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2018 Sunyu8 Island International Festival

At the Sunyudo island

Sunyu8 Island International Festival held at Jeollabuk-do, Korea from July 27 ~ 29 2018. Hundreds of foreigners attended the event under hot, sunny weather. They visited Gunsan Modern Museum Street, Sunyudo island and Buan Celadon Museum....See more photos

PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games cheering

At the cheering event

PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games cheering events were held in Seoul. The cheering events were also included KPOP music concerts. KBS Special Live Concert for PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games cheering event held on January 31. As well as, Seoulian Press Conference for PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games held on February 2. See more photos of the events...See more photos

2017 Jinan Red Ginseng Festival

At the Festival

Jinan Red Ginseng with a history of 1,500 years, beginning in early July to collect ingredients in the highest level in the process by the end of October called Summer Red. Jinan Red Ginseng is characterized by a small, hardly noticeable and bright white compared to other areas ginseng.

A woman named Choi in three lines the first Ginseng Jeolla Province Hwasun County dongbokmyeon yucheonri began with the revelation of obtaining seed to the mountain god revelation start Ginseng first nation and theories were propagated them [Chongqing paper]: has been described in gimchang gangchan souvenirs, wherein in Jinan, Jeonbuk region is said that the cultivation is done early....See more photos

A trip to Gaehwa Art Park

At the Art Park

On September 17, 2017, a trip to Naesosa Temple(over 1000 years old), Buan Gosmo Bay Salted Seafood Festival, Gaehwa Art Park and Daechoen Beach....See more photos

The July 7 Memorial Day Campaign

A protest at Myanmar Embassy in Seoul

Here is a statement made by Executive Committee of Hostel Social & Reading Association (1963-64). They also upload photos on facebook. The main purpose of this small booklet “Historical Photos of 7 July Accident” is to reveals the account of student rights struggle and to keep a historical record....See more photos

The Gochang Green Barley Field Festival

At Gochang Green Barley Field

The Gochang Green Barley Field Festival is held every year in April among the beautiful green barley fields of the Gochang-gun region, Jeollabuk-do. The festival celebrates the region’s plentiful barley. A visit to the festival is also a good opportunity to see Seonunsan Provincial Park and Gochangeupseong Fortress. ....See more photos

2017 Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival

At the festival

2017 Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival started from Jan.14 untill Feb. 5, 2017. It has event at Seondeung street/Largest Indoor Ice Sculpture Square in Korea. The even was host by Hwacheon-gun(County) and supervision by NARA Foundation. Its slogan is "Unfrozen Hearts, Unforgettable Memories"....See more photos

Cheonjang Lake Suspension Footbridge at Cheongyang Alps Village

At Cheongyang Footbridge

Alps Village is located in the foot of Mt. Chilgapsan, the provincial park. There are festivals during four seasons around in Alps Village. Making Gourd Mist: Gourds are used for decoration but also good on the skin. The gourd mist calms down skin irritation and provides abundant moisture which makes your skin soft and moisturized....See more photos

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

At the beach next to the DMZ

A photos of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) location of Tour Sites is on October 2016. Tour Sites are Inter-Korean Transit Office, Donghae-Line: CIQ Traffic & Railway Facilities, DMZ Museum, Unification Observatory, Syngman Rhee's Summer Cottage, Kim Il-Sung's Villa, Hwajinpo Aquarium Museum and Hwajinpo Beach...See more photos

Icheon Cerapia (World Ceramic Center) AND ICHEON MUSEUM OF PIGS

At Icheon Cerapia

The Cerapia (Icheon World Ceramic Center) is an exhibition center of contemporary ceramic works that is run by the World Ceramic Exposition Foundation. The Ceramic Center has three permanent exhibition halls which feature around 500 contemporary ceramic works by Korean and foreign artists;...See more photos

Danyang Danuri Aquarium and Danyang Banggok Goblin Village

Aug 30, 2016

At Danyang Danuri Aquarium

Its a trip to the countryside to experience some of the farm experience program in Korea. Danyang Danuri Aquarium is a huge aquarium displaying 22,000 species of freshwater fish from all over the world...See more photos

Village Experiencing in Soomy Village, Yongmunsa Temple in Yangpyeong

Jul 31, 2016

A pond of Catfish catching

Its a trip to the countryside to experience some of the farm experience program in Korea. After the Korean War, citizens fled cities and took refuge in the countryside creating industry from the land in farming and agricultural practices...See more photos

Eoreumchi Village in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do

Jun 28, 2016

At the museum in Pyeongchang

Eoreumchi Village in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do is a village filled of the theme of Mother Nature. Pyeongchang is also a place for Winter Olympic 2018. You can enjoy Rafting at Dongang River, Skyline, Skyjump and so on...See more photos

Suwon K-POP Super Concert celebrating 220 Years of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

Suwon K-POP Super Concert

This June 17-18, the city of Suwon is hosted two days of hallyu fun through the Suwon K-POP Super Concert at Suwon World Cup Stadium. The concert is in celebration of the 2016 Visit Suwon Year and the 220 anniversary of UNESCO-designated Hwaseong Fortress. In addition to the stars, a variety of large programs and exhibitions are planned to show the history of Hwaseong Fortress.

Suwan city mayor

In an effort to further the awareness of Hwaseong Fortress and hallyu, the Korea Tourism Organization is offering special seating for international visitors for day one (June 17) of the Suwon K-POP Super Concert. But international visitors complained their seats at the corner had inconvenience to watch properly the concert.


American Center Korea

Farewell BBQ at American Center Korea


Hwacheon Sancheoneo Festival

By Salai Thang
Staff Reporter
Feb 2, 2016

Dancers at the last Hwacheon Sancheoneo Festival

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Advance Christmas Concert photo

Dec 17, 2015

Kids choir

Advance Christmas Concert held at Angelican Church in Seoul in Dec 16, 2015. Approximately hundred of people attended for music performance.


2015 K-POP Festival held in Seoul

Aug 4, 2015

Gangnam style PSY

2015 K-POP Festival was held in downtown in-front of Seoul City Hall, on August 4 2015. Thousands of K-POP fans were in the City Hall plaza. This year is special invited to foreigners in amidst of deadly MERS in Korea. The event was sponsored by Ministry of Cultures, Sport and Tourism....See the concert photos

Natural Forest in Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul City

May 31, 2013

Secrete Garden in Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung literally in Korean means "Prospering Virtue Palace". It is also known as Changdeokgung Palace located in central Seoul city, South Korea....For more photos>> Korea photos


A Korean fasion model

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K-Pop: Korean wave concert held in Youngpong Resort

K-Pop female duet singers called Davichi

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