “Be proud of who you are and from where you come from. And remember your roots,” US Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Harry Reid (D-NV) told AAPI delegates while delivering the keynote address on Saturday, May 25th at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers in Chicago. Sen. Reid was addressing a packed audience of more than 1,500 delegates from around the country and India during a luncheon reception on the third day of the 31st annual convention of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI).

Sen. Reid began his 15 minutes long address on a personal note, sharing with the audience his life as a child, growing up in a small mining town in Utah, with no modern facilities of life. “I was born to parents who did not graduate from High School. My town did not have electricity or running water.” Emphasizing that in the US it does not matter how much money you have or what is the color of your skin or what is your education level or which religion you belong to,” the Senator said, “In America, we all have a chance.” “Vast majority of you are registered Republicans,” the Democratic Party leader told the AAPI delegates even as the crowd burst into laughter. “That’s fine. You better look out when you go to register to vote the next time.” Taking a dig at the Republican Party and in particular, the Tea Party, which he compared with the Anarchists of the First World War, the third most powerful leader in the United States said, they do not believe in government. “They offended African Americans, Women, Gays, the Poor, and the Hispanics. Republicans in the Congress offended even some Republicans. They are virtually against everything,” he said.

Contrasting the United States with Japan, which has been very exclusive and not allowing any other nationalities to immigrate, Sen. Reid said, “America has been strong because of our immigration policy.” Each group or wave of people who came to this country brought with them their courage and spirit of innovation with them. Each of them contributed to the success and growth of America, a land of opportunities.” Insisting that the immigrants who come in today are bringing in the same qualities that other immigrants brought centuries ago, Sen. Reid promised to work towards making into law the Immigration Reforms Bill that is being considered by the US Senate. “We have a broken immigration system. This needs to be fixed. That’s what is the new Immigration Policy is about,” he said. “Describing it to be the right thing to do,” the Senate majority leader said, “All the economists, including progressive and conservatives believe that fixing the immigration system will contribute to strengthening of the economy. The new legislation the Congress is working on will contribute to make our country stronger. We are going to have it done, and the Immigration Reform Bill will pass.”

Referring to a lasting relationship he has had with the Indian American community since his college days, who had presented him with a hand-carved statue of Mahatma Gandhi, which he has carried from Utah to Nevada to the his office on Capitol Hill, Sen. Reid said, “You represent 65,000 physicians and 35,000 in training. My only hope is that each of you have the understanding of who you are how proud of who you are and have the willingness to actively get involved in the civic life and have the same energy like that of Dr. Prabhu, my close friend. If that happens America will be a better place for all of us.” Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard from the state of Hawaii shared with the audience her strong belief and practice of Hindu Religion. “My path to coming here, allowing me the privilege of serving in the Congress is so warming and meaningful as to share the room with so many people who understand the deep meaning behind the choice of me taking the oath of office to be a member of the US Congress on the Gita,” she said.

Describing her experiences while in the US army in Iraq, she referred to a billboard which read, “Is today the day?” reminding us “of the temporary nature of our lives and these bodies and great privileges and responsibilities we have and to make sure, that every day we make positive impact and we are doing our best to be of service to others, which is the practice of Karma Yoga. That’s what you embody in your everyday medical practice,” the first ever Hindu Congresswoman told the majority Hindu audience at the Sheraton. Rep. Gabbard said, in her struggles and anxieties and pain, she took solace and comfort in the Gita, from where “I drew strength and shelter, being inspired by the wisdom and knowledge. Today, it continues to inspire me to be service at the national level. In the midst of all the divisiveness and rhetoric, the teachings of the Gita inspire us towards the understanding on the unity that must exist between us people and souls,” the youngest Congress woman told the audience. After a presentation on the various services provided by FAIMER by Jack Boulet, the presidential awards were given to the Executive Committee members and the Directors of each Chapter. Rep. Gabbard and Dr. Narendra Kumar, president of AAPI gave away the awards to Dr. Jayesh Shah, President-Elect; Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, Vice President; Dr. Seema Jain, Secretary; Dr. Ajay Lodha, Treasurer; Dr. Kusum Punjabi, YPS President; and Dr. Amit Bhakoo, MSRF President.

The grand dinner reception in the evening had Ambassador Nirupama Rao, India’s Ambassador to the United States and Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL), co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans as main speakers. In his welcome address, Dr. Kumar made a special mention about dozens of delegates who had come from Kerala to participate in the Convention. Dr. Birinder Marwah gave a brief on the programs and the many activities the convention committee has put together to make the convention a memorable event for all.

Rep. Roskam shared with the delegates his personal experiences with the Indian American community. He pointed to the high view of family, education, respect for each other and working together to build a world where we find common grounds, the Indian American community shares with the larger American population. Describing the Indian Diaspora as “the biggest Diaspora in the whole of US,” Congressman Roskam referred to the fact that “the best and the most intelligent choose to be physicians,” who are healers of the world, dedicating their lives at the service of the nation. Ambassador Rao praised Dr. Kumar for his outstanding services that endeared him to receive the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman from the government of India earlier this year. “I truly believe it was an opt and fitting and fulsome recognition for his enormous contributions in the field of medicine in this country and to the cause of Indian American community and also to the healthcare sector in India, and in particular, in the state of Kerala,” Rao said. “Over the years, India has been transformed for the better in an epic and remarkable manner,” Ambassador Rao said. “India is the world’s largest modern democracy and America is world’s oldest modern democracy . The global strategic partnership between India and the US is built on the foundation of shared interests, shared values and shared results, that will transform the lives of the peoples of both the nations.”

On the cooperation between the two countries in the health sector, Rao, who hails from the state of Kerala, said, “There have been 35 high-level meetings held between both the nations, enhancing the cooperation of both the nations and various health institutes and educational institutions in this vital area of global health.” Referring to the “historic strategic partnership between India and the US” as been described by President Obama during his visit to India, the Ambassador said, “The relationship between India and the US is very special and it stands out among all others, because of the people to people relationship and the commitment you as NRIs have shown to build trust and enhance cooperation between the two nations.” “Your commitment to provide efficient and cost-effective health care to India needs to be lauded,” she told the delegates referring to the successful Global Health Summit AAPI had organized in Kochi in December 2012 with over 2,200 delegates from around the world.

Earlier during the day, a lively women's forum, chaired by Dharmi Kanuga, MD, and Annita John, MD, had inspiring speeches on various issues pertaining to women by Congresswoman Tulasi Gabbard, Writer Anne Cherian, and Surinder Nand, MD, a founding member of Apna Ghar, serving women both in India and the US. The dinner reception concluded with the presentation of the Media Awards to several ethnic media leaders for their contributions to the Indian American community. The enchanting star performance filling the Ball Room of Sheraton Hotel, Superstar “K K” enlivened the audience with hit numbers from popular Bollywood world, with the live music concert going into midnight.

Physicians of Indian Origin in the United States are reputed to be leading health care providers, holding crucial positions in various hospitals and health care facilities around the nation. While serving as an umbrella organization for more than 130 member associations nationwide, AAPI was formed to coordinate the efforts of the physicians of Indian origin, currently working in the United States. Headquartered in Chicago, AAPI has come to be recognized as a strong voice in the healthcare legislation and policy arena. For more details, please visit:


Special Contribution
By Roland Watson(dictatorwatch)
May 20, 2013

Barack Obama at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

The United States has never been a friend of Burma. President Lyndon Johnson invited Ne Win to Washington in 1966, near the beginning of the first modern tyrant of the country’s reign of terror. Johnson did so as a means to contain China. The actual suffering that the people of Burma went on to experience, meant nothing whatsoever to him, or later presidents, or their policy advisors.

This only changed following the junta’s massacre in 1988, after which Washington could no longer openly support the regime. The Administration, and one lawmaker after another, expressed solidarity with the freedom and democracy aspirations of the people. However, this was all for show. No one did anything. Washington could have backed the pro-democracy resistance, which was trying to bring down the Burma Army. It didn’t. It could also have orchestrated much greater pressure on the regime, both publicly and through diplomatic channels. It didn’t do this, either.

Obama’s policy

Barack Obama has now decided that this pro-democracy posturing is a waste of time. The regime has implemented an elaborate political theatre, to give his Administration an excuse to reverse its public, but fraudulent, commitment to democracy. Once again, America policymakers can work to contain China, and ignore abominable suffering, and even open up a new production and sales market for American companies - those companies that don’t mind getting dollars that are soaked in blood!

I believe in both Republican and Democratic Party ideals. For the former, I believe in carefully-limited and controlled government, personal responsibility, and capitalism. I am not a communist. For the latter, I believe that the disadvantaged in society need to be given assistance, and more generally that government does have some role to play in ensuring that our basic needs, including for health care, are satisfied. As part of this, I believe that markets and markets participants need to be very carefully regulated. The power of greed is too strong. It requires steadfast checks and balances.

When Obama was first elected, I wrote of the prospect that he would extend Abraham Lincoln’s legacy. As the first African American President, he was the perfect person to shift U.S. foreign policy from the realist or pragmatic, to the idealistic. America, which likes to tout the ideals of democracy and human rights, could for once consistently and systematically support them. Who better to demonstrate that Lincoln’s sacrifice, not to mention the entire Civil War, and everything else that has followed in the struggle for racial equality, was justified.

We all had such high hopes. Of course, Obama’s a politician, which isn’t saying much. But, he’s clearly very intelligent, and his campaign words in 2008 were so inspiring. The fact that he has turned out to be just one more slick and polished opportunist, and that he has abandoned the pretense of even supporting human rights, has been devastating. At least Republican presidents were vocal on democracy, even if they never followed up their words with actions. But what Obama has done, starting with China, and then with one country after another, including Syria, Iran and Zimbabwe, has been shocking.

I don’t understand why it is so hard to principled. If the U.S., through NATO, will help the Libyans get rid of Gaddafi, then why not the Syrians and Assad (where Obama recently turned tail on his own usage of chemical weapons “red-line”). Now, I don’t expect the U.S. to get involved in - to aggressively assist - every pro-democracy struggle. But let’s not forget that the U.S. itself wouldn’t have been free, without French support. There’s a reason why the park across the street from the White House is named after the Marquis de Lafayette.

I don’t understand why the U.S. can’t draw a policy line in the sand, for human rights and democracy. The President should announce that the United States firmly supports, and where feasible will help, the freedom and democracy aspirations of all the repressed people of the world. This is surely the way to demonstrate global leadership.

It’s true that we live in an interconnected world, so the U.S. should maintain some semblance of relations with everyone. But, it must firmly and unequivocally stand with the people of China, and Iran, and North Korea, and Syria, and Saudi Arabia, and Zimbabwe, and Burma, and all of the other countries where the select and entrenched few, are exploiting if not destroying the lives of the many. The U.S. is offering a $5 million bounty for Uganda’s war criminal Joseph Kony. Why not a similar reward for Senior General Than Shwe?

Obama’s calculation

Another good question is what lies behind Washington’s intransigence to back democratic ideals. Surprisingly, it is not our own history of repression, starting with slavery, the domination of women, the preferential status given to corporations, and now the secret police surveillance of ordinary Americans. While all of this is certainly significant - how can one dictator, even a mild one, oppose a brother - there is something else at work.

In his first term, Obama came to recognize three things. First, his highest priority was to help the U.S. escape the recession that had been caused by Wall Street’s financial crisis. Secondly, many Republican leaders are racist against him, and further they only care about power, the neoconservative goal to achieve a one party state, with all three branches of government under their control. Thirdly, most ordinary Americans don’t give a damn about the rest of the world. If other people are suffering, that’s just too bad. Why should we help?

Obama realized that he had to ensure some sort of legacy as the first black president. If he could help right the economy, that would be all that was required. His historical reputation would be assured. And, since the Republicans were doing everything that they could to sabotage the economy, this obviously required a lot of work. He could ignore the world, not only because Americans don’t care, but because foreign policy is messy and difficult, and there are no guarantees of success. Better just to ignore it, and let the State Department do its thing. The only exceptions to this were Afghanistan and Iraq, because of the wars.

State Department corruption

It was therefore surprising that Obama, and Hillary Clinton at State, took such a proactive approach to Burma. The U.S. for the most part had been studiously avoiding the country for decades. Why the sudden interest? Obviously, someone senior at State finally woke up and saw that China was colonizing a good part of Southeast Asia, and that maybe this wasn’t such a good thing, but not because of the impact on the people of the region - Washington doesn’t care about them - but for American geopolitical interests. However, I believe there is more to it than this.

The Administration’s Asian pivot was reportedly driven by Undersecretary Kurt Campbell. It’s also likely that he was one of the prime motivators behind the policy reversal on Burma. Interestingly, Campbell has now retired from State, and started a new company, The Asia Group (what a grand name!), which is lobbying for American businesses in Burma, including to expand the airport in Rangoon. Lest anyone have any doubts, this is Big Business - billions of dollars are at stake. Campbell is on his way not only to becoming a millionaire, but a deca-millionaire, if not more, particularly if he sets up a private equity operation. Don’t be surprised if he hires Derek Mitchell, once his ambassadorship is up.

The main reason why Washington has become corrupt is the influence of corporate money. Companies not only fund congressional and presidential campaigns, they also draft much of the legislation that ultimately is passed into law, and which they write to serve their interests. The detrimental impact of the revolving door, where top regulators from departments and agencies, when they leave their posts, cash in by joining the private sector, has also long been understood.

Earlier I asked, in effect, why not one single modern American president was ethical. (I will admit that Jimmy Carter tried.) Lord Acton wrote in 1887 that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” The implication of this is that the temptations of high office are simply too great. But now, because of the influence of corporate money, U.S presidents are corrupted before they even attain office. It appears that U.S. presidential candidates are chosen by what is effectively an evolutionary process, and that to be selected, you have to be immoral.

The one exception to this overall pattern, though, has been the State Department. Foreign Service Officers are among the best and brightest people of the country, and they serve for low pay and regularly in postings with great risk. I’ve met many over the years, and have never sensed even a hint of corruption. Most of the FSOs and Military Attaches that I have met also agreed on Burma that the regime was among the worst of the worst. But, they all said that the White House would never support, much less fund, strong resistance and action. It seems now that State, at least in its top echelons, and in the Far East, has also become corrupt. What a surprise. One wonders how many former State officials are now involved in business in China.

U.S. support for genocide

Of course, I am not suggesting that Obama personally is corrupt on Burma, merely that he is ignorant, meaning not well-informed. No president can be an expert on every issue. That’s why they have advisors. It seems clear that Clinton and Campbell sold Obama a bill of goods on the country, convincing him that the SPDC’s reform was sincere, and also that with enough bribes the regime would stop buying nuclear and missile technology from North Korea. This was a huge mistake on his part. The audacity to hope, is not an excuse to be stupid.

One thing Obama can’t ignore, though, is racism and genocide. Racism is where you target some one not because of their individual characteristics (in other words, as by the police, when they are demonstrably criminal), but because of an attribute that they cannot avoid having. It is a form of collective branding and guilt. And, as I just said, even today racism is alive and well in the U.S. This obviously extends to all the Republican leaders and followers, who simply can’t stomach the idea of a black president, that someone who as far as they are concerned to this day should still be a slave, would have power of them. Moreover, it goes much deeper than this. Research has show that hidden biases and prejudices are commonplace.

Humans are such primitive creatures. We see someone that looks a little different, and our natural inclination is to be suspicious and defensive. It actually takes a major exertion of will, not to profile, and to let people be themselves.

You would think that Obama, as an African American, would be extremely sensitive to this. You would think that he would reject even the mildest forms of racism out of hand, and further that this would extend to his Administration’s foreign policy - that America would never do anything on his watch to support the racism that also permeates the rest of the world.

It’s therefore shocking, his position on Burma. The country has been undergoing extraordinary spasms of racism-driven violence, which very arguably - certainly for the Rohingya - rise to the level of genocide, and which have also been orchestrated by the regime.

Moreover, Obama cannot plead ignorance of this. It is too well documented. There have been four separate instances of genocidal violence in the last year against Rohingya and other Muslims. And, there are widespread campaigns, starting with the comments of President Thein Sein himself, to perpetuate this violence, until its goal is achieved. This goal is nothing less than the extermination of the Rohingya, ideally with their deaths - kill them on land, or force them to flee and drown in the sea - or their expulsion.

Two hundred Rohingya people drowned last week: two hundred distinct individuals - men, women and children - are now gone; and the regime tried to force others to move to the beach, in the hopes that they would be killed by the recent cyclone.

Let’s not forget Suu Kyi

I should add, concerning Burma’s Lady of the Immaculate Silence, or, as I like to call her, the Racist Mouse (because she is now as quiet as a mouse), that if you openly appeal to racists (your spokesperson said that there are “no” Rohingya), and if you work hand in hand with other publicly avowed racists, that makes you a racist, too. If you stay silent, you are a sympathizer. If you actively court racists, you are an organizer.

Even more, if your desire for power is so great that it is more important than freedom for the people, and that you will ignore literally any crime, as long as nothing gets in the way of that desire, then you are not only the most un-Buddhist person of which I have every heard, you truly are the worst person in Burma.


Because of Obama and Suu Kyi, Burma will now be destroyed in a way that even the junta, when the generals ruled openly, couldn’t do. Said another way, in the past, it was the present that was being destroyed. Now, it is the future.

The Strand and other high-end hotels are full of carpetbaggers (George Soros!). Thaksin Shinawatra, Than Shwe, and the top leaders of the new corrupted KNU, are carving up Dawei. Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, the first foreign leader who visited Burma after 1988, has even returned to discuss business as well.

It used to be readily apparent who in Burma was bad, and who was good. It was one of the clearest cut examples of right and wrong, even David and Golaith, in the world. Now, this distinction has evaporated - it has disappeared. The bad people are still there, of course - there are now more than ever - and, they are winning.

Well, President Obama has just met the public racist in chief, Thein Sein. But rather than oppose, with all America’s might, a regime that is nothing less than a genocidal dictatorship, he is actually exchanging pleasantries. Through the increased U.S. aid that has been announced, he is even rewarding crimes against humanity.

This is disgusting beyond words. What a failure! What a letdown! Obama’s Presidency is not a fitting tribute to Abraham Lincoln’s sacrifice, and the sacrifices of so many Americans who believed with him that equality was not only self-evident, but that it also had to be won. Instead, he has betrayed our nation’s ideals. He is spitting on Lincoln’s grave.

Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland, and Abroad: An Eyewitness Comes Forward and Names her Torturers

May 8, 2013

Toos Nijenhuis points out child sacrifice site, near Zwolle, Holland

A survivor of a high-level ring involving child sacrifice, torture and trafficking went public today in an exclusive disclosure and interview with Freedom Central's Mel Ve and ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett. Toos Nijenhuis, a fifty four year old physiotherapist and mother of five from Holland, was tortured, raped and used experimentally from the age of four years old by wealthy and powerful men around the world, including top officials of churches and governments. And, Nijenhuis claims, these crimes are continuing today, including the ritual sacrifice of children in rural Holland. On May 7, Ms. Nijenhuis accompanied Kevin Annett, Mel Ve and other investigators to a forested site near to Zwolle where such child murders took place as recently as November, 2010, according to Ms. Nijenhuis.

Among the perpetrators who are named in these crimes and who allegedly assaulted Toos Nijenhuis are Prince Bernhard of Holland, who was the grandfather of the newly-crowned Dutch King Alexander, and a founder of the Bilderberger Group; Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, and members of the British Royal Family. These assaults occurred in Holland, Scotland, and a military experimental base in Melbourne, Australia, where Toos was subjected to what appears to be pain threshold and behaviour modification experiments. She also witnessed the torture and murder of other children. Key excerpts from the interview and statement of Toos Nijenhuis are found in this link:

In response to Toos Nijenhuis' horrific revelations, a Dutch-based group was formed on May 7 in Zwolle to investigate and prosecute child traffickers and ritual child sacrifice. In conjunction with Ms. Nijenhuis, Freedom Central, the ITCCS and others, this new group will launch a Common Law Court case into these crimes during the coming year. Key alleged perpetrators will be publicly named and issued a Summons to appear before the Court. Stay tuned for more information on this campaign at , and the Tribunal's international language website: .

For Immediate Release: Kevin Annett is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
May 8 - New York City

Reverend Kevin Annett has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a group of American and Canadian academicians, it was learned today. Annett is currently on an extended speaking tour in Holland, France, Italy and other countries. Reverend Annett has made history since 1996 with his meticulous exposure of church and state sponsored Genocide of indigenous children in Canada's Indian residential school system. Annett produced the first documented evidence of massive deaths in the schools and helped force official recognition and an apology from the government of Canada in 2008.

Reverend Annett has been honored and adopted by aboriginal nations in Canada over the past fifteen years and has helped immeasureable numbers of residential school survivors at a great personal cost, in recognition of which he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a group of North American scholars. "Without Kevin Annett there would have been no healing and no justice for any of us survivors of this Genocide. He has put us on the map" stated Ojibway Nation elder Louis Daniels in October of 2004 when he adopted Annett into his tribe and gave him the name Eagle Strong Voice.

The Nobel Committee in Oslo - which may itself name candidates - does not reveal nominees or those who endorse them for a period of 50 years, nor does it offer comment, although contenders are sometimes named or speculated over by the media and other sources. Rev. Annett presently serves as the Field Secretary for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. A complete interview with him will be posted shortly at

Mass Graves of Children in Canada: The first documented evidence of the burial of children at a former Indian residential school

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
Apr 25, 2013

Mohawk Institute

In late 2011 in Brantford, Ontario, history was made with the uncovering of forensic evidence of the burial of children at the oldest Indian residential school in Canada.

Despite subsequent attempts by the Church and Crown of England and their aboriginal agents to discredit and conceal this evidence of their crimes, this first unveiling of mass graves has prompted new disclosures of genocide across Canada. After the first evidence of a mass grave near the Anglican-run Mohawk Institute in Brantford, Ontario was unearthed between September and November, 2011, these agencies that are responsible for the deaths of children at this, Canada's oldest "Indian residential school", mounted an enormous sabotage campaign to stop the dig and fog the evidence. That coverup eventually involved the Archbishop of Canterbury in London, Rowan Williams, the Anglican Primate in Canada, Fred Hiltz, and Buckingham Palace.

This sabotage temporarily halted the excavation of the Mohawk Institute graves - the first independent dig ever undertaken at Canadian residential schools. But the evidence uncovered confirmed that children are indeed buried there. This report is a recapitulation of what was discovered at the Mohawk school, and reminds the world that forensic evidence has now substantiated that the Crown of England, the Vatican and the Canadian government and churches are responsible for the death of more than 50,000 children across Canada. This report includes original field notes from the Mohawk Institute excavations, video recordings of the dig, and evidence of the bones and bits of school uniforms that were uncovered on the former school grounds, along with other corroborating material.


In April, 2011, ten traditional elders of the Grand River Mohawk Nation issued a written invitation to Kevin Annett and the ITCCS to conduct an inquiry on their land into children who went missing at the nearby "Mush Hole": their name for the Mohawk Institute, founded in 1832 by the Crown and Church of England, where records indicate that on average 40% of the children died until it closed in 1970. (see Exhibit No. 1, in Appendix, below) The Mohawk invitation authorized Kevin and his team to work with specialists to survey the old residential school grounds and search for the remains of children whom eyewitnesses claim were buried east of the Mohawk Institute building, which is still intact. The survey and excavation work on the grounds of the former school began on September 29, 2011, and continued in its first phase for two weeks, until October 11. The second phase, which included intensive excavations that yielded the aforementioned bones and clothing, spanned four days between November 21 and 24, inclusive.

The project's core team included Kevin Annett and Lori O'Rorke with the ITCCS, four members of the Mohawk nation including two authorizing Mohawk elders, Cheryl and Bill Squire, a Ground Penetrating Radar technician, Clynt King, two consulting forensic and archaeological specialists, Kris Nahrgang of Trent University and Greg Olson with the Ontario Provincial Coroners' Office, and a senior forensic pathologist, Dr. Donald Ortner of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. A third and final phase of this initial project occurred during January, 2012, involving interviews with key eyewitnesses who had access to Anglican church archives. Previous Discovery of Children's Bones at the Mohawk Institute Our project was initiated in part because of the discovery of children's bones near the former Mohawk Institute / "Mush Hole" school building in 2008, and previously, in 1982.

Tara Froman, curator of the Woodland Center - a museum adjacent to the still-standing former Mohawk Institute building - reported to Kevin Annett in April, 2011 that during the reconstruction of the floor of the Woodland Center, sometime in 2008, an employee named Tom Hill found what turned out to be the forearm of an adolescent female. This bone was analyzed by the Provincial Coroners' Office and then "locked away" by Barb Harris, an employee of the state-funded Six Nations Confederacy. A similar incident had occurred during the actual construction of the Woodland Center in the spring of 1982, according to Tara Froman. That construction was stopped because the complete skeleton of a small child was found immediately west of the former Mohawk Institute building. Froman says that she was sworn to silence about that discovery, and the remains were "taken away" by the Ontario Provincial Police, possibly into "deep storage" at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

The Mush Hole Dig: Phase One (September 29-October 11, 2011) - Phase One of the project involved interviews with Mush Hole survivors and the commencing of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys on the grounds of the former school. The GPR operation was overseen by Clynt King, a technician employed by the local Six Nations Confederacy, a non-traditional state-funded organization. A group of six survivors of the Mush Hole were gathered and interviewed for clues to the location of possible graves of children at or near the school building. Based on this information, the GPR survey began on the grounds immediately east of the building, on hilly and uneven terrain where school survivor Geronimo Henry reported seeing children buried in in the early 1950's.

Sure enough, the GPR surveys immediately detected what GPR technician Clynt King referred to as "massive soil dislocation and abnormal disturbances" in the area east of and adjacent to the Mush Hole building. (see Exhibits No. 2 and No.3) According to King, on the second day of the GPR survey, (September 30, 2011), "It appears from the radar that at least ten to fifteen feet of soil has been displaced and covered over the original terrain east and southeast of the school building. This is definitely a subsurface anomaly, meaning it's earth that was dumped there." Survivor Geronimo Henry (b. 1936) corroborated on the same day, "None of that mound was there when I was in the Mush Hole (note: 1944-1953). It was all flat then. This has all been piled up, right where I saw them digging one night and burying a small kid."

Significantly, in the same general area, Geronimo Henry also claims he saw fellow Mush Hole students being placed in an underground cistern as punishment. Henry states, "Some of those kids went down in there and never came out again. I remember that happened to a girl who was only nine or ten." The cement cistern referred to by Geronimo Henry is about ten feet by sixteen feet in size, and stands immediately south of the main school building's east (girls') wing. The cistern's concrete lid seal is broken, making the underground chamber accessible. Members of the ITCCS team explored the underground cistern chamber on October 5, 2011 and discovered small, apparently animal bones that were scattered throughout the muddy floor of the concrete interior, along with chairs and other garbage. The team returned that night with a driller and bored into the underground wall facing the school building, finding much loose and displaced soil and a drainage pipe running from the school. Random children's graffiti was also detected on the walls, confirming that children had been in the cistern.

On the outside of the school building, opposite from the cistern on the north wall of the school, the top of an archway was also discovered. This archway was almost entirely covered by uneven, compacted soil which survivors Geronimo Henry and Roberta Hill claim had not been there in the 1950's. It appears that the archway is the top of a buried doorway leading from a lower sub-basement area that has been concealed by soil deposits. The existence of this sub-basement area is significant, in that other school survivors describe being taken as children for punishment to a chamber "under the basement". This sub-basement chamber contained rings and shackles on the walls where one survivor who desires anonymity states that she saw children being confined in the year 1959 or 1960. A cousin of Mohawk elder Yvonne Hill stated on October 6, 2011 that a sealed underground tunnel runs from the same sub-basement chamber through the school's furnace room to a former Greenhouse on the grounds of the Woodland Cultural Center, and "that's where they buried the kids who died". (Note: the same spot at the Woodland Center is where skeletal remains of children were unearthed and then concealed in 1982 and 2008, see above).

The furnace room's connection to the alleged underground tunnel may be related to the common practice in Indian residential schools of incinerating the bodies of children and newborns who had died or been killed on the premises. The GPR survey of the Mush Hole grounds encompassed in total four grid areas to the north and northeast of the building. The total size of the surveyed grids was 400 square meters. On Day 6 of the GPR survey (October 4), Dale Bomberry, head of Operations for the non-traditional, government-funded Six Nations Confederacy, suddenly denied further use of the GPR equipment to the ITCCS team. Clynt King was ordered by Bomberry to cease his activities and all of the data from the GPR survey was seized by Bomberry.

On Day 8 (October 6), Six Nations Confederacy chief Bill Montour was called to Ottawa for "consultations" with the government. The same day, threats of physical violence were issued against Kevin Annett by three employees of the Confederacy - Tom Powless, Sean Toulouse and a cousin of Dale Bomberry. That evening, the underground cistern was opened and explored by unknown persons. On Day 9 (October 7), members of the Men's Fire, a Mohawk security force working closely with the ITCCS team, discovered many boxes of residential school files in the basement immediately above the apparent sub-basement chamber described above. Within minutes, the Men's Fire members were stopped by Confederacy staff and photographed on video camera. The same day, Chief Montour announced that no further support for the Mush Hole inquiry would be offered by the Confederacy, despite Montour having endorsed the survey and dig two days earlier (see Exhibit No. 4, Tekawennake Newspaper October 5, 2011, p. 2). Consequently, this first phase of the inquiry was suspended on October 11 to allow the sponsoring Mohawk elders and the ITCCS team the chance to assess events and plan how to continue in the face of growing sabotage and resistance by government-funded "chief and council".

The Mush Hole Dig: Interregnum (October 11-November 21, 2011) - After a series of consultations between the ITCCS team and the sponsoring Mohawk elders, as well as the Men's Fire Group, it was unanimously decided to continue with the Mush Hole inquiry and excavations, based on what had been discovered until then. Numerous attempts to contact GPR technician Clynt King and obtain the GPR survey data from the Mush Hole grounds were unsuccessful. King was reportedly "on extended vacation" and the Six Nations Confederacy refused to release the GPR survey data. Accordingly, it was decided to proceed directly with a test excavation in the area most likely to contain burial sites, based on the GPR survey and eyewitness accounts. An excavation team consisting of seven people was established, with the Men's Fire providing site security. The dig team was Kevin Annett (a trained student of archaeology), Cheryl Squire (representing the sponsoring elders), Nicole and Warren Squire, John Henhawk, Frank Miller (videographer) and Yvonne Fantin.

The need for security around the excavation was heightened by continual efforts to sabotage the inquiry on the part of government-paid aboriginal operatives led by Jan Longboat, a local resident. Longboat began approaching the sponsoring Mohawk elders with smears about Kevin Annett and even offers of money. Consequently, and to build as much international and public support as possible, the excavation team was given absolute authority and permission by the sponsoring Mohawk elders to not simply recover remains on the Mush Hole grounds but to make the findings public, including by sharing them with the media. This crucial authorization was openly declared and recognized to be part of the ITCCS team's mandate. The excavations near the Mohawk Institute building commenced on November 21, 2011.

The Mush Hole Dig: Phase Two - November 21-24, 2011 - The excavation team laid out a 30 by 30 foot excavation grid about fifty yards due east of the old school building, on lightly forested ground where witnesses Geronimo Henry and Roberta Hill had seen children buried. The grid was marked in 3 ft. increments and was located and aligned with a GPS locator.

On Day One of the dig, the first grid in the upper left corner of the site, designated Grid A1, was cleared of all underbrush and topsoil, and excavated to a depth of one foot. Within this first top layer, Level One, two sizable bone fragments were discovered almost immediately, in association with many pieces of glass, coal and bricks. The bones were between two and three inches in length and one of them appeared to be part of a spine, either of animal or human origin. The other, longer bone had clearly been cut or chopped up. (See Exhibit 5) On Day Two (November 22), new and significant evidence was obtained as a second level was opened between a depth of 12 and 24 inches. This evidence involved many small white and brown buttons made of bone and wood rather than plastic: clearly of a pre-1950 vintage.

These buttons were later positively identified by Mush Hole survivors Geronimo Henry, Roberta Hill and Lorna McNaughton as coming from the uniforms of girls at the school during the 1940's. The same style of buttons were continually found in association with more bone fragments, some as large as four inches in length, and several teeth. These bones and teeth, along with considerably more bits of brick and charcoal, proliferated the deeper the team dug, to a final depth of 22 inches. One of the bones had an apparent burn mark, and several other bones bore the signs of having been cut up. In addition, other articles of clothing were unearthed at this Level Two, including the sole from an early-vintage shoe and pieces of a green-colored woolen blanket that survivor Roberta Hill verified as the kind used in the Mush Hole dormitories. One larger piece of blanket several square feet in size was discolored with a rust-colored stain.

Days Three and Four (November 23-24) unearthed even more significant evidence as the excavation extended to the base of Level Two to a depth of 22 inches; and to a length of 8 ft. 6 inches outside the first Grid A1 into Grid A2. This evidence consisted of more bone and school button fragments entangled in the roots of a small tree that was uprooted in Grids A1-A2. The significance of finding school buttons tangled in the tree roots is indicated in the statement of Mush Hole survivor Roberta Hill: "Whenever children died on our dorm they were buried east of the school, and a tree was planted on top of their grave. The staff used to talk about doing that among themselves."

A sample of these significant button artifacts excavated at the A1-A2 site is found in Exhibit 6. After Day 4 of the dig, it was decided to temporarily halt the excavation to allow specialists the chance to analyze and identify the artifacts, and to issue a public statement about what we had unearthed. Post-Excavation Analysis and Response: The Inquiry is Derailed - On December 1, 2011, a meeting of the dig team, the sponsoring Mohawk elders and two forensic specialists was held at the nearby Kanata Center, a half mile from the Mush Hole building and dig site. The Center, operated by traditional, non-government Mohawk elders at odds with the Six Nations Confederacy, served as the operations post for the inquiry.

The two forensic specialists, archaeologist Kris Nahrgang of Trent University and Greg Olson of the Provincial Coroner's Office, carefully examined the excavated bones from the A1-A2 site and came to the following conclusions about the bones: 1. Olson and Nahrgang both agreed that one of the unearthed bones was part of a small knee socket from "what is probably a small child four or five years old" (Olson). (see Exhibit 7) Olson said, "Personally, I am 95% sure that this is a human bone and I'd stake my reputation on it". 2. Both men agreed that the dig site should be excavated more to unearth additional evidence, and they recommended that "it is imperative" for a full-scale professional excavation to be launched at the Mush Hole grounds by the spring, after the ground had thawed. 3. Greg Olson recommended that a Provincial Coroner's Warrant be sought in the light of this probable discovery of human remains, in order to thoroughly search all Anglican church records and buildings for corroborating evidence. Olson pledged his willingness to publicly endorse and participate in such action.

However, less than one week later, on December 6, Greg Olson informed Kevin Annett by phone that he had been reprimanded by his "employer" - presumably the Provincial Coroner's Office - for partaking in the Mush Hole inquiry, and he was ordered not to do so again, "even during off-work hours". After that, neither he nor Kris Nahrgang - who refused to answer phone and email messages - continued their involvement with the dig or the ITCCS inquiry. (See Exhibit No. 8 for copies of original Field Notes from the Mush Hole survey and dig).

In response, and following the instructions of the sponsoring Mohawk elders, on December 8, 2011, Kevin Annett mailed thirteen bone samples, including the knee socket identified by Greg Olson and Kris Nahrgang as "probably human", to Dr. Donald Ortner, the senior Forensic Pathologist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. Additional samples were sent to Dr. Ortner on January 10, 2012. Dr. Ortner communicated by phone to Kevin on January 30 and said that "I tend to lean towards seeing the samples as animal remains", although he then qualified his statement with the remark, "Some of them could easily be human, but they're too small to tell. I'd need to conduct more expensive tests to know for sure".

Dr. Ortner made it clear that he had only superficially glanced at the samples, but he promised to study them more thoroughly, and he agreed to work with the ITCCS team at the Mush Hole dig in the future. On April 29, 2012, Dr. Don Ortner died suddenly of an apparent heart attack; he was 73 years old and in excellent health. Just prior to his death, Ortner had spoken to Kevin Annett on the phone and agreed to become involved in the next phase of the Mush Hole dig, by speaking to the Mohawk elders during early May. Dr. Donald Ortner was a leading world specialist in the identification of diseases in human remains - such as the tuberculosis that the Mush Hole children were deliberately exposed to, and which killed off thousands of residential school students.

During the same period leading up to Dr. Ortner's death and the sabotage of the Mush Hole dig, between January and May, 2012, a continual campaign of fear and disinformation was launched on the internet and in the Mohawk community against the ITCCS inquiry and Kevin Annett. This sabotage campaign was led by government operative Jan Longboat, Six Nations Confederacy chief Bill Montour and others in the pay of Longboat, including former dig team member Frank Miller, whom Longboat had, by her own admission, recruited with money payments. This campaign effectively halted the Mush Hole dig and inquiry. Nevertheless, three Anglican church insiders approached the ITCCS team during the same period with vital information about this silencing and coverup campaign, as well as more evidence of crimes at the Mush Hole.

Leona Moses - On December 2, 2011, Kevin Annett and elder Cheryl Squire were invited by Mohawk resident and former Anglican Church researcher Leona Moses to her home in Oshweken. Moses had contacted Cheryl Squire the day before on her own initiative. She stated to both Kevin and Cheryl as they entered her home, "I want the truth to get out to the world. The church has been sitting on it for way too long".

These facts were shared by Leona Moses with Kevin and Cheryl over the next several hours: 1. While employed during 1998 by the Huron Diocese of the Anglican Church of Canada to examine their archives and records from that church's Mohawk Institute "Mush Hole" school in Brantford, Leona Moses (LM) found documents that showed that children were dying continually at the school over many years, and the church and government knew of these deaths and did nothing to stop or even investigate them. 2. These records were part of a designated "G 12 collection" held in the Huron College archives in London, Ontario under the authority of then-Huron Diocese Bishop Bruce Howe. The records have now been sealed from public access under present Bishop Bob Bennett. 3. LM personally read documents describing the regular practice of denying food and medical aid to children in the Mush Hole, of keeping parents ignorant of their sickened condition, and of temporarily improving food at the school only during official visits by government medical inspectors. These documents had been copied and sent to the Indian Affairs department in Ottawa. 4. After inquiring with Indian Affairs in Ottawa in 1998, LM was told by a department lawyer, "G 12 is closed to the public and can never be discussed". LM then asked her co-researcher Wendy Fletcher (WF / recently retired head of the Vancouver Shool of Theology) to help her access the records, and was told by WF, "There are over 30,000 documents in the Diocese archives that are sealed, and lots of them could bring down the church".

5. LM saw one "particularly damning document" in the archives that she called "a smoking gun": an "official looking thing, signed and sealed" (LM) dated from the year 1870. It was a formal agreement between the New England Company that established the Mush Hole, the Crown of England/Anglican Church, and non-Mohawk chiefs of the state-run Six Nations Confederacy. The agreement transferred authority over the Mush Hole school to the Confederacy, providing that the school targeted Mohawks for incarceration and extermination. The Confederacy chiefs agreed to cooperate in this plan. 6. LM saw this genocidal document only once, " and then it went missing, Wendy says into the G 12 collection". The regular Diocese archivist was then fired. LM was told after that, that to continue working, she would have to agree to being placed under a voluntary gag order or what then-Bishop Bruce Howe called an "oath of silence" for ten years. LM refused and resigned. WF agreed to be gagged by such an order, and served as the Diocese's "official researcher" after that.

7. Bishop Bruce Howe extended this "oath of silence" to all Diocese employees and clergy. Some clergy resigned or transferred out of the Diocese. WF told LM a few months after the latter had resigned that she, WF, had been threatened with a lawsuit if she disclosed anything in the G 12 collection. LM recalled, "Wendy Fletcher feared for her life ... I offered her sanctuary, especially after one of her secretaries died suddenly after helping Wendy dig deeper into the Mush Hole history in church archives when they were in London, England" (LM, 2 December 2011) 8. Before she resigned from the Diocese research committee, LM saw letters describing how Mush Hole Principal John Zimmerman (served 1936-1948) regularly took girls from the school to private homes of wealthy Brantford residents to rape and traffic them. LM met at least one local woman, a homeless Mohawk in Brantford, who was such a victim. 9. LM also saw documents describing that children in the Mush Hole were deliberately not given warm clothing or pajamas "as a matter of course", and that sickness and death from the cold was common. These deaths and conditions were regularly reported to the church by Mohawk parents, without any response or amelioration. 10. After his silencing of Diocese staff, Bishop Howe retired and was replaced by present Bishop Bob Bennett, who continued the policy of coverup and silencing. Bennett also ordered the destruction of school records showing the records of students and staff members.

11. Soon after the start of the ITCCS Mush Hole dig in late November, 2011, Bishop Bennett met with LM at her home and demanded to know what she had uncovered in the Diocese archives concerning staff and student records. Bennett confirmed to LM that the church was aware of all the crimes and the deaths of children but for that reason denied any public access to the evidence. Bennett also described to LM a meeting held in 2006 at the Five Oaks United Church center at which a Member of Parliament, United Church clergy and "some doctors" described killings at the Mush Hole, including the murder of newborn children there and at the local Catholic residential schools. 12. Bishop Bennett also disclosed to LM that the Anglican, Catholic and United churches had made an agreement with the Canadian government whereby the latter (ie, taxpayers) would assume all of the financial liability for the residential school crimes, in return for which the churches would promise to disclose all of their evidence. But (to quote Bennett), "We agreed among ourselves that we could never release certain kinds of information, even if it meant reneging on our promise"

13. After Bishop Bennett's remarks that indicated the Anglican church had committed deliberate fraud on the Canadian people, LM went to Canadian Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz and asked him to order Bennett to open the G 12 archive. Hiltz refused to do so, claiming, untruthfully, "I have no authority over the Bishops". 14. LM learned that the Mush Hole's founding agency, the New England Company based in London, England, still funds "Anglican Mohawks" and that the Queen's chaplain, Bishop John Wayne, has played a direct role in ordering the permanent sealing of the G 12 collection. 15. LM gave many of these facts to the Canadian media early in the year 2008, but only one newspaper, the Tekawennake in Brantford, printed some of her remarks. Teka editor Jim Windle did not explain why he edited LM's story and refused to share the story with the world media, as LM had requested. Leona Moses reiterated again to Kevin and Cheryl before they left her home, "The church must be brought to justice ... please get this story out. I've been threatened by Bob Bennett if I keep speaking to you".

Two Anglican Church sources: Spring 2012 - After news of the shut down of the Mush Hole dig circulated throughout the internet, two other Anglican church insiders approached Kevin Annett with information. One of these insiders still worked in the Toronto Diocese office of the Anglican church, and another was an employee of the church in a liaison capacity with the Archbishop of Canterbury's office until the fall of 2009. The present employee told Kevin that in mid January, 2012, Primate Fred Hiltz had been issued a direct order by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to "permanently bury or destroy" any evidence that might implicate the church or "Her Majesty" in the death of children at the Brantford Mush Hole school. Hiltz commented on the request to his secretary, who passed in on to the employee.

The second, former church employee told Kevin that before he resigned from his position liaising with London, he had been told of a "serious leak" in the church archival system that implicated unnamed members of the Royal family with "mishaps" at an Indian school in Canada. The former employee did not know whether this referred to the allegation from eyewitness William Combes that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had been seen taking ten aboriginal children from the Kamloops Catholic residential school in October, 1964 during a verified state visit, after which none of the children were ever seen again. But the employee said, "It was serious enough for the Archbishop to intervene personally and order a clean sweep of the archives in Canada and London". Summary and Conclusion

In the light of these events and discoveries, the ITCCS Central Office has concluded the following: 1. The remains of children are interred on the grounds of the former Anglican Mohawk Institute Indian residential school in Brantford, Ontario. 2. These remains and other artifacts that have been unearthed on these grounds verify eyewitness accounts of how children who died at the Mohawk Institute were buried. 3. These children who died were the victims of a deliberate genocidal plan devised and implemented in 1870 by the Church and Crown of England and their accomplices in the Six Nations Confederacy and government of Canada. 4. The evidence of these deaths and burials has been deliberately concealed and destroyed by members of the Anglican Church and the Church and Crown of England, aided by members of the Six Nations Confederacy. This concealment amounts to a deliberate and ongoing Criminal Conspiracy and obstruction of justice. 5. The first independent inquiry into these deaths and burials was overtly sabotaged by these church and government bodies. Accordingly, the ITCCS and groups outside of Canada must intervene to continue the excavation of these buried remains at the Mohawk Institute in order to a) provide a proper burial for these remains, b) determine the cause of death and other facts surrounding these children, and c) use this evidence to bring further criminal charges against those persons and institutions responsible.

In early April, 2013, the ITCCS Central Office received a new invitation and endorsement by elders of the traditional Mohawk Nation to continue the Mush Hole excavation with their permission on the grounds of the former Mohawk Institute in Brantford. In the light of the Common Law Court indictment and sentencing of the Crown of England, Canada and its churches for Crimes against Humanity on February 25, 2013 - a verdict based partly on the evidence acquired at the Mush Hole excavations in 2011 - Canada, the Crown and its police forces have lost any authority to prevent such a continued excavation on the grounds of the Mohawk Institute in Brantford. Those indicted persons who have actively subverted the Mush Hole dig, including the Prime Minister of Canada, the Queen of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Anglican Bishops Fred Hiltz, Bruce Howe and Bob Bennett, in fact face immediate arrest under outstanding Citizen Arrest Warrants for their complicity in obstructing justice.

Considering these developments, a new ITCCS forensic team equipped with professional specialists will be dispatched to Mohawk territory to proceed with this inquiry. This team will be accompanied and protected by International Common Law Court officers who will provide security at the new Mush Hole excavations in conjunction with traditional Mohawk peace keepers. The Brantford excavation site and other locations are presently under close observation and lock-down by Mohawk traditional elders and Common Law Court officers. These same Common Law Court officers will be armed with the power to arrest and detain not only the aforementioned church and crown officials and those who assist them, but anyone who disturbs or interferes with the excavation on the Mush Hole grounds.

We acknowledge and thank the traditional Mohawk people who are standing by this historic campaign and helping win justice for the missing children. We ask for the active support of all people of conscience. Issued by Kevin D. Annett in conjunction with ITCCS Central Office, Brussels. 25 April, 2013

Tabernac! Not another Turdo! Reflections on Canada's Latest Limousine Liberal

Special Contribution
By Kevin Annett
Apr 20, 2013

Pierre Trudeau

A clearly Disloyal Canadian - "All I can say to all those bleeding hearts who don't like to see soldiers with guns on the streets is, go ahead and bleed" - Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, October 1970...Pierre Trudeau was a real asshole, and not just because he brought Canadians the War Measures Act. He loved to hurt people.

Just ask his wife Maggie, who used to get slapped around by him in public under the watchful eye of his RCMP bodyguards. Or my uncle George, a Liberal party corporate bag man in Toronto, who witnessed El Turdo punch Margaret unconscious at the Chateau Laurier one evening. And now, just imagine! Their cute little kid Justin gets to step into his papa's brogans and become Canada's next Prime Minister, as newly crowned head of the government-in-waiting, the Liberal Party. Mon Dieu!

Never having overthrown or outgrown political absolutism, we Canadians see nothing wrong with dynastic successions: especially of assholes. So now another Trudeau gets to run our sunken ship of state with the kind of flashy smile and good looks that qualifies for substance here in the Great White North. For those of you who harbor such un-Canadian traits as an historical memory, let's turn back the clock a few decades to get a better grasp of the latest joy ride we're being led on by the back room boys who have coiffed and prepared this nobody named Justin Trudeau to inherit the Prime Ministership of Canada.

Back in 1970 amidst what sycophants like to call the era of "Trudeaumania" (ouch), the separatist Parti Quebecois started gaining ground in Quebec - no surprise there, really, when you consider the corrupt priest-run provincial governments up to then. Eventually, the Pequistes got as much as 35% of the vote for outright separation (gasp) from our lovely old Canada. Horrified, we Anglos tried to imagine why the Frenchies would want to end our beautiful relationship together that went back over three hundred years to all those glorious throat-slitting, bayonet-gouging days.

Actually, if you're like me, some part of you no doubt secretly hankered to see the fleur de lys waving by itself over Montreal and a million Quebecers lined up on the Ottawa river waving their bare derrieres in the direction of Les Cochons d'Anglais who they will have outsmarted once again, eh! Those silly English persons whose mothers are elderberry bushes and fathers are 'amsters, n'est ce pas? But over in Westmount, some of the Nabobs got genuinely panicked when Rene Levesque and his Pequistes began climbing in the polls, and they asked our Boys in Red (the Mounties, dummy) to do something about those separatist troublemakers, maintenant, et vite, alors!

So low and behold, Canada got made-to-order terrorism, just like in Boston these days! Early in 1970, a tiny band of convenient mercenaries sprinkled with paid provocateurs calling themselves the FLQ (Front pour la Liberation du Quebec) showed up out of nowhere and kidnapped a Quebec cabinet minister, Pierre Laporte, and a Limey diplomat named James Cross. Somebody shot Laporte through the head and stuffed his body in the trunk of a car - the guy did have strong Montreal Mafia connections, but of course that was never mentioned by anybody - and then a well crafted hell broke loose. Enter that paragon of liberal mythology, Justin's Dad Pierre (Jesuit educated, just like Adolf Hitler), who promptly called out the troops, literally, while trashing all those bleeding heart wimps who worried about such silly things as civil liberties and a fair trial. Welcome to the War Measures Act.

Pierre Trudeau (the name means Water Hole, actually) had sat out World War Two, after all, like the pampered rich boy he was. I guess he doubted his manhood or something because of that, hence all the wife beating. So voila! In came the Canadian army and out went civil liberties and the rule of law faster than Pierre could say "Look at my Big Dick!", just to deal with twelve FLQ guys carrying pop guns. Hundreds of us got arrested and jailed without trial after that, and not just in Quebec. That particular reign of state terror went on for months. The whole mess was not without its funnier aspects. The RCMP, not known for their artistic sensibilities or their brain cells, once gathered up a Montreal "subversive's" entire collection of art books on Cubism because ... you know, Cuba. Cubism. Duh. Well, that's the Arsee Empee for you. Their top officials are getting sued by their own female officers nowadays for sexual harassment and on the job rape. Go figure.

So who says Canada is boring? And now we get Justin. But let's be fair. We're Fair Play Canadians, after all. Maybe the lad isn't the asshole his Papa was. Justin may be an insult to our intelligence, sashaying in like he has to accept a crown granted him solely by his name, but hell! Let's give the boy a chance, eh? Maybe he'll somehow grow some cojones and tell the Americans and the World Bank and the Bay street boys to keep their grubbies off our remaining jobs and sovereignty and natural resources, and pull our troops out of Afghanistan and do something besides follow orders.

But I'm not holding my breath. Trusting politicians gets you nowhere. Justin's Dad taught me that, actually, one spring day in 1972. Me and my high school buddy Mike Helmer and fifty other protestors showed up then at a Vancouver mall where Pierre and Maggie Trudeau were doing some stupid photo op. Our plan was to thrust Mike forward, since he spoke French and agreed to the mission, from where he could yell at The Turdo an appropriately radical expletive, like "Capitalists out of government!", or something. I trusted Mike Helmer, even though he had asked me to go to bed with him. But when his big moment came, and he stood in front of Prime Minister Water Hole, all Mike yelled was, "When are we going to get a French language TV station out here?!".

All our radical mob could do was stare dumbfounded at that moron Helmer. I think Mike did it just to piss me off because I wouldn't get it on with him. But my erstwhile friend had made his point, as did that fake "liberal" Trudeau and as does every other politician on the planet: namely, don't ever, ever rely on what people say they're going to do. Or more to the point, as the Good Book says, "Put not they faith in princes". I wish Justin Trudeau well, as Justin. But he should learn from his own history - and stay the hell away from Ottawa.


Special Contribution
By George Dufort
Mar 22, 2013

Canterbury Cathedral

Let all persons give ear and attention to this Public Proclamation issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice.

Under the authority of the Common Law Court ORDER of March 5, 2013, the heads of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United churches have been found guilty of Crimes against Humanity and a Criminal Conspiracy, and have been sentenced to immediate arrest and the loss of all their property and authority.

These persons are wanted fugitives from justice and under the law must be surrendered to officers of the Court and not given aid, counsel or sanctuary by any person or persons. Anyone knowing of the whereabouts of these fugitives must reveal them immediately.

From this moment forth, Pope Francis, Elizabeth Windsor, and all the persons named in the March 5 Court ORDER are hereby and forever declared banished from this community and from any contact with anyone under the age of sixteen years, since these guilty persons are Public Enemies, Dangerous Offenders and a clear and present threat to children.

Let it also be known that as associates of these convicted persons, and being now aware of their felony, from this moment forth, the members of your church, organization or corporation carry the burden of responsibility and a duty to act to enforce this Arrest ORDER and help to detain them. If you, as associates of these convicted persons, fail to act or enforce this Arrest ORDER, you are individually and collectively responsible for the same crime, through your commission of an act of complicity and your omission of a legal duty of care to protect children and others in our community from these convcited persons.

Such complicity by you may result in your own arrest, and the duty and responsibility to arrest these persons will then fall upon others. Let all persons give ear and attention to this adjoining Proclamation of the Court.

Under the authority of the same Court ORDER of March 5, 2013, and as of that date, the property and assets of your church, organization, or corporation are hereby and forever publicly expropriated as reparations for crimes against humanity, Genocide and murder committed by your church organization and its employees to indigenous nations and children across Canada.

Accordingly, this building and all of the assets, property and movable objects of your church, organization or corporation are hereby and forever proclaimed to be the property of the people as a whole, and these premises are henceforth proclaimed and are in fact free and open public space. Therefore, no person or agency may impede the free and peaceful movement of any other persons on these premises, nor cause their removal from this place.

This joint proclamation is made according to the Law of Nations, jus gentium, and the legal precedents of Duty of Care and Right of Claim, and is issued under the authority of the lawfully constituted International Common Law Court of Justice, established on September 15, 2012 in the city of Brussels. Let all persons in receipt of this Proclamation comply with its terms, under pain of arrest and prosecution.

Dated on the 24th Day of March, in the year 2013, and Issued in the City of Brussels for world wide proclamation, by The International Common Law Court of Justice. Ut scriptum sic factum coram Deo - As it is written so it is done before God

PUBLIC NOTICE: CANADA IS DISSOLVED - A Legal Notice to all Agents of the so-called Crown of England and Elizabeth Windsor, and to all Canadians

Mar 7, 2013

Elizabeth Windsor

Issued by the Governing Council of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

This PUBLIC NOTICE is issued to the Members of the Parliament of Canada, the Canadian judiciary, the governmental civil service, and the active serving members of all Canadian police and military forces, as well as to all citizens of Canada:

1. On February 25, 2013, a lawfully constituted Common Law Court of Justice found Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England and Head of State of Canada and its churches, guilty as charged of Crimes against Humanity in Canada and of engaging in a Criminal Conspiracy to conceal Genocide. The same verdict found Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper guilty of the same offenses.

2. This verdict was based on irrefutable evidence, including eyewitness accounts of Elizabeth Windsor's personal involvement in the forcible abduction and disappearance of ten children from the Kamloops Indian Residential School on October 10, 1964, while on a state visit to Canada. Ms. Windsor has never denied or refuted this charge or evidence, nor did she respond to a Public Summons issued by the Court.

3. The Court's verdict rests upon the Nuremberg Legal Statutes of 1950 which allow any head of state to be tried for Crimes against Humanity, as well as the right under Canadian law to hold the Crown liable for tort offenses committed in Canada.

4. Elizabeth Windsor therefore stands condemned as a convicted felon. As a fugitive from justice, she is now liable for arrest and imprisonment under the terms of the Court verdict. A Citizens Arrest Warrant for the detention of Elizabeth Windsor was in fact issued by the Court on March 5, 2013, and Ms. Windsor has evaded this Warrant.

5. a) Each of you has taken a public oath of allegiance to Elizabeth Windsor as the Queen of England. Your oath now constitutes a criminal act under international law, including Section 25 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which obligates all citizens to refrain from colluding with authorities engaged in or convicted of criminal acts. b) Each of you is obligated therefore to refrain from aiding or abetting Elizabeth Windsor in evading justice or arrest, including by continuing to obey her orders or operating under her authority, since to do so will constitute an obstruction of justice and will make you subject to arrest.

6. Since no convicted felon can legitimately or legally serve as a head of state or a constituted authority, all existing legal and political authority in Canada is dissolved as of Monday, February 25, 2013. Your Oath of Allegiance to Queen Elizabeth and the Crown of England is consequently nullified and abolished, along with your authority.

7. a) Canada has been rendered as a state without legitimate legal or political authority. It will remain so until a new and lawful Head of State can be established along with a Constitution democratically established by the people of Canada. b) Until such constitutional authority is established, no existing Canadian law or statute is enforceable, and any attempt by you or others to do so will constitute an act of illegal assault and fraud on the people of Canada.

8. Until a legitimate government is established in Canada, all of its citizens are urged to conduct themselves under the common law requirement of peaceable co-existence and equity in their communities, maintaining law and order. All citizens are required to police and govern themselves without reference to any existing authorities or laws, which are nullified, illegitimate and inoperative.

9. Canadian citizens as wholly self-governing men and women are advised to establish local committees of correspondence to arrange a National Congress that will draft a new Constitution. This legal charter, ratified by a popular vote, will establish and maintain a new, Democratic Republic of Canada.

10. This Constitution must include a new legal framework by which the church organizations also convicted by the Court - the Vatican and Catholic, Anglican and United Church - can legitimately and lawfully operate in Canada, if such further operation is the will of the People. In accordance with the Verdict of the Court and lawful legitimacy, this new framework would require a Civil Constitution for the Clergy that nationalizes the property and wealth of the convicted church corporations, and regulates their church officials and employees as licensed public servants.

We are informing the world of these facts and of the new regime now operating in Canada. This same Notice and condition applies to the government and people of England, to whom a separate Notice is being issued. Copies of the Common Law Court's Verdict and Citizens Arrest Warrant can be found at - This Notice is issued globally in consultation with the Legal Commission of the ITCCS (Brussels-London-New York)

NOTICE: This Document can be used as a Legal Instrument by the signed Bearer to uphold his or her status as a freeborn man or woman in the territory of Canada who is not subject to any authority save as a Citizen of a democratically constituted Republic of Canada

Signature of Citizen


Issued and ratified ITCCS Central, 7 March, 2013


WANTED poster for the arrest of Elizabeth Windsor, Joseph Ratzinger and Stephen Harper

These Persons have been convicted by the International Common Law Court of Justice of committing Crimes against Humanity and Children -
Elizabeth Windsor: GUILTY of abducting ten children on October 10, 1964 from the Kamloops Indian residential school, all of whom vanished
Joseph Ratzinger: GUILTY of ordering the coverup of child rape and torture by Catholic priests, and of destroying evidence of Genocide by his church
Stephen Harper: GUILTY of lowering the mandatory sentence for child rape in Canada to ONE YEAR, and of covering up the Murder of Indian children

An International Citizen Arrest Warrant has been issued against these guilty persons - YOU ARE OBLIGATED to aid in the detention and public banning of these criminals and their organizations

CONTACT The Court's Sheriff's Office, The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State - Brussels - 4/3/2013 -

Everything I need to know I learn under fire - and other thoughts on my 57th Birthday

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
Feb 23, 2013

Valley Forge

The shots whizzed over my head as I hugged the ground and desperately searched for cover in the tangled forest. People were hunting me. Cries of unseen attackers came from all around as I tried to think and plan. But everything was happening too quickly. A sudden movement in front of me made up rise up through the foliage and aim my gun at whoever was approaching. We both fired at the same time ...

Later, I remember lying on the ground after I had been hit in the chest, feeling some satisfaction that I had also bagged my assailant. And so chuckling aloud, and raising my arm up high, I stumbled from the battlefield as the conflict still raged around me, and shots were fired in ever-intense staccatos as the attackers overwhelmed our position. "You get anybody?" another green clad warrior asked me back at the camp. "One" I replied. "But they flanked our position pretty quick" The man nodded grimly. "It's hard to keep people together under fire" he observed, like the veteran he was.

That was my day, on this February 10: perhaps an unusual way to celebrate 57 years of existence, but for me, not that unusual. Carol sprung my birthday gift on me last week with more than merriment, knowing me as well as she does. I figure all those years of my childhood playing war with the other kids on my Winnipeg street had something to do with the visceral excitement I felt when I learned that I'd be out in the field today, engaged in desperate battle using something more than words.

Paintball warfare is run on rules and reasonable conduct, in theory, whereby once you're beaned by somebody you're to remove yourself from the war and drag your pitiful ass to the sidelines. But all that got chucked out the window once the shooting started today: including by yours truly. You don't survive, after all, let alone triumph, by following the rules. After I got shot the first time and dutifully left the battlefield, I thought, this is ridiculous. Screw these niceties.

So in the next round, Carol and I found a perfectly concealed sniping position behind some tangled tree trunks, where we had a full field of fire on the slope where our attackers had to come through if they were to hit our team in the rear. Knowing the terrain and who we faced, we ambushed three of the attackers. I was hit twice in the process, but I never announced that to anybody, and I kept on shooting until we'd smashed their offensive and won that battle.

Under fire, everything changes, and becomes clear very quickly. And real combat emblazons onto you, as does life itself, four basic rules of survival:

1. Know the Terrain and the Enemy 2. Stand on ground of your own choosing by first knowing your own forces and situation 3. Prepare for the unexpected, and 4. Do the unexpected with audacity and boldness, striking for the decisive point

It's amazing how those rules can get you through any tight spot or unwinnable situation, even against enormous odds. I know they have for me: today, and for many years now. That wonderful man, the ancient Athenian statesman Solon who created the notion of democracy, said that it is an offense for any citizen to shrink from controversy. But even more to the point, Solon declared, "To know your purpose you must first know the times"

This is not a time of peace. Our world and our lives are at war, as much as mind-numbing techniques and learned conformity try to shelter us all from the truth, and keep us dutifully paying the taxes that fund our own demise. War, after all, is any act of force where one adversary tries to force his will upon another, according to another great guy, Karl von Clausewitz. I won't waste time trying to unpackage why so many of our fellow men and women walk about in a war, yet imagine they're safe and sound, and in need of obeying the will of governments and churches and other corporate criminals who are warring against them. So I am not addressing the mass of civilians, but those who like me know the times, and ourselves, and have already raised the standard of battle in defense of all that is under attack.

Anybody who holds to the delusion that we live in something called a democracy where politicians are in charge and will respond to protests and "demands", have violated the first rule of war: to know the real nature of both the terrain and the enemy. To hold to such a delusion in the face of our experience is to be precisely like the young guy I saw today in the paintball war who rushed towards the well-entrenched enemy position without once looking about or estimating the opposition. He lasted about ten seconds.

Political groups like "Idle No More" or Occupy - and I've witnessed the rise and fall of so many such one-dimensional "protest" movements over the decades - undergo the same fate as that soldier boy who ignored the truth of what he faced. They fail because they don't understand what they're confronting: not a responsive "democracy", but a corporatocracy that is impervious to polite, rational and peaceful petitioning. Besides, even if the latest crop of "activists" were more aware of their enemy, their tactics are so predictable that they can do nothing but be routinely and easily outmaneuvered. The system long ago learned how to contain and manage demonstrations and "demands". Ritualistic placard waving is about as threatening as a poodle, and is designed, like voting, to neutralize real change.

And yet, so many fervent protestors studiously ignore the wisdom of veteran radicals like Saul Alinsky, whose basic maxim of political struggle - echoing our own Four Rules of War - was simply to always go outside the experience of your enemy in everything that you do. In short, never do the obvious - especially in the face of corporate enemies who know the score and can overwhelm your small guerrilla army when you rely on conventional methods of warfare. One Sunday in the spring of 2007, fifty of us in Vancouver seized the largest Catholic cathedral in town during a mass. We struck unannounced and hoisted a banner about the children murdered in catholic Indian schools. And we did so on our terms, in a way that could not be managed or co-opted. We reclaimed that space and sent a shock wave throughout the country.

That same month, the government first began talking of issuing an "apology" for the Indian schools slaughter; the corporate media across Canada reported our action and our movement for the first time; and panicking catholic lawyers deluged me with phone calls, pleading for the handful of us not to occupy any more of their churches because, quite simply, their collection plate revenue was being threatened. Our brief action went completely outside the experience of the enemy, since we knew the terrain of battle, and acted unpredictably, striking audaciously and powerfully at the decisive point. Our small force negated the power of its much bigger enemy by striking at a vulnerable point of its system, on our terms.

Brief occupations are one thing; but real power consists not of protest at all, but in permanently undoing the power of institutions by replacing them altogether with new institutions of our own, from the ground up. For instance, the next, equally unexpected action to launch against child-killing churches like the Catholics is to publicly defrock known child raping priests and expelling them from our communities; or seizing the premises of such churches and announcing that henceforth, they're under new management. Our Common Law Court is helping to launch many such assaults now, and in the months ahead.

It's all about dislocating your enemy on your terms, not theirs. But the final measure of one's effectiveness in doing that comes down to a question of leadership: a seasoned command with a vision and experience to unite your force in sustained battle. And that presence of a seasoned leadership is exactly what is most often missing among us. Without it, we are so much unfocused steam that will dissipate at the first blow, or defeat. Today, for instance, as our paintball Red team prepared to assault the Blues, most of us milled around and asked each other, well, what should we do? What is our plan and strategy? Only when one or two of us laid out a plan of attack and assigned positions for everyone did we come together as a unit.

Life, and political warfare, and even spirituality, is always like that. You must lead your people, with a vision and a purpose: otherwise, all is undone quickly once you're all under fire as disunited individuals. Most of this is common sense - but a knowledge only acquired and internalized under the conditions of battle. That's why everything that really matters is learned under fire.

I turned fifty seven today, and gazing back tonight down those years, I didn't see a lot in the way of a career or comfort to point to in my life. I hold something more rich and enduring: the legacy of a devoted life from the age of fifteen, and my capacity to persist in my own conscience and find in it a courage to live through every betrayal and defeat, in the manner of any veteran of a long war. Knowing myself thus, and knowing my enemy, makes me more than a threat; and it reduces who and what we really face to less than a problem, once those of us who understand all of this finally step forward and proclaim by our deeds that now is the time for audacity.

A people can value nothing greater than their own freedom and dignity, and must defend these with their last drop of blood. There is no duty as sacred and no higher law. The pernicious belief that one can secure these without conflict and by avoiding danger is both false and poisonous. Danger can only be met with virile courage joined with a calm and firm resolve and a clear conscience. These virtues alone form the true leaders of a people and bring into being the martial forces that can win the deepest and cherished dreams of humanity. - Karl von Clausewitz, 1831

The Rat Scurries from the Vat: The Latest Coup in Rome

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
Feb 11, 2013

The Ex Pope and the New Pope? Joseph Ratzinger(L) and the palace coup-master, Cardinal Bertone

Theories are abounding this week now that the first pope in seven centuries is resigning his office. But as always, the most direct way to the truth behind the world's oldest corporation is simply by following the money: and specifically, Vatican Bank money.

Let's put to rest, first of all, the fallacy that "looming scandals" about child rape and coverup are behind Joseph Ratzinger's resignation. That's just the cover story. Nobody in the church hierarchy is losing much sleep over their standing, canon-law endorsed policy of concealing and protecting child rapists in their ranks. Even the International Criminal Court application about such crimes has been stymied by catholic-run legislators and jurists.

What pronounced the death knell on Pope Benedict was his personal implication in the bribery and money-laundering practices of the Vatican Bank, comically known as The Institute of Religious Works (IOR); and how that dirty connection gave the anti-Ratzinger faction in the College of Cardinals the lever they needed to dump the obstinate German from the papal throne. We had a whiff of that dump-Rat Boy agenda last year, when "Vatileaks" broke into the news with a ludicrous story of how Ratzinger's loyal butler Paolo Gabriele disclosed the pope's dirty secrets to the Italian media. In fact, the damning documents detailing Ratzinger's secret rewarding of Vatican contracts to his friends and family members originated in the Vatican Secretary of State's office, which the fall-guy butler could not have had access to.

The Secretary of State and the real power behind the papacy is Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, an old insider who also engineered the sacking of Gotti Tedeschi, head of the Vatican Bank, last May. Tedeschi had taken seriously the call of the European Parliament for "greater transparency" by the Vatican Bank /IOR, and was about to disclose to Brussels how his bosses had been laundering money for the mob for decades. The last Pope who had tried such a disclosure, John Paul 1, died from poisoning in September, 1978 after less than a month in office.

But even with Tedeschi silenced, the IOR house of cards kept tumbling, as the European Parliament seized from it 300 million Euros fraudulently acquired, and even the American Securities and Exchange Commission declared the IOR's assets and practices "insecure". A major Vatican housecleaning was required; or at least, the appearance of one. It was the pivotal Cardinal Bertone who leaked the pope's diary and other incriminating papers to a catholic-friendly journalist in Rome last year the same month that Tedeschi was sacked, to prepare the world for Ratzinger's removal. For it is Bertone who is now reaping the benefits of the papal housecleaning; he is not only a primary contender for the pope's position but a key player in the IOR.

During my second speaking tour in Rome, in the spring of 2010, I met with several senior Italian senators and officials of the parliamentary Radical Party. They all said the same thing about why Joseph Ratzinger had been made pope, and what awaited him. To quote one of those politicians, "Nobody becomes pope without a sordid past, because only with such liabilities can he be controlled by the Curia. It's the same in any big company. Well, Ratzinger made many indiscretions as a Cardinal and made many enemies. His signing letters ordering criminal concealment was just one sin. He was to be the scapegoat for all of the trash that the church knew would surface" So now, the papal scapegoat is gone, pensioned off to wherever ex-popes end up; and the time for the big face life has arrived. The idea of applying cosmetic surgery to a decaying facade like the Church of Rome reminds me of Shirley Maclaine trying to look forty at the age of ninety. And yet appearances are everything in show business as well as in religion.

Tarcisio Bertone is about as institutional as you can get, and represents the old Italian crowd of the Curia and are part of the Mob-government-papal clique that run the country and the Roman catholic church. In the words of one of the Roman Senators I spoke with, "You must understand that in my country, the Mafia and the government and the Vatican are all the same people, and they really have only one concern: protecting their assets."

Bertone, or whoever from the victorious ranks of his faction does assume the papal tiria, cannot be expected to do much but maintain the assets and security of the church, and that means by continuing the policies of silence and dissimulation that keeps the cash flowing. But their position is more difficult now in the wake of the enormous rifts developing within the wider church, where Cardinals are facing criminal prosecution for shielding child rapists, and talk of disaffiliating from Rome is widespread among Irish, American and German Bishops. "We have all the grounds for a second Reformation now. That's how serious is the crisis. The church will either rid itself of itself or face collapse" said an Italian media commentator recently. It was easy to despise Joseph Ratzinger: the Hitler Youth raised, reactionary bigot who sacked liberal and independent thinkers in his church as the Cardinal-head of the Vatican Inquisition, and who told American Bishops that purgatory awaited any of them who did not cover up priestly child rape. Even among fellow Cardinals, he was known as "Joe the Rat".

But Ratzinger was a made to order object of hatred, and put there to play out the oldest game in politics: the venting of popular rage on a disposable figurehead so that the institution itself could proceed unscathed. I doubt that it's totally coincidental that Ratzinger was forced out of office so quickly barely ten days after our Common Law court published online hard evidence of the Pope's involvement in crimes against humanity. Any new Pope will face the same charges, of colluding in a massive criminal conspiracy.

But the real issue is not who or what will replace Joseph Ratzinger as the latest figurehead, but how to displace the Vatican itself as a criminal power unto itself. And that struggle is just commencing.

Eyewitness to Coverup of Canadian Genocide: Dr. Jennifer Wade, co-founder of Amnesty International (Vancouver)

Special Contribution
By George Dufort
Feb 5, 2013

Dr. Jennifer Wade

The attempted silencing of whistleblowers like Rev. Kevin Annett by churches and the government of Canada has been and remains part of their attempt to conceal their own Crimes against Humanity.

A co-founder of Amnesty International in Vancouver, Dr. Jennifer Wade, was an eyewitness to the victimization and fraudulent defrocking of Rev. Kevin Annett by a clique of officials in the United Church of Canada, after Kevin exposed the murder of children and secret theft and sale of aboriginal land by the United Church to its corporate benefactors.

ITCCS Central - 5 February, 2013 Please circulate this video widely and include it in the docket of evidence concerning Genocide in Canada.

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at
Help us turn the world upside down!
Messages for Kevin Annett can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada).

Watch Kevin's award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on his website "I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him." Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind Elder, Turtle Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Taking the Law into Our own Hands: A Fine and Necessary Tradition in the Face of Tyranny

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
Jan 26, 2013

Gerrard Winstanley

Gerrard Winstanley (1609 – 10 September 1676) was an English Protestant religious reformer and political activist during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell. Winstanley was one of the founders of the English group known as the True Levellers for their beliefs, based upon Christian communism, and as the Diggers for their actions because they took over public lands and dug them over to plant crops.

To no-one will we sell, to no-one will we deny or delay right or justice. - Clause 40, The Magna Carta, 1215 All persons who were the victims of a crime were expected to raise their "hue and cry" and apprehend the criminal; and upon hearing their cry, every able-bodied man in the community was expected to do the "utmost in his power" (pro toto posse suo) to chase and apprehend the accused as a "posse”. - 1215: The Year of Magna Carta by J. Danziger et al (2003)

The retired New York City cop stared at me with the eyes of someone who knew too much. He said matter of factly, “It’s standard practice here not to prosecute child rapists for a first offense. They have to rape a kid ten, maybe fifteen times before there’s a good chance of conviction”. “You mean it’s not a crime to rape a child, in practice?” I replied. “Not really. Not under our legal system it isn’t” Whenever people ask me why we’ve established our own common law court of justice, I simply tell them that story.

New Yorkers engage strangers with a familiarity unknown to most Canadians, and so it wasn’t long before I fell into a conversation with the cop in question during my all-night vigil at JFK airport last week, awaiting my flight home. He was a Brooklyn precinct veteran who knew the score. At one point, to emphasize what he’d told me about child rapists, he handed me that day’s New York Times. “Small world” he remarked, pointing to one article.

The story was about a network of Catholic priests and bishops in central Germany who had for years targeted the same children for rape and trafficking. None of them had ever been convicted. “People are going to have to take the law into their own hands” I said to him, after skimming the article in disgust. “Damn straight” the cop replied.

Someone once said that if the sun comes up every morning, it is only because of people of good will. I disagree. There are more than enough of us with good will; that has never been the problem. What is needed is to act on what we know is true and necessary, for action alone will stop the hand of the criminal. But few if any of my good willed neighbors will act to save our children if that means having to defy conventional authority.

The law is a lot like the church: a mysterious institution ruled by a high priesthood that is self-governing and unaccountable and thus, a magnet for criminality and corruption, and yet which is, absurdly, relied upon to render justice and salvation for the rest of us. It was not always so. A thousand years ago, a common law existed among my English and Celtic ancestors that sought to ensure the liberties and security of the people. Based in village courts known as “the Hundreds”, this law rested in the hands of the people, who enacted their own justice independently of the far-away power calling itself “the Crown”.

In this tradition, sheriffs were appointed by the Hundreds to create local juries to name and present anyone guilty of theft, murder or rape. It was up to every able-bodied man in the village to bring such offenders into these local courts for trial and sentencing. These men were known as “posses”, taken from the Latin term "pro toto posse suo", meaning "utmost in his power". Our ancestors were each obligated to take responsibility for the law and the safety of the community, by stopping the criminals themselves, to the utmost of their power.

Naturally, such local justice didn't sit well with the centralized authority of kings and popes, and for centuries, they and their intellectual hacks have convinced us that acting for our own benefit is tantamount to chaos and anarchy. Our long common law tradition of direct citizen action is equated now with "vigilante justice" and (to quote one Canadian Supreme Court jurist) "arrogant mob rule".

Arrogant, in fact, comes from the Italian word "arrogati", which means, "to claim for oneself". Yes, indeed. The learned big wigs who preside over our present criminal-protecting legal system should really check out their vocabularies and their own precedents before condemning the rest of us. For under Canadian and British law, a principle known as Lawful Excuse or a Claim of Right allows any citizen to break the law for the benefit of the community, and even make arrests of suspected criminals when the authorities refuse or are unable to do so.

American courts call this right a Necessity Defense, and it's been used successfully by civil disobedience activists who blockade missile bases and military operations because of a Necessity to defend their communities from a clear danger. But the idea is the same: a very subversive idea, actually, which says that citizens can and must take the law into their own hands when their lives are in peril, or when the system is not functioning as it should. Who of us can deny that today the law no longer protects our liberties and our lives, and those of our children? And yet over time, we have unlearned the habits of liberty and action, lulled by the lie that rights are somehow intrinsic to a society, and not in need of winning, over and over again.

We are now under assault, in an undeclared civil war waged by a small ruling elite against our traditional rights, our families, and the earth itself. And the strongest weapon this wealthy elite wields is that they own the law and use it for their own benefit. There is no clearer proof of this than the massive protection given to child raping clergy and their corporate church institutions by courts around the world. What other institution besides church corporations can kill and rape children with impunity, shield themselves from any consequence, and never face disestablishment for such vile crimes?

There has been no justice for any of the countless victims of churchly rape, nor shall there ever be, under the present legal system, simply because that system is run by money and influence. I have worked with too many survivors of church torture and seen their hopes dashed by verdicts that at best grant them token financial payments in return for the legal vindication of those who destroyed their lives. This is not justice, but its active obstruction. A new judicial mechanism is needed: one that does not reduce the law to the expedient tool of the powerful, but which enshrines justice for the helpless by becoming a weapon in the hands of victims everywhere. And reaching back into our tradition of the Hundreds Courts and citizen-driven common law, we have such a means at hand.

In that knowledge and spirit, we have set up an International Common Law Court of Justice that will inspire many other such courts in communities around the world. Already, we have posted online the evidence and arguments of our Prosecutor's Office, which is seeking the indictment of the officers of church and state responsible for the legal genocide of aboriginal children across Canada. (

But the outcome of that Court lies in the hands of all of you reading this, who are charged with the enforcement of whatever sentence is brought down by our fifty eight sworn Citizen Jurors. That's because, resting on the Natural Law understanding that truth and justice lies innately within each of us, it is the civic duty of every man and women to decide the punishment of the guilty, as well as enforce it. In the matter of the Canadian Genocide, of those who murdered generations of children in the name of their Christian religion, our Prosecutor's Office is seeking long prison terms for church and government officers, the seizure of their assets and the legal disestablishment of their institutions, all in reparation for crimes against humanity. But it is up to each of you to enforce this sentence.

That is the tall and exciting order of the judicial and moral revolution represented in our Court. The People are the Law. We can level all the rough places and create a place of equality and justice for this generation, and all of our descendents - but only by stepping out of the status quo and re-establishing a tradition that was our ancestor's sole bulwark against tyranny.

In the words of one such ancestor, "For what you call the Law is but a club of the rich over the lowest of men, sanctifying the conquest of the earth by a few and making their theft the way of things. But over and above these pitiful statutes of yours that enclose the common land and reduce us to poverty to make you fat stands the Law of Creation, which renders judgement on rich and poor alike, making them one. For freedom is the man who will thus turn the world upside down, therefore no wonder he has enemies" - Gerrard Winstanley, The True Levellers' Standard, Surrey, England, 1649

Important Note: Tune in to the first program of our new blog radio program "We the Jury: A Forum without Borders", on Saturday, February 2 at 1 pm pacific time, 4 pm eastern, 9 pm GMT, at .

Our featured guest is Andrew Paterson, who is withholding his tax money from the Canadian government until it can demonstrate that it will not use it for criminal purposes of concealing crimes against humanity. Our complete case concerning Genocide in Canada will be posted for your judgement the day before, on February 1, 2013, at

Gerrard Winstanley Quotes: “Everyone that gets an authority into his hands tyrannizes over others; as many husbands, parents, masters, magistrates, that live after the flesh do carry themselves like oppressing lords over such as are under them, not knowing that their wives, children, servants, subjects are their fellow creatures, and hath an equal privilege to share them in the blessing of liberty.”

"Was the earth made to preserve a few covetous, proud men to live at ease, and for them to bag and barn up the treasures of the Earth from others, that these may beg or starve in a fruitful land; or was it made to preserve all her children?"

Why Dead Children Don't Matter, and How they Can: What Billie Combes and Moloch still Teach Us

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
Jan 17, 2013

Protest by a Child victim

A Global Day to end Child Sexual Abuse The Innocent Revolution I don't remember a lot of my dreams, but last night's was stark and unforgettable. My murdered friend Billie Combes came and spoke to me.

He looked as sad as ever, but his eyes were sharp, like his tone. Billie barked at me, "You're forgetting about all the children, Kev! They're still waiting for you. They're waiting to come home. They want to speak. Don't fail them! Don't!"

As in life, so in death. Billie never forgot the children. Whenever he stumbled into the studio of my radio program in Vancouver, he'd break down on the air and sob about the horror he refused to let go of: the memory of watching children be slowly tortured and killed, and then buried in secret by catholic priests at the Kamloops and Mission "Indian residential schools" during the mid 1960's. "They stretched one little girl on that rack and raped her until she died. I heard her scream and scream for help, I'll never forget her screams. She got buried with the rest of them at Kamloops, in the orchard. I saw Brother Murphy dump a bunch of those little stiff bodies into the same hole one night."

Billie Combes was a conduit for the screams of those lost and betrayed kids, like any prophet is, crying out the only note he could to a deaf and blind world. His refusal to do what a guilty society orders and requires, and "have closure and move on" kept the crime alive. That made Billie a risk to those responsible, and so it led to his own murder by lethal injection, on February 27, 2011, in St. Paul's catholic hospital in Vancouver.

Maybe my failure to save Billie causes me to still dream about him. I know that my sleepless nights come, too, from my own refusal to "heal" and allow those mass graves to become snugly out of mind. But the bigger truth is that my friend's appearance last night was meant for more than me. Consider ourselves.

How easily hundreds of us will flock to protests about abstractions like aboriginal treaty rights, but never demand with equal passion the return of those small bones, and the prosecution of their churchly killers. And how is it that not a single aboriginal "leader" will do what tradition and justice demands, and honor the dead by opening up the soil over the mass graves of their own relatives, killed by church and state?

Why am I alone in this active concern? Where is the "grassroots movement" to hold a Nuremberg Tribunal for Canada's War Crimes? And why, o why, do the survivors of Canada's Holocaust continue to beg for morsels or acceptance from the Church Psychopaths who sodomized and sterilized and electrocuted little boys and girls for pleasure, or profit?

Does it matter to you? Do you too hear the screams that never stop? If you don't, then stop reading this, right now. But if you do, then you already know that there can be no relief for you except to do the justice that the dead children are crying out for.

One day, if you believe the Bible, a big fight broke out among Jesus' friends and followers. They couldn't agree about who and what mattered the most on earth, and in the "kingdom of heaven". Jesus cut through the hassle with a simple action. He took a small child and placed her in the midst of all the squabblers, and said to them, "Here is the one who matters most in heaven"

Being a complete realist, Jesus didn't add, "and on earth too", for he knew that then, as now, children are the chattels of others, and are always the first to die. Reminding us about who really matters is what I and a few others keep trying to do over the years. But the child we are placing in front of all of you is not just the one who is blood-soaked and unmoving. She is also the one who suffers tonight, towards whom we are equally as heartless: the living and tortured children of a Canada that is a world leader in child rape and trafficking, and in the official and legal encouragement of both.

In 2007, Delmar Johnny, a Cowichan friend on Vancouver Island, told me, "Before the whites arrived, our people used to kill anyone in the village who harmed a child. Just like that. No second chance. Because we knew that if our children were damaged and broken, our people had no future. But now, after residential school, our children don't matter anymore and the child rapists sit on our band councils". What can Delmar expect, after all, from a Christian Canada that still teaches that the world and our children are born depraved and incomplete, and are in need of forcible "correction"?

How can any of us survive a deliberate corruption that is so powerful that it dulls and destroys our most basic instinct: the urge and ability to protect our young against all who would harm them, including those in power? Child rapists in Canada do on average less than one year in prison before being released to destroy another young life. More than a million kids are trafficked every year by the government, many of them into the homes of violent offenders. And in 1999, UNESCO named Vancouver, Canada as one of three major centers in the world where organized child trafficking goes on "with unofficial police and judicial protection".

And so it's small wonder that Canadians don't care enough about the mass graves of residential school children to unearth them and ask who put them there. In the land now called Palestine and Israel, a people called the Canaanites worshiped a great Fire God they called Moloch, who thrived off the sacrifice of new born Canaanite babies. All of the law-abiding, religious folk back then dutifully tossed their kids into the flames to insure a good harvest and keep the system working.

Some things never change. Apparently, the Canaanite parents had the option of handing over their children to professionals to immolate, sparing them anguish and doubts about the system. In the same way, Canadian parents hand over their own children at birth to a Moloch system to register, process, "educate", care for and ultimately use those innocents like cattle, including by routinely culling and slaughtering them.

I was going to say that none of this crime has to be. But of course it does. The violation of our innocence and our children is a cornerstone of a corporate hierarchical society. For in the words of the founder of modern public relations, Edward Bernays, "Is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it? Is it not the case that only by crushing and re-forming the will of the majority at a tender age that a small ruling class can direct millions of otherwise independent people?"

Don't think for a moment that all of this suffering and exploitation of children is some big accident or failure of the system. On the contrary: it's how the system works. And that's why none of it will ever stop until that system and the spirit and attitude behind it comes crashing down.

Perhaps, one day, our latent capacity to fight and die for any child and thereby ensure our future will indeed become "Idle No More". And yet, the mass refusal of Canadians, regardless of their pigmentation, to win justice for 50,000 dead Indian kids is their honest acknowledgement of this hard fact about how their society works. Children are raised to be expendable. For that to change, our very thinking and daily life has to be uprooted in the manner prescribed by Jesus himself: by bringing down the mighty from their thrones, and raising up the lowliest among us.

So let's stop putting off the inevitable confrontation and begin dismantling all that enslaves and destroys us and our children. Bring home the innocents who have died and lock up their killers and those of church and state who helped them.

Stop paying taxes and obeying the laws of a child-murdering Canada and the churches it shields. And pull the still-living children out of the schools and social services and economic system that is indoctrinating them to become tomorrow's faithful killers. Know, however, that as with Billie Combes, doing all this will likely cost you your life. But if the life of a single child isn't worth such a sacrifice, then ask yourself: what is?

Elder, Elder, Who's got the Elder?

Special Contribution
By Kevin D. Annett
Jan 9, 2013

Clan house

Our original elders were all wiped out by the smallpox wars. They died first, and with them, all of our real traditions. What survives today from our old ways? I'll tell you: nothing.

- Siem Maquinna, Earl George of the Ahousahts, to the author, Port Alberni, May 1995 All of the data indicates that nations at war suffering mortality rates exceeding 25% are permanently traumatized and destroyed, for they are incapable of ever recovering their pre-war integrity. They become for all practical purposes ghost societies. - United States Air Force Manual on War and Counter-Insurgency, Washington, spring 1983 We've created a completely new Indian society and we're the new leaders of it. It's a done deal. - Wendy Grant-John, government Indian and "chief" of the Musqueam Tribal Council, April 2006

Indigenous nationhood, like Democracy or Christianity, is a wonderful idea; and wonderfully absent, in practice. None of us have ever actually experienced these ideals - and yet how passionately we pretend to. In truth, we settle for cheap facsimiles of these visions that our various rulers convince us are the Real Deal. And sadly, we've believed their lie for so long that even now we teach it to one another, and to our children.

Let me leave aside the matter of Democracy, and Christianity, since I'm sure my gentle readers will need little convincing that marking ten ballots in one's lifetime and sitting in boredom in a church pew for an hour doesn't amount to much of anything. But I expect I'll have tougher sledding when it comes to tackling the fallacy of Indigenous nationhood.

Putting aside political correctness and liberal white guilt - and how hard it is to do so! - if we are to remain on the path of truth and political realism and not slide into murky rhetorical swamps, we must see things as they are and not as we want them to be. And the hard historical truth is that all genuine indigenous nations were historically uprooted and expunged by European colonialism within a few generations of contact. All of them.

On average, more than 90% of the indigenous people and their nations in the western hemisphere were eventually exterminated by European weapons and diseases, starting with the oldest people, the learned, and the carriers of tradition and authority. The butchery began in 1492 in the Caribbean and ended around 1910 on Canada's west coast. Killing off ninety percent of a people means, effectively, killing off all of a people. Recovery and continuity is impossible, especially after the children of the remnant populaces endure the massive brainwashing and cultural re-cloning fondly called Christian Education.

What remains today in the wake of this worst massacre in human history are not even pale imitations of those original nations, but something altogether new: namely, "ab-original" societies, manufactured by the conquering powers of church and state. For ab-original means, according to any dictionary, not of the original group. Native people, like all of us, have been manufactured.

In none of the hundreds of native groups I've worked with over the decades have more than a handful of people known even a smattering of their original languages; nor do they practice their traditional ways, since those ways are gone. None of them can live off the land, or practice ceremonies and rituals going back centuries. Their attitudes and hopes are the same as everybody else. They all flock into the same malls, buy the same pointless things, and poison their kids at the same fast food dumps as the "whites". And most of them pay taxes and vote and call themselves Canadians.

But what's most important, most of these aboriginals acknowledge that their traditional nation is dead and gone. There are rare exceptions. But native men and women who aren't caught up in the money-chasing game of aboriginal politics are the first to admit that they are not indigenous, and know nothing of who they are, and were. These people are denied the financial rewards that come to Professional Indians in the political, legal and academic worlds who posture as "First Nations" - a term created by the Canadian government - and who say all the right phrases and wear all the right regalia. The vast majority of natives who don't play the Professional Indian game are invisible to the rest of us. I only began to see and come to know them when I became an outcast from my own culture and began to share their alienation. The Professional Indians, contrarily, are the only ones that you are allowed to see.

After all, upon whom has your attention been riveted by the corporate media for many weeks now other than "Chief" Theresa Spence, the $85,000 a year pseudo-hunger striker who is the poster-person of the government-launched dissent-funneling operation known as Idle No More? Of course, this kind of fraud is nothing new. Conquerors always create their own version of the ones they've destroyed. The same thing happened to my former people in the Gaelic Highlands after English bayonets and schools wiped us out after 1745. The British aristocracy invented the kilt and other Scottish niceties in their ab-original version of what they had destroyed. And they put into power the same kind of puppet chieftains like Ms. Spence who posture in Canada under the banner of the impotent "Assembly of First Nations" (AFN).

It's all part of the deadly symbiosis set up when one culture exterminates another: the conquerors keep tokens of their victims around for their reassurance and consciences; and strangely, over time, they and their conquered learn to depend on and identify with each other. In truth, that's because a colonized people are no longer a people, but an appendage - that's the Latin meaning of "colon" - of the bigger Body Politic of the Conquerors. The remnant ab-originals depend on that Body for their very life and identity. Ask any AFN chief what he or she would do without a pay cheque from Ottawa. Ask Theresa Spence.

In Canada, as in America, the Pale Eaters - otherwise known as white people, since Assimilation means to eat someone - keep chewing up and swallowing ever more of the colonized peoples. They do so literally, by grabbing their children, their future, their lands and resources, and symbolically, by making the colonized perform for them to assuage their guilt and maintain the lie that Genocide didn't really happen in their country. That fact strikes home to me with a vengeance whenever the AFN puppets open their mouths and the dead words of the Pale Eaters drop out.

But back to the realists: the mostly poor and dying authentic Indians who are honest about the fact that they have been killed and stripped of everything. The hundreds of such people whom I work and live with never speak of their traditions, or of "the Elders", or of "Protocol", or any of the other Indigenously Correct terms thrown about in the Professional Indian world. They don't exclude "whites" from their ranks in a false pride of being better, or demand more money from the government. Nor do they cozy up to the christian churches that killed their people and blabber about "healing and reconciliation" with such criminals.

On the contrary, the realists know what is true and they speak about it, which is why they, and not the Professional Indians, have been the ones to occupy churches, and demand that the guilty face judgement and return the bodies of the children they murdered. It has been these unassimilated refugees from a lost world who have forced the Canadian Genocide onto the world stage, while the Professional Indians cower and equivocate and avoid everything until the television cameras show up. There is no authentic Indian leadership in Canada; how can there be, after all, in the wake of such a cunning arrangement? And so the AFN and other cardboard creations are collapsing, having zero credibility, starting with young native men and women. And that's why the AFN has had to desperately create publicity stunts like Idle No More, to salvage themselves and the Pale Eaters who for now fund them.

But all is not lost. True Tragedy, taught the classical Greeks, is but the other side of Farce. And in the case at hand, the farce is best expressed in the game of Who's Got the Elder that seems to preoccupy all the Professional Indians and their loyal Caucasian wannabees in these last days of collapsing illusions and slipping masks. Who's Got the Elder is rampant these days. For instance, last year, when I was asked by some of the Mohawk people around Brantford to help them locate the mass graves of the kids who were murdered by the Anglican Church at the local "residential school", I was immediately immersed in the game.

Nobody in the three permanent factions among the Grand River Mohawks could agree on exactly who was an "Elder", since they all had different definitions of the word. To some of them, it meant "clan mother"; but day by day those who called themselves clan mothers would change, depending on who happened to show up to meetings and who bore a grudge against whom. To others, only certain families were the "true hereditary elders", but nobody could agree on who those families were. I became confused, very quickly: as confused as all the Mohawks seemed to be.

Most of our gatherings at the Kanata Centre in Brantford were devoted not to the practical job of finding and bringing home the remains of the buried children, but arguing over what they called the "protocol" of how to proceed. But again, there were a dozen different definitions of what protocol actually was. As you'd guess, after a week or so of such endless verbosity, the original purpose of why we had gathered quickly became lost.

I hope you understand that I'm not picking on the Mohawks. To their credit, they have gone further than any other group in trying to bring the forensic evidence of the genocide they faced into the light of day. And naturally, the government operatives and divide and conquer experts were on hand quickly to scuttle everything and discredit me and the project. But that wasn't the problem, ultimately. The Mohawks simply got caught up in their own rhetoric and thought they were something they actually aren't: just like the rest of us. So what does it all mean?

Actually, a lot, once we drop all our blinders. The indigenous nations that we all once were have vanished, chewed up by a corporate global machine, and we stand now in need of a new definition that embraces our collective humanity and the natural law that has always been our true bedrock.

We, humanity, are in a final war for survival. But as long as we cling to all the false divisions and labels imposed on us by the rulers, we'll remain what we are: appendages of a thing that is killing our children, our souls, and our world. And we will all go under, regardless of our political correctness. Who is an Elder, anyway? I guess we all become one, eventually. And I suppose that I am an Elder, now, after more than twenty years of struggle. But I don't need anybody to tell me that I am.

A Forum Without Borders to commence broadcasting on Saturday, February 1, 2013

Special Contribution
By Kevin Annett
Jan 7, 2012

Anti Pope protesters pass 005

Former "Hidden from History" program to broaden its focus and actively involve its listeners in a public justice online forum...A Message from Kevin Annett - Eagle Strong Voice.

One of the joys of my work is meeting honest people on the ground who are battling for justice against overwhelming odds. These valiant souls aren't just describing an evil but are directly confronting it.

Before anything, such warriors have needed a public forum to present their case and name the names, and for years we've helped them do so through our Hidden from History radio programs. But now, something much more is needed. The truth speakers need a judicial arm to pronounce and enforce a community sentence against powerful criminals, in order to help us all reclaim what has been taken from us.

Our Common Law Court that began in the fall is helping to create that legal system by making the law work for the victims and not the criminals. We want to reflect this momentous step on the public airwaves with a new blog talk radio show called We, the Jury: A Forum Without Borders. It will be a monthly program, two hours in length, commencing on Saturday, February 1 at 4 pm eastern time and running on the first Saturday of every month.

We, the Jury will have three components:

- An opening news report and commentary section that will include updates from our International Common Law Court of Justice and groups around the world - An hour-long Public Court session featuring regular guests who will present their own cases and evidence of crimes in their own communities, and - A summing up session to mobilize our listeners and carry on these campaigns

Our growing numbers of listeners have asked for such an activist-oriented program. In barely half a year during the fall of 2012, the numbers of our archived listeners quadrupled, once we began our Common Law Court and subpoenaed the Pope and other criminal parties.

The launching of We, the Jury next month will coincide with the concluding arguments of the Prosecutors' Office in our Court action against those responsible for Genocide in Canada. So we look forward to an actively engaging series of shows with very practical outcomes, on the first Saturday of every month.

I look forward to working with all of you to launch and sustain We, the Jury, so that it is not only your program but a practical weapon in the fight to reclaim our lives, our liberties, our children, and our world. Stay tuned soon for more updates about the program and its new blog site, prior to February 1.

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