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Ulleungdo photos

A Trip to Ulleungdo island

At the Dodong Harbor

Ulleungdo is located in South Korea, the east longitude 130° 54´, the north latitude 37° 29.´ It's 217km to Pohang and 178km to Gangneung. A pentagon island made of volcanic rocks. Establishing a watershed from the center of Seonginbong Peak (984m above the sea level). Mountains are precipitous most of land is slanting except for Nari Basin.

You can visit Ulleungdo island from such as popular locations Pohang Ferry Terminal and Gangneung Ferry Terminal. It takes around 3 hours to reach Ulleungdo.

From Ulleungdo, you can also visit Dokdo island, appromately 2 hours to reach there.
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Saja Bawi

Seongha Shrine and other



Jeodong Harbor

Dodong Harbor

Other View Point

On the way back to Pohang