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Village Experiencing in Soomy Village, Yongmunsa Temple in Yangpyeong

Jul 31, 2016

A pond of Catfish catching

Its a trip to the countryside to experience some of the farm experience program in Korea. After the Korean War, citizens fled cities and took refuge in the countryside creating industry from the land in farming and agricultural practices. A farm in Soomy Village located in Yangpyhunh in Gyenggi-do. This area is designated for visitors to experience farm life. It also is the home of many festivals including the strawberry festival in the spring, catfish festival in the summer and kimchi making festival in the fall.

Wooden Rafting

Playing with Water Canon

Riding a Truck

About Yongmunsa Temple in Yangyeong

Yongmunsa Temple is located about 9km northeast from Yongmun station on the Jungang line. It was built during the Silla Kingdom and reconstructed during the reign of King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty. It was badly damaged during the Korean War, but was restored and now consists of three buildings, the main hall, daeungjeon, and the bell tower.
Its courtyard contains the largest gingko tree in the East, which is 1,100 years old, measures 60m in height and 14m in circumference and is designated and protected as natural monument no. 30. Legend says the great Buddhist monk Uisang, who lived during the Silla Kingdom, stuck his staff in the earth, and the tree grew out of the simple staff.