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Danyang Danuri Aquarium and Danyang Banggok Goblin Village

Aug 30, 2016

At Danyang Danuri Aquarium

Its a trip to the countryside to experience some of the farm experience program in Korea. Danyang Danuri Aquarium is a huge aquarium displaying 22,000 species of freshwater fish from all over the world. It will be exciting to see sturgeons and mandarin fish in a big water tank and you will also enjoy the adventure of a baby turtle in 4D experience hall.

Chinese ninespine stickleback Pungitius sinensis

Korean striped bitterling Acheilognathus yamatsutae

Dark chub Zacco temminchki

Long snouted bullhead

Korean torrent catfish

White nose loach

Steed barbel

Slender bitterling

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout(albino)

Common freshwater goby

Goby minnow

Oily bitterling

Korean sharpbelly

Barbel chub

Giant mottled eel


Large mouth bass

Freshwater stringray

Protopterus annectens

Kryptopterus bicirrhis

Driftwood catfish


Altum angelfish


Yellow peacock bass

Tiger shovel nose

Silver arowana

Butterfly koi

Giant gourami

Fahka puffer

Congo puffer

Black spiny-tailed iguana

Soft shell turtle

Red-eared slider


Queensland lungfish

Tokay gecko

Snake necked tulture

Alligator snapping turtle

Blue tongue skink

Bearded dragon

Savannah monitor

Banggok Ceramic Art Exhibition Hall


Self produce juice

Flower tea

Danyang Banggok Goblin Village

Is this place called Goblin Village because goblins lived here? Its name came from a story that people used to wrestle with trees just like they were possessed by goblins when they were coming back from other villages late at night. You can visit Banggok Goblin Village to enjoy various experiences such as pottery and making Omija rice cakes.