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A Day Trip to Jeongseon(Gangwon-do)

At the Folk Village

A group of foreigners have a Day Trip to Jeongseon(Gangwon-do) on June 17, 2018. Where you can feel what it was like to live in the Joseon Times at a Confucian School. A group visited to Jeongseon Temple Confucian School with Confucian temple, Jeongseon Arirang Tea ceremony and Calligraphy experiences. They also get to discover one of Korea's most renowned Jeongseon's renowned 5 Day Market Place and Jeongseon Araricheon Folk Village. The visitors learned about the Yangban noble culture of the Joseon Times & enjoy just wondering around the beautiful surrounding....See more photos


At the festival

2018 Sancheoneo Ice Festival held in Hwacheon-Gun, Gangwon-Do, South Korea until the end of January. It is famous for Sancheoneo and Otter's home, and clean nature. It has been called one of the 'Seven winter wonders of the world'....See more photos

Trip to East Sea and Oriental Medicine EXPO

Medicine Expo

2017 International Korean Medicine Bio Industry Expo in Jecheon, Korea from September 22nd to October 10th. The theme of “Recreation of Korean Medicine-Evolve into the Korean Medicine Bio Industry.” Chungbuk, which focused on the bio industry from the early days, has completed the world-class bio-infrastructure, and Jecheon is concentrating on the development and nurturing of oriental natural product resources....See more photos

Visit to Incheon Ferry Port

At Incheon Ferry Port

Alongside Incheon International Airport, Incheon Port has established itself as a major international hub of transport around northwest Asia. Belonging to a coastal city in the northwest of South Korea, Incheon Port provided a significant economic boost to South Korea when it opened its port to the rest of the world, creating mass revenue for the tourism and business industries. The population of 3 million, its proximity to the capital city of Seoul and its recent title as South Korea’s Free Economic Zone have all contributed to transform Incheon into a place that thrives on business adventure and innovation. There are already copious ferry routes in operation at Incheon Port, a large selection of them linking South Korea with China. The distance between the two countries is up to 24 hours.

Much like the area surrounding the port, the vessels used to carry passengers on the long-haul sailings are of a very high quality; excellent restaurants, cool bars and tranquil bedrooms are all available on board, making for a stress free crossing. There are buses from the Incheon train station that run to the ferry terminal, as well as an abundance of taxis around the city centre....See more photos

Miryang Arirang Festival

At Miryang Festival

Miryang Arirang Festival held from May 18 to 21, 2017 at Areas of Yeongnamru Pavilion and Miryang riverside, in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea. Miryang Arirang Festival celebrates an intangible heritage, which is registered under UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

At the event ceremonies, many program including horseback martial arts performance, street parade, Arirang singing contest. Moreover, an adventure to explore the festival and historical temple areas in the local area, the scavenger hunt,etc.

There will be a variety of Korean food options ranging from Korean noodle dishes, seafood pasta, pork and vegetables, etc. See more event photos:

Templestay experience

There is a traditional-style accommodations of a famous Korean temple called Pyochungsa Temple about 20 minutes away from the festival. These are traditional monk quarters. They have heated floors, thick blankets and pillows. The blankets can act as kind of a comfy futon.

At 3am, the temple comes to life at that time and monks start beginning their morning rituals. Anyone is welcome to join and practice their rituals. And free breakfast available at the temple, but is served in accordance with temple tradition, and it will only be served between 6-7am.

A Trip to The Busan Museum

In front of Busan Museum

The Busan Museum, offers seven regular exhibition rooms spread over three floors in addition to the Kiln Exhibition Hall, and the Outdoor Exhibition Hall. Opened in 1978, the museum has taken on a leading role in preserving traditional culture in Busan by obtaining a wealth of relics from strong excavation efforts, generous donations and purchases, and by meticulous research....See more photos

ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating

The Gangneung Ice Arena

ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating held on 16 - 18 Dec 2016 in Gangneung Republic of Korea. The competitions was conducted in accordance with the 2016 ISU Regulations and relevant Communications. Participation is open to all ISU Members. This competition is part of the ISU World Cup Short Track2016/17....See more photos

A Trip to Hwaseong Fortress

At Hwaseong Fortress site

Hwaseong Fortress is an impressive structure from the latter part of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) and the official fortress of Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do. The fortress (constructed from 1794 to 1796) was built as a show of the King’s filial piety towards his father Jangheonseja and to build a new pioneer city with its own economic power....See more photos

Jeongseon Arirang Festival Oct 1-4, 2016

At Jeongseon Arirang Festival site

Jeongseon Arirang, a traditional folk song in Korea is to represent the sorrowful feeling of Korea and Jeongseon county in Gangwon is the original place of Arirang song and has developed the song throughout generations. Main performance, singing contest, planned event, subsidiary event and performance, traditional cultural experience, modern culture experience, traditional culture interchange, created performance, exhibition, promotion, etc. In addition, Jeongseon Arirang calligraphy contest, national writing contest, drawing contest, children’s art madang, dance contest, K-POP dance competition, archery contest, students’ music performance, Nakdong farming music performance, fusion Korean music performance, musical, multicultural food and traditional costume experience, etc....See more photos of Jeongseon Arirang Festival

A Trip to Ulleungdo island

At the Dodong Harbor

Ulleungdo is located in South Korea, the east longitude 130° 54´, the north latitude 37° 29.´ It's 217km to Pohang and 178km to Gangneung. A pentagon island made of volcanic rocks. Establishing a watershed from the center of Seonginbong Peak (984m above the sea level). Mountains are precipitous most of land is slanting except for Nari Basin.

You can visit Ulleungdo island from such as popular locations Pohang Ferry Terminal and Gangneung Ferry Terminal. It takes around 3 hours to reach Ulleungdo.

From Ulleungdo, you can also visit Dokdo island, appromately 2 hours to reach there....See more photos of Ulleungdo

A trip to Gangneung Dano Festival and Gyeongpo Beach

At the Dano Festival

The Gangneung Danoje Festival takes place in the town of Gangneung and its surroundings, situated east of the Taebaek Mountain Range on the Korean peninsula. According to UNESCO website, the festival praises the mountain deity and male and female tutelary deities through a shamanistic ritual on Daegwallyeong Ridge, and encompasses traditional music and Odokddegi folk songs, the Gwanno mask drama, oral narrative poetry as well as various popular pastimes.

The annual, May-June four-week long festival commences with the brewing of the sacred liquor on the fifth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar and with the Dano shamanistic rituals, in which a central role is played by the sacred tree, the sinmok, and the hwagae, a ritual object made of feathers, bells and bamboo wood.

First mentioned in a third century Chinese manuscript, the festival, in its present form, includes elements, which were later described in the Record of Imyeong, published during the time of Joseon King Gyeongjong (1720-1724).

One of its specific features is the co-existence of Confucian sacrificial rites, shamanistic rituals and Buddhist rituals. Through the rituals devoted to the deities, the region is believed to remain unaffected by potential natural disasters, allowing all its residents to live in peace and prosperity. Every year, a large number of visitors attend the various ritual performances and actively participate in events such as making the Danoje festival fans, brewing the sacred liquor, drawing masks for the Gwanno Mask Drama, making and eating surichiwi rice crackers and washing one’s hair in Iris water.

The Nanjang market, Korea’s largest outdoor marketplace, is today another element of the festival, where local products and handicrafts are sold and contests, games and circus performances take place.

Gyeongpo Beach


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