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International Horticulture Goyang Korea

International Horticulture at Goyang

International Horticulture is an international flower exhibition. The festival takes place at Ilsan Lake Park in Goyang from April 29 to May 15 2016. There are from various countries showcasing flowers and various products made with flowers. Also, unique and rare plants exhibition, indoor garden decorated with flower art pieces, outdoor theme parks, making of flower plant experience, flower arrangement contests and other cultural events and performances at the festival.


A Trip to Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Feb 1, 2016

At the enterance of Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival

The Global Digest has a Trip to Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival on Jan 30, 2015. In Korea, it is also widely known a white snow at Taebaesan Mountain. During the festival, there are a snow sculpture exhibition for visitors, or ice sculptures and other winter-themed artwork from home and abroad.

Moreover, amusement facilities such as a snow tunnel, snow sledding, slide and rafting area are there. And the light & ice festival, lights created by luminaries and the shining stars in the sky.

Mount Taebaeksan or Mount Taebaek, is a South Korean mountain peak of Taebaek Mountains. It stretches from the city of Taebaek in Yeongwol-gun County, Gangwon-do Province to Bonghwa-gun County, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, and is protected by Taebaeksan Provincial Park. It has an elevation of 1,566.7 m (5,140 ft).

The summit ridge of Taebaeksan is home to a multitude of both azalea bushes and ancient yew trees, making spring (for blossoms) and winter (for rime frost on the twisted trees) particularly good times to visit. The highest peaks are also home to Cheonjedan, a series of ancient Shamanist altars.

The main Danggol entrance plays host to an annual snow festival and a coal mining museum.


Swaraj abhiyan welcomes, in principle, Delhi Govt's move to control vehicular pollution.

Pollution in India

•We welcome, in principle, the move to reduce private cars on Delhi roads •Translating this idea into policy must be thought through carefully •Success of the scheme depends on strengthening public transport •Implementation is the real test of government's administrative skills

Swaraj Abhiyan welcomes, in principle, the move to address air pollution in Delhi by curbing the number of private four-wheelers on the road. The rationale is very simple. Level of air pollution in Delhi is dangerously high, one of the highest among cities across the world. Vehicular pollution contributes nearly 60% to air pollution in the city. Delhi has more private vehicles than Mumbai, Kolkatta and Chennai put together. There is thus an urgent need to control the menace of the growing number of private vehicles in order to ensure better health for its citizen and secure the future of the generations to come. Any step in that direction must be welcome by all, irrespective of political differences.

Odd-Even scheme announced by the Delhi Government is one possible way to realise this objective. Although the scheme was announced as a knee-jerk reaction to an emergency, and that too on prodding from court, it should not be dismissed out of hand. All depends on how the scheme is designed, supported and executed. We do hope that the the government would not repeat the manner in which it scrapped BRT and listen to environment and public transport experts, carry out public consultations and announce clear deliverables in terms of quantifiable reduction in pollution levels before finalising the modalities of this scheme.

Any such policy cannot be more than a small piece in a comprehensive attempt at pollution control. There is no silver bullet for pollution control as it is a function of the numbers, mix and health of the vehicles on the road, fuel quality and mix, roads conditions, traffic management, driver capabilities and attitudes. Reduction in private vehicles must be rapidly and resolutely accompanied by a corresponding increase in availability and quality of public transport. In this respect Delhi faces a grim situation: existing public transport is bursting at its seams with steady deterioration and little scope for sudden expansion.. The availability of safe and reliable autos, taxis or other means of last mile connectivity must also improve substantially. This needs to be supplemented by moving towards advanced pollution standards, incentivising non-polluting fuels and vehicles, opening the city for non-motorised transport and making roads safe for pedestrians. In the absence of these changes, sudden curb on private vehicles is known to have resulted in vehicle substitutes that are even more polluting.

Above all, implementing any measure of pollution control requires political will, ability to develop a broad consensus across various segments of citizens and effective coordination among all branches and levels of government. Any failure in this respect would not only let the people of Delhi down, it could also bring bad name to environmental policies. Therefore Odd-Even scheme is a test of this government's political will and its administrative skills. We sincerely hope that the AAP government succeeds in this challenge of bringing down pollution levels in the city.

Note By Rakesh Manchanda : 1.Swaraj Abhiyan is honest in supporting AAP Delhi Vehicle Plan. 2.Swaraj Abhiyan wants AAP to display their best political will for a better pollution free Delhi.

Visiting a historical sites of Korean royal tombs

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Jul 30, 2015

The Hongneung

Under UNESCO World Heritage, royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty are listed as Cultural Heritage Sites. Within the forty royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty are interred 27 kings, queens, and those monarchs that were posthumously granted the title of king or queen. The tombs date from the time of the dynasty’s foundation in 1392 until its fall in 1910.

Emperor Gojong tomb

The Hongneung is the royal tomb of the 26th Emperor Gojong (1852-1919) of the Joseon Dynasty and Queen Myeongseong (1851-1895), from the Min family. King Gojong was the second son of Daewongun Heungseon, Yi Haeung. In 1897, King Gojong proclaimed the establishment of the Daehanjeguk (大韓帝國, Great Korean Empire) and decided to name the era the Gwangmu (光武, Martial Brilliance) and became the Emperor.

Emperor Sunjong tomb

The Yureung is the last tomb of the Joseon Dynasty. There were laid to rest three royal bloods together: the 27th Emperor Sunjong (1874-1926), his lawful wife, Empress Sunmyeonghyo (1872-1904) and his second lawful wife, Empress Sunjeonghyo (1894-1966). Being the second son of King Gojong and Queen Myeongseong, King Sunjong ascended the imperial throne in 1907, and changed the chronological era to the Yunghui (Abundant Prosperity).

King Gwanghaegun tomb

Gwanghaegun or Prince Gwanghae (3 June 1575 – 7 August 1641; reigned 1608–1623) was the fifteenth king of the Joseon dynasty. His personal name was Yi Hon. As he was deposed in a coup d'état, later official historians did not give him a temple name like Taejo or Sejong. Gwanghaegun was the second son of King Seonjo, born to Lady Kim (Gongbin), a concubine. When Japan invaded Korea to attack the Ming Empire, he was installed as Crown Prince. Among the 27 kings, the tombs of two disposed kings, Yeonsangun and Gwanghaegun are not included in the list of the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty.


A trip to Gangwon Sokcho

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Jul 20, 2015

Sokcho market

Sokcho city office had invited a group of foreign for free trip on July 20, 2015. Approximately hundreds of foreigner participated for the trip. Gangwondo a famous tourist sit in South Korea, with mountains and beach a peaceful place. Sokcho is located on east sea coast with deep sea but clean water. It took around 3 hours from Seoul to Sokcho.

Fish eggs, fishes and dry fishes

The trip organizer provided a gift card(5000Won) to each which can used only in Sokcho market. The group has visited the market around and buy stuff or eat food as a lunch. As coastal city, Sokcho market has a lot of seafood and dry fishes.

Lunch at noodle shop(above) and seafoods

Then the group went to Sokcho beach and took photos. Since a bit windy and cool and waves are slightly strong, no swimming was found.

At the Sokcho beach

Then the group went to Seorak Mountain, the highest and the most tourist visited mountain in South Korea. We took a cable to reach top of the mountain and look around the mountain and we can see Sokcho city from there.

Seorak Mountain(above) and Sokcho city

The group come back to Sokcho city and have a diner. Special seafood was with a typical Korean tradition foods. Sokcho city mayor did a special welcome speech to us and declared no MERS in Gangwondo. Tourists are highly recommend to visit there.

Sokcho city mayor(R) and fried food(below)

For the last, we watch laser show in dark evening. Multiple laser light was displayed with different performances. Korean artists were inspired with African culture and art. They showed a lot of African background and dances.

Laser light show(above) and snack foods and ready-made curries(below)

The group had a lot of fun and then came back to Seoul and reach there at midnight.

Korean traditional herbs


Royal Palaces and Tombs with a Special Offer, Free Entry from 1 July to 31 July

Royal Tomb

Cultural Heritage Administration announces the special offer of free of charge opening for four Palaces (Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung Palace), Jongmyo Shrine, and Joseon Royal Tomb by free-entry during July. In an unprecedented circumstance, MERS, this special offer means to console the citizens and revive depressed domestic market.

On 21 June, while Bang Moon-Kyu, Second Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance visited the field inspection, he participated in interview of tourists from abroad and operators and resulted in such special opening plan. This workout has been estimated as one of the outstanding organic integrations.

CHA has been advancing and strengthening the regulation of hygiene systematically against the fear of MERS and tried to comfort the visitors and helped them entertain their tour at Royal Palaces and Tombs. You may find out sanitizers every spot in Royal Palaces and Tombs from the entrance to the exit, as well as providing the guidebook for prevention of MERS. Furthermore, we have kept fumigating every corner of buildings, National Palace Museum of Korea, Daehan Empire History Museum, Exhibition rooms of Royal Tombs and etc.

We are anticipating that, by taking advantage of free entry, many people can get together, having such wonderful bonding times on Royal Palaces and Tombs and take vigor back under the fresh nature environment. In addition, we believe that many kids can hold a special opportunity to learn and experience our heritage and history. CHA will further keep trying to manage our heritage sites for people to grab a chance to entertain their time in history and culture forward.

Save `Originals` of Taj , Mahatma and AAP builders for Better Humanity.

Special Contribution
By Rakesh Manchanda

Taj Mahal

Is this the original Taj Mahal ? Bibi-ka-Maqbara was built in 1660 AD. in the memory of his 1st. wife, Dilras Banu Begam. Aurangzeb copy cat `passion` had resulted in a poor copy of a Taj. Aurangzeb wanted a 2nd. replica of Taj Mahal. Relationship for a team work in AAP is like a Taj. Everybody will wonder how beautiful it is. But nobody can understand how difficult it was to build up brick by brick. Engineers failed to re-build Taj Mahal again as you see because of fault and divisions in the rank and file of the original team.

Lesson to Indians in their daily work is simple-We must never leave a true relation for few faults. Nobody is perfect. No one is 100% correct. Affection of the team for delivery is always greater than the perfection of few. Mahatma Gandhi legacy and Taj Mahal continue to attract Global Citizens. No tourist visit to India is complete without a glimpse of Taj. Paying homage to the father of the Nation at Rajghat is seen as a must visit for a tourist. When there is no moral or democratic code of conduct in competition or in an election within a political party then instead of focusing on `Truth` the Jhoot- lies spread. Focus on the individuals as the leaders and not on the process is the collective loss. Mahatma Gandhi Quote today is bang correct: Nobody in this world possesses absolute truth. Absolute Truth according to Mahatma Gandhi is God's attribute alone. Relative truth is all we know. Therefore, we can only follow the truth as we see it. Such pursuit of truth cannot lead anyone astray.

AAP- Political Advisory Committee Controversy. AAP Press note yesterday on PAC-Political Advisory Committee controversy was incomplete and several points stand missing. I am not trying to defend or blame anyone in PAC. Having worked together in 2005-6 in person, I happen to know Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia in the brief past association.

I hardly know Prashant Bhushan and Yogender Yadav and met them F2Fonly 2-3 times. Yogender Yadav addressed Vishwas Nagar Jan Sabhas in pre- Delhi elections and later predicted 50 seats for AAP Delhi before the results were declared.AAP insiders were laughing on his prediction as many thought 40 seats will be maximum for AAP. Past and present tears of Yogender Yadav followed by Arvind Kejriwal tears showcased on media channels may not teach followers how to add love or minus hate, but it gives AAP warriors every reason to hope that every problem has a solution provided the communication gap is plugged.

Many such positive evidences about honest AAP leaders are in Public Domain. For details of PAC confusion see my recent article title : Stop painting AAP Leaders in Helpless Tears. Everyone may not be nice all the time is what we learn in India. There remains something nice in everyone. We must never keep a fixed image(Left or Right) for anyone based on second hand reports. People act differently at different junctures with different people based on experiences. Swaraj real map is like a difficult Taj Mahal rebuild. To my understanding it means allow others outside Delhi state AAP activists to decide whether they want to fight elections or not like in Delhi. Forced decisions taken from Delhi for outside states shall bounce back sooner or later.

This makes my believe stronger more in relation with a system rather than becoming a person`s satellite. Inner democracy format without any loss of AAP old human assets in near future is a must. Demand for an inner democracy in AAP forced many to sit on hunger strike in the past. Why today`s press note released by AAP boys does not cover the future date for inner democracy format say in next 6 months ? In Indian Political space the trendsetters of Aam Admi Party originals draw similar parallels. Anna Movement protesters claim having been challenged and were forced to join politics. Congress-BJP system as know refused to accommodate the Lok Pal Bill championed by Anna Movement and an infant called AAP was born in the political Jungle.

My African friends often remind me that Indians had send MK Gandhi to us and we gave back a new package called Mahatma. If it was a train ride in South Africa that created Gandhi, a bus journey shaped another Gandhi known as Martin Luther King Jr. Let us see how this transformation took place ? As a kid, Martin was travelling on a bus with his teacher when the driver ordered them to get up for the white passengers. Martin decided not to move and give up his seat but his Guru(teacher) pointed out that we must obey the law. So Martin stood in the aisle and travelled standing whole 90 miles to Atlanta. This was the turning point for this Gandhian.

African Gandhi Nelson Mandela served for 27 years in prison and fought for Secularism to end Apartheid. Apartheid like untouchablity in India is a much more dangerous evil then Corruption. The common link between the African-Indian Gandhi remains that all wanted to bring a change. All were challenged by the rigid old system of Conventional rule and misuse of Gandhi. Package of change makers is never perfect. All including Mahatma Gandhi do not claim 100%. Gandhi`s delivery was full of human errors limited and balanced by the circumstances.

Arvind Kejriwal Coordinator of AAP in India correctly puts that communalism as an evil is much more dangerous than Corruption. Several political crusaders with left and right ideology- Maoist and Godse worshippers got accommodated in AAP. Communalism to my understanding is a wholesale corrupt system of a community that favours to give power to a person or a group based on religion and caste. Now it is upto AAP Top leadership to see how to filter the past and ensure the true `Ghar Wapse` of workers for a collective cause in the betterment of India. “I and others may be revolutionaries but we are disciples of Mahatma Gandhi, directly or indirectly, nothing more nothing less.”- Ho Chi Minh.

Originals in every human build from self to the society remain to be saved and followed. Mahatma in Gandhi cannot come again. Taj Mahal cannot be built again. As a common man and as an Indian first, I reserve my right to share future evidences if the AAP boys club fail to get inclusive and unite fast to make this AAP unique experiment stronger. How about You and Your Rights?

2015 Sancheoneo Ice Festival held in Gangwon-Do

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Jan 20, 2015

Skiing on the ice

2015 Sancheoneo Ice Festival held in Hwacheon-Gun, Gangwon-Do, South Korea. It is famous for Sancheoneo and Otter's home, and clean nature. It has been called one of the 'Seven winter wonders of the world' by CNN, and 'The world Festival city' by IFEA.

Ice statue

Main program of the festival are: 1) Sancheoneo Experience program - Ice fishing or Rreserved Ice fishing, Ice fishing for kids, Ice fishing for foreigners, Lure fishing, Bare hand fishing and others available.


2) Snow/Ice Experience - Snow sled, Bobsleigh, Elgomi castle, Elgomi Bike, Ice sled, Ice soccer& Ice hockey& curling, Rides fun park, Haneulgareugi(Zip line).

Night view

3) Culture/Event - Opening ceremony, Creative sled contest, Winter culture village, Prize lottery , Angel's day, Soldier's day, Lightening ceremony of Seondeung street, planetarium, International symposium for Native Sancheoneo's restoration, Wood culture experience place, Surprise event and others.

Natural view


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