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Sri Lanka: A criminal President, A paranoid brother, a pervert media minister and his sleep walking son

Special Contribution
By Massey Subra

Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella(C) and his son Ramith Rambukwella(R)

This is all about Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella and his son Ramith Rambukwella. Rambukwellas, Peeping Tom and Somnambulist: Peeping Tom father Keheliya in Australian Hotel Room and Somnambulist Son Ramith in British Airways jet.

One of our young cricketers has become internationally known overnight—for the wrong reason though. He tried to open the door of a British airways plane in mid-air while looking for a toilet the other day. Sri Lanka Cricket, which usually has egg on its face by trying to sweep things under the carpet, promptly identified him as Ramith, son of Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella. The father did not slip and fall, but was thrown out for peeping through key hole into his neighbour's room.

His father who, incidentally, considers it his bounden duty to lay down guidelines on ethical practices among journalists, also had a problem with a closed door of a hotel room down under some time ago. Unable to open a door which got locked, shutting him out on a balcony, he tried to creep into his room through a window and had a nasty fall in the process. Having learnt a bitter lesson, he must have advised his son to be wary of taking chances if a door happened to be closed and to keep tugging at its handle until it opened or help arrived. The boy must have remembered his father’s advice and did as had been told, even at an altitude of 35,000 feet! An epitome of obedience, eh?

Detractors of our patriotic government politicians may try to make an issue of the allegation that the player had had one too many and did not know what he was doing. However, if that is the case then the blame should go to Britain, which keeps castigating the Sri Lankan government without adopting the latter’s good policies such as Mathata Thitha, which has helped this country put the kibosh on alcohol abuse. Fully rehabilitated and sober, all former Sri Lankan drunkards now eagerly await the monthly Dhamma talk telecast live from Temple Trees; liquor outlets have gone out of business and bars are deserted. Our cricketer had been allegedly bending his elbow prior to taking off owing to the moral decadence in Britain, where governments have been issuing too many liquor licenses unlike ours. He has apparently been a victim of the alcohol policy of the neo-imperialist forces. When the heads of the Commonwealth gather here in November, let them be educated on our successful Mathata Thitha programme!

The section of the aircraft where the toilet in question was located was dimly lit and our cricketer looked disoriented with his headphones on, according to other passengers. The plot thickens! Why wasn’t that area properly lit? Who fixed the cabin door close to the toilet? Who manufactured those headphones which made the young man deaf to frantic warnings from the alarmed passengers and the cabin crew? These are the questions that we ought to ask ourselves as responsible citizens of a country ruled by the descendants of King Kekille, the legendary bovine monarch. Thus, it may be seen that the possibility of a foreign conspiracy to discredit Sri Lanka cannot be ruled out! It may be that our youthful cricketer was lured into imbibing BRITISH liquor and boarding a BRITISH aircraft with the cabin door in the wrong place so as to cause him to make a spectacle of himself and bring the patriotic Sri Lankan government into disrepute. Doesn’t this sound convincing?

It behooves us to take precautions to ensure the safety of our beloved cricketers. We suggest that when they go overseas hereafter they be accompanied by nannies so that they won’t have to worry about toilet doors any more. After all, ours is a nanny state, isn’t it? Another solution which is a bit too expensive is to charter planes for national cricketers and keep their toilet doors wide open during the entire flight. We don’t want any of our cricketing heroes to open the wrong door and go skydiving at 35,000 ft. do we? Ramith has told this newspaper that he is somnambulist and he may have tried to open the aircraft door in his sleep. He has surpassed his ministerial father in style and is sure to do well in politics. We hope and pray that he won’t fall asleep on the field and start playing sleep cricket! King Kekille must be guffawing in his grave.

Reconciliation is not possible without Accountability

Sri Lanka's Ambassador to the UN, Ravinatha Aryasinha

If the Tamils are dying who is killing? A reply to Sri Lanka’s plea for Diaspora money. Reconciliation is not possible without accountability, for we do not know who is what in Sri Lanka. Through a process of accountability only one can separate the masquerading criminals from the mindful civilians; one cannot, should not, must not and ought not negotiate with criminals.-Subramaniam Masilamany. Meaningful engagement not possible with pro-LTTE Diaspora seeking to sustain hatred and prevent reconciliation -Sri Lanka's Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Ravinatha Aryasinha

Mr.Ravinatha Aryasinghe is crying foul or is he realising the failures and follies from Duttu Gemunu to Mahinda Rajapaksas attempt in vain to wipe out the Tamils. Finally someone has tacitly accepted that Tamil people were killed and are being killed in Sri Lanka, when he mentioned (quote,) “for it is not their sons and daughters who die,” If they are dying who is killing? Mr.Aryasinghe there is a limit to ignorance beyond which it is evolution. You simply cannot hide the facts. Truth has a way of rising to the top.

If you need Diaspora money, what happened to the Chinese money? Chinese bought $1,500,000,000,000 worth of US bonds, how many million dollars of your Sri Lankan bonds did China buy? Where is your friend in need? “If the only economic activity is printing money then we do not get involved; fool and his money will soon depart” Mr.Ravinath Aryasinghe in this linked article blames Diaspora for the difficulty in attaining reconciliation in Sri Lanka. Mr.Aryasinghe can you name one murderer among Tamils including the Diaspora?

Tamil Diaspora is not creating hatred, we are just pointing out the atrocities that are still happening for which the Tamils in Sri Lanka has no recourse. Whom do they have in Sri Lanka? TNA is scared for occasionally they are hauled in before the notorious Criminal Investigation Department. So tell me Mr. Aryasinghe (The name says it all, son of an Aryan, the very basis of Sri Lankan strife) how free are the Tamils in Sri Lanka? Mr. Aryasinghe is a confused man; he has never seen freedom and never heard of free human will. The two pillars of human progress. To him free is a threat; threat to whom? To the very people who want to smother the free will of the people. Mr.Aryasinghe you lost your weight and might as a majority in Sri Lanka, we did not lose it for you, and you lost it on your own peril and volition. Don’t blame it on the Tamil Diaspora.

We the Tamil Diaspora has contributed via 140,000 of our dear ones who got killed by your government to the advancement of the Human Rights laws and Humanitarian laws. See Mr.Aryasinghe the problem in Sri Lanka is the education is geared to produce criminals, that is why you see Dr. Mervyn Silva, Dr. Palitha Kohana, and Dr. Keheliya Rumbukwella. Who are they? Criminals, who should be hanged. I do not know how long you will last, for you are defending the undefendable and Rajapaksa needs a Houdini to pull off the biggest stunt. Rajapakas wants you to pull wool over the face of the world and you will never succeed, for there is no right way to do a wrong thing. This is not the power of the Diaspora, it is the power of the universal law of justice, before which no one can defer or deflect or deny absolute justice.

Mr.Arysinghe is very right about the fact that our people, Tamil people were killed in Sri Lanka; finally some has accepted that Tamil were killed and are being killed in the conflict. The conflict is not over; this is his eel form that is being presented. An eel is a funny animal it has the head of a snake and tail of a fish. Is it a snake? Yes, to the Tamils in Sri Lanka they are poisonous snake, is it a fish? Yes, to the international community they are a harmless fish. How long will this duplicity hold. What kind of nonsense is this? “Ambassador Aryasinha detailed the steps taken by Sri Lanka to reach out to the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora particularly since the ending of the terrorist conflict, with a view to harness their talents and resources towards the betterment of Sri Lanka”

Mr. Aryasinha must be suffering from short term memory loss, it was a short while ago you barbarians killed our unarmed innocent people and you are talking about reconciliation. I guess nothing like this has ever happened in your family. That is why you are talking like a scatterbrain. Mr.Aryasinghe, did I tell you there is limit to ignorance? You say, 'Diaspora Investor Forums' to guide those working abroad on investment opportunities in securities......” Oh I understand, you need our money. I will mobilize $40 billion for direct investment in Sri Lanka's North, will you leave our home and leave us alone? Here is my take Mr. Aryasinghe, there are several thing we look at before investing, by the way investing is not terrorism, first we look at the constitution and the government in power and the opposition. Do they have a just nation like USA? Where even Russian money is invested and it is safe. Two we look at the economy, if the only economic activity is printing money then we do not get involved. Our investment check list is quite extensive, smart money is very careful money. Only the fools will invest in Sri Lanka.

Then we look at the safety of our capital, you nationalized the foreign estates in 1970 without even paying a cent in compensation. These are the skulls in your closet. So what is the guarantee that our capital is safe? Chinese bought 1,500,000,000,000 worth of US bonds, how many millions of your Sri Lankan bonds China bought? If China is such a good friend in need why cannot they buy your bonds and help you with your economy. Stop playing like a kid Mr. Aryasinghe. There you are Mr. Aryasinghe, go home get a copy of your constitution, read it amend it then bring it over we will read it and see if Mr. Rajapaksa is hiding somewhere in it. Remember that when you are of no use you will be dumped too. Once upon a time we had respect for Singhalese for they were the majority, but through your low and devious behaviour your lost it. want to get it back? Behave properly. Tamils are not a push over any more.

Rajapaksa doesn't needs a Houdini to pull off the biggest stunt

Jul 3, 2013

Hambantota Port

About Accountability, Reconciliation and consolidation of power. "At some point force is the only possible language of communication and the means to justice" "The only possible way out for Rajapaksa is to stage a coup d'etat against his own people and he will" " It will be a bloodless coup for all he has to do is to just ignore everything. His question is what will happen and who will oppose it?" Subramaniam Masilamany Ø In Sri Lanka the criminals have taken over the legislature, executive and judiciary and are using it for their criminal activities. Ø The Tamils want to help the other people of Sri Lanka, but the criminals are obstructing the way" Ø "Will Mahinda Rajapaksa avail himself for a criminal investigation by impartial International Commission of eminent Jurors?

If Rajapaksa and Sri Lankan government are genuine about reconciliation they must open up the nation for thorough review. How is reconciliation possible when the very person who caused the genocide is the president? Reconciliation is just another ploy to get the criminals off the hook and to hoodwink the donor nations to get more money out of them. The only need of Sri Lanka is money, who will give them and how to get it from them, there is no other reason for it. Now they see the deep pockets of the Diaspora. If China is buying US bonds in billions, why are they not buying Sri Lankan bonds? So this bogey man China is phantom of the Rajapaksa regime, they just play the game and some nations fall for it. India is another unknown, they never had any strong well defined foreign policy. With Sri Lanka, as a nation they do not want it to prosper, with Tamils they do not want them to acquire nationhood.

Rajapaksa is like a kid blowing a balloon, he thinks he can fool China, Chinese are untrustworthy but not fools. If China is such a good friend they can take about $10 billion of the $1.5Trillion reserve and help Sri Lanka rebuild. They have their own agenda. If China is not buying Sri Lankan bonds it is not even worth the paper it is printed on. Sri Lanka's past behaviour has come to haunt them. Only fools fall for them others keep the money elsewhere. All of Rajapaksa's money are in the Swiss bank, why? Why it cannot be in a Sri Lankan Bank? Sri Lankan are becoming more like street corner prostitutes, they will take any denomination from any passer-by. There is no sense of personal dignity nor national identity. Any thing goes as long as we get something to get by today. Nations are built of strong bricks of families, each brick is hard made and hard fought. There is a husband and a wife, then there are the children, the parents of the husband and wife, that is three generation under one roof growing and maturing as one family. Great children and great statesmen are born in such families.

Great nations have Great constitution, a constitution is a contract among people to accept a collection of covenants as the sacred laws and binding force. No one is above those laws, that way the union of people is perfect. In USA to become a President one has to prove beyond more than reasonable times that he is the right man for the job. That is why USA has the uncanny ability to deal with any challenge. People say USA is declining, they are the people who live on bad news, deep inside USA there is renewal process going on, dollar is getting stronger, remember the Clinton era? Americans are no smarter than any one else, but it is the freedom that make them come back again and again. You can hold a ball under water, but it retain the capacity to rise up, that capacity is enshrined in their constitution. Russians are still playing around with space programme but the American are commercializing space travel. Two people different capacity, how? It is in the way they think. To think one needs absolute freedom of thought

I am a Sri Lankan by birth and a Tamil by the constitution of Sri Lanka. There lies the problem in Sri Lanka. You are branded as soon as you are born. But there is something great in being born into Tamil culture, there is something that makes it work like magic. How this culture define the people is mind boggling. The people define the culture and then culture defines the people. It is a culture that is forged in the furnace of scarcity, extreme weather, poor soil condition and hard water. It is not a culture it is an evolutionary process of the survival of the fittest, one has to be mentally and physically fit to live in that condition. So if you are a living Tamil, then you have to be proud and humble because you are chosen by nature to live, you survived the harshness of the universe. When we compress carbon at very high pressure a diamond is born and when we melt iron at very high temperature Steel is born. The process is same for humans, when you grow up under extreme conditions you get selected like an Olympic athlete.

God had a plan for us, no Tamil should feel dejected. He took us from the hands of the barbarians, criminals and the crucible of harsh weather and planted us all over the world in fertile lands and among great civilizations. Now we are asked to enrich the other nations and people with our greatness. Why would God do that? because God has a plan for the world. He or she wanted the world to benefit from us. Great people are great people and always will be great people. The greatness of people is a gift not a prize, prize you keep gift you share. Why would I write this when the topic is accountability and reconciliation. Because the other people in Sri Lanka are not as blessed as us. God always bless the struggling souls. We want to help the other people of Sri Lanka to become great people, but the criminals are obstructing the way. So then reconciliation is a hog wash to save the criminals from the hangman. Rajapaksa is 70 years old and has at least 50 years of criminal experience. His curriculum vitae or resume is extensive under one headings, " Murders". His motto is "If everything else fail murder the final means". Imagine a guy hardened by murders; that is him. He now pretends that he is the reincarnation of Jesus, Buddha, Siva and Mohammed; all in one. He is an impostor and con artist

So if accountability precedes reconciliation he will go to gallows. he know that very well. A criminal is a smart criminal when he know where will he end up. His mind then searches for means of defence. so far he is lucky because he is in power. Let's watch how far he runs. He knows very well if his popularity declines he is going to either Hell or The Hague. But then Ranil Wickremasinghe, the leader of the opposition is less effective as a leader.

Who ever comes to power in Sri Lanka must be ready to clean up the nation and set a new path way, a pathway based on universal laws of justice and equality. There is no way any Tamil will accept any sweet talks or even constitutional changes; there are thing that can be done outside the constitution. What is important is the people, if they are racist then that has to be remedied through people, but if the people are wholesome racist then how do you do?. Force is the only means. An invincible force like that of Israel. USA has followed the pathway of Israel and has become another invincible nation. Every nation need to be invincible and every community need to be invincible. there is not substitute for absolute invincible power as a means of defence. "Invincibility lies in total defence"-Sun Tzu "At some point force is the only possible language of communication and the means to justice"- Subramaniam Masilamany.

Reconciliation is a very cool, calm, soothing and moderating noun but it is can be merely a word and a verb. A verb is demonstrative but can be nicely disguised. Rajapaksa and his criminal gang Great Liar Peiris, his brother Gothabaya are capable of twist talking, they can take a word and twist and turn in so many direction, but put them under oath or under scythe they will be spoiling their pants. Mahinda Rajapaksa thinks he can fool the whole world and he is right in some way, when people lack moral courage and do not stand up for what is right than for their pay cheque we the general public has to cry foul. If good people do not rise up and fight for what is right we are failing in our sacred duty.

When a nation is immature like little boy who plays one parent against other, China and India succumb to these little boys monkey pranks. Chinese do not care except what can they get out of people. They are not interested in the political and social maturity or stability of nations, all they interested is in strip mining nations. China regularly bribes Mahinda Rajapaksa, that is wrong. People of these poor nations are also not interested for their challenge is day to day living, there is no time of think of next decade or next generation. to them sex is the only pastime and the consequences are over population, and consequential civil strife, famine and pestilence

Why do we in the civil society without political ambitions want to get involved? Because we don't see any genuine effort on the part of political and diplomatic establishments. They are the guardians of the civil society and they seem to be timid and stymied. What we need is a sense of belonging to greater society of people so that we see the need to protect and preserve it. Like fish in an aquarium we live in the social aquarium, if it is broken we will be back to nature fighting beasts, pests and pestilence. We have a system, lets take care of it. Every one must get involved in what ever way and form to preserve the civil society, we cannot let criminals use it as front to their nefarious activities.

In Sri Lanka the criminals have taken over the legislature, executive and judiciary and are using it for their criminal activities. "The only possible way out for Rajapaksa is to stage a coup d'etat against his own people and he will". How else can he survive this political quagmire? Remember the fact that the day he loses control he is going to gallows, then what will a man knowing that he is going to die will do, he will do any means even if there is slim possibility of survival. A coup will give him ,in fact, total control over everything. It will be a bloodless coup for all he has to do is to just ignore everything. His question is what will happen and who will do it? If he does not do it he has given up hope. This will be the test to his ability to survive. This is the moment we all were waiting for.The Singhalese people will find out what they have done to themselves in the last 65 years

Visiting the home of Akhtar Mujahid

Special Contribution
By Subhashini Ali
Jun 27, 2013

Bara Banki jail

In the evening of the 24th, June, I visited the home of Akhtar Mujahid along with members of the CPI(M) in Jaunpur District. Akhtar’s home is in Madiyaun, a kasba of Jaunpur, UP. We arrived in the evening, following a darkening sky. Just as we entered his mohalla, the rain came pouring down and we had to run into the narrow lane that led to his house. Many of his neighbours had collected to welcome us and all of us sat in the small room in the front of the home that he and his widowed mother shared with his Taya (father’s elder brother), Tayi, their son, Shahid, his wife and their two children. Khalid’s uncle is an extremely dignified man who seems to have aged because of the burden of grief and despair that he has carried since December, 2007 when his nephew was suddenly picked up by an unknown group of people in an unmarked jeep. This occurred just fourteen days after Khalid’s marriage.

As we sat in the small room, Khalid’s uncle told us about the day when life as they had known it came to a standstill for him and his extended family. He manages a madarsa and library in the neighbourhood and Akhtar taught there. It is on record that he attended to his duties on the 16th December, 2007 and was then picked up and whisked away by unknown persons to an unknown place. His cousin, Shahid, accompanied by a large number of people, went to the police station immediately but his FIR was not accepted. This was reported in several newspapers the next day and Akhtar’s uncle and others sent faxes to the Chief Minister and others. On the 18th, the police visited Akhtar’s house and took away some books and papers including a copy of the Koran. Finally, on the 22nd evening, the police station in charge informed his uncle that he had been arrested that morning from Bara Banki. Akhtar’s uncle said that a living nightmare for the family had begun. When he visited his nephew in the Bara Banki jail, there was little said between them but Akhtar managed to give him a small, folded piece of paper. When he returned home, he read the letter which spoke of indescribably torture and abuse. The fond uncle could not sleep that night or many nights that followed.

Within a fortnight of Akhtar’s arrest, his wife’s family came to take her away. His uncle said that the whole family wept as they saw the same vehicle being loaded with all the belongings that the young bride had brought them in to their house just a month earlier. She left never to return. The long battle for justice was joined. Another young man, Tariq Qasmi from Azamgarh, had also been picked up on the 16th of December and then shown to have been arrested with Akhtar in Bara Banki. After his abduction, members of a local political group had sat on a dharna in Lucknow and, on the 22nd, the Bara Banki story was made public by the police. Since there were so many who had witnessed what had actually happened on the 16th, there was an uproar and, finally, the Mayawati Government appointed the Nimesh Commission to enquire into the matter. R.D. Nimesh, a retired judge, submitted his report to the Akhilesh Yadav Government in August, 2012 but it has not been made public since.

Akhtar’s uncles travails, therefore, yielded nothing but took a toll on his health. He suffered a major heart attack a year ago and was not able to meet his nephew in jail for many months. He remembers the last time that he met him about 4 months ago. Akhtar had given up hope on that occasion. On the 18th of June, 2013, Akhtar was taken to the Faizabad district court from Lucknow. On the way back, he felt unwell and the police escort with him took him to the district hospital at Bara Banki. Tariq Qasmi was in the police van. Within half an hour he was given the news that Akhtar was dead. Akhtar’s uncle told us that he reached Bara Banki in a matter of a couple of hours and was able to shoot a video of his nephew’s body before the post mortem. He showed us the cd on a laptop. Akhtar’s face was swollen and there was dry blood near his nose and ear. His fingernails were blackish. His back showed marks of severe beating and there was a large bruise on one side. After seeing the video, it did not seem credible that he died a natural death. His post mortem report says – Cause of death, uncertain.

We could not but agree with Akhtar’s uncle that an inhumane State was responsible for the young man’s death in custody. Had it responded to the Nimesh Commissions’s recommendations, Akhtar would have been released or at least granted bail and would have been alive today. Akhtar’s uncle then took me to meet Akhtar’s wife and mother. How can one describe a his mother’s inconsolable grief and unending sorrow. But her quiet dignity in the midst of such tragedy was heart-rending. She told me that she had gone to visit her son once in the jail with her sister-in-law and he had told her that while the world was very cruel, he hoped that in the Next world he would find happiness and justice.

Whither Justice: Fabricated Cases and State

Special Contribution
By Ram Puniyani
Jun 16, 2013

Dead body of Maulana Khalid Mujahid

Rihai Manch, a forum for getting justice to the falsely implicated youth in the cases of acts of terror has currently (June 2013), a protest Dharna (sit in) to demand the arrest of police and IB officials responsible for the death of Maulana Khalid Mujahid, to implement the R.D. Nimesh Commission report and to release the innocent Muslim youth implicated in acts of terror. This campaign is getting broader support from more human rights groups and affected community. This is the major effort by a civic society group to democratically protest against the insensitive and biased state machinery, to pressurize it to come to the path of justice.

The Samajvadi Party, Akhilesh Yadav Government in UP, had earlier claimed to be the major champion of the cause of Muslims, to the extent that the main leader of this party Mulayam Singh Yadav was derogatorily called Mulla Mulayam. But as he came to power last time also during his regime many a communal episodes, violence, took place under the very nose of the Government. Currently also Akhilesh Yadav‘s regime is marked by over 27 episodes of major riots. On the top of that this Government in its election promise had said that the innocents, implicated in the acts of terror will be released. On the contrary, the death of Maulana Khalid Mujahid in the police custody has raised sufficient doubts about the intentions of the Government. Even R.D. Nimesh Commission report was kept in the cold storage from last one year, and now when it has been released finally, the government is refraining from taking action, hiding behind the argument that it will be discussed in future Assembly session before action is taken on the report. As such Government has full prerogative to take action at Cabinet level. People fear that this commission report may also face the same fate as the other commission reports, which are generally put on the backburner or put in the cold storage.

Ashsish Khaitan, one of the journalists with dogged determination, sensitivity and honesty, has floated a portal, Gulail (Slingshot) to highlight the investigative reports related to the framing of innocents by authorities. Many an officers have falsely implicated innocents, despite knowing the truth, to enhance their own career prospects or to due to the biases which have gripped the large sections of the law enforcement agencies. These agencies regard that only youth from one religious community are responsible for the acts of terror. Khiatan also opines that putting forward the truth of such cases is also not of much use; as in such cases reports of honest investigations are overshadowed by the biased reporting and opinions in the print, T.V. and social media. He is pinning his hopes on judiciary and the people’s campaigns for getting justice. The ongoing dharna in UP is drawing the attention of the social groups and is being sustained for over two weeks by the social activists and the pained and anguished community, whose young ones’ are being incarcerated and have to suffer not only the future career prospects but have also to get the blame, which ostracize them from social life. In this direction various efforts have been undertaken in the past but after temporary response and restraint the investigation agencies lapse in to their usual prejudiced actions.

Not only can this be seen in the case of UP, but overall one sees the wide gulf between the promises and actual actions of the so called ‘secular parties’. While in Maharashtra the Congress coalition came to power with the promise of implementing Shrikrishna Commission report of 92-93 riots, after coming to power on this promise it put forward the usual excuses and the guilty police officers and political leadership continued to be in their positions of power despite sufficient proof of their involvement in instigating and participating in the riots., As for as justice to the victims and action against the guilty is concerned Samajvadi Party seems to be no different. The R.D. Nimesh Commission has given the full truth based on which it can proceed to punish the guilty police officers, but that’s what is being avoided. The credentials of so called secular parties are more are less similar, be it the Congress or be it the Samajvadi Party, they have very opportunistic attitude as far as the justice to minorities is concerned. While communal parties are out to do away with the rights of minorities and deny them justice through and through, these so called secular parties have dual character. They promise and are unable to deliver as their calculations are built around the vote bank politics.

This is due to multiple factors. One is that these supposedly secular parties are also being trapped by the considerations other than the values of secularism. So, controlling of communal violence, which is possible if there is adequate determination to do so, is not being done effectively. The second reason is the communalized state machinery, the investigating agencies, police and bureaucracy. How to investigate the cases, how to frame the innocents is an easy enough job, which the authorities do and their Khaki uniform empowers them to do it with ease. It is precisely due to this that the fate of inquiry commission reports has not been significant one. Starting from Madon Commission of inquiry into Bhiwandi riots, to Shrikrishna Commission and Liberhan Commission reports, the outcome, taking action based on the report, is close to zero as the implementing authorities, political leadership is opportunist and lacks the strength to stick to principles.

So where do we go from here. While the communal forces are out to proactively browbeat the religious minorities, the secular formations do not have the spine to ensure justice and equity. Its’ here, that the social activism which has prominently come up during last two decades in particular, needs to be strengthened. The activist groups have taken up these issues seriously and the initiatives by social activists is a major landmark in this direction. One wonders, why are the left parties, which should be principally secular to the core are shunning these efforts. Their joining these efforts to get equity and justice to minorities will put pressure on the parties like Congress and Samajvadi to try to become sincere in their efforts.

The intensification of efforts through judiciary and popular protests has to be intensified. The rot set in our democratic polity due to the infiltration of communalism through different mechanisms has been a very dangerous one to the values of our Constitution. It is time that we as a nation introspect and get over the biases and prejudiced behaviors towards weaker sections of our society. The path to social progress is paved through amity and justice. Professional attitude in investigation of acts of violence, communal amity and justice for all are the prerequisites of social progress, progress of society in the real sense.


Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
Jun 11, 2013

SriLanka's sexy woman

Sri Lanka is nation like a Land of Prostitutes. A prostitutes who goes where the money is, that is her only want, money honey or no honey. I have to run a business but what good is it when a nation is worst than a slum dog prostitute. I can understand Island news paper from the name Sharmindra Ferdinando! Is he an Indian or a son of sailing passerby sailor? Only his mother can guess who his father is if only she knows the currency she got paid. When Sharmindra's father gave his mother mistaking her for hooker 50 bucks she gave him back 10 bucks. I guess that signifies and dignifies the Sri Lankan mentality, we will sleep with any one as long as we get our money and the social disease.

Why is China so important to Sri Lanka, but Sri Lanka is not important to China. I went to 4465 Sheppard Avenue East in Toronto and parked my car to check out the Chinese Chicks. Through every wondow I saw hands signaling to me, so I went in, I am serious. The girl said 40 bucks for the room, okay I said. Then young chick told me for services we have different fees. I asked what are the services you got, she went on with a huge list. I asked her how much for a shoulder massage, she told me I am too naive.

There are about 5 joints like that at the same address. Then I went to 2351 Kennedy Road. Same stroy but all Chinese. If China is doing well what are they doing here in Canada? My friend just returned form Sri Lanka, I told him my experience, he said the same story in Sri Lanka, Chinese Chicks. The biggest export from China is not cheap goods, but cheap chinese chicks, $60-$80 bucks for half an hour is good foreign exchange.

Mahinda Rajapaksa was coming out and Namal Rajapaksa was going in. It reminds me of the Pandawas and Kunthi. They leave the shoes outside so as to indicate there is session going on inside. I saw that in Toronto. There were shoes outside. There are multiple hookers in one location, you can ignore the shoes outside. I saw one ladies shoes, I do not know if it belonged to the Sri Lanka High Commissioner, I wonder what a lady was doing with Chinese ladies, Oh I know same sex sex.

So my advice to Sri Lankans is to export your girls to USA and Canada and you can get lots of money. If China can do it Sri Lanka can do it too. If you are buddhist, don't not feel guilty, even Lord Buddha had Kamala the red lipped keep. I got the book on it, that means I got the proof. Buddhism was invented in the dark valleys of Kamala. It is called the modern girls debit machine, they can pay for everything with the debit machine, the Chinese students in Toronto pay for their education with this machine. I wished I was a young woman! Interac may go into that business too.

Traditional Politicians are getting richer, poor in Society starves to death

By Neil Paul Valentino
Staff Correspondent
May 21, 2013

Governor Datu Andal Mmpatuan Sr. mansion in Maguindanao province

Greediness in money and power is quite rampant in the Philippines anew, based on the reports , with the mandatory Statement of Assets and Liabilities and net Worth (SALN) of politicians before 2013-May election, mayoralty and incumbent mayors across metro manila declared shocking assets and latest net worth individually. In an ironic manner, the people’s servants or greedy politicians were destroyed by selfishness and this is one reason why the underdeveloped nation does not prosper for how many decades due to selfishness and avarice. In fact, the poor people in society, militants, opposition shed their bloods and died in the past years to remove the corrupts and dictator of the Philippines by misusing and robbing the people’s money and brought it outside the country and deposited in foreign banks, for instance, Switzerland was one chosen by a the corruptors for their ill-gotten gains.

Many believed that corruption is still growing anywhere in the Philippines in the past years and today, for example, in the province of Maguindanao, one of the poorest provinces in Mindanao, manipulated by Ampatuan Clan, headed by former old governor Ampatuan, with his two sons ruled as Autonomuous Region of Muslim Mindanao ( ARMM) governor and mayor of the city respectively, many reports showed that this armed and powerful clan had various luxurios mansions and cars wherein the people in the community are very poor in the areas while children are malnourished and some starving to death. In fact, holding office in the government is simpified serving the people, and according to the law of Philippine Constitution, each and every public official should be people’s servant. In this province alone killings, abductions, torture happened. Worst, the horrified murder of 58 people happened in less than an hour, including helpless media practitioners. The province torn to shreds and has been created out of the desires of the Ampatuans to promote their own wealth and political power, the rule of the law became the rule of selfishness and ruthlessness, thus the culprits, mayor Ampatuan et al became inhuman rulers of the impoverished region.

The Philippines territory was known as economic tiger in Asia, second to Japan, and also second world’s largest archipelago, whereby later became worst and ranked as 3rd most dangerous nation for media pressmen, based on the international statistics and reports. Meanwhile, massive poverty, overcrowded slums, and rising homelessness and crimes are main problems of the nations. Unemployment has been also critical between 7 to 8 % since 2006 and still growing-high in which jobless and graduates were leaving abroad for high-paying jobs as domestic helpers, factory workers, teachers, nurses among others. After all, the country’s poor economy will surprisingly be restored by the help of overseas workers’ remittances. The country, moreover, has faced difficulties in creating jobs due to insufficiency to attract more foreign investors, thus poverty and unemployment rates were high over the years and still behind its neighbor asian highly developed countries like South Korea, Singapore, Hongkong and Malaysia.

During the late dictator regime, Ferdinand Marcos, corruption and political killings were massive and Martial Law was declared in 1972 which made the nation in turmoil and likewise experienced years of civil unrest. when the opposition rival of Marcos was gunned down, Senator Ninoy Aquino, the hope of Filipino people for economic and political strive, the people revolted against the dictator and democracy was restored in 1986, after which the widow, former president Cory Aquino was sworn as president. Worse, In nine years of presidency, the Philippine suffered severe corruption in the hand of Former president Arroyo. Mrs. Arroyo mismanagement and corruption scandals made incumbent president Benigno Aquino, son of the late hero and father of democracy, Ninoy Aquino took in power to rid the corruption and eradicate the poverty.

Uniting the Nation: Asghar Ali Engineer’s Struggle for Preservation of Plural Ethos

Special Contribution
By Ram Puniyani
May 16, 2013

Asghar Ali Engineer

The events of last over two decades have shown us, more than before that the efforts of dividing the nation by communal forces have been a major obstacle to social peace and process of development. In India while the communal violence began with the Jabalpur riot of 1961, it is from last couple of decades especially from 1980s that the divisive politics has tried to drive a wedge between different communities along religious lines. The regret is that it is only few social workers and scholars who took this issue in all its seriousness and Asghar Ali Engineer can be counted amongst those few. He also spent major part of his social efforts to fight against the ideology and machinations which led to communal violence and the victimization of minorities, time and over again, year after year.

Engineer was a student when Jabalpore riots took place. It clearly left a deep mark on him. The imprint of this tragedy got reflected in his social engagement with the issues related to communal violence and communal politics all through. His talks and articles reflect about the impact of Jabalpur violence, its impact on nation and its influence on the conscience keeper of the nation, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. Engineer’s work on the issue of communal violence, communal ideology and communalization of society spans on a vast canvass and will easily fill volumes.

His work, to be referred below, shows that he took a serious interest in understanding the dynamics of communal violence, he must have spent days in and days out, investigating the communal riots, their aftermath and their impact on the social and political affairs. He can easily be credited with being the major scholar-activist who pioneered this area of investigation. He spent enormous energy to investigate and analyze the communal violence in India. He can also be regarded as the foremost scholar-activist who not only commented on the issues related to communalism, but also gave his forthright opinion on the range of those, against the heavy odds. He has been criticized by the communalists of both the religions for his opposition to the politics of violence in the name of religion.

This article takes an overview of his work in the area of communal violence investigation and his contribution to campaigns for promotion of secular values. It is based on understanding his work from the vantage point of a close working relationship with him as a friend and associate. I have also tried to take the overview of his massive contribution from the point of someone who not only witnessed his work from close quarters, with awe admiration and some criticism, but also tried to learn from him to give direction to my own work.

Communal Violence

The communal violence of Jablapur (1961) shook Engineer very deeply, the very concept of violence in the name of religions was anathema to him as he was steeped in the spirituality of Islam right from his childhood. He was taught that Islam does not preach violence, and no religion teaches violence, so why this violence in the name of religion. This is the point when he decided to devote his life to promote communal harmony. It was an event which was to shape the course of life and work. He not only intervened after the events of communal violence to douse the fire of the violence but made it a central part of his initial life as an activist to investigate the acts of violence in depth. Starting from Biharsharif riots to Gujarat carnage, he spent time in unraveling the truth of the violence mostly by field studies. His reports on these events are a landmark in the area of riot investigation, in understanding the underlying machinations of this phenomenon. Biharsharif was a stronghold of CPI due to its following amongst the Bidi workers. Dr Engineer could unravel that RSS in order to spread it hold in the area, used the dispute between Yadavs and Muslims over the land for cemetery, to instigate the violence (1981).

Godhra witnessed riots on and off during 1980-81. Engineer investigated these riots as a part of a team. The conflict here was mainly between Sindhis and Ghanchi Muslims. While Sindhi immigrants were looked down by other Hindus, for various reasons but those Hindu groups supported them against Muslims. The material reasons of poverty of Ghanchi Muslims and growing demands of Sindhis for facilities was the root cause of the trouble which assumed religious color. The report pointed out that rumors played a lot of role in this violence.

Engineer also studied the Ahmedabad violence of 1982. Extensive field investigation was done for this. In this case the poor Muslim locality of Kalupr and Daryaganj face the brunt of the violence. An incident over kite flying turned into stone throwing and violence. Just prior to this VHP had started its work in these areas and prepared the ground for the skirmishes. VHP virulently talked against the conversions of Harijans to Islam. The communal forces resorted to heavy propaganda, especially through distribution of leaflets in the area. These leaflets used a communal version of history, demonization of Muslim kings, and emphasis on singing Vande matram, and opposing those who kill cow. Some people drew the attention of Gujarat government to this virulent propaganda, but there was no response to those appeals.

Pune and Sholapur were in the grip of violence in 1981-82. These were precipitated in the aftermath of Ahmedabad violence and VHP as usual had been at the forefront of spreading the communal venom. It was a period when VHP had launched a Jan Jagaran (People’s Awakening) campaign all over India. This campaign was based on demonization of Muslims as foreigners, beef eaters, etc. This was also a riot which took place in the aftermath of Meenkshipuram conversion of dalits to Islam in 1981. Dr. Engineer makes a very pertinent point while relating the communal violence to the core issue of atrocities on dalits. He points out, “VHP is raising the hue and cry of conversions of Harijans in Meenakshipuram so that people do not pay attention to the screams of dalits burning in the pyre of discrimination.” (Communal Riots in Post Independence India, P 265)

The aggressive campaign of VHP intimidated the Muslims. VHP took out a procession with portraits of Golwalkar and Manusmiriti, along with those of Gandhi and Ambedkar. The procession tore down the hoardings with Muslim names, including the one of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and shouted anti Muslim slogans. The procession changed its permitted route and entered Muslim locality, attacked Muslim hotels and shops were stoned. In Sholapur also situation was similar. Here they propagated the myth of rising Muslim population to provoke the people. Here also trouble began with VHP procession on 15th Feb. 1982. The procession when it came near Punjab Talim Mosque, it started giving anti Muslim provocative slogans. There was attack on small shops owned by Muslims after which Muslims were attacked.

Meerut riots have also been a big sore on our polity. Meerut a city with great syncretic traditions also suffered the violence. Here the main goal was to co-opt the dalits, to give them liquor etc and to use them for violence against Muslims. Here the riot had more political reasons than economic ones. The riot was instigated on the issue of some piau (where one gets water to drink). One Muslim advocate and another trust were involved. Tension mounted in April 1982 and the provocative propaganda was stepped up. Biased attitude of police and communal slant of newspapers added to fuel to the fire. Similarly Vadodara Hyderabad and Assam riots were also studied by him. His major observations have been that a small incident is taken advantage of by communal forces, the rumors add havoc to the situation and communalized state apparatus, police in particular, plays a partisan role, worsening the plight of minorities.

Apart form these riots of Mumbai 1992-93 (Report of EKTA Samiti, 1993) Gujarat carnage has also been studied by him (Sowing Hate and Reaping Violence, CSSS 2003). The studies by him have been used as a base by many a scholars to make interpretations and conclusions about the phenomenon of communal violence. He does interpret every riot on its ground and the specificities of the particular violence are well reflected in his studies and reports. Another aspect which emerges from his studies and reports is that gradually the intensity of communal violence is worsening, and it did peak in Gujarat violence. He has vividly presented the failure and complicity of police machinery in this violence. It seems that the deeper process of communalization has been going up in last three decades. And now even the other minority Christians have also been brought under the chopping block of communal forces.

He also draws our attention to the fact that these episodes are not sporadic or spontaneous. There is a deeper motive behind these. There is a good deal of planning in such episodes. His other studies-reports show that popular perceptions about minorities lay the base for violence, the propagation of myths and biases against Muslims and Christians make the job of the communal group easier. What is undeniable is that communal forces take advantage of every conceivable opportunity to strengthen them, first by instigating the violence, then perpetuating it and in the process they increase their political power.

Apart from his own book-reports on the violence he has edited several volumes on the issue Communal Violence in Post Independence India, Communal Violence after Independence, Bhivandi Riots, and Communalism and Communal violence to name the few. He continues to chronicle the communal riots on regular basis and these are published as Issues in Secular Perspective, the January issue of this periodical carries his compilation and analysis of Communal Riots of the year past. ( Also posted on CSSS-ISLA. COM)


Activist’s scholars in India have faced a challenging task of understanding, defining and intervening in the situations related to communal violence. How does one understand the phenomenon of communalism in Indian society? Why India is plagued with this problem? These must have been the issues dogging his mind when he began his parallel study of Indian history and analysis of contemporary issues.

While unraveling the Indian history, the communal interpretation of which is major component of communalization of social thinking, he focused on overcoming the communal interpretation of history and presented the view of looking as history of kings as battles for power and wealth. He understands lives of people as an ongoing journey of interaction, some frictions and major synthesizing tendencies resulting in syncretic traditions. His major book on this, Communalism in India (Vikas, 1995) gives a good reflection of his thinking on the issue. He tried to evolve his workshops with different sections of society on these lines. Later he came out with many articles and books on this issue. (List appended)

In his work the medieval history is presented not as a battle between Hindu and Muslim kings but as battles between kings for power and wealth. He draws heavily from original sources and from the works of national Historians. The issue of temple destructions, Jijia, policies of Muslim kings, spread of Islam and other aspect of social life during that period gives a good reflection of those times and is an effective tool in breaking the myths and misconceptions in peoples mind about it. The traditions of Sufis, Bhakti saints and their emphasis on values of love and amity is brought out effectively. The mixed traditions of society do convey that Hindus and Muslims were good companions and religion was not the cause of discord, the social interests were, and sometime surely these interests did come in the garb of religion. But communalism as a political phenomenon was introduced here after the coming of British rule.

He takes up the vexed issue of role of Muslim leadership in freedom movement and the role of communalists, Muslims and Hindus both in aggravating the communal violence even in pre-independence India. He handles the issue of partition of the country very delicately to focus that the main responsibility of partition lies on the head of British, while Congress leadership and Jinnah’s obstinate nature added to the issue. He seems to agree more with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad on this point that partition could have been prevented had Maulana’s suggestion of sticking to Cripps Mission proposals been accepted.

As a part of dispelling myths about Muslim minorities he has written on the ‘Role of Muslims in Freedom struggle’. Fascinated by the approach of Gandhi in politically uniting different communities and emphasizing on non-violence and peace he has also compiled volume on Gandhi and communal harmony. His fascination for Gandhian approach to communal problems is seen in his work all through. His sense of Gender justice is very strong and he has shown how Islam gives equality to women, and highlights how women are the worst victims of communal violence. The list of his contributions and web site gives and ample insight into his concerns and how he has handled them in a humane manner. His regular publication, Secular Perspective has a good circulation and is reproduced in many a websites and newspapers across the globe.

Secular Intervention:

It is difficult to decide as to which aspect of Engineer’s work is more important than other. There is a deeper integration in different facets of the work and one can see the deeper connection between different facets of his work. His intervention in social issues began with his concern for communal harmony. His urge to study and understand the communal problem began with the tragedy of Jabalpur violence, later his study led him to intervene and undertake the campaigns and awareness work to promote communal harmony work. In Mumbai from late sixties he brought together like minded friends in to groups, Awaz-e-Biradaran. This group started talking about communal problem and raising the awareness about need for harmony through taks in schools and colleges. As Engineer had deep interest in Urdu literature also, he did come in contact with prominent writers who also got involved in helping in the harmony work. With outbreak of Bhivandi riots, 1970, he camped in Bhivandi, along with Balraj Sahni the renowned actor, for two weeks, going to villages and talking to the victims and helping them. His group also involved prominent writers to issue the message of peace through All India Radio.

In Mumbai he also became part of Indo Pak friendship movement. At the same time he came in contact with the Sampradayikta Virodhi Committee (Committee against Communalism) in which doyens like Subhadra Joshi and D.R. Goyal were associated and Engineer started contributing to their work.

The response of Muslim leadership to the issue of Ramjanmbhumi disturbed him immensely, he held that Muslim leadership should be in the background, and the issue should primarily be tackled by secular activists and scholars. He also brought to the notice of Muslim leadership that it is important to agitate on the issues of Muslim poverty and backwardness. The Gopal Singh Committee report, which was lying in the cold storage, needs to be implemented. He himself involved many secular activists to issue appeals for peace. He took initiative to form EKTA Committee in the wake of Meerut riots in 1987. This became the platform for trade unions and other progressive people of Mumbai to campaign for peace and to oppose the rising tide of communalism.

I witnessed his work directly mainly from 1992-93. During the Mumbai riots he undertook many a peace marches in troubled areas. The lasting impression in my mind is that of a sincere, honest and committed scholar activist. During the Mumbai violence, his office became a natural place for all the activists to meet and during those meetings over hundred activists used to throng to his office, standing in different corners of the small office, even balcony of the office used to be full to the brim. He used to sit in the middle, on the floor and used to conduct the meting and make the plans for action. Most of the planning’s were peace marches and community work. Behrampada, a area near Bandra was given special attention for work, peace marches. Peace marches were also organized in different part of the city.

These marches had important effect on the psyche of society and these gave lot of hope to the victims. As a peak of these efforts on 26th January 1993, in the thick of communal violence looming on the horizon, he organized a Peace march into the main areas of Mumbai. These activities were supplemented by the investigation into the Mumbai riots and the report brought out by EKTA Committee was remarkable for its in-depth work. This brought him face to face with the reality that police; the arm of the state to control the violence itself is much communalized. He decided to approach the police authorities for conducting workshops for communal harmony. It will be impossible to count the number of these workshops scattered in different parts of Mumbai, Mahrashtra and all over the country. He was faced with the challenging questions based on the biases against Muslims, their food habits, violence nature, Muslim Kings destroying temples, polygamy and what not. To his credit he has been conducting this difficult workshop with dignity and modesty coupled with deep scholarship of the issues.

Center for Study of Society and Secularism

Meanwhile he took up the task of formalizing the awareness programs and was instrumental in laying the foundation of Center for Study of Society and Secularism, which has emerged as the premier center for spreading awareness about secular issues. The CSSS, as we refer to it in brief, has also undertaken research on the contemporary issues relating to the National Integration. On awareness front CSSS began experimenting with various modules for different sections of community. Its workshops ranged from half a day affair to seven day in depth workshops for serious activists and teachers. These workshops cover the theme starting from History to the contemporary issues, terrorism, Islam and peace, values of freedom movement. I can guess that thousands of activists and others must have benefited from these workshops. CSSS has also set up Institute of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution to formalize the training of activists into secular values. Plans are also foot to initiate the longer training for activists, teachers and students.

His own engagement with multiple lectures and accepting infinite invitations from all over the country and globe are another facet of his work. What needs a mention here is his membership of National Integration Council during the UPA regime (2004-2009). He forthrightly raised the issues related to harassment of minorities in the name of terrorism amongst other issues. His interventions, along with the similar one’s from other important members and the efforts of tribunal on the issue, did affect the Government policy. With these interventions the routine pursed by Police authorities to arrest large number of innocent Muslims youth in the wake of blasts anywhere, came to halt. He has also been a major part of the process to bring together all the activists working for the cause of secularism. Groups working for communal harmony all over the country have come together as a platform from last few years, All India Secular Forum.

Touching Moments

While one is talking on the social contribution of a person of high stature, there are some anecdotes which have been very touching at personal levels. I have shared lot of meetings and travels together along the course of our work. The interaction during these periods has been another learning and sharing experience for me. One is privy to sharing his thoughts and ideas on most of the issues.

I cannot help but recount an anecdote, which has left a deep impression on me. One of the mornings we were standing in the Mumbai University campus hall. The seminar was to begin in another 10-15 minutes or so. As we were waiting one of the speakers came in a taxi and we welcomed him. As we were talking to the speaker, the taxi driver got down, did a respectful namaste (greeting) to Engineer and said, Sir please continue your work, your writing, it is a source of peace for the society. I am sure there must be innumerable persons around the globe with similar sentiments.

Why Sri Lanka is politically and economically not a viable nation

Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
May 6, 2013

Ranil Wickremesinghe(L)

"What does Mahinda Rajapaksa know about running the affairs of a nation; when a criminal who should be in jail is in control of the judiciary how can a nation prosper?" Opposition leader Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and Mr. John Amaratunga should share the blame for not having put this criminal behind bars! When the President of a nation refuses to investigate murders, rapes, arson, looting, Human Rights violations either he is the seminal source or he has some vested interests in protecting the culprits. The fanaticism and racism based ideology combined with unsustainable population, receding water table, saline water, sandy soil, dry winds, over cultivation has made Sri Lanka a hard to live area, and the ideal population level for Sri Lanka is 2.5 million inhabitants, not 20 million.

What Sri Lanka needs is a pragmatic leadership based on the principles of the universe. We are not isolated creatures; we are part of the universe, when we defy the rules and laws of the universe we will destroy ourselves. Very many nations are moving in the nature based ecological equilibrium for they have come to the conclusion that obeying natural laws is not only the wisest choice but it is the only choice. Where is Sri Lanka and very nations in this panorama? On studying the rise and fall of the empires and nations it was found that when natural laws are defied those nations destroyed themselves. What we need is a sustainable economic and ecological equilibrium to be the masters of a continued existence .If a man has no urge to control his sexual desires he has to be castrated!

This is condition is unchangeable and Mother Nature will cause necessary events to re adjust the population level to a manageable level. This is already evident from the racial strife and migration of workers looking for money. When the land is over used and abused it will retribute violently. Is Sri Lanka paying attention to the laws of the universe? No. If they do they will come together and work out a national policy that will keep Sri Lanka a viable nation. But then when emotions rule over evidence it is hard to convince people. Fanaticism and racism are symptoms of a naive, innocent and sometimes ignorant society, fear rules over faith, when humans are such wonderful beings who misdirected them? Do not look further, Rajapaksas, children of a dysfunctional family has caused so much of trouble for this tiny nation, one could see how people of narcissistic views coalesce to destroy a nation. The troubles of one family have ripped a nation a part. Someone should have nipped it at the bud.

Opposition leaderMr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and Mr. John Amaratunga should share the blame for not having put this criminal behind bars! What Sri Lanka needs is a Japanese model economy where most of the economic activity is in foreign nations and they import goods from the money so earned. So are India, Bengal Desh, Pakistan, but China is fast reducing its population. China's resources depleted so fast that China cannot maintain its economic activity at the current population level. They are working on it, they are wise people! When we have criminals running the country how can one inject any sense into their thought processor? The cream of the country has left the nation and they are being utilized by the smart nations. Let me ask any Sri Lankan, what does Mahinda Rajapaksa know about running a nation?

International Community has resolved to protect the ethnic minorities in Sri Lanka, because they don't see any other way. “A kind reminder to Rajapaksas, their criminal cartel, the paramilitaries, military and law enforcement, saying one thing and doing the opposite, world is not as stupid as you think or they are not stupid at all. US is going to enlarge their administrative building in Colombo to accommodate more staff to oversee the management of South Asian geo-space. "Canada had 200 years of uninterrupted peace that is why it is so prosperous”. Besides it is the second largest nation on earth and plenty of fresh water and low population concentration, Total commitment to Human rights, Humanitarian laws and the freedom of the judiciary and media. The unhindered peace and freedom allows time for thought action and creation.

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)

Of the 54 countries in the Commonwealth how of many them have a proper government? How many of them can even comprehend the fact that the most important resource of nation is its people. When Sri Lanka kills its people it is killing itself. It is the human resolve that makes a nation viable and prosperous. “Humans live on determination, perseverance and resolve” the strength of a nation is the total sum of the people.

Mr. Stephen Harper is a man of principles and high moral standards, so is our opposition leader Mr. Justin Trudeau. “Canada had 200 years of uninterrupted peace that is why we are so prosperous” There are common laws in Canada that all traffic must come to a stop when animals cross the road. Why do we observe such strict conventions? Because there is one thing that is irretrievable that is LIFE. That is the very reason we do not have capital punishment to give the assailant chance to prove his innocence however slim it may be. So when a nation gives such priority to LIFE, how can they accept Sri Lanka and its President especially who is accused of large number of murders to host the Common Wealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)?

Whether some of the nations of the list of 54 may qualify for respect for life is questionable. Some nations do not care, some nations do not have good history, but in this unfolding new world Human rights is of paramount importance, for nations are made up of people, and people a living organisms, they have feeling and emotions and above all, all life is equal. Equal in the sense that it is inalienable, non transferable, irretrievable and irrecoverable. So then we have a responsibility to fellow life, in any form. Some nations are still living in the past that sovereignty is absolute and we have no right to interfere in the internal affairs of nation, but when the President himself is a repeat murderer, how can nations be indifferent. Someone from a powerful small nation said that some countries do not exist even though they have people living in them. They are living in the stone era. Year after year aid, grants, gifts and other forms of handout are given to keep them in existence; Sri Lanka is one of them.

Sri Lanka is not one of the viable and unsustainable nation and the reasons is it is not an economically viable country. Countries are like corporations, but Sri Lankans will not agree with me. With 800 people per square miles it is not a sustainable nation. The ideal population for Sri Lanka is 2.5 million. That is all the land can support, unless they are like Japan or Korea with a strong overseas economy. Even they are finding difficult to sustain their population. So then how far will natural correction go on? It will go on until the population comes down to about 100 people per square mile. What is happening in Sri Lanka is natural phenomenon of nature acting to balance the fauna to available water and soil resources. "My advice to my Tamil folks is get out of the country, this strife will continue in many forms and ways. It is nature acting on over population. A point on Jaffna and the North; The soil is sandy, water is saline, wind is dry and land is arid, only way to live is to move south or export your only viable and sustainable resource; brain power. Natural selection has already given you the edge over others, which is visible all around the world. It is time get away from uncontrollable and unmanageable course of nature"

My advice to the rest of the population is you have to reduce the population to 2.5 million. That will take several generations. Let the fanatics and racist work on it, rest of you get out of the country. I am not talking about criminals, but about nature and its way of balancing and sustaining. Sri Lanka currently has only a 150 x 150 feet land area per person; which is insufficient. Already the nation depends of exporting labour. That means Sri Lanka is a land of the menials. Other jobs are robosourced or outsourced. Baby sitting, domestic servitude, adult entertainment, janitorial, housekeeping etc. When the national policy is one of Fanaticism and Racism, which very many Singhalese refuse to accept, it is hard to develop a nation. The Singhalese masters and the masses keep abusing the other communities and in the process they are degrading their vitality and viability. Soon they will be made into have-nots in the nation. The leaders instead of educating them to become economically useful citizens are misleading them into unnecessary adventures like abusing the so called minorities. I see another massive state sponsored racial strife in Sri Lanka. What can the misdirected Singhalese masses do? All means of production are either destroyed or in the hands of the other communities and the factors of development are in the hands of foreign lenders.

I can safely say 60 years of free education has only lead to the creation of educated criminals. There are criminal with post graduate degrees in Sri Lanka. How did it happen? How did oil and water mix? How did education and criminality mix? Because all the “A” grade students went to work for “C” grade drop outs. What Sri Lanka needs is a Nuremberg type trial and Marshall Plan for rebuilding before another racial strife breaks out. It needs a new constitution and a new direction.


Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
Apr 22, 2013

Mahinda Rajapaksa
“I measure my success by the violence perpetrated and the number of people murdered” -Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“Community service is no substitute for Capital punishment”.“Sovereignty is no defence when it comes to violation of Human rights and Humanitarian protocols.” “No one has the right to take away the life of another human being.” "Life is precious because it cannot be retrieved, life is priceless, life is irreplaceable and life is irrevocable, no one has the right over life, it is the total and complete property of God”. It has no property rights not even to the one who is given a lease". -Immutable laws of the Universe.

These are the irrefutable, immutable laws of the universe, no one has the power to overcome or over rule these laws, for some strange reason Mahinda Rajapaksa thinks otherwise, either he is an ignoramus or an man with a defective gene. The universe will ultimately dispense the right amount of justice, he has no control over it. He can dance, he can sing, he can curse, G.L.Peiris can use his wits to miscarry justice, but universe knows it all. Singhalese people will forever live in insecurity, poverty and shame. There are serious defects in their genes and they will keep on multiplying and ultimately they will destroy themselves. When people lack simple decencies of life , the defects has to be in their genes. It is nature over nurture.

Mahinda Rajapaksa thinks reconciliation, rehabilitation, reconstruction are fancy words he can use to fool the world and to create a different opinion about himself. He thinks going to Tamil temples will create a form of sympathy for him. All criminals do that as a last resort. He thinks he can exonerate himself from his crimes by sanctioning himself to community work. He wants to be the felon, plaintiff, judge, jury, judiciary and kind decent man. All criminals think that way. He thinks he could some way or another get out of being hauled before a criminal justice commission. The message from the International community is very clear, yesterday 15 Muslim nations met him and raised the issue of the safety of Muslim people in Sri Lanka. So then what choice Sri Lanka has? It is time for 180 degrees about turn; stop lip service, pulling wool over the eyes and get down to real changes in Sri Lanka. The Singhalese have to break away from their "MAHAVAMSA" mindset and adopt one of equality, freedom and peace. This morning news item Tamil were attacked. So there is no government but a de facto government.

Mahinda Rajapaksa knows very well his autobiography is dotted with crimes and murders. He is in this position today because then Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe wanted to divide Rajapaksa's party. But alas Rajapaksa was hired by the Mahasangha to do the worst man made human disaster in the world, that is the genocide of 150,000 innocent Tamils men, women and children. The price the future Singhalese generations will pay dearly. He is hired thug. Mahinda Rajapaksa pretends to be a very pious man respecting all religions; that game he has to play to distract the attention of the law abiding people. He wants to present a softer tone that he is an innocent man. He thinks he can get away with mass murders. Mr.Ranil Wickremasinghe must come out openly and reveal all he knows about the two murders Mahinda Rajapaksa committed via proxies.

Mahinda Rajapaksa also knows that he is on a road of no return, he is going to gallows, and he knows that very well. Do not kid yourself, he is a seasoned educated criminal and his mind is strong as steel. Murderers are very smart people, dump murderers get caught, and he is the smartest criminal at present in the whole world. Folks do not kid yourself; he has 50 years of criminal knowledge behind him, besides he is a lawyer. He did not out fox the judiciary, but took over the judiciary in Sri Lanka. What a combination; a criminal turned a criminal lawyer, there are only few lawyers who match his wit and wisdom. Besides he is about 70 years old, how many criminal politicians are still alive or active at this age? Therefore we have a felon with criminal intellect unsurpassed by others. Mind you, that he has collected a few thousand thugs, criminals, murderers, wife killers and widow makers around him and have give them official designations. Mahinda Rajapaksa also knows he is on death row, for sooner than later he is going to be apprehended and brought to justice. People who do believe in universal justice think justice will prevail. If he can fool the Indians, US, EU and China to support him in his adventure against Tamils, he is no ordinary criminal. He has a sharp mind and he is ready to die. He knows he is on a one street of no return, anything that keeps him at bay is a bonus and he will take it.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is a great hoaxer, notorious impostor, forger, swindler, robber, con artist, serial killer and a criminal in the history of Sri Lanka. He is a fascinating special breed who lives by his wits. He is a tricky conniver whose exploits are more thrilling than fiction. The author proves within this article that there is no limit to the ingenuity of this con artist, no end to his cleverness of crooks and Sri Lanka is no dearth of meek sheep eager and ripe for fleecing. Sri Lanka is a fertile ground of morally degraded people, it happened over the last 60 years. It is nurture over nature that prevailed; people were intoxicated with racism and fanaticism. Mahinda Rajapaksa is the cream of the crop of misguided people. 20 million people were indoctrinated with intoxicating philosophy of Aryan superiority which brought down the Adolf Hitler's empire. He has assembled an army of crooks and criminals around him to talk like knaves, foxes and coyotes. Any one replying to this article as preposterous is one of them.

Mahinda Rajapaksa, lately, is being confronted by confluence of events that are going against him. The United Nations, The all powerful Tamil Diaspora with financial and political influence, the Muslim nations, the creditors, the Mahasangha and the Mahanayakes, his brother Gothabaya with huge military behind him, India, Tamil Nadu etc are all converging on him. China is America in disguise. He has to juggle all of them. The finances of the nation are deteriorating and he does not seem to be dissociating from the rogue nations. In any crowd he is always an odd man out. His body language is always contradicting his words, suggesting that he is not true to his words, his subconscious mind speaks so loud we are unable to hear his words. Let me draw some parallel between Duttu Gemunu, who went to war with Tamil despite his father advice and Mahinda Rajapaksa. Duttu gemunu has to deal with the ocean in the south and Tamils in the north. But Mahinad Rajapaksa still has to deal with the ocean in the south, Tamils in the north, United Nations in the west, and Muslims in the east. Can he escape southwards? There is no land between his home village of Medamullana and South pole.

He thinks by shifting the capital of Sri Lanka to Hambantota he can feel less vulnerable to any form of coup. If there is national mutiny in the country he can easily escape to some friendly country. Colombo is too dangerous. So from Anuradhapura to Colombo and from Colombo to Hambantota! I didn't know that more one is aggressive and belligerent more one loses. Subconscious mind is more powerful than conscious mind. He has to do lot of things to survive, now that murder is a remote probability. His universal panacea is to kill the other party. Singhalese people have to wake up and smell the trouble coming their way, so far they seem to live in hallucinogen supplied by the Mahanayakes amd Mahinda Rajapaksas. They were told injustice is okay as long as it serves them well. What is right is what is good for us. Sri Lankan Singhalese are being reduced to mere subjects, they have no meaning to life. Tourism, house maids, adult entertainment workers, busboys, taxi drivers are okay. They don’t know there are better way to life. They do not know anything about the coming Robonomics and the new world of wealth and power. Sri Lankans will be reduced to mere subservient subdued servants and slaves. Their knowledge base will be just sufficient to work as menials

When a nation is embroiled in racism, fanaticism and rogue politics, how can it focus on nation building? When scare resources are misallocated and scoundrels are put in charge of enterprises which need education and relevant experience, how can a nation recover? Mahinda Rajapaksa’s intellect is crime, he is good at it, there is no need for criminals in any society, but in Sri Lanka he is head of the nations power centres. And the Singhalese people have no clue as to what is happening to their quality of living, they have no connection what so ever with rest of the world. "The Singhalese were told Tamil Diaspora is causing trouble from outside, of course we will, when you drive us out of the soil we were born we will not keep quite. Till Singhalese are driven out of Sri Lanka they never know the pain of being made an alien in another land. So far it does not seem to register in their minds. We have to create the conditions onerous upon then so that they will feel our pain".

What Mahinda Rajapaksa has done to the Singhalese is to reduce them to a minority in South Asia. They had all the advantage of being majority in Sri Lanka, today they are at the mercy of the world. Who did this? The Mahasangha, Mahanayakes, S.W.R.D.Bandaranayake, J.R.Jeyawardne and the current criminal Rajapaksa. Don’t you ever blame any one else. Your people did it to you. When we point these, out come the educated idiot Great Liar Peiris, this man has no respect for his education, he is serving a criminal, what for? So even after 60 years of standardized education all they were able to produce were criminals. They have PhDs not in criminology but in crimino-logistic Who replaced Buddhism with Butcherism in Sri Lanka? It is your corrupted criminals. Where in the world people kill people en masse? Where in the world people are beheaded en masse? Talk about compassion, do the unthinkable atrocities and then talk about reconciliation. Every fair minded Singhalese must say that lets have an impartial inquiry and clear the mind of the civic minded Singhalese.

Reconciliation has to come from the bereaving not from the aggressor. You cannot kill my family and say let forgive, forget, reconcile and live as one people. This is an act of desperado. No murderer is entitled for community work as a substitute for capital punishment, Mahinda Rajapaksa is no exception, he has to face the criminal justice system. He thinks otherwise, so do other criminals. Whom are you trying fool, or on whose eye are you pulling wool over? Some of the stupid among the Singhalese do not understand, they say why are we causing racial disharmony. Idiots listen to me you killed my family. Do you understand what killing is? not if you are an animal. Every Singhalese must be ashamed about what happened, but they are stubborn and belligerent. You say unto us do not talk about your family that we killed, that is past and we want you to forget it. Do you want to tell us how we should bereave?

There is a limit to ignorance beyond which it is evolution. There is a limit to pretending beyond which it is conceit There is a limit to foolhardiness beyond which it is making fool of oneself.

How long Mahinda Rajapaksa and his gang hope to fend off the world, no nation is going to send in their military, they will do it in such a way that it will be national suicide! Village level thuggerism has no place in the world. Today Sri Lanka is a caged animal, it can shout all it wants to shout, but world has stopped listening; they will act slowly so as to make it feel as though you did it to yourself.

What Mahinda Rajapaksa and Mahavamsa have done to the Singhalese people will never be understood nor felt by the Singhalese people. The latent effects are yet to kick in and they will feel the reduced standard of living in the coming decades. Mahavamsa is not an invigorating elixir but an intoxicating opium that will keep people from progression. "When you kneel down with palms out for pittance your fellow man will kill you to take away what you receive". That is jungle mentality.

Impact of Nuclear Reactors on Marine Life

Special Contribution
By Thomas kocherry
Apr 15, 2013

The nuclear power plants, at Salem, New Jersey, USA

The ministry of environment has agreed to use the sea water and send out back after cooling the Koodankulam Nuclear plant. Also they have given permission to use sea water for purification of water for the use of Koodankulam Nuclear Plant.If this is our ministry of Environment, who will trust you? You please listen to the Fisheries Department of the USA. Are you aware of this before you give such environmental clearance. This too happens when it is going to be commissioned. Right through the officials were denying this;

Fifty nine out of 103 nuclear plants in the US rely on what are known as ‘once through cooling systems’ to remove waste heat. Nuclear plant authorities have always claimed that their intake and discharge of billions of litres of water a day did very little harm to the surrounding marine life.

Some years ago, a major report, LICENCED TO KILL: HOW THE NUCLEAR POWER INDUSTRY DESTROY ENDANGERED MARINE WILD LIFE AND OCEAN HABITAT TO SAVE MONEY , released by the well respected Nuclear Information and Resource Service on February 22, 2001.” These cooling systems suck in and discharge as much as four million litres of water per minute. This water is sucked in at such a high velocity that along with the water, marine life is also sucked in , it is unable to resist velocity. These are dumped back as dead. The that the nuclear se high destruction rates can over take recovery rates, resulting in extensive depletion of the affected species. In this way, entire marine life communities can lose their capacity to sustain themselves.”

“ While millions of litres of hot water being discharged into the sea every minute, the total heat dumped into the waterway every minute, the total heat dumped into waterway is tremendous. Roger Witherspoon, the well known US journalist, author and editor, in a recent article has given some figures. Citing company records, he points out that the nuclear power plants, at Salem, New Jersey, USA, dump about 30 billion BTUs of heat hourly into Delaware Bay. That is equivalent of the heat which would be generated by exploding a nuclear bomb, the size of the bomb which destroyed Hiroshima, in the waters of Delaware Bay every two hours, all day, every day.” Roger Witherspoon, ‘Ravishing the waterways, DEP vs the power Plants’ Dec 13, 2010.,

There is no International Conspiracy or Covert Moves to Oust Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa

Special Contribution
By Massey Subra
Apr 10, 2013

Gothabaya Rajapkasa

It is all a conspiracy by his own beloved brother Mahinda Rajapaksa. Gothabaya Rajapkasa, Shavendra Silva and Kamal Gunaratne are confirmed War Criminals. Their names are already in the list that is circulating in the web. FEW THUGS GOT TOGETHER, TOOK OVER THE PARLIAMENT, THE CENTARL BANK, THE JUDICIARY, APPOINTED CRIMNALS TO THE POST OF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS AND TRY TO DICTATE TERMS TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. I mean the thugs from Medamullana, in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. I give credit for their criminal intellect to have created a criminal cartel. Since 1970 there is a pattern in which crimes were committed and they all lead to one place, Medamullana where Mahinda Rajapaksa, the son of D.A. Rajapaksa hails from. 50 years of criminal activity went along unhindered.

One of their practices was to kill people by cutting their heads off and display them as the reminder what will happen to others. D.A. Rajapaksa, the father of Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gothbaya Rajapaksa, was he the father of eliminating opposition by beheading? Why there is so many summary executions in Sri Lanka? Why people disappear without any trace? Why is there is pattern in crimes in Sri Lanka sinec1970?

Now if one compares the 1989 Matale massacre and the 2009 Vanni massacre one will see parallel and resemblances in the way people were disposed. Mr. Gothabaya Rajapaksa along with Mr. Shanvendra Silva and Mr. Kamal Gunaratne were in both Matale and Vanni and the disappearances and the method of disappearances bear close resembles, indicating circumstantial evidence that these three people are the prime suspects in Genocide and War crimes. The events in Matale and Vanni seem to have several resemblances and all indication are that on the Instruction of Gathabaya Rajapaksa , Shavendra Silva and Kamal Gunaratne summarily executed innocent people.

There is a rumour that Shavendra Silva has been talking about becoming a crown witness may be his way of getting out from under by implicating Gothabaya Rajapaksa and Kamal Gunaratne. Will or can Mahinda Percy Rajapaksa absolve of his responsibility in killings in Okkampitiya, Pelliyagoda, and of Lasantha Wickrematunga and the 40000 Tamils in Vanni, or justice has a way of quietly working towards the king fish?

We have published the list again. 1. Mr.Mahinda Percy Rajapaksa 2. Mr. Gothabaya Nandesena Rajapaksa 3. Mr. Sarath Fonseka 4. Mr.Donald Perera 5. Mr. Wasantha Karanagoda 6. Mr.Roshan Gunatilake 7. Mr. Kamal Goonaratna 8. Mr. Prasanna Silva 9. Mr.Jagath Dias 10. Mr.Shavendra Silva 11. Mr.Nandana Udawatte 12. Mr.Rohana Bandara 13. Mr. G.V. Ravipriya 14. Mr. Satyapriya Liyanage 15. Mr. Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Colonel Karuna.

State Terrorism and Saffron Terrorism

Special Contribution
By Manicka Vasagar
Apr 4, 2013

Bodu Bala Sena

What are the Muslim countries doing about the plight of Muslims in Sri Lanka? Once, in Europe, there was a country that had just gotten through a war. It wasn’t the best place to be. It wasn’t the richest country in the world. Nevertheless, it was home to large numbers of people from a variety of races. People were, by and large, getting along and getting up on their feet again. Then some madmen came along and changed all that.

They incited racism. They incited hate. They incited riots. And finally, when all the reins were in their hands, they incited a holocaust. Perfectly innocent people turned against neighbors they had lived with for decades. This was wartime Germany, back in WWII. An estimated six million people of Jewish descent died in the holocaust that followed. Let’s not pussyfoot around the issue. That WAS germany: and this is Sri Lanka, unless we act now, is also where Sri Lanka is heading. What was started by the religious extremist group “Bodu Bala Sena” is now spiralling into chaos.

Sri Lanka is corrupt, like a golden apple infested with orange worms. Don’t get me wrong: I’m a Buddhist. My father, mother, and entire family have for generations been Sinhala and Buddhist. I believe in the Buddha. What we don’t believe in is the Bodu Bala Sena and their ilk. Let me spell out the situation in Sri Lanka right now. Buddhism, a pure philosophy that preaches nothing but tolerance and compassion, is being twisted in the hands of a gang of saffron-robed thugs. It’s being used as a weapon to incite hate, mass racism, and violence against the Muslim community of Sri Lanka. They aren’t monks. They’re terrorists.

The Buddha did not preach national security: he did not preach violence: he did not preach cultural barriers. He preached love, compassion, kindness. He preached getting along with your neighbors and fellow human beings, no matter what their race, religion or color. Right now that teaching is being twisted a hundred and eighty degrees by the Inquisition that is the Bodu Bala Sena. It started before the Halaal issue. First it was the “Nolimit toffees” – a vague accusation that spread like wildfire: that the Muslim-owned Nolimit chain of fashion outlets had something in their free on-the-counter sweets that made people infertile. WTF. Look at it, written out: see how ridiculous it sounds. It was tactfully turned into a conspiracy: that the Muslims are out to rob Buddhists of their population.

Then came the Halaal incident: another prize piece of bullshit spewed by what I call “saffron terrorists”. Something we accepted with no qualms for generations suddenly turns out to be a “national problem”. Graffiti on the walls. Hoots and chants inside schools. That’s how the fire began. Many people – including some of my own neighbors – in their ignorance were fooled into somehow believing that Muslim kovils were cheating them out of their hard-earned money. And why would they doubt the so-called Buddhist monks who tell them this? That’s like asking the Pope if God exists. The tongue, like a sharp knife, killed without drawing blood. Shadow – talk of “preserving the integrity of Sinhala culture” abounded. The country is 70% Buddhist, has been and probably always will be: what more do you want to preserve?

Today I woke up and read that the Fashion Bug in Pepiliyana, a Muslim-owned enterprise, was attacked by a mob. The reason? Some shadowy claim that a 15-year old girl was raped inside by the employees. Really? Hands up those who believe it. What on earth was a 15-year old girl doing inside there at night? And what evidence is there? Security tapes? None. The plain truth is the attack was an organized riot led by the Bodu Bala Sena.

Buddhist monks were apparently the first to attack. No, I won’t call them monks: they’re an insult to this religion, this country, and every human being on the planet. Justice would see them hanged, except there is no justice for ones such as these. This country – united as one – fought off the world’s most powerful terrorist group, bleeding, rejoicing as one, and now these vultures come to take it apart. Go to the prisons: count the murders, the rapists, the convicted. Where was the Bodu Bala Sena for the rapes and crimes of so-called “Sinhalese?” To my Muslim friends, we apologize. We do not believe in this bullshit. We do not condone it.

Sri Lanka, sadly, has forgotten one of the Buddha’s most important teachings: “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” ― Gautama Buddha

If anyone insults you, pity them, for it is they who are deluded and sick inside. The Bodu Bala Sena and their teachings are a vile corruption of all that is precious about Buddhism. There are no Buddhists against you: there are only the pariahs, the dogs and vultures. We’re all human. We all bleed red. This country belongs to all of us and we will see it united, once again. We believe in Sri Lanka – not a Buddhist Ceylon, but a Sri Lanka that is home to everyone, regardless of race, religion or color.

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